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Advancing Gaia Hypothesis - Surviving the Final Warning


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Gaia Hypothesis is the most sensible theory of the universe we live in. The “Final Warning of Gaia” is real. The visions and predictions of James Lovelock are unfolding right before our eyes as climatic aberrations. If the world has to survive one needs to advance and understand Gaia and Awaken to Truth of Nature and Life

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Advancing Gaia Hypothesis - Surviving the Final Warning

  1. 1. Home – 2012 Science Meets God Advancing Gaia Hypothesis A Way to Know Truth of Nature and Awaken Human Consciousness and Intelligence to Survive on Earth By John Paily
  2. 2. Index • Abstract • An Appeal • Introduction • Salient Points that Support and Advances Gaia to Expose the Truth of Nature and Life • The Manifested Phase • The Manifesting Phase • The Truth of the Universe • The Critical Vision that can bring a shift in thinking to Gaia • What is happening to the world now • Where Science Erred • The simplicity of the universe we live in • Why we should take the “Final Warming of Gaia” Seriously • 3 Quick Actions that Humanity has to take to Survive • Conclusion – “Art of Dying” as means of “Art of Living” Abstract Global warming, Climate Change, increasing natural catastrophes, deteriorating health of human population, increasing instability of human mind at individual and collective levels, increasing corruption and conquering motive, silent polarization of the world in the name of religion and God, speaks of doomsday to humanity. It reflects deterioration in quality and vitality of individuals and the collective system. Increasingly large numbers of intellectuals are speaking pessimistically about future of humanity. Reports form NASA is alarming. Acknowledged scientist Stephen Hawking has already given call to “Abandon Earth or Face Extinction”. Noble Lauret James Lovelock has given the “Final Warning of Gaia”. His Vision of Nature and how nature unfolds its destruction is already happening on earth. Our survival now exists in finding the cause and correcting it. Modern world is powered by knowledge that is materialistic and is driven by self. It lacks the
  3. 3. knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature. In our quest to conquer nature by material power and rule by divisive approach we have made nature and life complex and beyond the comprehension of common man. We have distanced from the real knowledge that gives life and are engulfed in unreal and illusionary knowledge. The very foundation on which modern world exists and functions appears to be wrong. One sensible step towards understanding nature and life was put forth by Noble Lauerts, James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn. But their work is overlooked by Theoretical Physicist who dominates the world. Our survival now exists in reviewing the Gaia Hypothesis and advancing it to know the Truth and unearth the knowledge that existed with us but was lost in time. James Lovelock, looked at sustenance phase of the living universe but failed to perceive the creative phase. Comprehension of this Creative phase of the universe along with the created phase can advance Gaia to a new realm, revealing the reality and functioning of the Living Universe. Only this knowledge can help humanity survive and evolve into Golden Age An Appeal I am a biologist, who spent nearly 8 years working relentlessly on some national high priority biotechnology work with immense commercial interest. It was not long before I realized serious flaws in our biological thinking. Two decades back, forced to make a choice I stayed with my consciousness and principles. I left the Plato’s chair of science to seek the “Truth of Life” from a point of freedom. Nature revealed pages of her book in this freedom randomly and quickly. Eventually in fine moment, when I surrendered my “self” and accepted death, her Master helped arrange them in order showing the simplicity behind the complexity of nature in which modern world is caught. I have limitations to express this Truth to the world that is obsessed with mathematical language. My attempt to share my thoughts and explore the possibility of expressing my thoughts in mathematical language with temples of science was a failure. Decades have passed since this simple Truth was revealed to me. Driven by an inner call, I have attempted to instinctively write and rewrite them in various contexts and upload them to internet. I am doing it hoping that some one some where would rediscover its importance and help awaken humanity about the dangerous end to which he is moving in the ignorance of “Truth of Nature and Life”. With every moment passing I see immense deterioration of humanity and humanity
  4. 4. inching to self destruction. Knowing the Truth and awakening to the Living Reality and transformation in individual and collective levels is the only way for humanity to survive. I have strived at this goal, overlooking my “self”, my health and even dissolving whatever little wealth my parents left me. I feel [though not sure] that I have come to the limit, where I should quit from my struggle. I have decided not to write any more on the subject. It is time intellectuals around the world should grow beyond their “self” to come together to comprehend the Truth or the Living Reality of Nature and act quickly to save life and preserve earth and the cosmos for future. Every individual is responsible here. He should act to awaken his or her intelligence and spread the light. Do not look at the scientist to save you. They have already given the call to “Abandon Earth or Face Extinction” Introduction We are living on the edge. Death and Destruction or Life and New Birth are two choices before us. Nature is stressing us to evolve. Much depends on our awakening to Truth of Nature and Life. The present world is ruled by minds that are aligned with matter and its force. The scientific knowledge that the temples of science have contributed has failed to give us any sensible vision of nature and life and its working as one system. Science did liberate us form the clutches of deteriorated spirituality that was ruling the west amassing wealth, inculcating fear in humanity about an unseen God that punishes. However with time, scientist who became bonded to Plato’s Chair of science [Ref- 38] and their obsession to encrypt nature into mathematical and predictable language have made nature more complex. Peeping into the outer world and breaking into atoms at huge cost they have come with many theories of the universe that are self contradicting and destructive in its nature. These theories are mind bogging. They are not only beyond the comprehension of common man but are also beyond the comprehension of scientists wildest imaginations. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, control and so on. The modern day knowledge is giving the opposite results clearly speaking that something is wrong at the fundamental level and we are moving in the wrong direction.
  5. 5. In this world ruled by Theoretical Physicists a Chemists and a Biologist, [James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn], took a bold path to contradict the established notion. They elegantly argued and provided models of working to show that earth is a living organism and life and material system form a composite unit. They showed that universe is self organizing living system where life plays an important role [Ref- 45 Series]. It made huge sense and the world gave them Noble Prize, but failed to come out of the grip of Theoretical Physicist and their influence, to advance Gaia Hypothesis to know the Truth of Nature and Life. The developments in Quantum Science and all the ancient spiritual knowledge systems do point to the necessity to review the foundation of science and develop new premises to understand universe as a living system. But the temples of science, governments, glued to money and material force are resisting change. The world has now come to a point that unless we evolve to know Truth of Nature and Life, the very existence of humanity is in danger. Recently the most acknowledged theoretical scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking gave call to humanity “Abandon Earth or Face Extinction” [Ref -5A]. This speaks the Truth to where the modern science has led the world to. He is not alone, most scientist are pessimistic but do not speak it out openly. Most work to fish in troubled waters. The destruction is becoming increasingly visible to common man. Global warming and abrupt climate changes are creating huge natural catastrophes. Their number and magnitude is increasing as never before. The corruption and conquering motive is growing at an uncontrolled manner making life miserable. Mind of individual and community is becoming restless and is manifesting into war and terrorism. Human health is decreasing as never before and threat of pandemics both by mutated microorganism and man made is looming in the air. There is revival of spirituality. This revival of spirituality is good, but it is happening within the frame work of religion and the world is silently polarizing in the name of God and gearing to fight to self destruction. With weapons of mass destruction in hand the scenario is becoming much more critical than the era of cold war between two super powers - America and Russia. The turbulent and pessimistic situation of the world is further fuelled by many prophesies written in ancient spiritual scriptures, all of which point to a time around 2012 December that is predicted in Mayans
  6. 6. culture as End of Time and the beginning of New Time [ Ref -1]. Adding fuel to fire are reports from NASA that shows the immense instabilities in solar system, the sun and the distant cosmos [Ref – 2,3,4 and 5 ]. Most important pessimistic outlook came from father of Gaia Hypothesis. In an interview to Oliver Morten of “Journal Nature” he said “When a system grows unstable it goes into positive feedback. When the positive feed back strengthens, then any small perturbation in either direction gets amplified. Then the tendency to cool gives really cold winter, and tendency to heat gives really hot summer, and it finally flips and flips right away to its hot state” [Ref -49]. This clearly speaks how the destruction is unfolding on earth. In the past few years we have seen some of the worst peaks of heat leading to uncontrolled forest fire and flash floods as never seen before. The earth is growing fragile and is incapable of taking any further onslaught by humanity, it is reacting! The Gaia that James Lovelock spoke in his prime days is a self organizing self sustaining organic system, where biological mass plays an important role. If I am correct, Life according to him makes the environment suitable for its survival. This vision seems to have changed in his 2006 book “The Revenge of Gaia”, where he began to visualize a destructive end to earth and the life in it. This has further peaked in his latest book “Vanishing face of Gaia – The Final Warning” and his series of interview [ Ref – 49,48,47 and 46]. I am sure this pessimistic thinking and visions emerged when he involved humans into Gaia vision. It is an after math of inevitable second law of thermodynamics. Since 1980’s there has been general awakening in humanity about the disastrous end to which the world is tending. This also coincides with spiritual awakening. The intellectuals began to perceive the inevitable force of second law of thermodynamics and time direction leading the system to a catastrophic end. The world suddenly awakened to Global warning and Climate Change, the gun was pointed reckless human activity and increased Carbon Dioxide. However, James Lovelock, rightly deduced the problem down to heat or the basal energy state of the system. His work needs to be attended by intellectuals and leaders of the world quickly and his hypothesis needs to be evolved, if the world has to survive.
  7. 7. The Living Universe Theory and advancement to Gaia Hypothesis I propose is the product of over two decades of my selfless research, after I quit a lucrative career in biotechnology and settled as a small farmer, separating my means of livelihood from my search for Truth of Nature and Life. The observation of life in test tubes and in nature was speaking loudly and clearly that there is something seriously wrong in the foundation on which modern biologist works. Reviewing the foundation of modern science led me to the fact that, it has its root in physical science. This necessitated a review of the physical science and the whole philosophy of science. The mind that was freed form Plato’s chair of Science [Ref -38] and was free to move through all schools of thoughts was quick to perceive the critical flaws in scientific thinking and perceive many simple solutions to complex problems that modern science that it deals in high-tech labs at huge cost. But as a biologist I could not express my thoughts and observation in mathematical language and all my attempts to reach out to the temples of science to advance it went in vain. Nature was very clearly speaking a reality that she is a living entity and she cannot be understood in separation of life. Another aspect that stood out is that we humans, in the lack of knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature and by our excessive material indulgence are digging our own grave. In short like James Lovelock, Stephen Hawking and many others, I saw a pessimistic future to humanity. My mind thus was striving to find the interrelationship and oneness or the Unification Theory. The nature was revealing pages of her “Book of Life” randomly. I could arrange it to find answer for many complex questions regarding life and nature. However one question, how universal time came into being, how universal time ends and how it is conquered such that universe perpetuates in time, remained. This question plagued my mind for quite some. I was near and yet far. Like a dog trying to catch its tail, I was going round and round draining myself, with no sensible stead fast answer emerging. In my quest, I opened myself to the ancient spiritual knowledge systems, reading every spiritual scripture on which I could lay my hands on. As a researcher I never believed in God, but the very process of search for Truth of nature made me feel the existence of power that perceives and controls everything. We all know that there is a revival in spirituality and many miracle cures are
  8. 8. occurring in prayer meetings and retreat centers. From the back ground of my thinking, I had developed a scientific explanation for it, but I never attended one, to see it personally. My quest for Truth and relentless struggle against odd was speaking on my health. My wife, an ardent believer, cajoled me to take a Retreat. I took it as an opportunity to observe and as a means break form the routine. I went into retreat as an observer but ended in participating. In a great moment there, I surrendered my soul and mind unconditionally to higher mind and power that controls seeking the Truth of Life Nature. In that Golden moment, my mind collapsed into new realm. In few moments of absolute silence all the accumulated knowledge, thoughts and the pages of “Book of Life” collapsed to in to order, revealing the secret of origin of time and time initialization and perpetuation. This not only gave me insight into science, but also exposed me to the deep secrets hidden in the ancient spiritual scriptures. It is beyond this article to write everything. So I restrict myself to Gaia and its Advancement Salient Points that Support and Advances Gaia to Expose the Truth of Nature and Life There are only two unflinching laws to nature. They are related to energy and matter and are known as the first and second law of thermodynamics. First law states that energy and matter cannot be destroyed or created, but can only be transformed from one form to another. The second law denotes a time direction to nature. It states that one form of energy cannot be converted into another form, with out loosing some energy in the form of heat. This means the systems revolving and moving should loose energy and eventually should collapse to a point. Thus the modern scientist, visualizing universe as material, ends in visualizing destructive origin from a point in a big bang. Any explanation of nature and life should account for these two laws. Now let me share with you some vital and simple observations I made in nature, before I speak to you the Living Truth of Nature and it’s functioning 1] The material earth is designed into minimum of two parts a right and left or west and east. When west awakes to sun light and the material matter in it goes into disorder, east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into new order. When light peaks in the west, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in east and gives way to light and vice-versa. There appears to be a point perceiver in the system that perceives the limits and flips, creating a wave that changes the day
  9. 9. into night and vice-versa. The system is instantaneously connected and designed for change. The instantaneous change is then communicated in time to the external world forming 12 hour day and night cycle. The day and night cycle and the energy flow on earth resemble the working of a double pump or heart of a living system. Notes - • The important thing here is the existence of an internal worlds or spaces where there is instantaneous communication that is beyond time and an external spaces or worlds that is bound by communication in time. Here the information is passed over in time. • Space consists of three left and right frame. To know it take an apple cut it vertically twice at right angles through the center and once horizontally to the vertical through the center. 8 thus forms stable unit in space. In the article “Dynamic Nature” it is argued that the minimum for a self organizing living dynamic system is a pair of 8 component systems – male and female. • This means the left and right that we considered is the lower limit, the actual system should consist of multiples of 2 and more left and right frames or innumerable number of worlds • The most important point to be noted here is that, the above process we discussed helps the earth system to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter and thus the temperature of earth. But this process of regulation of temperature needs a minimum span of time. It also has maximum and optimum point. When this minimum and maximum is reached the system begins to react and goes into new order. 2] The 12 unit day and night cycle with its peak of heat and coldness is embedded in 12 month climatic cycle, with a heat and cold peaks of its own. This can be extended into 12 year cycle and eventually could be related to 2012, end time, return of Christ, Dharma Yuga, awakening of consciousness and such enigma’s 3] Let us now see how life influences material world. Plant life absorbs light and heat and thus works against disorder, when night falls and material matter winds, plants assimilate energy and matter creatively to produce mass that grows against gravity. This invariably means we are discovering a whole new world that opposes matter and its collapse to a point. When second law of thermodynamics is applied
  10. 10. to material and living systems, we note that they are oppositely directed. This means plants deny the gravitational collapse. In short plant systems are anti- gravitational by instinct and thus we see a second force that opposes gravity. This is a proven fact in science but is over looked by theoretical scientist. Technically this means so called singularity or big bang visualized by modern theoretical scientists is impossible even if one living cell or particle exist. Thus with one simple observation and argument we are doing away with the whole concept of singularity with which theoretical physicist are obsessed and at the same time opening a new realm of knowledge in line with Gaia hypothesis, where life and material world are intertwined to form one. When we consider life, we note life exists in pairs male and female which together form one system and are capable reproducing many worlds. This means material world that coexist with living world should also multiply in relation. Note – The recent advancement in String Theory and changes in perception of singularity proposes time piercing the singularity to emerge as new world [Ref- 17 E]. This has given science the vision of multiple universes. From biological point it could be compared to the Essence of Father or point source form the Father entering the feminine body and piercing the Egg cell to create new world out of the old. Material world with plants forms a two dimensional system. If the plants are not controlled it takes the system to anti-gravitational collapse. Thus herbivore controls plant and carnivore control herbivore and the whole system is dynamically self sustaining. It is a three dimensional system and it is Gaia that is self sustaining with no preferred direction of time. Important point to note – When Newton framed his theory of Gravity, he assumed non-equilibrium. Logically this means anti-gravity or life should be founded on some form of symmetry or equilibrium. The material world thus strives to sustain its equilibrium. This process manifests into creativity and information buildup in near non equilibrium state. In short it leads to the formation of DNA and the body around the soul particle and the process that lead to its sustenance. This is explored in “Dynamic Nature” and in the site
  11. 11. 4] The self sustaining scenario of Gaia changes, the moment we bring adult human beings into the picture of Gaia and its working to maintain the temperature and thus sustaining her self and all life on earth. Adult humans break the law, turn corrupt, seek “self” at all cost and become slave to material force that is directed to a center and collapse. Human mind creates the time direction to gravitational collapse. No wonder Bible speaks of a law after creation, where in God resists Adam and Eve, [representing humanity] from eating from the tree at the center. The tree at the center here denotes the death point to which all the material force converges. An adult human mind gets disconnected from His consciousness and inner intelligence and come to live by the mind of the body or the inferior intelligence. [How it manifest is discussed under “Dynamic Nature”]. We think that we adult humans are intelligent but in reality we are the most unintelligent life on earth. The Truth and complete comprehension of nature cannot come to humanity by the faculty of mind and its extensions. This reality is beautifully written in spiritual scriptures and forms the foundation of their science. It clearly says that the Truth cannot be perceived from the “mind of the body”. It comes to humanity by Grace and as part of Divine Plan. It reveals through chosen minds that has surrendered. Thus the ancient culture, especially of the East, speaks and teaches means to silence the mind and grow beyond the mind to seek Truth that exist in the realm of heart. The power of life and intelligence according to spirituality exist not in the mind but in the realm of heart. This aspect is discussed in the site. It is the foundation of Jesus’ philosophy and its root exist in Vedas. 6] The Truth is simple; universe is a conscious and intelligent being. It is one but exist as two [Male and female, right and left, East and West]. Just as life, which has underlying spiritual world that supports the material body, the universe has spiritual world that sustains the material world. This living world however is not beyond time. It works constantly to resist time. Just as life, it goes in four stages. • Birth and child hood – Golden Age • Early part of adult hood – Silver Age • Second part of adulthood – Bronze Age • Old age leading to death – Iron age. The ancient Vedas described this classification in terms of slow qualitative deterioration of justice and Truth with three 3 major quantum shifts. [See Fig:QD-5].
  12. 12. Each of these major shifts contains a three minor quantum shifts, thus forming a nine step evolution and involution forming a cycle. This probably reflects in Mayan culture as nine step evolution and involution of consciousness. [Read the work of Dr.Carl Johan Calleman [Ref – 57] At the deeper level it also can be explored as manifestation of
  13. 13. • Human “self” or “Mind” that distances from the “Universal Self” or “Universal Mind”. • It can be visualized as deterioration of spiritual or superior knowledge and advent of inferior knowledge. • It also can be visualized as the loss of consciousness/intelligence of humanity. We today exist in the last phase where inferior knowledge or darkness is peaking. We are slowly inching to death. It is this increasing perception of darkness and death that is making human mind restless and pessimistic. This pessimism comes from lack of knowledge or Truth of how the time ends to make a new beginning. 7] The Whole Truth - The four phases described above however does not form the whole Truth of living system. They describe the “manifested state”. These four phases encloses another phase called creation phase or “manifesting phase”, which is subtly written in ancient spiritual scriptures. Understanding this phase and its incorporation into manifested phase completes the wholesome understanding. Any one who deals only with the manifested state ends in perceiving a dead end without ever knowing the Truth of perpetual existence of the universe in time. It is here the theoretical physicist miserably fail. The total understanding of the universe emerges when we comprehend the manifested state enclosing manifesting phase and vice-versa. Only this can lead us to Light or the unified knowledge of ancient spiritual knowledge and modern material knowledge. Only this can advance Gaia and help us understand nature as truly self organizing system that defies death and perpetuates in time. The Manifested Phase The manifested state is a state of duality, where one exist divided into two – male and female, dark and light, right and left. Here time directs from simplicity to complexity. Many worlds are formed form a single world. This is the state of existence. Most of the spirituality actually speaks of sustenance of this state. The yoga, mediation, prayers and various cultural practices and rules that the ancient seers inculcated was actually directed at resisting time and its deteriorative influence. Justice and Truth becomes important to this phase. But time is inevitable reality, thus the Golden Age gives way Silver Age and Silver Age gives way Bronze
  14. 14. Age. The Creator Spirit resists this time direction and crossing the “central limit” or the second critical point or Forbidden Point [See fig:QD-5]. Since time is inevitable created worlds or humans cross this limit. This is the point at which God sends Adam and Eve out of the Eden. It is the time when self of human manifests and he disconnects form his parents. It is the time when spiritual knowledge dwindles and material knowledge grows. Beyond the second critical point darkness sets in. The system goes into disorder and oscillates around the central point. It probably is the biggest part of the time cycle. However time direction also exists in the disordered state. This is proven by the work of Noble Lauret Ilya Prigogine and others. As the system tends to the third critical point the system reaches a point of no return and begins to collapse. The system cannot survive unless it goes into recreation phase. The non linear scientists have shown that as the disorder peaks, the system goes into spontaneous evolution, creating new order around an “Attractor state” that emerges in the system. The world is fast approaching such a state Understanding this process at universal level completes our understanding of Gaia. It advances science and spirituality to know the Truth - A Truth that can help humanity spontaneously evolve and transform the world we live in. The Nature and its Master is stressing humanity to evolve. Humanity is seeking a platform to transform. Jesus compared this state to the birth pains of a pregnant woman. He showed the path and the action needed to transform. The Manifesting Phase This is a phase of love where creative force rules. Here the reduced essence of the Father or the dominant world leaves its world and enters the feminine world and unites with its Essence, forming the “First Seed”. Here the time gets conquered. The whole world now goes into dissolution mode supporting the growth of the seed and the initialization of time thus making sure the system survives and perpetuates in time. Here the conceived new world [child in the womb] is supported by the flesh and blood of the Mother. The Mother in turn is fed by the deteriorating body of the Father from which its essence has left. This gives us a simple organic cycle which sustains the inorganic world. In time the Child emerges from the body of the Mother to form a New Time Cycle. This needs to be understood as “Living Light” enfolding and unfolding.
  15. 15. Understanding these two phases and differentiating it, takes Gaia Theory to a new dimensions where the pessimism can dissolve to giving rise to Golden Period of knowledge, where Truth and Justice prevails over untruth. This needs to be understood as transformation form inferior knowledge of matter to superior knowledge of life and matter and its oneness. The time ahead is a period when nature stresses us to evolve to a new dimension of knowledge. A knowledge that would awaken human consciousness and intelligence and help him lives in harmony with Nature. It is time when the hidden Light in spiritual traditions emerges, breaking the bondage of religion. The Truth of the Universe The Truth of the universe is simple. It is a living system that is conscious and intelligent. It consists of two worlds, one male and other female which are one. Each of these worlds enfolds within them many worlds. These living worlds support the material world. In the creation state the male goes recessive to the female. But in time it again differentiates and separates. This needs to be understood in terms of superior or true knowledge or living light unfolding and enfolding. The western materialistic thinking is bound to give way to Living and spiritualist thinking of the East. Time direction is inevitable and thus the knowledge or “Living Light” revealed to humanity deteriorates in time. However, before this process leads to death or total collapse, the Living Light manifest as seed and begins a recreation phase. This phase actually defeats the death forces and gives life to the whole world. The whole philosophy of Bible can be deduced to this point. The world today is in creation mode. The essence of the Father or the “superior knowledge” or the creative and sustenance power is in creation mode. What is ruling us now is the “inferior knowledge”. The “superior knowledge” or the “knowledge of Life and Nature” which once existed reveled to humanity probably was lost in time, as humans began to seek “self” and began to depend on his mind its power forgetting the parental source. The Mother Earth and Her Master today is stressing humanity evolve back into the Glorious period and return to kingdom of God. The present time or state of the world could be compared to • The one zygotic cell formed from the union of two point sources existing in two souls. [Note – Biology speaks DNA and information. But DNA and
  16. 16. information is built up aspects. Beyond the DNA there is something that struggles to survive by constantly creating waves and exchanging information between the left and right and thus survive against time]. The one cell formed from two systems, when it completes the union and the creation act [duplication of DNA] they then separate into two worlds. The process of division is initiated by a bright stellar object called Centriole that emerges near the cell wall. This then splits and moves to the pole twitching one world into two. • It can also be compared to the conceived Mother struggling to deliver her fully grown Child. We are edging to the end of one time cycle and the beginning of new time cycle. We are moving to a peak of an apparent disorder, which spontaneously gives way to new order. Humanity need a platform to transforms and gain new order. The advanced Gaia Hypothesis can turn out to be the platform for this transformation. I understand that the mind of people in temples spirituality and science exists attached to one school of thought or the other. So what my mind visualized might not appeal at first sight to them. But if they care to break away from the Plato’s Chair of science and religion [Ref- 38], they would instinctively perceive the simple Truth of Gaia in all its beauty. The nature of the creator is Light, Love, Faith, Peace, happiness and so on. Our nature by birth is same as the Creator, but in time when self manifest, we disconnect from our inner self and get in to a vortex of darkness, where fear, hatred and all negativity flowers making life miserable. Being divided, not knowing the oneness, with no faith and no trust, we spend much of our energy in breaking bridges and making war. We grow towards self destruction. The world reflects this Truth. The Critical Vision that can bring a shift in thinking to Gaia Modern world ruled by Theoretical physicist, visualizes universe as made of four forces. They strive mathematically to unify these four forces by a single equation and figure out the universe from these equations. But their efforts have only led to visions of multiple universes and further complexity [Ref- 17].
  17. 17. For an enquirer who is free from all school of thoughts, nature appears to be the product of two forces which together form one. They are gravity that is accountable from material world and anti-gravity that is accountable from living world. The concept of gravity is founded on the existence of non equilibrium. Logically this means the concept of anti-gravity and life should be founded on some form of equilibrium in space. The cosmic drama probably results form the equilibrium system being enclosed in the non equilibrium system. The non equilibrium system now works to attain equilibrium by winding or condensing the living system [equilibrium system]. But the equilibrium system enclosed in it defends its equilibrium by opposing this phenomenon. It survives by creativity and information buildup. It takes the energy and matter from material world and develops a mind and body and sustains it constantly. This process results in constant contraction and expansion. It manifest into three vital process of life – Breathing, Mitotic Division and Meiotic Division. Time is inevitable and thus Cretor is forced to break down and recreate the whole body form time to time. This forms the universal time cycle. There is static energy or time or world that tends to condense to a singularity and death [feminine world]. There is also a moving energy or time or world [male] that opposes this singularity or death and rules over the system as a Judge who is active participator giving life and maintaining the system. However, when the singularity becomes inevitable, the Creator leaves its position and enters the feminine to recreate and revitalize the system. The recent interpretation of singularity and time [Ref- 17 E] made by Neil Turok [Director of Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Science], Paul Steindhart [Professor Physics Princeton Universe] and Burt Ovurt [Prof of Theoretical physics at University Pennsylvania] and the whole of Bible and Calvary Sacrifice makes sense in and becomes a science in this context. Note - When I speak of equilibrium system, I do not mean absolute equilibrium but relative equilibrium. As an example of non equilibrium system and equilibrium system, I have presented non inert and inert elements in my site [Read dynamic nature]. Inert elements have certain special configuration in space and they are non reactive. But they respond to heat induced winding and unwinding. What is happening to the world now The living universe gives a vision of inner and outer space and inner world and outer world that are united. The theoretical physicists relaying on relativity theory are
  18. 18. obsessed with outer space but are ignorant of the inner space. Quantum Physicist obsessed with inner world fail to see the outer space. Thus in their exploration they have led themselves to unseen energy, unseen worlds [dark energy, dark matter, black hole and such complexities]. The reality of the world exists between the inner and outer space. I have tried to express the reality in a simple manner in the following Figure AG-1 We can extend the above figure to visualize the Truth form the Chinese philosophy, which best express the nature and its existence. See Fig -11. The figure speaks of the design of a particle, a system and the whole universe. Everything consists of two worlds and it is critically balanced. The reality exists between the two worlds and the spirit that binds them into one. The darkness here is not evil; it simply is an essential part of the whole. Any system of similar type enclosed in the system [assuming it as the universal system] cannot be on both sides of the system. It can be on the left or the right. The law of existence now
  19. 19. resists seeking the black hole or white hole in their respective worlds. The masculine and feminine here are independent and is one. It is bound by Love. This realization gives the Divine Nature to it. It gives the non judgmental life to the system. Time in the above system is directed from the black to the white hole. The law resists entering the black hole [Tree at the center or Forbidden Tree]. But humans break the law. This means in time the darkness grows. Eventually it comes to a point, where one soul would be left behind. This is the seed that recreates everything and restores everything back to order. This is the secret of Calvary Sacrifice. This is the Creation secret, which is also written in Vedas Yajurveda Vs 30-31. I have expressed the creation state or the manifesting phase and the New manifested state in the following figure [Fig 11A and 11B]. Note the left changing in to right We are actually going through the pangs of birth pain. We are being stressed by Mother Nature and Father Spirit to evolve to become conscious and intelligent to seek Truth and recreate the past glorious period. The whole universal time cycle need to be understood as information or knowledge unfolding and enfolding. The information or knowledge begins to enfold when human beings begin to seek “self” and use knowledge to “self” advancement. Where Science Erred
  20. 20. The science came as savior of human kind, when spirituality was deteriorated and the clergies were ruling the west in the name of a punishing God. Science is obsessed with mathematical language and predicting nature than understanding it. The early science was simple and was built on Euclidean geometry. The foundation of science was built on the assumption of a attractive property between matter. This property was accounted with term called “mass”. Even today no one knows what property gives matter the mass and the attractive property called gravity. Much of early science [Newtonian world] was built by this single force called gravity. Later a new force called electromagnetism was discovered following this two more new forces, strong nuclear and weak nuclear force was discovered. The Newtonian world was built on observation of matter [atom that have mass] and the assumption of basal minimum uniform motion. With electromagnetism, Einstein introduced new language and new visions of nature. His world was based on electromagnetic particles [that have no mass] and assumption of a maximum speed. Science and scientist still today do not know what is mass, what is the difference between electromagnetic matter and atomic matter. How force manifest and such fundamental questions. If you review these developments from a point of freedom, without being a part of any school of thought you note that, electromagnetic force is the only force in nature. Gravity is simply a manifestation of electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is associated with electromagnetic particle and can take two possible manifestations. 1] Where pairs of particles exist separated and forces between the particles are directed away from the center. See Fig: AG-2. Here the particle moves with maximum speed possible. Here there is no inherent resistance.
  21. 21. 2] Where the particle exists united and forces are directed to the center. This union creates matter. The matter formed resist motion. See Fig:AG-3. A Higher level of matter is formed when two Hydrogen atom fuses to fill the 8 component space. See Fig:AG-4 In short when electromagnetic particles exist united it forms a system or matter that has minimum non-equilibrium or [mass]. When they are free and are separated the forces are directed away from the center. Here it has the maximum non-equilibrium or mass and travels with maximum speed possible. The underground reality that drives the formation of the systems is an instinct to seek equilibrium and sustain this equilibrium. Thus all matter resists force. They tend to form molecules and compounds. It should be noted that the inert matter has some form of symmetry in 8 component space and this matter works to maintain its equilibrium and attain higher states of equilibrium without chemically reacting with other matters. I tend to visualize this as soul particle that build DNA and information and create a body.
  22. 22. Note – 1] The system is stable between to limits and has inherent non equilibrium design. The symmetry we witness and chase in nature is an illusion. The symmetry we comprehend is maintained at the cost of constant expenditure of energy. The system works on ratios and non-equilibrium design. For more information read article “Dynamic Nature” 2] This thinking has potential to explain why gravity is a weak force and what property gives mass and gravity to a system. Gravity and mass now becomes the measure of non equilibrium in the system. The notion of second type of force came because we failed to comprehend how the force acts. The Newtonian vision imparts into our mind that force is directed one always denoted by an arrow. In reality force is spiral it is transferred in three units. The system breaks and goes into observable action and reaction when it touches the third critical point. This accounts for creativity and biological functioning. It explains the qualitative aspects behind quantum reality. The proof that force is a three bit spiral unit is every in nature and biological world. Even Newtonian mechanics did give a proof for it. It was noted that ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies, irrespective of the type of force was always 3. Scientist over looked it. Another proof comes from triplet code in biological world. In fact if we begin to ask the question why, we perceive the deep ignorance on which we exist and function. Let me now review the famous experiment that brought in the notion of electromagnetism as a second force. The following figure shows the experiment.
  23. 23. The first figure speaks of a school level experiment that speaks of electromagnetic force. The fig 66 on the left shows how, the observed results actually manifest when force is understood as spiral one. The strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force is explained in the site. There are no four forces in nature only two – Gravity and Anti-gravity. This now paves the way for developing and understanding the universal system, form only two forces gravity that is centripetal and anti-gravity that is centrifugal. We now see two worlds or parallel universes. One is material world and the other is Living World. The time in the material world is directed to the center and time in living world is directed away from the center or is centrifugal. Now we have vision that accounts for parallel universes that theoretical scientist have come to visualize. [Ref -17] Theoretical physicists now only needs to review their discoveries from biological and Gaia point to understand the truth and simplicity of nature and unite the spiritual science of ancient and with their own modern science and make it simple and comprehensible to common man. The awakening of theoretical physicist is vital to human survival on earth.
  24. 24. The Simplicity of the Universe we live in The universe is simple and consists of two souls which are one. [The souls probably have a structure similar to an inert atom]. One of them is dominant the other is recessive. They survive against time and its disintegrative force, by constant communication, union leading to exchange of information and constant dissolution and creation. Three processes that helps the biological system to survive is breathing, mitotic division and meiotic division and reproduction. The day and night cycle on earth could be related to breathing, climatic cycle to mitotic division and renewal of information. The third process of meiotic division and reproduction is a vital process, by which life conquers time and perpetuates in time cycle. Extending this secret at the universal level gives us the Truth that can help us survive on earth and transform it into Golden Age. This can only be understood form lager context of retreat form once own self and the realm of mind and moving into realm of heart and back in time to the single source form which life comes into being. In the process we meet the Mother, God the Son and through Him the God the Father. The universe exists for ever, what deteriorates is the mind of humans and it’s comprehensive and communicative capacity with life force that exist within. This loss comes when we break the barriers and loose connection with the inner consciousness and intelligence and come to live a mind centered life and lead life of slavery to the power of the material world. The universal time cycle is nothing but deterioration of knowledge or the Living Light and its emergence to give New Life. This can be explained by the Figure:11. We exist to the left right of the reality. The law resists humanity form eating from the tree at the center or the black hole. Time is inevitable and thus souls of humans fall into black hole one by one and create non-equilibrium. Eventually it reaches a point, where only one soul is left behind. This then acts as a seed which gets embedded in the darkness to conquer time and initialize time. In this context the Calvary Sacrifice and preaching of Christ takes immense importance. It is the conceiving point of new time. This is supported by Vedas. Yajurveda Vs 30-31 speaks that creation occurred through the self sacrifice of the Creator. At the deeper level all spiritual scriptures if studied from a point freedom support this. In fact all spiritual scriptures are mutually
  25. 25. inclusive. It is our ignorance and our “self” that creates the boundaries and resist us from seeing Truth and finding liberation. Why we should take the “Final Warming of Gaia” Seriously In order to understand this we must understand life and death. The life is enfolding and binding of many universes by the Force of the Creator. But death is unfolding of these worlds by the force of matter. The mind of Human beings plays an important role in this process. We already noted that actions takes place first in the inner spiritual world where information transfer is instantaneous and is beyond time. This action takes place to maintain the life in the body or its balance. The information in the body however is transferred in time. The body consists of billions of worlds. For example breath is a wave that is initiated by a quantum collapse or a flipping action in the inner world. This in time spreads to the whole body sustaining the system. Similarly the instantaneous communication and the flip in the earths communicative field, leads to a wave that drives day and night and the climatic cycle. These waves travels through many worlds in time before it completes one cycle. Life process is influenced by second law of thermodynamics thus the universe from the living perspective is not eternal; it has to conquer time and perpetuate in time by initializing time. Thus the ancient spoke of universal time cycle, where time ends and begins to form a New Time cycle. In Fig QD-5 we saw how life functions in time. The capacity of the system begins wane beyond the third critical point. The body begins to deteriorate. From the Living Universe Point of view, it means instinctive working capacity of earth to maintain its temperature dwindles. The Earth now unfolds in order to sustain the temperature. Eventually it comes to point at which it no longer can unfold and tends to collapse to the central point. The earth possibly needs some minimum number of worlds for its smooth climatic changes. [This is discussed under Dynamic Nature] When the system unfolds below this limit, the climate begins to show aberrations. Now the temperature begins to peak abruptly and fall abruptly. Non linear science speaks about these conditions. These are sign of end time or death approaching. To understand this, observe the
  26. 26. cardiogram of a patient approaching death. This realization probably led father of Gaia hypothesis to make the following statement in an interview to Oliver Morten of Journal Nature “When a system grows unstable it goes into positive feedback. When the positive feed back strengthens, then any small perturbation in either direction gets amplified. Then the tendency to cool gives really cold winter, and tendency to heat gives really hot summer, and it finally flips and flips right away to its hot state” [Ref -49]. This prediction of Father of Gaia hypothesis is already occurring on earth. In the last two decades we have seen immense peaks in heat, leading to some of the worst forest fire and flash floods. Its intensity and number is increasing with every passing year. Modern world attributes it to global warming and increased Co2. Thought it is true, in reality it needs to be reduced to the temperature and energy changes on earth. James Lovelock, spoke this. I have strived to speak this, bringing the design of earth and its functioning to maintain certain energy to matter ratio there by its temperature. Much of the problems of the world can be directly be deduced to our reckless intervention into nature’s energy or time cycles. However, in contrast to James Lovelock, in the midst of death engulfing the world, I see a Golden Age coming our way. This hope came form the death of my mind and the New Birth I experienced. There is a Divine control over the universe which can save the world form the mouth of death. I see a time ahead, in the modern world, when humans awaken to Truth and Living Light very quickly. This would lead to change in thinking about nature and quick “Global Transformation” back to Life and order. The only thing I am not sure is how much more pain and destruction humanity has to face before this process gets initiated. Jesus Christ spoke of end of time, not as death and annihilation, but simply as pains of a pregnant of women; once the birth takes place, the scenario changes into a state of fulfillment and happiness. Truth of Nature and Life is the only means by which humanity can attain this Birth 3 Quick Actions that Humanity has to take to Survive 1] Explore the Living Universe Theory, spread the Truth and Living Light and awaken humanity. This would help transform individuals and nations form within. Knowing truth would transform people form fear based thinking into love and faith
  27. 27. based one. This would automatically reduce conquering motive and corruption and make humanity self disciplined and abundant. Humanity can unleash a power of expansion that can counter the death force to sustain the world. We all will awaken, beyond religion to the power of God and life within us. 2] At the action level we need to reduce the heat being released into the environment and reduce the intervention into the night cycle in which earth functions to maintain its temperature. The climate change and increased natural catastrophes could be directly related, our reckless intervention into nature and breaking the energy and time cycle of nature in which we exist. In our ignorance of truth of nature and its functioning we are creating havoc on earth. The destruction in the coming seasons would be heavy. But we should be able handle it, if we awaken to simple spiritual reality of nature. 3] We need to act to raise the matter to green ratio in favor of Green. This transition could mean drastic changes in all the fields of human interest. We may have to quickly develop new technologies in various fields to sustain the system, especially in the energy sector. I feel the big nations know of the destruction coming our way, but they fail to yield and sign treaties on Global warming because of the danger to their economic superiority that is built on fossil fuels. What good is all the money one has, if death is right on the door step? We have seen the most prepared western machinery miserably failing against aggravated natural forces. The choice of death and life is ours. The transition may not be a big problem, for life it self gives many clues to develop new technologies to sustain the world and live in harmony with nature. It is a matter of intellectuals and leaders growing beyond their self and coming together as one. As an example, let me call your attention to the functioning of heart. Heart is an organ the size of left fist. It pumps blood through nearly 100000 miles of blood vessels that is equivalent of circling earth twice. It does this function nearly 20 times per minute all day, with only few pieces of bread and water!!! What is more important is that it releases very little heat into the environment. Ancient civilizations do speak of knowledge of higher order and existence of technologies that were more superior. It is a matter of making some retreat and
  28. 28. review to unearth them. The broad fame work I have attempted to provide, I believe gives a foundation to reinvent ancient knowledge systems, which now exist in recessive and deteriorated state under the western culture. The ancient Indian, Chinese, Mayan, Egyptians and so on, seem to posses’ goldmine of information that can transform the world and give life to it. Unfortunately the governments and the leaders of these Nations seem to lack the will to explore their culture and wealth and give it to the world. Many fleeting technological ideas passed my mind during the past two decades, but I had to put them aside, to save my energy and resources to bring the “Living Universe Theory”. The transformation that world witnesses, I believe would pave the way for unearthing the ancient knowledge systems on solid ground that includes the western thinking as recessive counter part. Conclusion – “Art of Dying” as means of “Art of Living” In conclusion truth is simple. But it cannot be comprehended as long as we remain bonded to a school of thought. No one can know a tree by perching to a branch and hope that secret of the tree can be attained by advancing the branch of which he is a part. Truth can only be attained by freeing oneself and flowing through the veins of the tree. This would take you through different branches and even can take you to the world of darkness where roots exist and help you see the oneness of the two worlds. But this whole exercise only gives the reality of the manifested state and that keep changing by virtue of second law of thermodynamics. This becomes evident when you repeat the process of movement through the tree. You then note the reality that the tree is not eternal, it is prone to die. Here one realizes the importance of the “Art of Dying” as means of “Art of Living” that Christ showed at Calvary. All enquiries should lead to this point of Rebirth and evolution to New Life. Our survival exist not in sucking resources form earth and Energy from Sun and distant cosmos, it exist in dying to be reborn to form a new seed. The sun does not flame, we flame the Sun. The turmoil in earth, sun and universe is reflection of the turmoil within us the human beings at individual and collective levels. The climate change and increased natural catastrophes could be directly related to our reckless intervention into nature and breaking the energy or time cycle of nature in which we exist. In our ignorance of Truth of Nature and its functioning we are creating havoc on earth. The destruction in the coming season can be huge. The pessimism of James Lovelock and how he visualizes the destruction to unfold on
  29. 29. Earth is true [Ref 49,48,47,46]. We are already witnessing it. Recall the natural catastrophes in the last two to three decades. But we should be able handle it, if we awaken to simple spiritual reality of nature. I hold positive future to humanity. This positive vision comes from my rebirth experience and the revelation of Truth of Nature. However, I am not sure how much pain and destruction humanity has to face before he awakens to truth. I have written instinctively probably over 5000 pages to convey this simple truth [Most are lost from the internet when the yahoo Geocities closed down]. I still keep writing against odds, because there will be a time when the tree on which we sit and feed relentlessly is bound to wither and all are bound to feel the death engulfing. The pessimism comes from this perception of death approaching when it is looked and analyzed form the mind its five senses. It leads to vision of earth opening its belly to swallow and sun flaring to burn down everything. We are heading towards it. I hope and work that at least in those last moments, the simple truth revealed to me would strike the senses of people who are ruling us perched to high chairs in the temple of science and spirituality and act quickly to save the world. There is a brand new tree ready within for us to transform and survive!!!!! Believe it and experience it. Please spend some time to viral this article to the world, if you find some sense in it. References [This includes all references of the site] 1] 2012 - What the World Says 2] NASA confirms 2012 Polar Shift 3] NASA Predicts Arctic ocean Melt down and Catastrophes -2012 4] NASA warns of Super Solar Flare 2012
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