Awakening To Truth of Nature and Life


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We are in a world that is fast connected and exploding with knowledge. The present knowledge is expected to double by 2010. The knowledge that is powering this is material. Spiritual science calls it inferior. The spiritual science of the ancient is today called inferior by modern science. Human quest is to gain knowledge. Knowledge should bring us order, peace, happiness and give us method/tools to live in harmony with nature. One look at the modern world tells us that it is giving opposite results. Individual and collective minds are restless and are turning destructive. Earth, sun, and cosmic forces are vitiated and are turning violent. The number and magnitude of natural catastrophes are increasing. Human health is decreasing. Don't you think we are some where on the edge of a collapse? It is time we turn back and go back to the foundation and bring some basic change in our thinking and find a platform on which we stand and function. Spiritual wisdom and spiritual science of the ancient needs to be explored for the well being of humanity. We awaken to truth and create a new foundation and thoughts to bring about change that incorporates science and thus helps a smooth transformation from disorder to order

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Awakening To Truth of Nature and Life

  2. 2. Index Every man’s work shall be made manifest [Golden words of spiritual scriptures] “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” Max Planck 1] Preface -3 2] Introduction – The root of danger to the world 3] Chapter-1: Retreating to Know the Fundamental Flaws of modern Knowledge 4] Chapter-2: 3 Vital Observations and Vital Conclusions made in Nature 5] Chapter-3: The Building Blocks of Nature and how Nature is constructed 6] Chapter-4: The Truth in Quantum Particulate World 7] chapter-5: Explaining Life and the Living Universe The mind and belief systems as hindrance to Life 8] Chapter-6: Re-visualizing the Scientific advancements from the Premises of Quantum Dance 9] Chapter-7: The Living Secret of Cosmos 10] Chapter-8: The Quantum Qualitative Reality of Nature – Discussing the Truth 11] Chapter-9: Quantum Qualitative Reality and the Biotechnology 12] Chapter-10: The Root Cause of decreased Health of Humanity and Nature 13] Chapter-11: Concluding Remarks 14] Chapter -12: An appeal to people who mold the destiny of humanity and this world 15] About the author 16] Projects Proposed 17] Contact 2
  3. 3. Preface “A man's own self is his friend. A man's own self is his foe.” [Golden words of spiritual scriptures] "Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it." Einstein This short book is the product of over two decades of relentless research form a point of freedom to know the truth of nature. It was a journey opposite to the direction in which the modern world is moving. It is the product of journey to the root from which everything originated. It was pursued with a mind based on consciousness. The search began when I was working in the field of biotechnology [cloning] and thus had opportunity to communicate with life and nature. The observed result and what it conveyed was against what was taught to me and the foundation on which the whole modern biological world exist. Circumstance brought me to point where I had to choose between staying with my consciousness and principles or sacrifice it to find an academic position in the modern mad competitive world of science. After 7 years I had to walk out of the mad competitive research world. A short stay in my village [that exist in the boundary of famous Western Ghats] to recover my health, opened new chapter in my life. I began to communicate with nature and life intensively. Slowly I settled as a small farmer and transformed nature into my lab and pursued my search for truth of life and nature form a point of freedom. The search for truth necessitated a review of the foundation of biological science. Since the foundation of biological science is related to physical science, I traveled back in to conceptual developments in physical science and beyond it to the ancient spiritual knowledge systems that prevailed in the past. I found that the modern science is rested on partial and contradicting knowledge and that it lacked the true knowledge or the knowledge of inter relationship and oneness. We have no answers to the fundamental questions such as what gives gravity to matter, why the speed of light is the maximum speed, why uncertainty, why triplet code, why double helical, why dominant and recessive gene, why mitotic and meiotic information and so on. In short it has no fundamental perception of nature and its working. By our ignorance and reckless exploitation of nature we are slowly moving to self destruction. 3
  4. 4. My search was now pointed towards unearthing the Fundamental Design and Principles on which nature is constructed and functioning. I place before you humbly the simplicity of nature and its functioning revealed to me by Mother Nature and Her Master. You are my judge The visions, the ideas and the thinking were communicated to the temples of science and religion, but they failed to respond. But these ideas only grew and matured with time. In year 2000 when the internet came to my nearest city, I began to give went to my thoughts and began to store it in the net in a raw form. The idea was that some day some one would rediscover it. The following are the sites I understand that yahoo is closing down its free sites in October. I hope to place them in some other free hosting space, hopefully in Google. It is beyond my financial situation; transfer them in to a paid slot. I have just started a new site called “Biophysics of Bible” in Google. The content here is the expanded version of this book. The address is – Note - In case this book reaches you after October 2009, please look on the Google site “Biophysics of Bible” for the address of the free site where much of past writings have been re loaded. 4
  5. 5. Introduction The Root of Danger to the World “Seek truth and truth will liberate you” Golden words of spiritual scriptures We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Einstein Normal day of ours begins with a mad chase to make money. If you stand back and observe nature from a point of freedom, we note that individually we are advancing with material gains but spiritually and globally we are collapsing. This is true for individuals and collective hierarchies. We lack peace, happiness and order and are growing increasingly restless and violent at all levels. The present world and the type of life we lead are determined by intellectuals ruling us. The common man is only puppet following the trends that these so called higher people have set for them. The world today is ruled by the west and its thinking. The knowledge it has imparted to the world is largely materialistic and its approach divisive. Knowledge should have brought peace, happiness, order, security and so on. But the modern knowledge is giving the opposite results. It clearly points that there is something wrong in the foundation of the knowledge on which we rest and function. The points listed below should make us think and act. 1] The global warming and climate change is threatening human existence on this planet. 2] The number of natural catastrophes in the past ten years speaks of the instability of earth and the forces in it. Every year the number of fire accidents and the hectares of land lost in forest fire are increasing. When climatic cycle turns we are witnessing flash flood and wind bound destructions. The four forces of nature, which otherwise supported life, are increasingly turning destructive. Fire that supported life is endangering it by peaking in its intensity, the water that helped flourish life is turning destructive by pouring it out to create flash floods. The earth is quaking and has turned fragile and the wind is turning turbulent and destructive. 5
  6. 6. 3] The NASA has reported huge insatiability in sun and the planetary systems. The distant cosmos are also showing instability. Some of the explosions recorded in the distant cosmos are considered next only to big bang. In an interrelated cosmic reality, they are bound to cause some disturbance in all systems in time. It could push some of the systems existing near critical state into collapse. 4] In the ruthless competitive world, the mind and consciousness of humanity is being stressed. Thus the mind of individuals, family, community and nations are turning violent. We are seeing increasing tendencies for war, terrorism and suicidal tendencies. Our economic systems, the security system, the social systems are volatile and are amenable to collapse due to small disturbances. The stress on humanity is leading to spiritual awakening. However, the spiritual awakening within the barriers of religion is creating spiritual warriors, who fail to use their common sense before they commit act of destructions in the name of God. The spiritual awakening within the frame work religion thus is turning to be greatest threat to humanity 5] The defense budget of nations of advanced counties is as high as 48%. However, humanity stands quite vulnerable and insecure. He exists in the fear of his own inventions and his wealth and power is draining out. A huge industry is surviving exploiting humans by creating insecurity and fear. 6] The health budget takes nearly 25% of the total income. However, the health of individual, family and community and nations is deteriorating. The gene pool is weakening and humankind is increasingly becoming susceptible to diseases. A health industry is flourishing at the cost of health of humanity. 7] The conquering motive and corruption in humanity is increasing as never before. The truth and justice is deteriorating linearly and the gap between the rich and poor is widening and humanity is deteriorating qualitatively. Untruth is flourishing in place of Truth 8] Most importantly, the temperature of the environment or the back ground temperature in which we live is increasing every minute because of our reckless 6
  7. 7. exploitation of nature. Our thermometers cannot measure this increase, for every thing in nature is instinctively designed to perceive changes in temperature and readjust it self. So the material of the thermometer would readjust to the change in universal temperature. What we measure through thermometers is local difference. Increase in the basal temperature is synonymous with increase in disorder in the system. The increase in the disorder invariably means that systems stability is decreased and at some point it would begin to collapse. The Dangers to the World The whole world is a system enclosed in systems. The increase of disorder invariably means many enclosed system would tend to the critical state and even small fluctuations in temperature leads to collapse of the system. Thus we are going to witness the collapse and disintegration of many ecological systems. This would cause a chain of destructions. We are bound to see spontaneous fire, spontaneous rain, and wind which would cause heavy destruction and destabilize the ecological balance. The world is already witnessing it. The points [1-7] above have direct relationship with this reality of increasing temperature and the disturbance in the energy flow of the system, leading the system to near critical state. The earth system is violently compressing and expanding. These are sure signs of great catastrophes. The sudden changes in the ecological situation would lead microorganisms to mutate quickly. Nature would end up in new strains of viruses and bacteria. Human kind, which has lost health, would become an easy target. In the fast connected world, pandemics can break out and spread quickly. The research centers around the world will not have enough time to develop any medicines to it. It should be borne in mind that the modern world uses extremely inflammable materials. There could be a time when these materials catch fire spontaneously. Let me explain this reality with an example. Let us assume that a can of petrol will catch fire at 100 degrees. If the temperature of the whole environmental system [not measurable] is at 80, the can of petrol is amenable to handling. Let us now imagine slow increase in the temperature of environmental system, by the increase of reckless exploitation of fossil fuels. Now the dangers involved in handling petrol increases. Now assume a can of petrol whose vicinity has reached near 99 degrees. 7
  8. 8. The can now explode due to a small interference in the vicinity. But this action can create a similar explosion another can that exist around 95 degrees. This could lead to a chain of explosions. The uncontrolled forest fire we have witnessed around the world happens from this phenomenon. We are tending to a period, where we would find it increasingly difficult to fight fire. World has already witnessed the failure and helplessness of the best equipped fire force [USA] to control the forest fire. Nature is designed with opposing forces; the summer and dry period is fallowed by wet and rainy season. This means every time there is huge fire destroying many ecological systems; it will be fallowed by heavy rains that would cause flash floods. The earth is in contraction expanding state. These disturbances would then precipitate many earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. I am only hinting to the fact that we are in the edge of great catastrophes, whose cause is our ignorance and lack of knowledge of Truth of nature and its functioning. It can be deduced to our lack of knowledge of Spirit or Energy, its change and flow in the system. Our salvation exists in knowing the Truth of Spirit. Spiritual scriptures tell us that “Seek Truth and Truth will liberate you” There is some thing wrong in the modern knowledge system. The Vedas and other spiritual scriptures say that we are living in the period of inferior knowledge or dark- age. It is time we retreat and go back to the drawing board and come out with New Realities of Nature, which give order in place disorder, Life in place of death. 8
  9. 9. Chapter -1 Retreating to Know the Fundamental Flaws of modern Knowledge “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” [Golden words of Spiritual Scriptures] "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." – Einstein Attempt to retreat to the foundation and review the evolution of science shows too many flaws. Let me briefly speak and keep them before you for your evaluation. Modern science began its search for truth of nature by isolating mind and soul from matter and sought the truth in matter. In this process, he isolated himself and gave immunity to his actions. The foundation of science was laid by Galileo, who proved through experimentation that free fall acceleration is independent of weight. But he failed to tell why free fall acceleration is independent of weight. Let us now look at the first experiment of science. Galileo, picked balls of different weight but of uniform size and rolled it along a slanted plank and showed that they accelerated and reached the base of the plank at the same time. Thus he gave a law that, in the absence of friction, free fall acceleration is independent of weight. This experiment had many serious flaws that went out of our observation. Galileo through this experiment became the Father of modern science. 1] It is based on condition that no friction exists. But there is no situation or condition where friction does not exists. The second law of thermodynamics forbids this assumption. 2] Galileo in lifting the balls of different weights actually has done work in proportion to the weight of the ball. There is change in energy state of the balls that is proportional to the weight. The ball had to give up its kinetic energy and acquire potential energy imparted to it by Galileo in relation to its weight when he lifted it to the top of the table. When it is released it had to give up the potential energy and acquire kinetic energy from environment. We know the gravitational field is 9
  10. 10. quantified. Suppose we think that the time taken for exchange is proportional to the weight, we end in the same results. The ball with higher weight here takes proportionally larger time to exchange when compared to the ball of smaller weight. Galileo could not have given such an explanation, because the concept of potential and kinetic energy did not exist then. The modern science however flowered with Newton’s work. His three laws of motion and law of gravity he developed using Euclidian geometry brought forth the mechanical world view. Though mechanical view of the world weakened due to many later developments in science, this view and his work still holds good. Newton’s work was built on 1] His perception that all systems in nature are attracted to one another and that this attraction is related to a term called mass [weight in the absence of gravity] of the system involved. Even today no body can explain what mass is? And what gives Gravity to matter. Gravity is universal and there is no place and situation where gravity does not exist. Newton himself avoided this question by stating the famous term “I frame no hypothesis” 2] He assumed that every system is in uniform accelerated motion in a straight line. This assumption was to facilitate the introduction of Euclidian geometry to explain nature and motion. He framed his laws of motion and gravitation theory essentially on this perception and assumption and built a predictable and sensible picture of natural motion out of it. According to him, if there are two systems, one big [A]and the other small [B], then they cause proportionate bend in the straight line path of the motion of the system because of the attraction property. This led him to develop the gravitational formula according to which a small system will rotate delicately in a path around a big object at a defined distance. His law when applied to solar systems and its movement turned very nearly correct. His greatest contribution was his second law of motion [F=ma], where he quantified force. According to him all system is in uniform motion and thus has a force, mass, and acceleration component. When an external force is applied, the system is 10
  11. 11. accelerated and thus has more force and therefore more mass. They formed the foundation of mechanical world view. Most technology that humanity uses today stems from it. The application potentials of the law blind bolded human senses. But many questions remained and they were over looked. These questions are • What gives the system the property of attraction or mass? • What is the force that is causing natural uniform acceleration? • If you assume universe as one, then there should exist a huge system around which all the systems rotate. • If you try to find a point, then there exists a point that has the highest mass, around which all system rotate. In scientific terms there should exist Higgs Boson particle which gives mass to other systems. • The external force acts to increase the uniform acceleration or retard the uniform acceleration. • From Galileo and Newton’s own experiments, the origin of this external force that causes acceleration or retardation appears to be human mind which is investigating into nature. This means the intent of mind has potentials to change the uniform acceleration. The change can be positive or negative depending on the intent. • This also means the uniform accelerated motion also should have a mind; we can call it Mind of God or the Superior mind and our action at any moments adds or negates to the Mind of God. The Mind of God then should work to maintain the uniform acceleration. God exist in the middle path and works though it as the resistance force against the mind force of human beings that pushes it to two possible limits. Note – this means both religious fanaticism and material fanaticism is destructive to the well being of the system. Newtonian world view began to shake when advancement in electro-magnetism came forth. Einstein came to save the situation by introducing new language and new assumption. He visualized that all natural motion is a curvature in space. He introduced a new language called Riemann’s geometry and assumed that space- time is a curvature in space. He also made an assumption that speed of light is the maximum speed. The property of attraction in this theory comes from space-time. 11
  12. 12. This is best understood by taking a net containing huge ball. The ball creates depression in the net and the smaller ball in the net will be inclined to rotate in a circular path around the bigger ball. The existence of the ball changes the space time characteristics of the net. In this picture, under second law of thermodynamics the ball eventually had to fall to a centre point, thus it led to Big bang Theory. Einstein’s work was based on the assumption that speed of light is the maximum speed, but he failed to answer why speed of light is the maximum speed. The space and time in Newtonian world was independent but Einsteinian world the two scales became one. With Einstein our picture of the world now became curved and relative one. But the premises of both Newton’s and Einstein’s science was predictability of motion. Like Newton, Einstein contributed a simple equation E=mc2 that caused revolution in the modern science. The equation equated energy to mass. But the question remained what property gives mass and gravity to the substance? Even before Einstein could rest on his laurels, another scientist Heisenberg came up with Unpredictability Theory that contradicted the foundation of Einstein’s Theory. The great scientist of that period joined in Copenhagen and formulated the modern theory of Quantum Mechanics. They simply changed the language of science. The new language was statistics and probability. The world view that emerged out of it was that of randomness and chaos. This Probability Theory gave some recluse from the disastrous picture that emerged from applying second law of thermodynamics to nature. The second law of thermodynamics applied to nature tells us that nature slowly looses energy in the form of heat and eventually leads to heat death. In Probability Theory the possibility of the system reaching “1” and “0” are very rare and thus scientist removed the picture of heat death from their mind and began to work to exploit nature. However, we should note that the theory does not exclude “0” and “1” The break down of the foundation of physical science, led human attention to life and its functioning. This eventually led to non–linear science and modern computers. Ilya Prigogine and other showed a time direction exists in a random system. This means a time direction and the journey to “0” and “1” became a reality of nature. 12
  13. 13. Scientist and their picture of the world were shattered with contradicting developments. They lacked any fundamental stable foundation on which they could comprehend everything they observe in nature and lead humanity to truth of nature and its existence. They were failing miserably to understand the oneness and working of nature both at the fundamental level and at the universal level. In the absence of any sensible picture or truth of nature in the mind of intellectuals ruling the world, the world lacked proper guidelines to grow and advance. Humanity began to exploit all partial knowledge’s recklessly without bothering about the consequence of this exploitation. The result is the modern disordered world edging to self destruction. Humanity has little scope to survive unless he awakens to truth of nature and its oneness. The whole thing boils down to comprehending how predictability exists within unpredictability, how time is directed and yet exist in cycles. How the universe is controlled and perpetuated in never ending cycles. Before I end this brief chapter let me list some of the key fundamental questions. 1] Why free fall acceleration is the same? 2] What gives mass and gravity to the system? 3] Why the ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies always 3 ? 4] Why wave particle duality? 5] Why speed of light is the maximum speed? 6] What happens to heat released to the environment by industrial activity and reckless burning of fossil fuels? 7] Why gene is triplet code? 8] Why gene is paired, one dominant and the other recessive? 9] Why DNA is double helical 10] Why pairs of chromosomes? 11] Why mitotic and meiotic division? 12] What is life and what is death? And so on - this list can grow I write this as food for thought. The advancement in science has not led to us to the knowledge and perception of truth of nature. The perception of nature by modern man has changed depending on the language he used to describe nature. Modern mans struggle can be summed up as a struggle to twist nature to fit in to chosen mathematical language, such that they can predict and conquer nature. In the 13
  14. 14. absence of truth of nature this has led to reckless exploitation of nature and advancement of self, without ever thinking about what it does to nature and the environment around you. It is time we stop to look at nature and our abode, which sustains us and gives us life. In the next chapter, I am going to point out to some vital observations I made in nature after I quit a lucrative career in biotechnology looking for truth of nature. I request the reader to give some thought to it and act on it. 14
  15. 15. Chapter -3 3 Vital Observations and Vital Conclusions made in Nature “Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you” [Golden words of Spiritual Scriptures] “Scientific discovery and scientific knowledge have been achieved only by those who have gone in pursuit of it without any practical purpose whatsoever in view” Max Planck Here I briefly point out to some simple but vital observation and conclusions that I made in nature after I left the mad competitive world of research, to live as a small farmer in an interior village but still pursued my search for truth. They are central to the Truth I am trying to speak to you all. They form the New Foundation to Science. I am only listing key observations that led me to Truth. Vital observation -1 When the west awakens to light and the material world unwinds to disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds to order and vice-versa. Here one acts as the dominant and giver of energy and the other acts as a sink and receiver of energy. This flow of energy however is not one sided. As the west peaks in light the seed of darkness emerges in it and simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and seed of light emerges in it. The dominant turns recessive and recessive turns dominant. System is designed to perceive and balance it self with a Quantum Dance. This dance occurs in 24 hour cycle and it is fixed. It consists of two cycles of 12. Together these cycle works like a pulsating system. Closer observation tells us that one cycle of 12 consist of 4 units of 3 [See Fig–3 and visualize the clock]. This means the collapse to a point is resisted by the design. 3 appear as the fundamental units of the cycle. We will explore this aspect in detail later. 15
  16. 16. Interestingly this design and flow of energy in earth resembles the working of a double pump or a human heart. This cycle seems to work to heat and cool the environment and keep it within some limits in a dynamic manner. This 24 hour cycle is embedded in 12 month climatic cycles, 12 year climatic cycles and so on to form a huge cycle that should have a beginning and end and a new beginning comparable life cycle of a living Soul. No wonder the spiritual scriptures describes universe as conscious and intelligent system that is qualitatively changing. Vital Observation -2 All Life is anti-gravitational by instinct. This is in contrast to material tendencies. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system proves this opposition. In short life opposes the gravitational collapse by instinct and thus sustains the world from collapse. Every living system adheres to the 24 hour energy cycle instinctively. They sleep and get up in relation to this cycle. The opposing relationship of life with material nature and its tendencies can be understood from plant life. When the sun light emerges and disorder of the material world happens, the plant life winds and acts as a sink for this energy and matter. When night falls and material nature begins to shrink or wind, the plants use the trapped energy and matter to create and expand into nature and thus opposes the process of winding. You can understand this reality by looking out of the window in the morning to see a grass grown and a flower unfold. Your child is another mirror holding Truth on to you. In short life by instinct acts against the forces of material nature and even the existence of one life or one Soul should stop the gravitational collapse or big bang 16
  17. 17. Vital observation -3 The only exception to the above sustenance of the dynamic system is human beings who live a mind centered life and works to conquer and corrupt the opposite by breaking the laws. In short, by his mind he aligns with material nature and thus adds to gravitational forces creating unilateral imbalance in nature leading it to collapse. This alignment comes when he matures and begins to seek his self. However, it should be noted that by instinct he is anti-gravitational, but by design his actions are molded by his mind and thought and turns to self. No wonder God placed a law for the one whom He created in His image. Scientifically human intervention into nature can be deduced to disturbing energy cycle and its flow in nature. Thus by his ignorance of knowledge of energy cycles or time cycles, human mind suffocates his own existence. He creates vortex of disorder, destruction and inches towards death. The war, terrorism, and climatic catastrophes are simply the products of disturbance in the energy cycle of nature. This reality should be underlined and looked into by all the temples of science and the political leaders determining the destiny of humanity. Humans seem to be exploiting the time cycle, driving a time direction to nature. He has been releasing ever increasing amount of heat into the environment by way of reckless burning of fossil fuels and other industrial activates without giving sufficient time to Mother Nature to repair herself. Human activities in the night have hindered nature’s capacity to repair herself. This means negative energies are being built up in the system. At some point these negative energies will peak to cause destruction. The abrupt climatic changes and the destruction through the four natural forces like fire, wind, earth and water is a direct proof of disturbed energy cycle or flow. Another proof is the instabilities of human mind. Human mind without its knowledge is working against its own consciousness and Living Spirit within. Over the years, it has accumulated immense amount of negative energies. They are the principal cause for the diseases and the unstable state of his mind. Unless the negative energies are transformed into positive form, we cannot find order and peace. We are heading to great disorder and destruction by our ignorance of Truth. The future would be highly 17
  18. 18. destructive unless we understand the Truth of nature and react to take control of our Nature. Vital conclusions 1] Nature is not materialistic as the modern science understands. It appears that nature is living and to understand its Truth we need to look at life and its process. 2] Nature consists of two forces the material forces that are directed to a point in the center and the forces of life that are directed away from the center to periphery. Nature exists in pulsating manner in two phases, in one the material forces cause the contraction and in the next, the life force causes the expansion. This means there is a point in every living system which give life to the system. This point should contain the Soul that gives life and maintains life. This should be true for the Living Nature also. 3] The existence of body to a Soul in variably means the Central Soul has creative potential. This creative potential can only be explained from the biological vision where one cell divides and creates two new cells and whole new body in time using matter and energy from the outer world. No wonder Bible said we are created in the image of Creator using mud [matter] and life was breathed into us. 4] The mind of human play an important role in evolution and its existence in cycles of time. 5] The Truth exists in the First Soul or Father Soul and its Mind. We cannot understand this Truth unless our Soul is reborn by the First Soul and our mind is illuminated by the First Mind. 18
  19. 19. Chapter -3 The Building Blocks of Nature and how Nature is Constructed “The unfolding of the word gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple” [Golden words of spiritual scriptures] Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." Einstein • The Simple Truth of Nature • The Fundamental Design and Principle of Nature • The Anatomy of Space • Plank’s Law and its Interference in Nature Human Quest, both in the modern time and in the ancient time was to seek the building block of nature. The difference between the ancient and modern approach is that the ancient knew the impossibility of knowing the truth of nature through human mind and its extensions that connect to the outer material world. So they sought the truth of nature beyond mind with in the life and the soul and the spirit governing it. They thus visualized soul as indestructible building block of nature and that these building blocks [souls] have relative existence with one Super Soul. The billions of souls are formed from the image of the one Super Soul in time and they dissolve into it only to be born again in time. They understood the Super Soul as beyond time and termed it as God. Thus spiritual scripture visualizes universe as a living system that is conscious and intelligent. Let me not go deep into this ancient knowledge. It makes no sense to the modern world that is caught in the vicious circle of material and money centered vortex. Modern man’s quest to isolate the building blocks led him to isolate atoms, and then they split atoms to find many particles in pairs. Their attempt to split the particle beyond a point led to spontaneous disappearance of particle into the environment and equally spontaneous re-birth from environment [energy field]. They have failed to comprehend the cause for such disappearance and appearance and how these particle are put together to form one whole system called the universe. The 19
  20. 20. mathematical language that the modern science uses to predict and exploit nature seems to be failing to give humanity any sensible picture of nature and its oneness. The evolution of science is now looking into biological world for ultimate answers have now come up with another language to describe nature. The new language is Fractal Geometry. From the Fractal geometrical point of view the universe is something like a large number of Tiffin boxes one held inside the other. Another example is that of straight line that is cut into two. The two fractions can further be cut in similar fashion and this process can go infinitely. The following figure is another famous representation of fractal geometry. The Fractal geometry thus is not beyond the devil of infinity. I believe that nature is cyclic and finite. I am not a mathematician. I am not sure whether, logic and mathematics can ever explain nature. I have read that a famous mathematician Kurt Godel, a contemporary of Einstein at Princeton University has proved that logic and mathematic cannot explain everything. Yet, the culture and knowledge system of India, Egypt, China, Maya points to a fact that they posses some form of superior thinking and calculation which helped them predict time accurately, build pyramids and so on. Lot of research needs to go in this direction. Looking deep into these ancient secret was beyond my situation as a small farmer living against many odds. Therefore I will have my fingers crossed when it come to make any conclusions. However, by the Grace of the higher power, my quest and communication with nature led me to figure out a simple explanation to the truth of cyclic existence of nature. I am placing it before you. 20
  21. 21. The Simple Truth of Nature To know the simple truth of nature, we must go back to the drawing board and try to observe nature from a point of freedom, breaking all the old belief systems that are fed into our mind and exist as curtains, blocking the Light and Truth. Let me now speak to you, what came to my mind, when I withdrew from mad competitive market and money centered modern world and began to live as a small farmer and yet pursued my search for truth. The simple picture I am going to draw for you is the product of over two and half decades of my quest to know Truth. Let us first sort out the basic aspect of nature that we observe and then open the Tiffin boxes, to explore the basal box and try to figure it out logically and sensibly. The Fractal Geometry speaks that everything is same one kept inside the other. This means if we can isolate the Central Box, we can know the intermediate Boxes and the whole. If we know the Son we will also know the Father and vice versa The fundamental premise of nature that all of us observe is 1] Flow and motion. This manifests as connectivity and communication forming one. It says we are all one. 2] Another premise of nature is its instinct to seek equilibrium. Equilibrium invariably means end of flow or death. In order for the flow and motion to exist the concept of equilibrium should be a forbidden thing. This leads us to formulate a Fundamental Design and Principle The Fundamental Design and Principle of Nature Flow necessitates non-equilibrium and the existence of two parts - a right and left that is connected. One of them should be dominant the other recessive, such that a flow occurs from the dominant to the recessive. Thus non equilibrium is the fundamental design. The life and flow to it comes from the instinct to seek equilibrium, which manifest as flow. But nature is designed by a reality that this flow can only occur in quantum manner. [Max Planck showed this reality]. What this means everything should exist as ratio. This leads to Quantum Dance. The simplest 21
  22. 22. ratio that comes to our mind is 2:1. But I would choose a ratio 4:3. This ratio becomes more appropriate, when we consider the anatomy of space. The Anatomy of Space Space consists of 8 components and three left and right frames. To understand this take an apple cut it twice vertically at right angles through the center and once horizontally at right angles to the vertical through the center. It gives us 8 equal components with three left and right frames that are overlapped. Plank’s Law and its Interference in Nature Planck’s law of energy transfer says that energy can only be transferred in quantum manner. Now let us understand how flow and communication occurs in nature. In the ratio 4:3, the flow leads to a dance between two states 4:3 and 3:4. The energy flows from right to left and left to right leading to perpetual existence. This design and functioning should be same for all the systems from the smallest to biggest. Now bring in the picture of one Tiffin box inside the other. It becomes applicable to all. We can visualize fundamental particle from number 8 with the two arms existing in 4:3 ratios. The wave produced by this Quantum Dance can spread to the whole and warp on the periphery and return to cause another Quantum dance in time. Imagine a breath of a Living System. The reality of time direction to the universe invariably tells us that the wave should originate from the center and direct to the periphery and then direct back to the center. They form the expanding and contracting state of the system. 22
  23. 23. Chapter -4 The Truth in Quantum Particulate World “He [God] himself is before all things and in Him all things hold together” [Golden words of spiritual scriptures] “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it” Max Planck • Quantum Particulate World • The Greatest Human Flaw • The Comparison between Human and Nature: Table -1 • The Quantum Creation Secret Quantum Particulate World Now let us try to visualize and create the quantum particle to explain the Fractal World. Take a ball of mud and then twitch it with two opposing winding forces. The force should be in non-equilibrium, [4:3] because equal and opposite force cancels out. Now in two steps we end in a symmetrical system as shown in figure below [fig - quantum dance]. Note – this the simplest vision, the real dynamic vision is discussed later The external symmetry however is misleading. The external non-equilibrium creating forces now can exist as internal factor maintaining stability with a non equilibrium 23
  24. 24. ratio [See Fig-4 Next page]. The creating ratio after two step winding actually opposes further winding. The system is capable of winding and unwinding by a unit. But it resists any attempt to push the system beyond the limit. No one within the system can unwind the system, but the systems within the left and right can create a winding force to push it to the third critical point at which a collapse and reordering occurs. Here the system breaks, the internal forces become external. The system flips and rejoins into new order, with a change in the direction of the flow – The right twist would have changed into left twist and vice-versa. [See Fig –Anatomy Quantum Dance – next page]. The twist is determined by the dominant particle. The dominant part is determined by the Spirit. But in the manifested state the Spirit works to resist the dominant. This process of break down and reorganization manifests as the reaction. I call this Quantum Dance. It is a four step processes. The collapse occurs when the third critical point is reached. It gains new order before the system tends to the fourth or the end point. This particle I visualize as the Building Blocks of Nature as well as the whole. The whole has the same image as the particle. It is a Fractal Design 24
  25. 25. with a difference. I am tempted to include a figure I happened to write few years back in relation to Quantum Dance. See Fig next page [Anatomy Quantum Dance] Fractal Design and most science revolve around symmetry. But nature in its true sense is asymmetrical. The external symmetry is misleading because internally there is asymmetry of the spirit. This means the two triangles are not equal and they are not strictly triangles. Nor are they are strictly a circle. They fall between the two. Nature is not only is asymmetrical but it is constantly changing and evolving. The day and night cycle, the climatic a cycles and the present world we live in with climatic changes, speak this truth very loudly to us. Jus as life, Nature is a pulsating system that is changing qualitatively. We as the pulsating system exist to the left right of the one living system of which we are part. We are simply the cells of one Universal Living System. At no point can we pulsate with same frequency as the central pulse. However the friction we create becomes minimal 25
  26. 26. when we move to the center point or creation point. We will discuss this statement later. Trying to represent nature through triangles, circles and straight line is wrong because 1] All circles are closed systems and no closed systems can communicate 2] All straight line systems are fully open system so they cannot react. They also fail to communicate. This invariably means nature and quantum particle should exist between these two states. Every particle in nature should be Designed to perceive change and communicate within it self and with the external world. Thus, if you unfold or enfold a fractal design we should end in a non-equilibrium particle which dances. Thus fundamental particle is like a pair of springs with opposite twist with 4:3 ratio. When they are wound and stressed they break down and reorganize changing the left and right. This break down and reorganization manifest as reaction or motion of the system. Because of the non equilibrium they manifest into external curved displacement of the particle accompanied by the spin. Thus we account for the Fundamental Characteristics of Motion. Note – this also tells us all force is spiral and our notion of force in a straight line is wrong. Only spiral nature of force accounts for qualitative change. The Greatest Human Flaw The greatest human flaw is his attempt to predict and explain nature that has a non- equilibrium design and is qualitatively changing every moment, through mathematical equations that are based on quantity and symmetry. The important points to be noted here are 1] The non equilibrium design that exists internally allows flow and communication. The dance acts like a Quantum Switch controlling the system by creating a wave in the system that has potentials to spread to the whole. The external symmetry is misleading. 2] Since the instinct is to reach equilibrium and the only equilibrium the system can reach is the relative equilibrium where the external symmetry exists. Beyond which the system end to go into disorder, with creation force and created force acting 26
  27. 27. opposing manner. [See Fig – The Four Steps of Quantum Qualitative Dance – Next page]. No wonder God after creation laid a law to humans not to eat from the Tree at the center. [Biblical Creation] Biblical creation tells that we are created in His image to the right of left and that we are not supposed to seek the center. Seeking the center invariably stresses the Creator and leads to quantum collapse and reorganization. A from of quantum collapse and reorganization [quantum dance and information exchange] is occurring in breathing, mitotic and meiotic division. A quantum dance is occurring in day and night cycle, climatic cycles. Day and night cycle can be compared to breathing and revitalization and climatic cycle to mitotic renewal of information. The comparison between life and nature is given in Table -1 [see next page] 27
  28. 28. The Comparison between Human and Nature: Table -1 Living system Nature 1] The breathing, that exchanges The day and night cycle and energy information between the left and right flow in it, exchanges information vitalizes and conquers time and its between the left and right and deteriorative influence conquers deteriorative influence of time. 2] The mitotic renewal exchange The climatic cycle, exchanges and information between the left and right. renews the information between the The information renewal helps resist left and right to bring new balance and time and its death forces thus resist time and death force 3] Meiotic information renewal and Needs to be discovered. reproductive process. Helps the system to conquer time and death, by creating a new body out of the old and initialize it self. Here the Fathers essence leaves its body enters the feminine and creates new body out of the old. The Quantum Qualitative Reality [QQR] – The Creation Secret Now let us look back at the Creation. Two realities stand out 1] The creator force was out side the system in the initial state – Creating state or the non manifested state of the spirit 2] The Creator force becomes internal after the creation and He rules with a law. – The manifested state of the Creator spirit. The Creator Spirit thus has two roles to play and it appear to form the two time direction to nature. In the first case the spirit directs to the center. It works to initialize all systems to a center. Once the initialization is complete, it opposes the 28
  29. 29. time directed to the center. The whole process goes in four steps. [See Fig- Four steps of qualitative quantum dance – Previous page] Beyond the first critical point, the creator spirit works against the time directed to the center. It becomes opposing after the second critical point. It is the point at which Adam eats the Forbidden Fruit and had to leave the Eden or the Kingdom of God. It is the point at which man turns away form God and aligns with material force. It is the point in which Light of Life leaves humanity and he gets engulfed in darkness and seeks light. It is the time when disorder comes into being. This four step quantum qualitative cycle reflects the life cycle. The first part is the child hood, where the “I” or mind of the child is not expressed. What rules is love and oneness. The child is dependent on the Father and Mother. This is the Golden Age or Dharma Yuga, what rules is Love. When child grows his self begins to manifests. Between the first and second critical point, he exist in vibrant state. His “I” partially makes appearance and yet it is connected to the Father and Mother. However when the time reaches the second critical point, he begins to express his “I” and self. It is here that he distances from the Grace and protection of the Creator. The separation and expression of individuality is a reality, however, when this is done by forgetting the Creator and aligning with opposite force, then light and knowledge of life departs and he begins to slide into darkness. At this stage the system goes into disorder. The disorder slows down the deterioration process and the journey to death. In the randomness half of the souls will have affinity to the Creator and other half will have affinity to the opposite. Non linear science has proved that a time direction exists in disordered system. This time direction favors qualitative deterioration leading to death. Thus every one gets engulfed in darkness and moves away from the Creator and Life force. Bible tells us that every one sinned and fell short of His Grace and Justice. Note – the modern culture, work to install a culture, that separates the child from Father and Mother [ life] and run after the evil and material reality [ death]. Modern youth as they step into their youth seek the self, and forget his family, society and his basic responsibility to the society. No son who fails to support his Father and his abode can be called a son of light or life. He is a prodigal son. Modern society and its 29
  30. 30. cultures ignorantly are producing more and more prodigal sons and daughters; consequently the world is caught in a piggery. The world is full of Judah’s, the disciple of Christ who gave Christ for slaughter, for the sake of little money. We fall for money and its power go against our consciousness and kill the light of life within ourselves. However, Life is designed to survive, by recreating a new body out of the old. Here the male seed conceals within the womb of female and creates new world out of the old. This secret is manifesting at the universal level is what we need to unearth to understand nature and its perpetual existence. This will lead us to biology and physics of spirituality. Universal Time Cycle thus could be divided into four stages. The ancient seers who wrote the Vedas spoke this in terms of four Yugas where justice and truth deteriorates in certain proportion. In scientific terms we can describe it in terms of order. The order is high in the initial state but deteriorates in time. The cause for the disorder is human mind that seeks self. However new order emerges out of this disorder by the intervention of the selfless Creator force. The universe is non-linear and is designed to survive. The process by which it survives is reproduction or renewal where the old is dissolved to create new. The Quantum Qualitative Reality [QQR] is simple. It says that universe is one, but is changing qualitatively. The one quantum world encloses a defined number of worlds to the left and right. These worlds are created within the womb at the spiritual level, before it manifest into reality in the external world. It can be compared to the child forming in the womb. Once the birth of Child takes a New Time Cycle begins. Initially there is a expansion of the system. This expansion is the Golden Age. However this is fallowed by division of one world into two. The light and knowledge of life begin to deteriorate and human self and darkness slowly emerges and he eats the forbidden fruit and the cycle of life and light continues. The time span of this cycle is of debate. 30
  31. 31. Chapter -5 Explaining Life and the Living Universe The mind and belief systems as hindrance to Life “For the kingdom of God depends not on talk but power” Golden words of spiritual scriptures "There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." -Max Planck The quantum particle is the simplest vision of the manifested state of the Spirit/Soul and its perpetual existence. The left and right form the body. The point where the spirits cross form the heart, the center [0] forms the mind [See Fig -4]. The Quantum Dance now happens around the central core between two limits. The limits denote the time direction. 31
  32. 32. When the system grows in space and time, the heart point [where spirit interact] and the mind point [0] form the locations of development of heart and brain in a body [Earth and sun in the universal system]. The system grows through enfolding when it is disturbed beyond a critical point. In other words, the spirit comes out and divides the system further. In the process the two celled [two world] system forms into 4 celled system [4 world system] and wishes to exist in that state. However, the time pushes it again to the critical state and thus a multi-celled system comes into existence. From one world many worlds are created. In the process the Quality of the system deteriorates by certain proportions. From the life cycle we can understand 1] It as Growth and aging of the system 2] The emergence growth and deterioration of the living knowledge 3] The emergence of truth and justice and deterioration of truth and justice. 4] Entry into the Kingdom of God and being lost to the kingdom God. 5] Emergence of knowledge of selflessness or light and return of self and darkness The mind is only a point through which the Spirit moves in and out in order to gain new order. The working of the heart is incomplete as long as the mind point is not totally open. Thus every belief system is a hindrance to life and its force. Life we know originates form a single cell. Each cell we know is complete system and is capable of doing all the functions that a whole body does. It is a pulsating system, just as human pulse originates as wave from a point in the heart. The pulse of life in a single cell should originate from some point in the cell. This point in the cell should hold the soul or the Living Particle whose manifestation in time is what we are as human system. The heart points work in relation to the external signal coming to it. It actually opposes the actions coming from the external material world works to sustain the system. The mind actually distorts the stress acting on the heart. It actually assimilates information from the environment and holds it. It also distorts the information flowing from the hear point to control the system. Thus mind becomes the seat of much of the problems of health of a living system. 32
  33. 33. But life is designed with a phase when the mind sleeps. Here the heart and the living force works to release the stress or repair the system. When the mind distorts the stress acting on the soul, it actually helps the system. But when mind block the information flow from the soul it actually disturbs the system. Thus all belief system has the potential sustain the system from the external disturbance. Thus religious integration, social integration, national integration etc are helpful in the phase when the system is in the down turn and fighting external negative influence. They have resistive influence. But the same is not true when the system is in the creative and expansion mode. Here the individual are responsible and the mind should die to get reborn. The barriers of religion, country and caste everything should be broken to know the truth and come to life. Life giving potential comes when the belief systems are broken and mind is submitted unconditionally to the soul and its Master. This is connecting to the consciousness unconditionally. Human intellectual evolution both at spiritual and material level speaks this truth. Thus Christ spoke against the dead beliefs and culture of Jews. A 1000 year after Christ, a belief system grew around Christ and the Light of Christ deteriorated. The Christian priests were virtually amassing wealth and ruling the west in the name of punishing God. Two developments occurred during this period. Science came into being breaking the hold of clergies on the common people. Human mind was liberated to seek the truth independently. A new and powerful religion came into existence through Prophet Mohammed. The nature and its evolution appear quite controlled by a superior entity that perceives and works principally to sustain everything. There is a necessity to review our biological knowledge and vision of biological system Thinking that can change our vision of Life and Nature The mind is the balancing point of the external body. But the point that gives life is off centered center. The Spirit forms the CONSCIOUS and INTELLIGENT element of the system. It exists in the heart center, but functions through brain center to balance the system that it created. It goes out and comes in through it to sustain the 33
  34. 34. system. The Quantum Dance has predictable phase, an unpredictable phase, a disordered phase and a creative phase which form the cycle of time or Life Cycle. This realization has potential to change the very foundation of biological thinking and our thinking on nature. The early childhood is orderly because mind does not influence very much the functioning of the heart. However when the system mature, human mind and self manifest and this self begins to obstruct the flow of spirit and proper functioning of the system. When the mind gets directed away from the center, the system enters the disordered state. The heart works against this disorder and eventually fails. However, the system survives through advancement of information and reproduction. It should be recalled that the ancient spiritual scriptures and the great science of Vedas, speak at depth about these truth and teaches the art of silencing the mind such that the inner Life force works to its potential and maintains life. Let me not waver in to this ancient science here. The world will stand to take note of it when they realize the Quantum Qualitative Reality of nature. Everything is fine as long as the internal systems or the worlds created and existing in the left and right works within limits. But the system breaks down and goes into creative phase when the left right begin to seek self and works to conquer the opposite and eats the flow. The system break down the moment the system reaches the third critical state. However, nature is designed to self sustain and conquer time. There is nothing called death, only creation, dissolution and New Creation. Technically this means each one of us who are created in the image of the Creator, actually hold all the information of universal system. But our information is truncated with a purpose. The whole information was given to us in creation but we lost it, because of we failed to keep the law. The law was to live in Faith and Love with the Creator. The law was to live a heart centered life. But we humans in time move away from the heart centered life to mind and matter centered life. Instead of walking in the Light of the Creator [soul], we begin to walk in the Light of matter [flesh]. Thus we bring disorder and destruction to the world and thus endanger our own existence. 34
  35. 35. The truth of nature exists beyond human mind and its comprehension. The ancient spiritualist thus spoke that we cannot seek truth; truth comes to us for Divine purpose. There is a long way to go before the world transforms and see the truth. 35
  36. 36. Chapter-6 Re-visualizing the Scientific advancements from the Premises of Quantum Dance “The earth was formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while the Spirit of God swept over the face of the water. Then God said ‘ Let there be Light” and there was light” [Golden words of spiritual scriptures] "Imagination is more important than knowledge” Einstein • The Living Particle and Information development in Biological System • The Secret of Birth and Death • Three levels of this stress management Now let us direct our thought to the above particle and re-visualize some of scientific perceptive and bring vital changes to some of the long standing beliefs and pictures impregnated into us. 1] We can visualize above quantum particle as electromagnetic particle. This quantum particle exists in another huge quantum particle called the environment that dances. This Quantum Dance is reflected in the day and night cycle and the energy flow in nature. The quantum particle and its dance can produce a wave in the external medium or the environment. [A medium is a necessity to explain nature. However, Einstein’s Relativity Theory and the experiment of Michelson and Morley essentially removed the vision of existence of the medium. We are rediscovering this medium as the basal heat flux]. The Quantum Dance is inevitable because Max Planck’s law tells us that energy can only be exchanged in quantum manner. If the particle is compressed and twisted through external force, directed in the same direction but having opposite twist then they can form highly energetic particle that moves in spiral manner like a drill. This can explain the wave particle duality. 36
  37. 37. 2] It can collide with another such particle to form a matter particle or the atom [the simplest being hydrogen atom born from a pair]. Now there is an important thing to be noted here. The particle we visualized has a 4:3 non equilibrium on the left and right at the spiritual level. Let us name it A/B. The second particle with which it collides also should have similar ratio. Let us name it C/D. Here the AB/CD also should have ratio 4:3 or vice-versa. Here B=C. With out this non-equilibrium ratio, the particle or the matter system is a dead system incapable of exchanging energy and information. There is no dead system in nature. The nature works on ratio. I am not sure whether it can be described through mathematics. It is up to the masters who reside in temples of science to investigate it. The great scientist Einstein did point to this in his auto biography. We can now visualize the periodic table as the product of collisions of light particles - One pair leading to hydrogen atom, 2 pair leading to helium, 3 pair leading to lithium, 4 pair leading to beryllium and so on. Recall E=mc2 3] When compared to an atom, an electromagnetic particle is unstable in space that has three left and right frames. A hydrogen atom has one level of stability in space. A higher level of stability in space is formed when left wound hydrogen atom joins with right wound hydrogen atom. This explains the formation of H2 molecule. A very highly stable system is formed in space when two pair of particle collides and fuses to form helium atom. [Fusion of two hydrogen atom] The helium atom fills the 8 component space and we know it as an inert system. All system, other than inert systems, is reactive and tends to form molecule and compounds. Here again 37
  38. 38. the ABCD/EFGH should have ratio 4:3. These inert elements also are born in pairs one with left twist the other with right twist. The Living Particle and Information development in Biological System The inert elements normally are resistant to physical forces. They have symmetry in space and can resist both left or right winding and unwinding force. They work to protect their symmetry. Information development and building a complex body is the means by which it survives. Information development The helium atom that is stable and has symmetry in 8 component space will tend to protect its equilibrium and symmetry by opposing the external force disturbing it symmetry or equilibrium. When stressed to near critical state by external physical forces or heat induced forces, they tend to develop information. The information development is a way of improving its resistance to the external forces acting on it and disturbing its relative equilibrium. I say relative equilibrium because this particle exist in an environment that is changing by quantum dance. The information development can be understood as a balance trying to balance its self, against external force by adding weight on to the pan. By the above statement I am giving you the secret of soul or living particle and the formation of information or DNA in biological system. The soul or Living Particle does not form bonds but uses matter as weight that can be displaced in relation to the external forces to maintain the balance. In short, I am making statement that inert element of the periodic table fits the picture as the dynamic soul or Living Particle. It is the functional entity behind life. It is the point from which the wave originates and to which it returns repeatedly. In two articles “Beyond Genes” and “Secret of Consciousness” existing in my site - I have discussed the difference between the plant, animal and human souls, that goes to explain the characteristic of these living systems. 38
  39. 39. One of the important conclusions of this thinking is that genes exist not as pairs but as 4 pairs. This goes to explain many intricacies of biological information and has potentials to advance genetic knowledge to higher level. This is a subject to be discussed at length and is beyond this book The Secret of Birth and Death The information is developed against the physical stress leading it to near critical states. However the inert elements are influenced by winding and unwinding force of the temperature. We noted that the environment unwinds and winds back into new order in the day and night cycle, climatic cycle and that it has time direction at which it has to renew everything. The second law of thermodynamics is applicable to all systems. Nature is not an exception. This means all the enclosed system has to change along with it to survive. It has to readjust to the energy changes in nature. This means a living particle or soul and the information it has built should unwind and wind back mixing the left and right such that it can attain new balance in relation to the changing environment. It should be noted that all biological system renews its cells periodically through mitotic division which basically changes the left and right. In other words all life has to upgrade the information periodically to over come the stress manifesting from nature that is changing under time force. There are three levels of this stress management Three levels of this stress management 1] The first level of stress management manifest as the breath. 2] The second level of stress management, manifest as information renewal or mitotic process. 3] The third level manifests a Meiotic division and reproduction where the essence of the Father, enters the womb of the mother to create new body out of the old thus conquer time and initialize it self. I have tried to express the three levels of stress management in a dynamic system in the following figure. 39
  40. 40. AB, CD, EF, GH form the four light particle that has gone to form the dynamic system. AB if is right twisted, CD is left twisted. Since they are in 4:3 ratios, there is an overall twist that favors the right or the dominant. Similarly EFGH are paired with an opposite twist. When these particles wind they form the dynamic particle with a twist determined by the dominant particle. Note – here ABCD/ EFGH exist in 4:3 ratio The system can wind and unwind in three steps. Every system that exist in the universal system are prone for two types of changes 1] The random changes manifesting as physical stress 2] The time bound changes, manifesting as day and night cycles, climatic cycle and universal cycle of time. Every system has to readjust to these two types of changes. Earlier we noted the design of earth and energy flow in it. When west awakes to sunlight, the east sleeps to darkness and vice-versa. When light peaks in the west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and it gives way to light. This 12 hour day and night is enclosed in 12 month climatic cycles. The history speaks that these 12 month cycle are in fact enclosed 12 year cycles and so on to form big universal cycle, where time ends and new time begins. This is very much spoken in ancient 40
  41. 41. spiritual scriptures. Modern science has understood it as big collapse and Big Bang origin. This reality can be understood form second law of thermodynamics which give time direction to the system. The heat is lost in every cycles and the system deteriorate creating disorder. This also means the information in the system is constantly changing. All systems enclosed in nature need to readjust its own information in relation to the change in universal information. There are three processes by which information gained and the system is reorganized. We saw it as the breathing, mitotic division and meiotic division. Because of its importance let us look at it again. Here the first two processes contribute to the maintenance of the system against time and its deteriorative process. The third actually cause the conquering of time and causes the evolution. I have tried to explain them in figurative manner here 41
  42. 42. 42
  43. 43. The figures are self explanatory. The breath is simply the mixing of the flow in the right and left of the system and to bring vitality and new balance to the system. Here the system breaks one level of left and right and reorders itself. The meiotic division is a step ahead, it creates and renews the information and thus causes the expansion of the system. Here the system breaks down 2 left and right frames and reorders the system The third however is vital, here it breaks all the three left and right frames and reorganizes it self. Here the dominant particle the Essence of the Father leaves its body and goes recessive to the recessive. It breaks down the old worlds to create new worlds from within and thus death is conquered. We can understand this reality as the Light of Life or Knowledge of Life leaving humanity and emerging again to take control of the world. I am tempted at this point to bring to your notice, the Biblical Creation and the law – not eat from the tree at the center of Eden. Bible says death came from breaking the law and the antidote to it is eating and drinking from the Tree of Life, which is Jesus Christ. I am not speaking for a religion called Christianity but trying to lay before you certain truth of nature. More about it is discussed in “Biology and Physics of Bible” that exist in Google sites. Address - biophysicsofbible/ 43
  44. 44. Chapter – 7 The Living Secret of Cosmos “Call to me and I will reveal to you great and mighty things that you do not know” Golden words of spiritual scriptures “We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up until now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.” Max Planck Earlier we noted the heart and mind point in a particle. See fig – 4. The heart point is where the internal spirit crosses. The mind point is the center [0] Now let us try to locate these points in a dynamic system in space or inert system or what we assumed a soul particle. Very clearly it should have 4 points one each belonging to the four particle that have gone to form the dynamic system. A dynamic system we noted is stable in space and they are born in pairs one with a right twist and the other with left twist together they form a pair. This explains the existence of male and female in biological world, the day and night cycle in the natural world. 44
  45. 45. These particles in isolation are unstable against time. But in unity they can conquer time and death force through reproduction. Here the 4 points of dynamic system when stressed becomes 2 points. The two points become 1 point. When it is further stressed, one of these worlds goes recessive to the other and emerges into new order. We saw this as the three basic processes of life. I also wish to call your attention at this point the design of earth in to two parts [right and left or west and east] and the energy flow in it. When they are taken together the system has 8 points where the spirit crosses that is spread around a central core in space. When such a dynamic system is stressed in three steps, from the external world, it collapses to a point and turns inside out by changing the direction of the flow. In the process it takes in and gives out energy through the center. The central core thus becomes the root for the energy and information flow. The central core is the seat of mind and it could be equated to sun in the solar system. The point at which the system collapses becomes the seat of heart and it could be equated to the earth in the solar system. The eight point where the spirit crosses forms the 8 pans of the dynamic balance. It is the point of the 8 planets in the solar system [the ninth is the earth it self where life exist] I have written this as a food for thought. I am sure this extended thinking of my mind would be difficult for others to comprehend. However, when we look at it from the perspective of many of the ancient cultures and their knowledge of astronomy and astrology, their knowledge of human body and health described in Ayurveda, specially the energy wheels or chakras of human body, the acupuncture points Chinese medicine and so on then the significance of the above thought will reveal it self. Even the design of pyramids, speaks of the above design and knowledge of energy flow in system. It should be recalled that before science came into existence we had an earth centered picture of the universe. What we discussed leads us to the old reality. The earth is the off centered center of the Living Universe. It is the spiritual and creative center. The sun is the center of the manifested reality or the body. I 45
  46. 46. must however accept there is long way to go before the simplicity of nature and the ancient knowledge system can unravel to modern world. As a small farmer and individual struggling to meet the ends, I could not divert my energy and resources to these knowledge systems that probably has taken root from the Quantum Reality of Nature. In the given situation and circumstances I have thus concentrated to call the world attention to the Quantum Qualitative Reality of Nature. 46
  47. 47. Chapter -8 The Quantum Qualitative Reality of Nature – Discussing the Truth “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” Golden words of spiritual scriptures “Anybody who has been seriously engaged is scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: 'Ye must have faith.' It is a quality which the scientist cannot dispense with.” Max Planck From the above thinking, the universe appears as a living system that is conscious and intelligent. It is capable of self organizing and sustaining it self. This truth was known to ancient and it is reflected in Vedas, Bible and so on. Even modern science also is evolving towards it. Gaia hypothesis put forth by James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn even fetched Noble prize to them. But we have not got a strong foundation on which we can transform. The most evident reality of nature is the fleeting time. Both modern science and ancient spiritualist were aware of it. Thus they spoke of a beginning of time and end of time but they have failed to comprehend, how they are connected to form a never ending cycle. I wish to take you to this realm of knowledge. This is important because the world is going through a critical period. The Mayans, who are called the time keepers of the world have predicted that the present time ends in 2012 December 21. Similar end is predicted in Bible, Vedas and other spiritual scriptures. Most preachers of these ancient knowledge systems and spiritual scriptures create destructive picture of the end time to lure people into their respective religion and grow in a quantitative manner. Let us now look at the truth of it. From the 3 vital observations [chapter -2] we can conclude that the time direction comes from adult human mind that seeks self. The universe is one in its creative state but in its manifested form it is divided into two and multiples of two worlds in space, with the Master being seated in the middle. A law rules the manifested world. All spiritual scriptures thus speak of two realities. 47
  48. 48. 1] Love and Faith – This is the fundamental relationship. Where Love and Faith exist there exist Life and creation. 2] Creation is a process beyond mind. It takes place in the darkness of womb, where the old is dissolved to Create New. Once creation is complete the Creator needs to deliver the creation. This is the manifested state. In the manifested state the law and justice rules. The spirit of Creator now exists between the two as eh judge and the balancer. When the law is broken further, the two worlds go to form four worlds. The process continues to form many worlds. In the process the system grows materially and appears random, but the Spirit still works in the same essential form but its strength shrinks. A Quantum Qualitative Changes occurs. In other words system deteriorates and death engulfs when law is broken and humans begins to live mind centered life and seek self. Thus in time Creator is forced to act to recreate everything and restore. This cycle is the simple secret of Bible. Bible reflects the life cycle of the universe. The Calvary here becomes the conceiving point, the second coming is the revelation of Mind of God or truth of nature that initializes human in to Mind of God and Truth. This is supported by Vedas. Yajurveda Vs 30-31 very clearly speaks that the universe was crated by the self sacrifice of the creator and this sacrifice was conducted by his own people - The priest, intellectuals and the ruling Lot. I am not speaking in favor of any religions, but bringing to you the Living Reality of Nature that is vital to our survival on Planet earth. In fact I see immense potential in the ancient knowledge especially of the east. They seem to have known the secret of life in an extensive manner and incorporated them into their cultures. There are three elements to life; soul, mind and body. The soul is the seat of life over which the whole world is constructed in time. Life exists in the soul. A life can exist mind dead but not soul dead. Mind is the seat that controls the manifested world or the body. Soul is the power of anti-gravity. The body holds the power of gravity. The mind is the pivot on which the system works and moves. As long as the mind and its extensions are subservient to soul and its force, it causes expansion and 48
  49. 49. gives life. But when the mind gets aligned to matter and its force, it creates a time direction to the center or the collapse. The Creator then distorts the mind and creates duality and disorder. Yet a time direction exists in disorder, which leads to death. Time is inevitable reality of nature and life. Anything that is born should die. The law actually resists the setting of the disorder and its movement to death. Death is inevitable to the whole and those souls that are created in time. The death comes from body that constitutes of the created souls. This is when the First Soul conquers death and strives to recreate a New Body. It becomes inevitable that the First soul has to give New Life to all the Souls. Once this is done it should illuminate the mind of souls and gives it the dominion to start a New Life cycle. We are going through this process of dissolution and recreation by the intervention Creator Soul and Mind. The Bible, Vedas and other spiritual scriptures needs to be understood form this context. They are knowledge’s of higher order that gives life, into which humanity need to evolve. The cultures of the ancient have immense depth and needs to be reinvented beyond the veil of religion. The veil of religion has hidden the truth away from humanity. I am not against religion, for one simple reality that without religion the truth would not have survived. When the light of life was deteriorating under time and its force and when the darkness was entering the world, the intelligent, hid the power of life in veils so that it is not amenable for the evil but persist the dark phase to emerge again. All the veils and belief system needs to broken and truth need to come out if the world has to survive. The modern spiritual heads are not enlightened so they are nowhere near the truth. Those priests who are enlightened seem to fear to speak the truth and break the veils for they fear loosing their chair and power. The priest acts as mediators of God, the truth is that after Christ every one is liberated to seek their will. Remember Christ manifested when not one soul was left who could be justified before God. Every one had failed. Through Christ we got the liberation to seek our will. This means each individual is a priest by himself who can communicate with God. Any priest speaking this truth to his people amount to destabilizing once own seat as the mediator. It amounts to loosing a plush and high job that carries no 49
  50. 50. stress and burden. So, most priests keep believers under a cloud of ignorance in order to rule them. This is also true in the case of scientist and researchers. They fear to speak anything that shakes their position, their chair and their kingdom. Few years back a scientist then associated with MIT, USA, who happened to read, what I wrote spontaneously and stored in the net, wrote me that I should not write and keep these things on the net. He expressed the desire to meet me. I was thrilled, because I knew he has perceived some depth in my writing. If I could meet and convince him and make him write from his pen my thoughts, I know the world will stand to take note and millions existing in temples of science would begin to apply their mind and the New Life and order will emerge to the world. However, when I met him in one of the renowned temples of science in India and spoke my mind out, the only response I got from him, was that we should not reveal the truth, but give it in packets such that people will not know truth, but can use it. I found the typical western market mind that tries to advance self. The self is the biggest impediment in our path to Life and Truth The truth of time and nature needs to be understood from the Living Reality. The universe is one whole living system. We the human beings are individuated system born from it in time. The system has a creation phase where the creator exist in creation breaking down and restoring new order, followed by a manifested state, that has four states, the childhood, early adulthood and late adulthood, followed by old age leading to death. Vedas have described this in the form of four Yugas. However, before the death happens life is designed to survive and perpetuate. The Fathers essence leaves it body and enters the mother’s womb and creates new body out of the old. In the process it conquers time. We as the individuated soul born from the First Soul, need to take rebirth and take our positions in the New Body being formed. It calls us submit our will [Self] to the Higher Will [Higher Self] that controls everything. It should be noted that much of the ancient knowledge systems speaks of the guidelines to human beings to live in harmony with nature and God. They knew the importance of the soul and mind and its control over the body. They seemed to have 50
  51. 51. known the truth of life and knew the secret that once the soul and mind is in order, body becomes ordered automatically. . Let me now explore the truth of God [Creator], human and time, through a small figure. Matter Individuated Soul Central Creating Soul or God Particle Father Soul Fig- 3E Since time direction is related to humans, we can take only human soul, mind and life to explain nature. This should be explained in relation to absolute soul mind and body or a reference point. In the figure we are visualizing the human souls. Science and scriptures tell us that the souls are indestructible. There is Central Unique Soul, there are billions of souls existing in 4 pairs on the three left and right frames of space. The whole is enclosed within a Father Soul, which encompasses all the souls. It should be recalled that Vedas described the existence of Universal Consciousness or the Father. The time can have two directions in the above reality. It can get directed from the periphery [Father] to the center [The Son] and lead to a big bang, which then leads back to the Father to start a New Time cycle. The question now is that how time changes at the center and periphery and exist in cycles. From the above figure it is apparent time originates from the Central Unique Soul and directs to the periphery to start a new journey. In biological system we noted that, one soul formed from the entry of the Fathers essence into the mother, creates a whole new body out of the old and thus conquers time. In the process it forms billions of new souls and new worlds. 51
  52. 52. Applying this to the universal system, there is no second body to the universal system. The only other way is that the central soul should leave its central position and get enclosed in the body and create a new body out of the old and initialize it self before time ends. In short we are the cells [worlds] existing in one Universal Living System. We are being recreated by the essence of the Father now existing in the womb so that the kingdom of the Father can be restored. The process is taking place in a defined and controlled manner. When the creator vacated His seat, what took its place is the inferior mind that seeks the self. The mind of humanity that is disconnected from his own consciousness and looses the communication with the Master residing in it, looks to the opposite as enemy and thus works to conquer the opposite. It works to the corrupt the flow and thus strangulates the whole system, in the process, by his ignorance; he breaks down his own world and inches towards self destruction. The modern world is a poof of this statement. The modern world seeks the truth of nature in matter. It has caused unilateral increase in the temperature of the world breaking the barriers of the physical world, creating disorder in the world. This unilateral increase in disorder has stressed the souls and minds. Human consciousness is being stirred. Some of these souls have turned violent and destructive and others have become spiritual. This is leading the souls to take New Birth. The moment the human mind submits to the Creator Force working to recreate and bring new order, he gets connected to his own consciousness and gets rebirth. The quality of rebirth depends on the intent by which you seek him. A new world, new light, new knowledge is being formed within the old and is due to emerge and take control. The turmoil the world is going through is the struggle to give birth to New Time Cycle. It is the struggle to deliver and advance to new realm of knowledge that gives order and peace to the world. There is light at the end of the road. But I do not how much more destruction and pains the world has to bear before our mind opens to the simple Truth of Nature. 52
  53. 53. Chapter - 9 Quantum Qualitative Reality and the Biotechnology “Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists.” [The golden words of spiritual scriptures] “It is not the possession of truth, but the success which attends the seeking after it, that enriches the seeker and brings happiness to him.” Max Planck • My Experience in Biotechnology • Why modern biotechnology is failing • Three Levels of Spiritual Force My Experience in Biotechnology Modern biotechnology and the knowledge on which it manipulates life is exclusively rest on gene and its expression. The general understanding on which it rest is that gene is the building blocks of information and is predictable and determinable unit that holds the secret of life. So it is spending billions of dollars in splitting and isolating genes, altering and mixing the genetic information. Biotechnologists have created an imaginative world, probably luring largest amount of research funds. However, the investment on biotechnology is not giving the returns as much as it was expected from it, nor it is doing any good to its targets. For example a researcher dealing with coconut, cashew, coffee and other species of plants in tissue culture should have overall vision of prosperity of the farmers of these species and its associated industry. But most research scientist work for their self advancement creating a bundle of research papers often misleading the public and funding bodies and loose their overall sense and goal. This is true in every research field. Thus the health of human, animal and plants and nature have only been decreasing with modern science. Biotechnology has failed to make much progress because their basic perception of life and its working is wrong. Their attempts to dissect the dead body and unearth 53
  54. 54. the building blocks and comprehend life from its premises have failed. A similar failure is encountered by physicist and their attempt to break atom and isolate the building blocks. Beyond a point, the particle disappears into the sea of energy and emerges spontaneously in new forms and shapes. The backbone of modern biological thinking rests on predictability of Newtonian world. This thinking is dead nearly century back when Heisenberg invented Unpredictability Theory. Biologists who have gone subservient to physicist are still working on dead bodies! I know personally where scientist have claimed stability in cloned plants and yet in person admitted that there were sterile, totally disfigured plants. I have read reports of farmers who cultivated cloned or tissue cultured banana plants, who ended in having plants that produced foul smelling fruits and had to destroy the whole plantation. In all these cases the individual and industry and governments have failed to come out and seek the truth. “Self” survival seems to play an important role here. By his “self” humanity has gone insensitive to truth that exists next to his skin. The consequence is that life and nature is loosing its vitality and nature is reacting. At this point, I am tempted to share briefly my experience as a biotechnologist. I was not a believer in God. I took to research with a mind based on consciousness and hoped to contribute something to humanity in the process of leading the life. May be this made me highly sensitive. Few months into my research I began to feel, there is something wrong in the foundation of science on which my projects rest. The cells and tissues were virtually speaking to me. I could feel their struggle for existence; from the moment I separated the pieces of tissues form its parent body till it went through the process of stabilizing in artificial environment and resulted in to complete plants. But they were speaking to me their inferiority when compared to their counter parts. I knew modern science has no scope for such feeling. I noted that plant tissue culture began from the fact that plants are “totipotent”, which means all parts have retained the potential to regenerate. This gave rise to tissue culture industry. But no books could explain why they have retained the “totipotency”. In nature most plants have both male and female entity. But all of them prefer not to mix within themselves. The ovum matures only after the pollen of the plant is completely shed thus making sure that it unites with another plant to 54