Great Secret - The Truth of Nature and its Existenece inTime


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The Great Secret of Nature is simple. Spirit or energy existed and matter forms from it. E=mc2 speaks this. The secret is that there are two spirits. One that creates a force of gravity and leads towards collapse or death, the other is that creates force against gravity and leads towards life. The Truth exists not in matter, but in Life. It exists in the conscious field. Mind cannot seek it. Only death of our mind can lead us into Truth.

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Great Secret - The Truth of Nature and its Existenece inTime

  1. 1. The Great Secret How the Nature and the Universe Sustains and Perpetuates in Time Secret of life and nature is the principle quest of human being. There are two distinct paths and different language to this quest. 1] Modern material science, 2] Ancient spiritual science Modern Science Modern science put material first and assumes that the secret exist in matter. At the fundamental level, it isolated mind and consciousness form matter and set about searching for secret of matter and its spirit, by splitting it. In the process scientist brought immunity to themselves and their actions. The aim was to find the building blocks of nature then figure out the way the nature is constructed and working. This quest of intellectuals have polluted human mind and has made the world a slave to material force or spirit. The matter and its force/spirit are gravitational. Time or second law of thermodynamics is inevitable reality of nature. This law applied to gravity [GTR] says that under gravity, the space or environment increases in temperature or energy and
  2. 2. shears everything contained in it. The second consequence of this law is that the matter looses energy and winds and the system tends of collapse to a point and explodes into a fire ball. Are we not experiencing this on earth? The increasing heat is shearing various ecological systems and making it unstable. The climatic system that sustains life on earth is going aberrant and violent. The winding force is stressing the earth plates causing huge earth quakes. What this means the future is threatening for humanity. The winding would lead to breaking the belly of earth leading to a series of violent volcanic eruptions. History and scientific studies have shown that earths cools by volcanic dust. History and explorations also speaks of many civilizations being buried under earth. The earth survives but humanity that has become slave to material force will pay a heavy price for his actions against nature. Note – There is difference between previous huge natural catastrophes, compared to the present one. The present is related to end of time and the transition into new time cycle. The previous are means of earth reactions to maintain her equilibrium. It is an attempt to release the negative energies accumulated due to out reckless actions against it. Such as exploding huge bombs beneath it and above it and creating aberration in the energy cycle.. This is discussed in the site The single cause for the present state of the world is our lack of understanding of energy or time cycle of nature. We exist in an energy cycle that manifest as 12 hour day and night cycle, 12 month climatic cycle, 12 year cycles and so on. When west awakes to sunlight and its environment expands energizes and goes into disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and de-energizes or goes into new order. The earth, its design and working shows that it struggles to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter and thereby its temperature. The global warming climate change, the present disorder and instability of the world could be related to lack of knowledge of energy cycle and upsetting of the Energy Cycle of nature. There is little hope for humanity unless one awakens to Truth of Nature. It is time for every one to awaken to this reality and bring it to the notice of intellectuals existing in temples of science, the leaders who take decide our fate on the knowledge thy furnish them. Logically, from the modern scientific point there is no hope for humanity and his survival, because time is inevitable. Hope returns, when we look at the world in spiritual way, by connection Mother Earth and Communicate with Her Master. The Ancient Spiritual Science The ancient spiritual scientist put spirit before matter. They knew that spirits manifest in to matter and life. Einstein’s E=mc2 speaks the same to us. However, unlike the modern scientist they sought the Truth in Life. They did not separate themselves from nature but visualized themselves as integral and influencing part of nature. They did not separate their mind and consciousness from matter but sought the truth of nature in it. They built their knowledge of Nature and universe on two opposing energies or spirits which are
  3. 3. one. Thus they pictured universe as a qualitatively changing but self sustaining living system. They knew gravitational collapse is a reality under growing human self and ignorance, but they also knew that Nature and God has ways to over come it. They designed various cultures, and introduced various practices to resist the deterioration of humanity. The ancient knowledge and its beauty can be rediscovered when we take life and matter together. Matter and its spirit are centripetal in nature and tend to collapse to a point. However, life and its spirit are anti-gravitational or centrifugal in its nature. Observe a grass grow to know this truth. This opposition becomes evident when we apply the second law of thermodynamics to material and living systems. Also observe the material world and day and night cycle with only plants. When the sunlight energizes and creates a shearing force on the environment, the plant absorbs light and heat and thus opposes the shearing force. When night falls and when the material world shrinks, the plants utilize the absorbed sunlight and mater to unwind into nature. Thus plant life works against time direction in material nature and resist gravitational collapse. If plant life is not restricted it would lead to anti-gravitational collapse. The herbivore in nature controls the plants and carnivore controls the herbivore. The nature is designed to sustain it self. The existence of animal life gives a third dimension to energy flow in nature. Above all this exists, human kind created in his image and to whom the kingdom was given to rule over, with a law not to eat form the tree at the center. Tree here symbolizes the Gravitational collapsing point [The belly of earth]. The law is resistances to whole of humanity not to disconnect form his conscious field and the intelligence [Living Spirit] that exist in him and becomes salve to material world and its spirit that leads to Gravitational collapse. But by design all human beings eats the forbidden fruit and fall into the vortex of death. The modern world that has become slave to the material world and its force is inching to self destruction. A time direction to death comes from adult human mind that separates from his creator and seeks self. Human mind thus creates the fourth dimension or dimension of time to nature. Thus all the spiritual scriptures advocated a God and preached Faith, Love stresses on the importance of upholding Justice and Truth. The Vedas of east speaks elaborately on silencing our mind to know Truth of Life existing within and outside in Nature. Logically my scientific mind could only visualize the world edging to self destruction because of ignorance of Truth of Nature and its oneness. Time and death is inevitable for both living and material vision of nature. However, the death of my mind and my spiritual initialization gave new hope. It gave a living vision of the universe, where not destruction occurs but transformation through free will. Life conquers death when the “Fathers Essence” enters the womb of the Mother. Here it creates a new body out of the old and perpetuates. For one Living Universe there is no second body, this means the Essence of the Father or the Spirit should reenter its own body to recreate everything and restore everything back to order. During this period created souls or the humans who have become slave to material world rule the world. However before the death or the
  4. 4. Gravitational collapse occur, the spirit brooding inside emerges to defeat the death force and take control. This needs to be understood as illumination of the intellect of humanity such that he understand the Truth, bows to Truth and return to order. The Adams and Eve will be restored back to Kingdom of God. No wonder Christ said I will come again to lead you to Kingdom of God. In the above context we can rediscover the beauty of ancient spiritual scriptures and their cultural practices. The Calvary sacrifice here becomes the conceiving point of the new time cycle and the Second Coming or the revelation of truth is the Glorious initialization into New Time Cycle. Calvary as point of creation is well written in Vedas of the east. Yajurveda VS 30-31 clearly states that universe is created by the self sacrifice of the Creator and this sacrifice was conducted by his own people. We are due to enter Golden period or Dharma Yuga. But I am not sure how much more destruction and misery the world has to take before it Awaken to Truth. I respond to my inner call and strive against odds to reach out to the world and wait for the time to come. The interstellar space or the environment actually consists of two fields that are flowing one is moving to the center and the other moving away from the center. One is Life Force, the other is death force. Their ratio determines the direction of nature. The ancient understood nature as unfolding of Creator’s consciousness and enfolding of it. When the Creator’s mind is hidden the Creation, what rules is the lesser minds that has become salve to material force. Consequently the system begins to collapse to meet death. But, the Soul and Spirit of Creator unfolds from within to support and emerges at appropriate time and initialize us back to Kingdom of God and establish the Dharma Yuga. If you find this Enlightening, give me a helping hand to spread it to the world. Call the attention of the Temples of Science and the Political leaders determining our destiny For more information go through sites 1] 2] 3]