Energy - Visions of Futuristic Energy, Genaration, Conservation and Management


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Energy is vital to human existence, yet our exploitation of matter and energy, without knowing the truth of nature has endangered the world by increasing its heat content. Global warming, climate change, increased natural catastrophes, decreased health of population, instability of human mind are threatening the very existence of humanity. We need to know truth of nature. Knowing the truth of nature can help us develop policies to protect our abode, develop new technologies that is nature compatible that can sustain and convert the Red Earth into Green Earth

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Energy - Visions of Futuristic Energy, Genaration, Conservation and Management

  1. 1. Energy – Futuristic Vision of Energy Generation, Conservation and Management By John Paily Grace New Age Research Introduction Reckless exploitation of matter and energy without understanding the Truth of Nature has led our abode into disorder. By our activity we have increased the heat content of earth and its environment unilaterally. Science tells us that when the heat content of a system increases disorder and destruction in the system increases and eventually it reaches a critical point at which it collapses. We already are experiencing the dangers in the form of Global warming and Climate Change. In the article “Global warming and climate Change – the Real Cause” we noted that all the problems of the world comes from our lack of knowledge of Truth of Nature and the energy flow in it. I have tried to call your attention to the necessity to change our vision from one force materialistic world to two force living world. In short, the Truth of Nature is that it is living. In our mad quest for power and material force we have upset the energy flow of the whole system in which we exist and we caught in it. Earth is living it is dynamic and designed to balance and self organize herself with in two limits. There is ordering and disordering phase to earth that alternate giving it life. This is reflected in day and night cycle. The law of nature restricts us from pushing the system unilaterally. Yet human kind created in the image of the Creator under time push it unilaterally. Yes Earth and its Master loves every creation and it is selfless in its Love. But when self of humans endangers it, it has to unfold its force to survive and sustain the world. The first law of thermodynamics says that energy or spirit cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed and sustained. So when human mind become slave to matter and its force and pushes nature to its death point, the only way nature can survive is through transformation. Nature is transforming is he Truth. We are now caught in this period of transformation and nature is forcing us to Awaken to Truth. The modern world that is based on matter and its energy is pushing it unilaterally in favor of disordering phase of earth. What this means we have upset the balancing process of earth. We are not giving any time and space for earth to reorganize and bring order. The energy locked in is manifesting as vitiated natural forces, causing increased natural catastrophes, instability of human mind and populations, which are increasingly becoming self destructive. The environments in which we live consist of ratio of two forces, life and death force. The ratio now is in RED it favors death and destruction. We have made our Earth RED. For peace, order, happiness, security to prevail it should exits in GREEN favoring life 1
  2. 2. force. We have to make it GREEN EARTH. Because of our ignorance we now favor death force [gravity or matter force]. We need to fill earth with Life force. We must underline a fact that, the knowledge humanity acquired on his-own will from Christ till 1950, doubled in the next 40 years. It doubled again, in the next 10 years. It is doubling at a faster rate, thanks to media. The present knowledge is expected double by end 2010. But all this knowledge is directed to disorder and death – The RED EARTH I see some solace in the Spiritual Revival. However spiritual Revival within the barriers of religion the ultimate weapon for death forces or Evil. What we are witnessing around the world is the struggle between life and death force. Way back in 1985, as a researcher as researcher who took to research from consciousness hoping to contribute something to humanity, I did realize the dead end to which humanity is moving. I visualized the earth reacting and virtually annihilating the human population. We need to remember we exist on a globe dangling and moving in an orbit in relation to many other similar systems. A little shake away from its orbit is enough to kill all the life. The picture I visualized carried no hope for human survival on earth. But all this changed the moment I heard the Good News and was touched by the Spirit and understood the Truth of Nature and its existence. The victory to Life force is ensured 2008 years back. So we do not have to fear. But it is inevitable that the whole of humanity has to transform and Awaken to Truth for the victory that happened 2008 years ago to manifest. We will Awaken to Truth. That is my faith and I affirm my life on it. But the question is that how much destruction and pain humanity has to endure before this happens. I get moved when I see the war, terrorism, increased natural catastrophes and suffering of the people. When the whole world runs after money and self advancement, I struggle day and night exclusively towards this cause dissolving the little resources that my parent left me. I struggle and suffer to facilitate human transformation and ease human suffering. I understand Human transformation in to GREEN cannot come unless his mind is stabilized onto a new foundation. This can only be done by reviewing the science, show its flaw and transform it into a new foundation that incorporates the new force called Anti-gravity. For a biologist, with little knowledge of physics and mathematics it was a tough task But by His Grace, I believe I have done it. My site goes to the root of science and showing the flaws in science, reinterprets the key concepts of science to support the Living Universe Theory from quantum particulate level. The site may not be well laid and attractive, it may have spelling, grammatical mistakes. Please bear with me. But I am leaving simple vision that can Change the World. I have tried my maximum to communicate in a simple and straight manner. Yet it may find folds in it as you read, because your mind is set with a different wave length. A communication becomes finer when people with similar thinking interact with their mind based on heart. However my attempts, as a small farmer to discuss it with temples of science failed. So I am writing and keeping it on the Internet and leave it to be discovered when time ripens. 2
  3. 3. There is simplicity behind the complexity of nature. Once we understand it, we begin to see much nature compatible technologies that help earth revive into its past glory. Before I share my vision of future energy and energy management, let me the bring platform for change and shift in thinking The Platform for Shift in Thinking The following point should help us bring in a shift in thinking. 1] The modern vision of energy and nature is founded by west and is based on the thinking that nature is material and bound by a single force named gravity or centripetal energy. The 2nd law of thermodynamics applied to gravity tells that the system should collapse to a point and originate in a big bang. Einstein whose research led to this conclusion was uncomfortable with the idea and thus he introduced a second force called anti-gravity. He introduced it and then retracted it. Probably he could not visualize the root for this second force. 2] I introduce this second force or anti-gravity. I point its root to life. For proof, look out of the window and see the grasses grow and a lily flower. All life is anti-gravitational by instinct. The second law applied to living system and material system shows this opposition. This necessitates that we need to understand nature not by one force but two forces or energy. 3] Now two opposing force can never be equal and yet produce an action. This means one of the force at any moment should be dominant the other recessive. Now if you assume matter force is dominant, then it invariably means the whole system should collapse to a point and have no reason for origin and perpetual existence. Now if we visualize life as dominant and controlling, then we have the scope to visualize nature as intelligently designed, self organizing living system that conquer time and death and perpetuates in time cycle. This gives a whole new dimension to humanity to explore. This vision is supported by all the ancient spiritual scriptures. Even the emerging modern thinking such as non-linear science, system thinking, gives credence to the vision. The Gaia hypothesis proposed by James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn, even fetched them Noble Prize. The world now needs a foundation to transform and visualize universe as a Living System. This would lead the world to new order and take it into Golden Age 4] Now to understand and develop the Living Universe Theory we must understand life and its process and draw some parallels with nature. No life is beyond time. But life is a dynamic, conscious and intelligent system that is designed to resist time and death. Three basic processes help the system to conquer time and death. • Breathing, which helps the system to sustain through constant exchange of energy and information between its left and right or inner and outer world • Mitotic division, which enfolds information and creates new worlds, thus grows against gravity or centripetal force 3
  4. 4. • Meiotic division, where the “Essence of the Father” leaves its body or world and enters the world of the Mother and unites with its essence to create new body out of the old and thus conquers time and perpetuates in time cycle. I used the word “Essence of the Father” because, DNA and genes or the information is only a built up thing. Behind it there exists some thing subtle, which actually perceives controls and survives. This is a higher realm which science is yet to discover. The “Essence of the Father” is Light that Give Life. The Mother is the field in which the Light creates and exists. The whole plan and design of life is set when “Fathers Essence” enter the egg cell. Later the cell divides and begins to manifest. The Spirit or Light of the Father that created binds the cells formed and exists as balancing elements. It sits as the judge. This truth is explored from the quantum particulate level in the site. 5] Now to prove that universe is living we need to develop parallels. Stand back and observe the energy flow in nature in which all life lives. The earth in principle is divided into two parts – the west and east. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it goes into disorder and expands. The east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds. It acts as a sink for the energy and goes into ordering phase. Thus a disordering and ordering phase simultaneously coexist. The earth is designed such that, when west peaks in sunlight, the seed of darkness emerges in it, simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and seed of light emerges in it. The left and right are instantaneously communicated and information and energy exchange occurs between the two to balance it self. Now if we care to think deeply into this functioning of earth, we note it resembles the double pump or the working of heart. Further the position of earth in the solar system is off centered as the heart is off centered in life - Is it coincidence or design? We are now seeing the first level of parallel between life and nature. Life has a second level of stability that happens by renewal of information and growing against gravity through division. This phenomenon is known as mitotic division and renewal of information and growth. At the level of nature we note the 12 hour day and night cycle is embedded 12 month climatic cycle, where a disordering phase gives way to ordering phase reviving and expanding nature. Every time this happens, a second level of exchange and energy flow occurs in the system, which gives new stability and growth to earth and the whole natural system. – More clarity to this argument emerges as we proceed. Her we see a second level of parallel. Life conquers time and death by a process in which a reduced selected male [n] joins with a reduced female [n] to form one cell [2n]. Here only the “Essence of the male” enters the female. The union predetermines the whole system. From this cell in time a whole new system is differentiated which conquers time. The process is called dedifferentiation and differentiation of information or unfolding and enfolding of information. The question is, how we can comprehend it at the natural level. From both spiritual and scientific point, we know that 12 month climatic cycle is embedded in 12 years cycles and so on to form big a cycle which has an end. This reality gave raise to origin and end to the universe. All spiritual scriptures speak about it. Mayan Calendar tells us that the present time ends in 2012 December 21. Christians may not accept it because it is written that only Father knows it. Spiritual world speak of spiritual action which actually 4
  5. 5. precedes the observed action. This means they do not contradict. All spiritual scriptures speak the time nearing end would be highly catastrophic, but all the spiritual scriptures also raises hopes of Light at the end of tunnel. The instability, disorder, destruction we are witnessing today raises us a question - are we in end, If so and how end is conquered? Before we deal with this question let us look at our role in nature and its energy flow. Human Role in Nature and its Energy Cycle We saw a day and night energy cycle. If not for life, this cycle under the second law of thermodynamics, should have collapsed to a point in time. When sun emerges and the material world is disordered, the plants absorb the energy and matter thus acts against disorder giving stability to the system. When the darkness fall they convent the energy and matter and grows against the gravity. The earth with only plants is two dimensional in its energy flow. Now imagine the animals. The energy flow in earth with plant and animals becomes three dimensional and brings a control of unilateral growth against gravity. The plant and animals adhere to the energy cycle and cause nothing to disturb the energy cycle beyond a limit. Now imagine earth with plants animals and humans, now we see a fourth dimension to nature. The time dimension to nature comes from human’s beings that lives a mind centered life and aligns with material force or gravity by breaking the law. Here we need to admit to some of the key teachings of ancient spiritual scriptures, which states that there is a Creator or God and that we humans are created in His image and are all one in Him and that we should live in faith, love and respect to the Creator and the law. In short Creator calls us to live a heart centered, justified life than mind and self centered life. Forgive me to take you into spiritual realm. It is inevitable that we understand spiritual realm. This is the actual realm of energy that sustains the world. Material force is centripetal and directed to disorder and collapse into a point or death. When human mind detaches from consciousness and aligns with matter the end is inevitable. Here the disordering phase of the energy cycle increases at the cost of ordering phase. The nature’s ability to sustain herself gets hindered and Nature violently reacts to sustain herself. The only way for us is to survive is to retreat, connect to the consciousness and discover the Light of the Father or the Mind of God that created. When humans align with material force and directs to death, what is endangered is the Living Universe. The survival now necessitates the intervention of the Creator or the “Fathers Essence” or the Living Light. It should leave its central position and enter its own body to recreate every thing and restore everything to new order. In this phase what rules us is the Inferior mind and knowledge, which aligns with material power. We are in this phase. Yet I have hopes because, the Light of God is in creation mode and He would deliver us into New Time Cycle. The non-linear science tells us that when disorder peaks in a system a Great Attractor emerges in the system and the system collapses into new order around this Attractor. This attractor is nothing but the Light of God. This is the cause of revival of spirituality. The next step to this is to understand the secret of God as biological science beyond religion. This is bound to change the way humanity thinks and the world wound spring up to develop nature compatible techniques and technologies 5
  6. 6. to sustain the world. It will give us new realms of energy generation and management which are nature compatible. New Visions of Energy Utilization, to sustain the World with out Causing Global Warming and Climate Change Author believes that solutions to the problems of the world exist in life, its design and function. For example an organ that is the size of our left fist, drives blood and sucks blood simultaneously through the minute blood vessels covering both internal and external parts of all the organs of the body. The cumulative length of these blood vessels of an adult human being is estimated to be nearly 100.000 miles that amounts to encircling earth twice! The life does this work effortlessly 12-20 times every minute! Have any physicist ever thought of what could be the design of the heart and the veins and arteries that help do such work with least loss of heat to the environment. To explore this we must go back to the foundation and re-visualize the force and action and reaction. The force does not act in straight line as impregnated to our mind from Newtonian time. It is a spiral and constitutes of three quantum units of decreasing order. Energy flows through it. It exists in pairs, one dominant the other recessive with opposite twist. The quantum dance between the dominant and recessive causes transmission of force or energy and motion. It is expressed in the following figure. [It is explored in depth in my sites, with in my limits to express the vision as a biologist] This flow and transmission is self propelled by design. The equal and opposite dance on the left and right cancel the strain. This means even if the blood channels is 1000.0000 miles it can still work effortlessly. The system collapses when the left right fails to communicate and dance properly. The most important impediment in this dance is the mind that is self centered and become slave to material force. Mind that self centered looses its connection with the consciousness and the life force that exists with in it. When mind is separated from consciousness then it directs to the material world and its forces. 6
  7. 7. If gets engulfed in darkness and inches towards self destruction. It works against heart, and that gives life. Our earth is designed similarly to dance. It is reflected in day and night cycle or ordering and disordering phase. We can call it BIORHYTHEM of earth. Al the problems of the world can be related to obliterating this biorhythm by humans. When the biorhythm of earth is disturbed it invariably means, the biorhythm of all the ecological systems enclosed in it is disturbed and is stressed to transform. Every life enclosed in it is stressed to transform. All life can easily transform for they live by instinct not by their mind. The only exception is humans. Humans can never transform unless The Truth reveals to Him. Thus Bible says “Seek Truth and Truth will Set You Free” I have spoken to you the Truth of Nature in a simple manner as reveal by the Grace of God. This truth should not only help us control the deteriorating world and but also can bring life back to earth. It can give new dimension to our thinking about life and health leading to improvement in human health and nature. The first step we need to take is to reduce our intervention into the night cycle, where nature repairs herself. We must awaken to this reality of balance between ordering and disorder cycle. We need to make policy decisions towards it. In winding this presentation I state that any vision and planning for Global harnessing and utilization of energy, if it fails take this reality of nature into consideration it would back fire. From the above thinking I suggest that we must think towards Going Green. We may have to develop fusion energy and balance it with fission energy. Nature and life can give us many clues to do it. I have spoken the seed knowledge. It is up to intellectuals existing in temples of science to bring it to life. If help comes and if His Grace permits I also hope to work towards it intellectually. The world is open now, every one is responsible. If our leaders and intellectuals ruling and are taking us in the wrong direction, we are responsible for it. We need to raise the voice and call their attention. I have followed my consciousness, raised my voice and led a sacrificial life to bring you the truth. As a common man my voice cannot reach the world. If you think there is substance, add yours and spiral it to the world. Sites – 1] Awakening to Truth – 2] Biology and physics of Bible - 3] Simple solution to complex Problem – and the links there off contact – 7