An open and Important letter to Barack Obama Hon.President USA


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An open and Important letter to Barack Obama Hon.President USA

  1. 1. To <br />Mr. Barack Obama<br />Hon. President of U.S.A<br />Dear President <br />This is another letter of a series that I am writing in an attempt to call your attention to endangered state of the world. Since I began writing to you; the world saw a disastrous calamity striking Japan. I write to you because your office rules the world and its thinking. Every action has equal and opposite reaction, nature is reacting increasingly in a violent way because we have not understood her and we by our ignorance are acting against her. You must underline that modern science knows not the truth of interrelationship and oneness of nature.<br />In my earlier letters, I did call your attention to the fact, how earth is governed by two principle forces fire and water or sun and earth. These forces peak and give way to one another forming the day and night cycle, climatic cycle and the Universal Time Cycle. A transformation process takes place when one cycle gives way to other. The present dangerous scenario of the world relates to stress of transformation that should take place in the End of Time such that the system smoothly enters the New Time Cycle. This is very much written in ancient scriptures, like Maya, Vedas, and Bible and so on. This period would be accompanied by huge sudden peaks in heat and sudden fall in temperature leading to wide spread destruction trough fire/wind, earth/water bound destruction [quakes, volcanic eruptions, and flash flood/snow]. We are already witnessing it. Our survival now exists in Knowing the Truth of Nature and correcting our action quickly. <br />I once again share some simple facts about nature that can awaken you and bring change in human thinking and help us survive on earth. Earth is designed to maintain its temperature and thus support life. But humanity by the ignorance of simple realities of how nature works to maintain its temperature nature is digging his own grave. Noble Laureate James Lovelock did speak of inevitable large scale destruction of humanity due to linear doubling of heat being released into the environment. But from my research I pointed to hope for human survival provided human beings awakens to his consciousness and intelligence to know the Living Reality of Nature or Higher Consciousness and Intelligence or God. I have substantiated and defended my stand point by a life time’s work. Here is the crux of it. <br />Earth is designed into two parts east and west. When west awakes to sunlight and goes into energizing mode, the east sleeps to darkness and goes into de-energizing or materializing mode and vice versa. The system works to maintain critical ratio of energy to matter. When sunlight peaks in the west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and gives way to light. A time direction to this system invariably means it should favor unilateral increase in the energizing state or unilateral increase in de-energizing state of the system. Both the possibilities go hand in hand creating dual wave one dominant other recessive that maximizes before the dominant collapses in favor of the recessive and vice-versa. This means as the environment gets heated producing a shearing force on all the ecological system, the earth system opposes this unwinding of the environment by winding of the earth system. Thus destruction to humanity comes from double edged sword of fire and earth forces that manifests as destruction through fire/wind and earth and water forces. We are witnessing it. The modern material vision of the universe extended in time thus speaks of universe shearing down into oblivion or collapsing into a point where all the laws of science breaks down and explodes into to a big bang. It gives no sensible picture of universe existing in time. <br />A new dimension to it emerges, when we review the above cycle including life. The plants absorb light and heat and works against disorder. When night falls and the material system winds, the plants transforms the energy into biological mass, which grows against gravity. The earth and the universal system appear to work on two forces gravity and anti-gravity that exist in life and works against gravity and time in material world. This means universe cannot be understood from material point. It needs to be understood as “Gaia” where life plays an important role. If plants in the above system is not controlled it can lead the whole system to anti-gravitational collapse. The existence of herbivore control plants and carnivore control herbivore. The system is self-sustaining without any time direction. <br />The self sustaining picture of nature dissolves, when we include so called intelligent adult human beings. Adult human beings primarily live by his mind and propagates his “self”. He becomes slave to matter and thus ignorantly aligns with material force directed to gravitational collapse. The world is experiencing the symptoms of this collapse. On one hand the increased heat in the environment is shearing all the ecological system. The climate is going aberrant and destructive. The enclosed systems are increasingly becoming unstable. The force of earth that opposes this tendency is getting increasingly wound. This is creating huge earth quakes, the flash floods/snows and so on. This would end in volcanic eruption of high magnitude. Science and history tells that volcanic dust helps earth to cool its environment. We are edging to self destruction because of our ignorance of nature its reality and our mad material pursuit. <br />The only hope to humanity to survive on earth exists in knowing the Truth of Nature and its oneness and its working. We need to understand universe as living, conscious and intelligent being that is capable of self sustaining it self. There is a single Universal consciousness and Intelligence on which the system is founded and is working. This consciousness and intelligence actually sustains the whole system by unfolding and enfolding the information. This line of thinking can reveal the deep secrets hidden in Bible, Vedas, Maya and I–Ching and so on and herald a golden period for humanity on earth. It can reveal the Secret of Calvary Sacrifice as the creation point that is very much supported by Vedas. It can lead new technologies that releases less heat and can sustain the modern world causing expansion that is positive and heralds peace and happiness on earth. The key is to awaken to our consciousness and intelligence and come into self realization by Knowing the Truth. <br /> <br />