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  1. 1. INDEX 2011
  2. 2. Research Consumer Research Business Background Methodology Insights Objectives Implications Tablet PC Industry Trends in the Tablets Industry Tablet PC Industry set to grow at a CAGR of 12% in India The power of Apps from 2011-20  Access to thousands of apps that provide a host of services has become a major draw for consumers High demand from both enterprise and consumer markets  Local apps that provides services like rail reservation, Samsung is the market leader in India, followed by Olive weather forecast and latest news are in high demand Students, artists and medical professionals biggest gainers Coexistence of foreign and domestic players Market Forecasted (2015) –  The first tablet computer was launched in India in size(2010) – 16.1 million 147.2 million November 2010 units worldwide units worldwide  Models like Ciscos Cius and RIM’s Blackberry Playbook tablets target the enterprise user segment Market Share by OEMs (in India)  HCL ME X1 and Reliance 3G Tab are focused on the 6% 2% 8% consumer segment Samsung Speed matters, size preference varies Olive  Processor speeds of 1Ghz now a standard feature  With screen sizes ranging from 5 to 14 inches, the Apple choice is guided by the mobility that a user requires 84% Others Always connected  3G and Wi-Fi enabled tablets ensure consumers can Source: CyberMedia Research, 2011 for November 2010-March 2011 always stay connected to the online world
  3. 3. Research Consumer ResearchBackground Methodology Insights Objectives Research Methodology Expected outcome at each stage Secondary Research Understand Industry, Review related Research in past and finalize the demographic, psychographic and utilitarian attributes on which we will do segmentation In Depth Interviews/FGDs Understand consumer preferences and decision making process for different segments Hypotheses Formation Form hypotheses from understanding gained from previous two stages to test on a larger sample size Questionnaire Design questionnaire to measure importance of all possible decision influencers for each consumer segment Pilot Survey Beta Testing to identify what influences decisions most for each segment and short-list the independent attributes doing factor analysis Final Questionnaire Design final questionnaire to objectively capture all information relating to use cases of tablet PC, price sensitivity and also basis for segmentation. Game Design Disguise the process to get responses in a way that is fun for respondents Data Analysis to identify the segments to target , the advertising Data Analysis/ Recommendations & promotional strategies that will work best to imporve sales of Tablet PC
  4. 4. Research Consumer Research Business Background Methodology Insights Objectives ImplicationsUser’s education, age, marital status, occupation, Pilot Surveyseniority, industry of work and monthly income have We carried out a pilot Projective techniques –significant association with choice of Tablet PC survey among 30 Associative Technique Game respondents to We asked users to associateThe psychographic attributes understand how and Tablet PC brands with athat users associate with the why they purchased company the and the valuesTablet PC is a reflection of their Tablet PCs and its it represented. E.g. Values –own personality, lifestyle and current use Tata, Trendiness – apple, etc.behaviorMost habitual users develop Secondarystrong brand loyalty and Research Projectivepreference to their Tablets PC. techniques – Personification We asked users toThe influence of peers/normative referencegroups is very significant factor in influencing Primary Research assume each Tablet PC brandpurchase decision of the Tablet PCs. as a person and made themThe increased need for accessing content (news, music describe theirand video) and social networking on-the-go in a bigger qualitiesscreen, users are increasingly turning to Tablet PCs , whichare lighter than laptops but bigger than mobiles and alsooffer them equal mobility.
  5. 5. Research Consumer Research Business Background Insights Methodology Objectives ImplicationsIn-depth interviews and Focus group discussions We conducted 6 focus group discussions and 22 in-depth interviews with different profiles of tablet PC users in Lucknow and got insights on how their choice criteria, use cases and Mr. Dhaval Chudasama, Mr. Pranay Khanna, Mr. P.K. Srivastav, Sales Executive, Business Standard Stock Trader, Karvy IT Professional, TCS Youtube Link: http://goo.gl/f13gE Youtube Link: HCL ME Laptop User Youtube Link : http://goo.gl/aFL4u YouTube “I need to track stock prices real time, so I use the tablet Apple IPAD User Reliance 3G Tab User, PC as it is very convenient.” “I want my tablet PC to be light in “Tablet PC has helped me give and weight and funky and trendy“ manage information on sales calls “I want a tablet that has all apps related to financial news “I like to read news about latest gadgets, cars and bikes in my I would recommend Reliance Tab and is freely downloadable” to all my friends and colleagues” tablet PC” “My tablet should also have “I would like to read Business the best graphics support so news via a mobile app in android/ My ideal Tablet PC should be that I can view graphs in best iPhone,” reliable and durable. resolution”
  6. 6. Research Consumer Research BusinessBackground Insights Methodology Objectives ImplicationsWe identified 8 parameters and asked users to assign attributes to those parameters in order todetermine user’s perception of a tablet PC and its characteristics.Parameters Attributes assigned by Users to Tablet PCs in Pilot Survey Good display in sunlight, Processor speed, Higher storage space, SensitiveQuality Touchscreen Heat-Resistive Ability, Application Lagging/Hanging, Time to switch betweenReliability applications Wifi connectivity, 3G connectivity, Latest OS, Availability of free appsValue for Money supported by new OS, Photography support Access to App market place, Ease of Apps/OS upgrade, 24*7 service centerCustomer Service supportPerformance Good battery life (>9 hours), All Video formats support No lagging of applications, New/Latest OS, Screen type – Capacitive/Resistive,Style/Youthfulness Looks and appearance, Add-on-accessoriesVariety Colors, Price, Size Storage, Graphics/multimedia display, weight, form factor, usb ports, wirelessTechnical Aspects connectivity, Camera, OS
  7. 7. Secondary Research Objectives Research Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective Needs Fulfilled Associated with emotions or fantasies • From a user’s perspective, what are Hedonic derived from using the product the key necessary attributes/ Need to stay connected/networked 24*7 features in a tablet PC? Connectivity with reference groups • What needs does a tablet PC fulfil? Mobility Need to access information from a • What are the key use cases of a Attributes and Use Cases of Tablet portable device on-the go. tablet PC? Utilitarian Need for general information search to multimedia applications Our Understanding The use cases of a Tablet can broadly be classified into the The attributes or features following 6 categories: associated with the tablet PC areAttributes/Features Use Cases of a Tablet listed below: Social Networking •Email, Chat, Video chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. • Quality •Reading news, information on areas of interest, • Reliability Information Search travel, weather, health, sports, lifestyle related search • Value for Money •Live TV, Streaming movies, Radio, Games, • Customer Service Multimedia Based Photography, Photo/video upload/share • Performance Shopping/Finance •E-commerce - Tickets, books, Restaurants, movies, • Style/Youthfulness based lifestyle items, E-banking • Variety Gaming •Angry birds, arcane and specialist games. • Technical Aspects • Price •Document/spread sheet/PPT creation, editing, Official email,
  8. 8. Secondary Research Objectives Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3Research Hypothesis Framed Data Analysis Tools Quality and Price are the most important criteria for users FrequencyH1 purchasing a tablet PC Distribution Brand image plays an important role in the purchase decision FrequencyH2 of high income and self expressive users Distribution Multimedia and Gaming applications are the most frequent Multiple AnovaH3 uses of tablet PCs among youth Social Networking is a important use of tablet PC for Business Regression AnalysisH4 users and young professionals Technical aspects and Product Performance are the attributes IndependentH5 that appeal most to the Youth SampleH6 Role of influencers such as colleagues, neighbours is Independent significant in the purchase decision Sample
  9. 9. Research Objectives Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective 4 Objective Demographics Education  School( not completed HSC) What would be the basis for segmenting  SSC/HSC Completed the tablet PC market in Lucknow?  Graduate/Post Graduate – General What would be the respective sizes of  Graduate/Post Graduate – Professional Parameters for consideration - Insights each of the segments thus obtained? •Professionals such as CA, Independent Which would be the most attractive Self Employed Consultants, Doctors, Lawyers, etc segment to reach out to, from a •Graduate level – B.E/B.Tech/B. Com and Post Occupation Students commercial/business perspective? Graduate level – MBA/MCA etc. Clerical/Salesmen •Supervisory Staff, Brokerage Staff, Sales Approach Professionals Junior Executives •Entry level Executives, IT Professionals Determine how demographic Senior/Middle •Officers/ Executives/ Senior Administrative factors determine tablet PC Management Professionals preferences and usage cases. Income The behavior of segment  <3 Lakhs population in the sample will be  3-8 Lakhs used to the size of the segment by  > 8 lakhs extrapolating for the entire Single Young working professionals or Young students population Age Determine factors like – When/ Middle-Aged Married with young or no children Where a tablet is used, Time spent on usage, Continuity of use, Mature Married with grown-up children purpose of use for each segment, Industry and the decision making process for Education, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Government, Technology, purchasing to predict the most Agriculture, Business attractive segment to target.
  10. 10. Research Objectives Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Psychographics ObjectiveWhat would be the basis for segmenting Individualistic, Want to be normal,the tablet PC market in Lucknow? Creative, Self- Contented follow the herd, they Actualizers Conformers are contented andWhat would be the respective sizes of focused, Parameters for consideration - Insightseach of the segments thus obtained? enthusiastic comfortable in the change seekers securityWhich would be the most attractivesegment to reach out to, from acommercial/business perspective? Self-confident risk- Innovators takers, seeking new Attach importance to and different things, Approach Target Setters image and status to enable acceptance by Esteem Strivers their peer group, But How does the attitude, attributes Acquisitive and Seekers hold onto traditional assigned and intention to buy HCL materialistic, values. ME Tablet PC vary across potential Aspiring for Tablet PC users across each success Detached and resentful, segment ? including things Disconnected embittered and apathetic, and experiences tending to live in the ever- How is Brand awareness of each present now. segment influenced by media Comfortable habits and how brand loyalty can Risk averse, guided by with the familiar be built using media channels ? traditional behaviours products, Survivors Traditionalists The behavior of segment primarily and values, quiet and population in the sample will be concerned with reserved, hanging back used and extrapolated for the safety and and blending in with entire population and the most security. the crowd. attractive segment identified.
  11. 11. Research Objectives Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Hypothesis Framed Data Analysis Tools Students pursing MBA or graduation degree and who are Frequency H7 “Strivers” form large segment of Tablet PC users Distribution “Businessmen” with high incomes prefer to own tablet PCsH8 Paired Sample in addition to owing laptops and mobile phone.H9 “Young professionals” working in Financial services prefer to Multiple Anova download full version non-free Business Apps over free onesH10 “Managers” at all levels and who are “Innovators” want high Multiple Anova durability and serviceability of the Tablet PCs Middle Aged self-employed Professionals like doctors prefer IndependentH11 to own tablets high on Performance and reliability SampleH12 Young Professionals with income of 3-8 lakh p.a form the biggest target segment for HCL Tablet PC Cross Tabulation
  12. 12. Research Objectives Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective  Analyse the various lifestyle, personality and psychographic attributes of user.• What are the essential attributes of a  Based on these attributes, identify distinct user profiles Tailoring tablet PC that tailored to suit the target  Segment users by clustering based on above attributes segment identified ?  Understand consumer behavior for the different segments Parameters for consideration - Insights• What is the price point at which a we have identified customer belonging to the target  Make recommendations in terms of content, appearance, segment can afford to purchase a tablet communication, promotional strategy to tailor each profile PC?• How to reach out to the target segment identified ?  Determine the reach, frequency and continuity of usage of Media Habits• What are the media habits of this various media platforms by the target segment. group?  Estimate the probability of reaching the target consumers• What are the essential elements of the through each medium product that HCL will have to  Determine how should social networking should be used to communicate to customers through its leverage by analyzing similar campaigns have had the best marketing campaign? impact for similar goods items on the target segment. Our Approach  Determine the general awareness level about HCL ME Campaign Mkt. Campaigns  Determine the price sensitivity and  Assess perception of past campaigns on the target consumers the price band the TG is  Compare results with the features highlighted in past campaigns vis-à-vis competition Price comfortable  Determine impact of substitutes,  Study impact and how target consumers reacted to campaigns competition, promotions and price  Project how ME Tablets features are likely to impact each elasticity segment if targeted?
  13. 13. Secondary Research Objectives Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3Research Hypothesis Framed Data Analysis Tools Social media and internet advertising is the most effective FrequencyH13 channel for targeting “Youth Professionals” Distribution Price sensitivity and Impact of Competitors promotions isH14 Regression Analysis least among “Esteem Seekers”H15 “Young consumers” who are high on technology Regression Analysis orientation are aware of HCL ME Tablets and features Middle aged “Self employed Professionals” are best FrequencyH16 influenced by campaigns with utilitarian themes Distribution Awareness of HCL ME series is lowest among middle agedH17 self-employed and highest among young professionals Regression Analysis “Youthful Strivers” exhibit the highest level of awareness Factor AnalysisH18 and response to ME campaign through Television media
  14. 14. Research Consumer Research Business Background Methodology Insights Objectives Implications  For all the Advertising & Promotional strategies, Advertising Promotions receptiveness will be measured separately in the • Print • Combo Offers sample population for non-users of Tablet PCs • Television • Price-Offs • Radio (FM) • Premiums and users of competition’s products. • Internet (Websites/ Social • Accessories like keyboard,  Factors such as one person receptive to multiple Media) dongle, etc. • Outdoor Advertising • Bulk Discounts strategies with different response to different • Campus Events • Sweepstakes/ Contests strategies will be factored in. • Trader Margins  Advanced Statistical tools like SPSS15.0 and SAS Implications on Business Prediction of Impact on Sales Enterprise Miner4.0 and marketing engineering software would be used for clustering analysis. Total Promotion 3 Promotion 4 Impact Impact  Tools such as Waterfall diagrams, Venn Diagrams Impact Promotion 2 among others to pictorially represent the results. ImpactPromotion 1 Impact  Other ratios that would be determined are  Awareness Index  Popularity/Burnout RatioThe behavior of segment population in the sample will  Advertising Efficiency Ratiobe used to predict increase in Sales by extrapolating  Based on the observations, we will recommendfor the entire population for the two categories an integrated marketing strategy to pursue. Number of trials that can be induced amongst non users in the product category  With client-supplied data on GRPs, growth, Users of competition’s product who can be converted profitability, sales and units sold a Predictive to HCL Tablet PC users Advertising ROI Model would be developed.
  15. 15. Team Profiles