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Creation and origin of evil


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Creation is consciousness and intelligence of Creator [Jesus] unfolding and enfolding in time cycles. The universe is living thing which is very much in control. Destruction is part of its reconstruction process in time. The human soul its consciousness and intelligence is born from the universal consciousness and intelligence. We have fallen from Creator’s illuminating intelligence field and struggle in darkness because of our “self”. The world speaks of Green Energies, Super Computers and so on. But we are coming to a point where our primary importance becomes Our Survival on Planet Earth. Only Knowledge from the High can help.

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Creation and origin of evil

  1. 1. The Creation and Origin of Evil A Scientific Perception By John Paily 1
  2. 2. Index • Introduction • Summary of Truth Revealed • First Creation • Second Creation • Dominion and Law • Origin of Evil • Quantum Collapse and Reorganization – A Scientific perception of Creation • End Time • How End Time Disasters Manifests • A Ray of Hope • A Word about Evolution • Bible Secret as a Science in one Page • Conclusion • An Appeal Introduction I am tempted to write this small article spontaneously when a brother pointed to me that Bible actually forbids eating from the Tree of Knowledge that differentiate Good and Bad. How could Knowledge be bad? What was God’s intent of placing the Law? What knowledge was he resisting? Bible [Hosea 6:6] says “My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge” This means the single purpose of God is to bring knowledge back to the world. Bible also calls us to seek Truth and tells us that only truth can set us free. Modern world is full of data and information’s, but lacks knowledge. Knowledge manifest only when Truth reveals. In the Glory of Truth, data and information’s are correctly interpreted leading to Knowledge. Application of Knowledge leads to wisdom and this in turn brings order. It is a chain of processes that is taking place on earth. Is there two different knowledge governing this world? I must admit that in Bible, [so too in all spiritual scriptures], many apparently self contradicting words emerges. They appear contradicting because we fail to comprehend it in its wholeness and in relation to time. The fist chapter of Bible is full of such apparent contradictions. In a larger context, the first part of Bible and the second part of Bible are contradictory. All these contradictions would vanish when we look at it in the wholeness and our mind go deep into its root. I must admit it would be impossible for any human to convince some one in totality the Truth of Nature and its Spirit. Only thing one can give is a platform for individual to explore. Ultimately God is a personal, a well as Universal. He is the king of the whole world, which comprises of Light and darkness. The light and darkness are contrasting elements but they coexist. The Glory of Light manifests in the fullness of darkness. 2
  3. 3. What I speak here is how I have comprehended the universe through the Spirit of God. It [It is up to you to judge]. I had virtually decided to stop all writing with previous article “Two critical perceptions of the world” and spend time doing another round of communication to leaders and key organizations and then quit being on the net. I just felt I have done justice to my call and have written everything revealed to me to the best of my ability on the net for the intellectual to take it up and evaluate it. There is a time ahead when people existing in temples of science and religion would look for Truth and God . Few Words about My background [You can skip it if you lack time. It is not important] I was a researcher in Biotechnology dealing with cloning. As a student I was not a believer in God. I had seen too much of fighting in the name of religious creating barriers between humans and virtually killing their human nature, to blindly accept everything that religious leaders tell me without answering my questions. I used to define God as invention of the intelligent to rule the ignorant. I took to research with a hope of contributing something to humanity in the process of leading my life. My approach was honest and was beyond money. I was married to my work struggling 16 to 18 hour a day, with some of the most challenging topics in my field. Eventually when I made breakthroughs I became a victim of human “self”. I left the lucrative career in science in search for truth. Essentially it was an investigation into human “self” and its deteriorative influences at various levels of human existence. I have experienced “self” every where to a point that I began feel “self” is real and death and destruction is the end of human quest. In the first place I felt I am an idiot to have honestly put everything behind me to my work and believe the people around me. I even thought that there is nothing called oneness. I am chasing an illusion. Eventually, I met the “selfless self” or Christ in a Christian Retreat Center, where I went as an observer and became a participator to experience the selflessness of Christ. When I submitted unconditionally, my soul, mind and body to God, I experienced the rebirth. I became a believer in God. I saw Universe as Living Thing. Today I believe and visualize Scriptures as Living Science. I am not a Master of Bible or any other scriptures, though I have read them in my quest for truth of life and nature. In my quest I also traveled back repeatedly into to various concepts in science that has molded modern man, trying to answer the “How and why’s” that are left behind by human kind in his quest to conquer nature than understand it. When I died in Christ all the questions dissolved so is the questioner. The answers then began to sprout spontaneously. If I am here it is more out of inner call to speak what was revealed. I do listen to preachers of various scriptures and contemplate on what they speak from a point of freedom and communicate and discuss them with the teacher within. It is from this sphere I often write on various subjects and leave it on the net. I believe that it is up to individual to believe in God or not, know Him by any name, worship by any means. But the Character of God and his acts remains the constant. He is the Giver of Life and maintainer of Life. We are only participant in great secret unfolding and enfolding to sustain Life of the Universe. Our life is linked with the Life of the Universe. 3
  4. 4. The modern governing system and the intellectual fashioning their decision may not need to know God, but it is imperative that they have the perception of the world in which they live; otherwise the whole of humanity would end in paying a huge price. It is time for every one to awaken and see the simple Truth of Nature. The sign of end time is every where. The quantum collapse of the universe and its reorganization is underway. Nothing can stop it. The old is collapsing and new is on the way. Every thing in this world needs to transform to take position in the new world. Everything, transforms effortlessly. The only system that fails to transform is human beings who is the least conscious and intelligent of all things in the world. An adult human being lives a mind centered life, being slave money and matter. His mind and ego becomes an impediment from connecting to the consciousness and intelligence within and know the Truth and manifest the truth into actions. A child conceived in the Mothers womb cannot stay in it for ever. The pains of birth are signal. Every cell of the child within and the Mother’s body wreaths in pain to deliver what it conceived. The more it is delayed longer will be the suffering and higher will be the pain. There will be a time ahead in the world when intellectuals of the world resting in various branches of temples of science and religion will have to break their ego’s to come to on one table to know the Truth. Bible clearly says “Seek Truth and Truth will set you Free” I made this introduction little long and speaking about my situation such that some of you who read me, help me spread the knowledge such that it strikes the world before greater destruction comes our way. Summary the Truth Revealed If I am to summarize, what revealed to me, I would say universe is one living thing that is conscious and intelligent. It is not beyond time. But exist in time. Anything that takes birth should die to get be reborn. This means birth and death coexist they are inseparable and exist as a ratio comparable to potential and kinetic energy. At birth life force is maximum and at the end of life death force is maximum. The law God placed was resistive to death, but death is inevitable. Perpetuation of Kingdom of God calls for recreation and restoration before death strikes. The role of Christ comes here. I look at Bible from this perspective. The creation is a “Manifesting Phase”, where the spirit of the Father exists in the darkness of the womb of the Mother and recreates a new body out of the old. This phase is followed by a “Manifested Phase”, where the Father emerges back from the womb to rule. The roles of the Creator or Father are different in the manifesting and manifested phases. In the manifesting phase he is Forgiveness, Love, selflessness and shows the characteristic of feminine that creates. In the manifested phase he is Justice and Truth that sustains. The law is a resistor against time but time is inevitable force. The creator maintains, Justice and Truth giving a constant price. Life we must note maintains its body by constantly working against time. Beyond the critical phase when death becomes inevitable, He sacrifices His Son and Son enters the womb to recreate and restore. Second Coming is the revelation of “Mind of God” or Truth and that initializes Time breaking Human Ego. Universal Time Cycle thus could be described by life cycle of a living being. There is a phase when the Father is in Creation mode, followed by four distinct phases, childhood, first part of adult hood, the second part of adult hood when “self” manifests and the last phase leading to death. This Universal time cycle is described 4
  5. 5. best in Vedas by classifying it in terms of deterioration of truth and justice. Before the last phase Creator manifest as a seed in the body to recreate everything and restore them back to order or life. This creation and restoration process is going through the spirit of God manifested as Christ. During this phase what rules the world is lesser minds that knows not the whole truth. Very clearly modern world is a slave to matter and its fire that creates disorder and destruction. A living thing originates from a soul. This soul is formed from two worlds; Male and Female, which are one. The female is the material substratum and male form spiritual substratum or life. Only the “Essence” or “Spirit ‘of the Father needs to enter the feminine to create new world out of the old. [Biologist view DNA as the essence, but DNA is only information built in time. There is something beyond DNA that actually survives]. Feminine substratum is the recessive support of masculine substratum. It is the dance of these substratums’s that gives life. This is “Quantum Dance”. Different scriptures depict this truth in different manner. The material substratum by it self has no power and tends to collapse to a point. The spiritual substratum is anti-gravitational and tends to lead the system to collapse at the boundary. This means truth exist between the spiritual and material substratum. Thus the Creator divides or enfolds the material substratum into two - a left and right for the purpose of rule and sustenance. Both who claim spirituality as superior and who claims materialism is superior are wrong for truth exist in the middle. Truth exists in the middle by being human. The judgment described in Bible clearly implies this. This design of the creator can be visualized in the day and night cycle. When west awakes to sunlight, simultaneously east sleeps to darkness and when light peaks in the west and gives way darkness, in the east darkness peaks and give way to light. The law is kept for sustenance against time force that is directed to the center or collapse. The time direction to this design and collapse of earth comes from human mind that breaks the law and distances from the Truth and Light of the Creator to become salve to material world. I have discussed this in depth in my site. Much of our problems directly and indirectly relates to lack of knowledge of energy or time cycle. It is the lack of knowledge of two Spirits or Fire that governs the whole system. [Fire of Soul and Fire of Matter] One brings order and the other brings disorder. When the law is broken, the spiritual substratum divides or enfolds the system further into 4 and 8 or multiples of 8 worlds. A multi world system thus is formed from a two world state. The strength of the spiritual substratum diminishes in time, [by virtue of second law of thermodynamics] but the strength of material substratum increases. Thus a collapse becomes inevitable, unless spiritual substratum encapsulates, within the material substratum. This is conception in the womb. Now the material substratum begins to unfold and this gives the matter and spirit back to the conceived spiritual substratum to form a new world within. Eventually when it peaks to a critical limit, the spiritual substratum breaks the womb of the material substratum to start another time cycle of enfolding. It should be recalled that only the Essence of Father enters the womb leaving behind the body. The zygote formed is fed by Mother and Mother needs to be fed from the external world. The world that feeds the Mother is the body of the Father, which is left behind and is deteriorating. This forms simple cycle of creation and restoration. No wonder Christ gave His Flesh and Blood [body] to his disciples and asked them to Eat and Drink form it. Thus Father’s body becomes feed for the Mother to recreate and restore everything back to initial order. 5
  6. 6. This needs to be visualized and understood as “Light Emerging” and “Light setting”. Here it is the “Knowledge of Life” and or the “Higher Knowledge” that is emerging and setting. It is the knowledge of soul and it’s Spirit. The emergence of Higher Knowledge gives order and peace and its setting creates disorder. [I did try to describe this in terms of two fires one that creates order and other disorder in my previous article]. In the absence of truth we are peaking in disorder and are moving to self destruction. The Emergence of Light is the emergence the “Mind of God”. This should happen from transformation in our thinking and collective cooperation of many minds that grows beyond self. This then splits in time and twitches the one world into two. The two world state formed can be imagined from number 8 with a line drawn cutting the number eight into two halves, such that it contains a light and dark component. The system is balanced. When the law is broken and the balance is upset the process repeats in the in the left and right to form 4 world state. In the third step it further enfolds forming an 8 celled state. This 8 celled state is dynamic state of nature. It is a soul. It is capable pulsating within a limit, when time direction stresses it can turn inside out expelling the force back. It can create material information in near critical state by attaching matter to it self against the force acting. That is, it is capable of creating information and develops a body in time and maintains it. In this context all of us are cells of the one whole Living Universe born form the Primal Soul to its Left and Right. We are also beads of information existing on DNA. We are all Adams and Eves, who are fallen. The soul and mind of Primal Soul [Universal Consciousness and Intelligence] is trying to restore us back to back to our original glory. We will return to this glory. The only question left behind how much more and pain and destruction we need to suffer. The whole of Bible, Vedas, Koran and other spiritual scriptures can be eventually be explained from this cycle. The spiritual substratum emerging from the womb can be visualized as the emergence of “Mind of God” or the knowledge superior that takes us to Kingdom of God to start a New Time Cycle. The Superior Knowledge existed with us, but we lost it in time. We are being brought back into them By the Divine Plan of God. In birds eye view, the superior Knowledge of Life existed in our ancient culture, especially of the east, in the form of Vedas of India, I –Ching of china. It also appears to have existed with Mayans, Egyptians and so on. All these great knowledge systems have remained recessive, under the over powering influence of the partial material knowledge unleashed by the west. I am not against west and the science, but insist that the survival of the world depends on advancing science to know truth. This calls for review and re- visualizing all the great developments in science including human mind and the role of mind in it. This would lead to unearthing the lost treasures of ancient world. I am not expert in these ancient philosophies. I wish I could study it and bring it out. But in my limited situations, I have chosen to struggle to bring out the fundamentals of truth such that the world can quickly transform and survive. Modern knowledge has turned earth in to red. It has filled earth with weapons of mass destruction. It inculcates self and competitive existence stressing individual life and life all levels. The stress is peaking globally and humanity is tending to self destruction in the ignorance of truth and oneness of nature and its functioning. . 6
  7. 7. Under our reckless exploitation Mother Earth is crying and wreathing in pain. No body can survive the anger of earth. We had seen enough of nature’s power of destruction in last one decade; the ones to come would be more disastrous. It is not Her Nature to destroy her children, but pushed to the limit she can only obey her Master!. First Creation 1] The state of darkness and spirit in creation state. 2] The state of peak of darkness and the light of life emerging form it 3] This light then splits enfolds the system in two. 4] It enfolds further in 4 world state 5] It further enfolds into 8 celled state 6] It enfolds further creating 16 world or two worlds of 8. We can view it male and female world. The male is dominant and female is recessive. At any given moment one of the worlds always exists recessive. So for practical purpose we can only take 8 celled states. This design expose it self in west and east separation the day and night cycle, where when at the peak of darkness the light emerges in one world, simultaneously darkness emerges in the other at peak of light. The two world state which actually contains both dark and light world mixed up is probably is the first creation of male and female that is spoken in Genesis 1: 26-27. It is important to underline the use of word “WE”. 8 world visible state of the system is supported 8 spiritual worlds that exist within in an invisible manner. This is judgment or separation of the inner and outer world. The Lord rests in the center of these two worlds as judge. This judgment is not condemnation but creation and restoration through free will The Second Creation The 8 [8 invisible spiritual + 8 visible] celled states is a stable dynamic state in space or it is a soul. It can wind and unwind within some limits and when stressed beyond limit it can collapse turning inside out changing the direction of the flow. This is a double collapse We discussed this double collapse in the day and night cycle, where in when east peaks in light and gives way to darkness and simultaneously the west peak in darkness and give way to light and vice-versa. This results in a pulse. Actually the pulse we witness consist of two waves one dominant the other recessive that moves in opposite direction. [Non-equilibrium is necessity otherwise we cannot explain anything - for equal and opposite cancels out]. A cycle completes with two pulse separated in time. A soul is dynamic unit in space capable of balancing it self against external stress. When stressed to near critical limit, it can add on matter on top of it to effectively resist the force acting on it. We can imagine 8 [or 16] panned balance balancing its self by adding weights. This is creation of Adam from mud or Creation of human in his image using matter. Time is inevitable force and thus a quantum collapse at the spiritual level becomes inevitable. This leads to first pulse that gives Breath to Adam. In time a second pulse occurs this creates a second human Eve around Adam. Time is inevitable and the second pulse gives life to Eve. The creation completes here and Adam is given the charge to create and take dominion to rule over the Kingdom. The 7
  8. 8. law laid implied not to become slave to material force and align his force with material force to stress the center. It was call not to seek “self” and attempt to defeat HIM. Note - At the deeper level it is the formation of information in on a living particle. Our vision of gene pair as fundamental unit of information is completely wrong. The fundamental unit of gene consists of 4 pairs and they function as dynamic unit. This can explain many strange and unexpected out comes to our investigation into genetic realms of life. Every body is one in Christ or God and when the First judgment happens or the birth takes place, we would find our selves either in the body of Adam or Eve and the Lord Rest in the center. The dominion to Adam and eve does not mean ownership of Kingdom of God, but knowledge transfers to humans, such that he comes into enlightenment to sustain the world. We are all participator in the creation process in our own way. But where we end eventually depends on our intent. On the whole, I believe creation is enfolding and unfolding of the consciousness and intelligence of God in time Cycle. Life works against the death. God’s single purpose is to defeat death. Just before time tends to death a living wave originates against death. This wave transforms every thing in this universe in the sequence Bible describes, so that the whole world survives and death is defeated. I am not sure whether it takes place in seven day, seven years. But I know for very sure that, most to suffer and the last to transform is human beings. This is so because his soul and mind stands as great obstacle to the transformation process. The transformation of mankind necessitates the revelation of truth or the “Mind of God” This completes the victory and the formation of Kingdom of God right here. The Truth Releases the life energy and it spreads to initialize humanity to new realm of Knowledge. Vedas call this Higher Knowledge and Bible cal it the knowledge of the Tree of Life. This is the knowledge of Soul and its Spirit. The forbidden Knowledge is the knowledge of body or the material world. One whole live by his mind attached to material force, is disconnected from his source. Such mind or knowledge differentiates Good and Evil. It judges the opposite as evil and begins to fall. In reality there is no Evil. Everything is good. Every thing is created from God. God said Good in every step of creation process. The culprit is Time. Scientifically one can visualize the whole process as “Quantum collapse and reorganization” Note – I understand, it could be little difficult for the reader to comprehend the creation expressed above. It is an intellectual exercise that is agued very much in my site from various angles. Little bit of effort from your side, should help in comprehending it. The whole process is based on non-equilibrium and the oneness of the opposite. The Dominion and Law Giving of Dominion of kingdom God to Adam and Eve should be viewed as illumination of the intelligence of humanity and bringing him to enlightenment. It is the manifestation of the Glory of God. It does not give you any ownership of the kingdom, but gives us the knowledge to rule the kingdom in His Name and by His acts. It calls us to connect with consciousness and intelligence within and rule with Truth and Justice. It is a call to remember always that the life given to us came by Grace, not by our efforts. It should be remembered that Bible says that God sent his 8
  9. 9. only son as sacrificial lamb, because there was not one soul left who could be justified before God. No human beings on earth can claim to be pure. Because of the flesh we all have one or the other weakness and God knows it. The law was resistive to death force or the force of material component by which Adam and Eve was made. The matter and its force we all know are centripetal. In time it gets directed to collapse to a point. Life actually works against it. The only exception is adult human being who becomes self centered and lives by his mind and its extensions. This is a critical observation and conclusion to which I am striving to call the world’s attention. All spiritual scriptures, its culture and its knowledge advocate directly or indirectly practices that can resist time leading to death. The most important is daily prayer. The prayer is way of connecting to the consciousness and the light within. It is the way to the Tree of Life. God does not forbid taking power from him. He is a vast ocean of unlimited power. Spiritual scriptures call us to have faith and belief in God. But God Observes utilization of the power one draws from Him. If you read carefully, Genesis 2:9, it states “ He made all kind of beautiful trees grow there and produce Good Fruit. In the middle of the Garden stood the tree that Gives Life AND the Tree that gives Knowledge of what is Good and what is Bad”. This means there are two trees in the center. One is full of Light [Life] and the other is Darkness [Death]. One is Superior Knowledge of life the other the Inferior Knowledge of matter. The antidote to eating from the “Tree of Death” is to eat from the “Tree of Life”. But Time is forward moving element. You cannot, find the antidote to death by moving in the direction of death. This means human mind cannot find life. The only way is to retreat to know the mind of creator. The mind of the creator does not exist in the brain. It exists in the heart. It is the center of spiritual world that gives life and around which life balances. We look at the world from the mind of Adam. It is the center of the physical world around which the body balances. Thus all religions speak of retreat form time to time. A good retreat calls for sacrifice of “ego” and “self”. One needs to overcome the mind field. In short one should have “Mind Death”. Note - It is important that we recall that electrical function of heart is centered around two small points SA Node and AV Node. The brain of human also has right and left parts that work through electrical impulses. However, the balancing the body occurs through a small gland called Pituitary. Thus flesh becomes impediment in knowing the truth. You can either view the world through left brain that largely relates to logical reasoning or the right that is intuitive. Modern world is ruled by leftist. The intuitive part of the brain always exists in uncertainty connected and disconnected to the inner world of heart and its realms. We humans cannot retreat beyond a point to know truth, for we are created to the left and right of one center. Therefore the Creator himself retreats to conquer death and open up as two new platforms for the souls to choose. He creates a passage into New Time Cycle. He makes Truth amenable to humans so that world can transform to life and order. Those who are trapped in the vortex of mind [left] and the five sense and align with material power inches towards death. Their rule also takes the world to death. They visualize the opposite as enemy and judge it as bad and evil. This judgment creates 9
  10. 10. a vortex of fear. He strives endlessly trying to develop weapons of mass destruction and strives to conquer the opposite. He corrupts flow strangulating the life force in the system. He lives in illusionary world and leads the world to self destruction. He fails to know God. The reality is that the opposite are one. The light and darkness are two elements of the same reality. The Glory of Light shines in the brightness of darkness. We are not supposed to judge others. The moment we judge we create veil. We are supposed to judge our self in relation to the Creator and become humble and human. Note – The realm of heart has two parts and realm of brain also has two parts. Thus we have four possible worlds in which people can exists. These four worlds in turn are paired. It is enfolded version of eight world dynamic system. One of this a Pure Light world, and one is pure dark world. There is counter world this world this is spiritual world. The Origin of Evil The law is only resistance to human such that he does not quickly fall into darkness. But time is inevitable and a phase of darkness is a reality of nature and life. The death coexists with birth and it is inevitable. The act of creation by the creator itself enfolds death in it. This is exactly why God sent his only son as a sacrificial lamb to bring life to His created world. He sacrificed His Ego and “Self” and showed the way for all humans to come to Life. Remember Christ washing the feet of the disciples. We cannot call GOD’S ego and “self” as strictly ego or “self”. It is Life and Knowledge. His law is not a law, but a protection of the Father to His children. Kingdom of God is a family and it begins to collapse when the members begin to seek “self”. Since we are created in his image to left or right and it involves mud, our “self” is inferior and is prone for deterioration in time. When our ego and “self” manifests, we separate form God and the deterioration of Kingdom of God begins. God sending Adman and Eve from Kingdom God and putting a boundary too was for the good of humans. God was resisting time and its deteriorative influence. But time is inevitable. We on our own cannot gain Life and Living Knowledge or Truth. And thus Life, Truth and Knowledge came to us by Grace in the name of Christ. Christ is recreation in progress. Yajurveda VS 30-31 tells us that creation occurred through self sacrifice of the creator and this sacrifice was conducted by His own people. This means ancient knew of Christ. For those who are not bonded by religion, Christ can be seen every where. The message of Christ was simple “The self is death, Selflessness is Life” We already noted that there is spiritual world and material world. The balance of this spiritual world and material world is the reality. What happens in material world is the reflection of what happens in the spiritual world. This is true at individual, family, community, nations and the whole world. In short intellectual world or the temples of science and religion becomes responsible for the state of the existence of the system. Thus I see the need for advancement in temples of science and religion and its unity. 10
  11. 11. The nature of humanity is to forget and express his self. As the child grows and becomes adult he begins to seek “self”. The modern thinking and its competitive existence actually fuels this “self” and deterioration. The world has put matter first and spirit next, inferior spirit first and superior spirit next, body and mind first and soul and spirit next. This is in contrast to the ancient world. What we assume as knowledge and advancement is actually a march to destruction. What we need is a self realization and collective realization of Truth. It should be recalled that our ancient education system was more divine, simple comprehensible and life giving. It taught spirituality first. It spoke the principle of Life Love, faith, the values of relationship and gave knowledge of up keeping it at various levels. It taught the art of living in peace and harmony at individual and at various collective levels including Nature. All other aspect was given secondary importance. The art of warfare was taught in the end and it was given to them with a clear instruction to use them for self defense and for protecting justice and truth. This art of living is very much reflected in Eastern Culture. Unfortunately, the east has become salve of western culture. There are many positive to western cultures, unfortunately, the east has copied negative aspects of the west and west has copied the negative aspect of the east. It is time we put behind negatives and transform into positives. World needs a wholesome transformation only truth can do it. God is the ruler of spiritual realm and giver and sustainer of life. Biblical teachers tell us death came to the world because of Adam. But if you carefully think you note deterioration begins in the spiritual realm first. God says Good after every steps of creation. He gives the dominion to Adam and Eve to rule over the Kingdom. This means that there was no devil in it. It was a peaceful and happy world. This peace was disturbed by Devil. Bible says that the source of devil is an angel who was thrown from heaven. This means fall in spiritual realm is the beginning of the fall at individual, family, community and at all collective levels. Bible also tells us we are the Temple of God. When we try to unseat God and take His position, we begin to fall. Forgetting and loss of communication with the creator and expression of “self” is the cause of the fall of individual. The fall of individuals reflects in the fall of family and fall of family reflects in the fall off community and fall of community reflects in the fall nations and fall of nations reflects in the fall of the world. Transformation of individuals thus becomes important to enter Kingdom of God. When Christ spoke to His disciples to spread the Good News and make disciples for him. He was calling for transformation of individual and not quantitative development of churches. He was calling for qualitative transformation. The spiritual fall of human thus ends him eating forbidden fruit. The spiritual fall begins when ego, self or “I” comes into being. It is forgetting and disconnecting from once own conscious and intelligence field and expression of once self. Just as Christ was given away by one of his disciples, one of the angels of the spiritual world in time inevitably gives way for the fall of Kingdom of God. Adam was only a consequence of it manifesting in the observable world. Putting veil becomes inevitable to stop the collapse. A disorder sets in the whole system. Time is inevitable and the angel after angel falls leaving the kingdom imbalanced. The sustenance of Kingdom of God calls for recreation. God therefore sends His only Son as sacrificial a lamb, which releases the seed of life within the womb of the deteriorating kingdom. What this means the “spiritual world or life force” becomes 11
  12. 12. recessive to the material world. The result is the unfolding of the system leading to collapse of the whole. We can view this as increasing of disorder and darkness in the present world. But this is accompanied by a parallel growth in the inner world. As the darkness peaks, the light world within breaks the darkness and emerges and thus illuminating the world. A FREE WILL is given to every human to enter the Kingdom of God forming within and take new position. The Vedas describe this by karmic principle. Being happy is being rooted in God and His Spirit. But the flesh resists it. A priest who looks to a king falls to become king. His character does not fit the requirement of king so he suffers. Then he looks to traders who bring the wealth and becomes a trader. Here too he fails to fit and thus falls to the lowest level. A reverse flow also occurs to balance the system. Thus Christ said who is in front, finds himself at the back and who is at the back, will find himself at the front. Quantum Collapse and Reorganization – A Scientific Vision of Creation The world in its simplicity can be visualized as a two world systems a light world and dark world. The light world can be understood as Father Component and dark world as Mother Component they are one; one dominant and the other recessive by a ratio 4:3. Between them exists the Living Spirit that sustains the system. The vision gives us a number 8 which is slightly twist and bent in favor of right or left. Now by virtue of non-equilibrium the Spirit creates quantum flow. Half way through the flow the system attains an external symmetry- a perfect 8. The system wishes to stay in this state. But by virtue of law of quantum energy transfer, the collapse and reorganization becomes unavoidable. Thus the quantum system oscillates between two state 4:3 and 3:4. The flow direction changes alternatively. We can now imagine a huge sphere containing many uniform sized small sphere small sphere, each divisible into two. Now we end in a unique sphere in the center that is image of the whole in the center. All other sphere exists in pairs, complementary pairs, and complementary system in SPACE Space we know consist of 8 equal components with three possible left and right frames, with fourth frame that is winding or unwinding. To know this take a sphere cut it vertically twice at right angles to one another through the center and once horizontally at right angles to the vertical through the center. Now we can visualize the sphere as souls. We now have “Parent Soul”, that forms the whole, and then we have unique “Son Soul” in the center. With many souls between the two which form the body of the system. The space between these souls can be visualized to be filed with two Spirits- The “Spirit of Life” also called “Holy Spirit” Or “Soul Spirit” and “Spirit of Matter” can be called “Evil Spirit”. One gives Life another Death. They coexist as a ratio, favoring one or the other. The system is full of life when the ratio favors the Holy Spirit and system is full of death forces when the ratio favors Evil sprit. A time can direct from Father to Son or Son to Father. In other words, time has two possible directions “Time directed to the Son” in the center and “Time directed to the Father” through the Son. They together form one “Universal Time Cycle” 12
  13. 13. The “Universal Time Cycle” can be represented by a life cycle. That consists of four phases. 1] The birth and child hood, 2] Early part of adult hood 3] Second Part of Adulthood when “self” manifest and forgetting begins 4] Old age leading to death. The above cycle we can call as “manifested state” or “Created stage” where Law, Justice and sustenance of Truth becomes important. This manifested state coexists with another phase “manifesting stage” or “Creation Stage”. Here Forgiveness and Love actually rules. The SON is the center of whole existence of Life. He Creates and He rules on Behalf of the Father. The “Quantum Dance” of SON in the center transforms into pulse of the Living Universe. It drives the whole system. The law was a resistive one to all the created souls that exist to His right and Left. It was a call not to become slave to “Material Spirit” that directs itself to the center. However since time is inevitable, the souls to the right and left falls in time. When the ratio of “Holy Spirit” to “Material Spirit” in interstellar space between souls diminishes to a ¾ in favor material spirit the collapse becomes inevitable. Universal Life Cycle now has reached the “Third Critical Point” at which old age begins and the body begins to collapse. Here the SON manifests into a seed and goes into creation mode. Bible tells us that not one soul was left behind who could be justified before God and thus God the Father sent His Only Son as sacrificial Lamb. Here ¾ had already fallen and ¼ was committed to fall. Creation begins when the Holy Spirit that gave life, encapsulates into a seed, with in the womb. His Masculine part goes recessive to the Recessive part. Christ thus exudes the feminine face of his authority. At Calvary the Soul and Holy Spirit is released in the womb against the collapsing the world. Here it begins its Creation. The old world now begins to deteriorate and New World within grows at the expense of the old world. Here too the system is controlled by the SON. In time the material world unfolds and reaches a point of collapse, but before the collapse the “light would” growing in parallel emerges to take control. The Soul of SON flips and His Masculine image emerges. In short it reveals the “Mind of God”. A New wave of life emerges. This is the opposite phenomenon of what occurred in Calvary. The Holy Spirit now takes control of the system. The ratio turns in favor of Holy Spirit and maximizes and leads to birth and initializes into New Time Cycle. This is the simple science behind Christ and His creation. It is based on the ratio of human souls existing around one “Superior Soul” which constantly resists the time direction to death, and as the criticality is reached makes a “Self Sacrifice” to lift every soul back to the Glory of Kingdom of God. The End Time We saw that universe is living and conscious and intelligent. But time is inevitable for living universe. The law was installed to resist time and its march to death. Dominion to Adam invariably means, man knew the “Mind of God” and he had the Living Knowledge. But he lost it in time. The cause for loss was the manifestation of his “self” or “I”. When God sent Adam and Eve out of Eden he enters darkness and 13
  14. 14. disorder. This disorder actually resists time. But time direction is inevitable. Non linear science tells us that time direction exists in disorder too. This means death is inevitable. Death is separation of soul from the body. Perpetuation of the living universe calls for recreation of new body before death strikes the body. Thus God sent His only Son as a sacrificial lamb or seed opening the way back to life or the Kingdom of God. Bible says Jesus came to conquer death and give us life and restore us into Kingdom of God. But this cannot happen unless the human souls that are lost are restored. This calls for breaking up of the old and building it new. This means Human Ego or “self” or “I” needs to die and get reborn. Thus human souls are put to huge stress, before he is lifted. A living system is formed when one conceived soul in the womb begins to enfold to form many worlds. At birth it is gains New Breath and New Life. The first law of thermodynamics tells us nothing can be created or destroyed. The other way to put it is that, a new thing cannot be created unless the old is broken. Thus creation is a process of break down of the old building and the formation of new one and giving it new breath. When the soul of the one living universe is encapsulated as a seed in its own body and goes into creation mode, then the old body should begin to unfold to feed the body within. The unfolding body actually causes the growth of the child with in. In time the unfolding should reach a point of one world and tend to collapse to a point. We must note this unfolding is driven by gravity and its force. Human mind aligned to material force plays an important role. This collapse to a point however does not happen because a new world exists within. As the old world unwinds to form one world and tends to a point in the center [death] The world within breaks open, giving the whole world a new plat form to transform and gain New Life. This period of transformation from old to new forms the End Time and it is a very critical period. Bible compares it with birth pains of a pregnant woman. How End Time Disasters Manifest To understand this, we must understand the dynamic energy or time cycle in which we all exist. To understand this all we need is to observe day and night cycle. The day and night cycle consists of eight cycle that are connected. Four forms the day cycle and the four forms the night cycle. It is a 3 fold structure of one world forming 8 worlds. This eight world structure is dynamic in space and forms a self sustaining system within some limit. The day and Night cycle is the design by which earth maintains the temperature of earth within some limits to support life. The 3 folded or eight worlds or multiple of 8 worlds is the reality of nature. [Ideally I feel 128 or 256 world structures give a more stable environment. Let me not discuss this here and make it complicated.]. The minimum is eight world [Another 8 world exists as recessive to it] to from the dynamic structures. When this dynamic structure is disturbed, the earth and its forces violently reacts, because the earth’s ability to maintain its temperature is completely lost. The system collapses quickly in 4, 2, 1 and turn inside out to regain original state by winding in opposite direction. This probably is what Bible speaks as the end days of terrible trouble. But they are reduced for the sake of Chosen people. [Mathew 23:21-22]. We are fast approaching this period. The climate change, the increased climate catastrophes probably are the resultant of this upsetting of time or energy cycle of nature. In short it is the resultant of up setting the sleep cycles of nature. 14
  15. 15. Every pain, every misery, every trouble that comes in individual life, family, community and nations could be directly or indirectly be related to upsetting the sleep cycle. The instability of human mind manifesting into war and terrorism, unprovoked violence can be directly related to it. The sleep is a phase in which the mind sleeps and the soul and its intelligence works to cleanse and refresh the system. Sleep has four phases. Hardly anyone goes into deep sleep state for the soul to work properly. The great Indian and Eastern culture makes meditation and mind control as an important aspect of health and its maintenance. They form one of the lost treasures on which east sits as they have become slave to west. The common sense tells us that when temperature of system increases disorder increases. When the disorder in the environment increases the disorder in the individual and various hierarchies of the system enclosed in it also increases. This breaks the energy or temperature cycle and there by the climatic cycles. I have been calling the attention of the world to this vital point. When leaders joined for climate summit in 2009 December, I hoped the leaders will sign the treaty and possibly to give some reprieve to nature. It appears we need more of destruction and misery to open the eyes. As the unwinding of the material world peaks and breaks the critical 16 world state, then the system tends to show high vulnerably. Its ability sustain the temperature of earth is severely effected. This manifest Global Warming and Climate change. The climatic catastrophes increase as never before. When one side of earth witnesses aberrant peak in temperature leading to fire and wind bound disasters, the other side of earth experiences destruction through flash flood, snows, mudslides and vice-versa. This heating and expansion of the environment also causes as winding of earth leading to earth quakes. This eventually ends in a series of volcanoes that turn the belly of earth in side out; virtually destroying the kingdom mankind has developed. This tendency of the system, predicted from the back ground knowledge revealed to me, is increasingly coming true The last step of collapse of 8 world state into 4, 2 and 1 world would be probably quick. I do not know how much time it will take and how much destruction happens. One thing is that this Quantum Collapse has to occur. From material perspective, I could only foresee near total annihilation of humanity. Various aspects influenced my thinking 1] If you observe world population curve, it was stable around 0.25 to 0.75 billion for nearly 50.000, but has suddenly peaked in the last 400 years and is reaching 7 billion. There is a limit to which earth can sustain prodigal sons, who act against Her and Her master. The whole thing appears as though the souls are gearing for judgment. 2] Bible and all the spiritual scriptures speak of huge destruction at the End of Time Cycle. 3] When Christ sacrificed His Soul to gain New Birth it was only small event of great importance. It is comparable to conception of life. However, when the wave reaches the periphery or the end, every soul, and every thing in the universe is stressed to transform. Every one is going to bear the pain of transformation. I expect every thing to transform automatically, except the human beings, who rest on their mind power aligned with material power [fire] and continue to stress for collapse. 15
  16. 16. A Ray of Hope However, a ray of hope emerged after my spiritual initialization. The hope came from the “Living Reality of Nature”. The hope comes from the realization that I am created in Love and Peace and that is my original nature. My Father and Mother are not destructive they are constructive. They do not work relentlessly to punish me, but save me. The law is my suite of protection The End Time encloses in it a grand future. It could be compared to a woman giving birth. The period before birth is terrible but after birth the scenario changes. We will witness huge catastrophes, but these catastrophes would be eye-opener to facilitate the birth of the child. The “Mind of God” and “Kingdom of Light” would emerge from the darkest period of Human History. I am influenced by many words of scriptures to make this conclusion. Bible says that "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." -Hosea 6:6” Bible also says” --you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32. This means the revelation of Truth and Knowledge restoration are soul purpose of Christ. The knowledge here is not “inferior knowledge” of matter and its Fire that give disorder and death but “Superior Knowledge” of Soul and its Fire that give life and restores order. The earth is bubbling with energy to move into stage enlightenment. There will be advancement in science and spirituality breaking all barriers A Word about Evolution Our thinking above tells us universe in its sum total remains the same. Yet there is constant change in it. The system is not static it is changing. The universe needs to be understood as Consciousness and intelligence of the Creator Unfolding and Enfolding. It has time direction from Birth to Death. But this journey is resisted by the Creator. This needs to be understood as a force that is vertical and opposite of time direction. The directly opposite state manifests in half way through the Universal Life Cycle - A point at which “self” manifest and Adam and Eve are thrown away from the Kingdom of God. A darkness and disorder manifest. This is the third phase of the life cycle. This is the longest period of Life Cycle. Here every living system enclosed in the whole is subjected to huge random fluctuations, stressing life to evolve both ways. Probably this is the peak of diversity manifesting in the world. Following this period we have the recreation phase, where the deterioration of the body occurs and Consciousness and intelligence of God goes into re creation and restoration phase. I feel we need to review evolution from the above perceptive. I strongly feel that plant, animals and humans needs to be identified and differentiated by different levels of consciousness, intelligence and design. Much work and thinking has to go into this field. Bible Secret as Science in One Page At its core Bible is a simple science that constitute of 3 simple realities 1] Time – that is ever flowing and goes in cycles. It can have two possible directions; one to the center [death] and one away from the center [life]. 16
  17. 17. 2] The whole [Father] + Son [Father’s Soul] + Holy Spirit or Fire -That binds and gives life force to the system. This force is centrifugal in nature] 3] The Kingdom of God – This is built or created using Matter and its Spirit or Fire. This comprises of Adam and Eve, representing we human beings, all life, the earth, sun, planets, and the whole of the universe. There are only two ways to look at the world. Either it is material or it is living. 1] Material: Matter and its Spirit, as we all know is gravitational or centripetal in nature and in time it tends to collapse to a point or death. It does not give us the cause for origin and existence. 2] Living: Life we know is Anti-gravitational. It works constantly against time and it is bestowed with the ability to conquer time and initialize itself through a process of reproduction. In short it is capable of perpetuating in Time. This is more sensible than the latter The Law The law was instituted on human beings after creation [conquering of time] and is initialization to start a New Time Cycle. It was resistive to time and its deteriorative influence. The law exists only for humans such that he does not become slave to material spirit or fire and thus lead the kingdom of God to disorder, destruction and death. But time is inevitable and thus Humans forgets the creator and law, expresses his “self” by eating the forbidden fruit and become slave to Material force or Fire. He looses his connection with his consciousness and intelligence within and begins to work from the realm of his inferior mind that has become slave to self and matter. When human being seeks “self” he loses his connection with the inner Light world or Knowledge of Life and its Living Force. What this means the ratio of Holy Spirit or Life Spirit to Spirit of matter or death force in the interstellar pace or environment increases in favor of disorder, destruction and death. When this ratio reaches certain critical point, it is bound to collapse to death, unless the Father, Son and Holy Spirit act to recreate and restore New Life. This act of recreation and restoration is in progress through Christ and His Calvary sacrifice. The Soul of the Father is in recreation mode through Christ, his Son and the Holy Spirit. When the Fathers Soul and mind [Intelligence] is in creation state, what rules the world is the inferior mind of humans that seeks self and is slave to material force. Thus the whole world tends to disorder, destruction and death. The hope of human survival exists in the New World being formed within the old through Christ or the soul of God. When the process of Creation is complete, the Mind of God reveals and initializes humanity into New Time Cycle. This needs to be understood as awakening of human consciousness and intelligence. Human being would be restored to the Glory or Light of Kingdom of God. He emerges back into realm “knowledge of Life” or “Superior knowledge” that was Lost from Him Conclusions Universe is living conscious and intelligent being. Kingdom of God is one family. Truth and justice is its foundation, Love is its life force, Sacrifice is its sustenance, and peace is its nature. However, time is an inevitable reality. Any thing that takes birth has to die and should get reborn again. The law God lays down is resistance to death force. Death comes into being because of the flesh or the involvement of matter in the creation of body. Matter we know is gravitational and is 17
  18. 18. directed to a center point. Life in contrast is anti-gravitational. Life works against gravitational collapse. The only exception is adult human beings who seek “self” and becomes slave to material force. In his ignorance he leads himself to destruction. All life has a spiritual body or world and material body or world. This is true for individual, family, community, nations and the whole world. These two worlds are mirror images. Between them exists the God as balancer. What happens in the material world is the reflection of what has occurred in the spiritual world. The cause of Adam’s fall exists in the fall in spiritual world. The opposite is also true. What this means God finds his people responsible first and punishes. Bible says the Devil that enticed Eve and Adam was an angel thrown from the spiritual kingdom. This becomes apparent when we study the deterioration of our social system. The spiritual falls in temples of religions are responsible for the fall of the society. History tells us that the fall of spirituality, led to rise of science. The recent renewal of spirituality outside organized religions also speaks this. We hardly have few enlightened priest in spiritual field who can grow beyond their spiritual scriptures and see the oneness of the world. The religious organizations simply are institutions that train some one to speak their scriptures. Thus most priests as well as Christians study Bible and speak Bible but fail to practice Bible. They study interpret and twist Bible as they want. They make simple message of God complex and beyond ordinary human beings so that they can rule over masses. Jesus speaks about them in Mathew:23. He condemns them. The world would have been different had the clergies at the top of Christian hierarchy were truly spiritual and understood Bible and practiced it. If they had known Christ properly the western world would not have filled the world with weapons of mass destruction. Instead of speaking to the world the God that Loves, they showed a God that punishes and judges creating fears among western civilization leading them to fill the world with weapons of mass destruction. This is also true with residents of temples of science. They make simplicity of nature complex and beyond human comprehension. The institutions called science and religion governing the world actually exists in the ignorance of “Truth of Nature” and it’s functioning. The occupants of temples of science are free to not to accept the existence of God. But they must have at least a perception of the world which they are exploiting. They are responsible for the world we live in. What we need is advancement in science and religions so that it becomes simple and break the barriers of religion and reaches the common man and liberates him as individual, family and community, nations and as whole from the clutches of material vortex and death and initialize him to Truth and his original Nature Love and Peace. It is time we break the barriers of religion and understand our oneness in God. Spiritual scriptures hold truth, but when we study it from the bondage to a religion, we have already judged ourselves and the world. We then force our mind onto it. We strive to advance the religion. This cannot give us truth. Truth can only come, when we stop judging and our Mind Dies to the will of God. There is only one God. He is known by many names. But his Nature and Character remains the same. He is Love and Peace. He is the giver and sustainer of life. He works for Truth and Justice. Under time and its force every lesser god’s falls. This forces God to manifest and give New Life, revealing himself to ordinary people. There is nothing for any human being or the angels to be proud of. The life of angels 18
  19. 19. as well as common man is a Grace of God. When we forget this we begin to fall. Every angel has a counter part in the world of reality or earth. Bible, Vedas, Koran and all scriptures in the end leads to the same. The universal cycle is nothing but a life cycle and everything in it can be rediscovered as a biological science of higher order. The modern science has made understanding of life and nature very complex by adopting a splitting and separating approach. By this process it has accumulated a volume of data. But the interpretation of data to answer “why” “how” “what” of nature and life is very much wanting. Consequently we have a volume of disordered data but science has not been able to link them into information’s that can explain the relativity. The world consequently exists in uncertainty not able to translate data into information’s and information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom to give peace and order. The struggle of modern science in the name of expansion has actually resulting in shrinking and stressing of nature and life to a collapsing point. Our scientific frame of thinking is essentially conquering and exploiting in nature than understanding. This frame work of thinking needs to change. It is not possible to change world that is based on certain thinking and functioning unless, it is given another base and thinking to work on. The modern world resists God. Truth of God and spirituality needs to be presented to modern world as an advancement of science. Much of my work thus was directed to reviewing and re-visualizing the key experiment in science from new perspective involving the experimenter, such that it can answer. Why’s, and How’s, that were left behind by scientist as they changed the mathematical languages by which they describe nature and went on exploiting nature without knowing the oneness of nature and its functioning. These journeys into various key conceptual developments in science not only gave simple sensible answers to complex question left behind by science but also revealed many nature compatible ideas that can be explored to make Earth Green and sustain it. It should be recalled that we still have no answers to questions like What gives gravity? What is mass? Why speed of light is maximum? Why wave particle duality? Why uncertainty? Why ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3? Why triplet code? Why double helical? Why dominant and recessive genes? Why mitotic and meiotic division? What is death? What is creativity? What is consciousness? What is intelligence? – The questions are unending. The science knows not the Truth of Nature, Life and its working. Thus a doctor treats a patient without knowing what life is. A patient needs to be observed by a dozen of specialists and put through multitude of test and machines before he comes to a conclusion that it is a simple cold. The consequence of such knowledge is that the health of human population is weakening. He is prone for more diseases; an industry is thriving at the expense of health of humanity which it is trying to serve. The same is true about our scientist enquiring into nature. In their dissective and exploitative mentality the health of earth and its stability is breaking. They are destroying their own house. Individual, family, community, nations are trying to build, boats of their own at the cost of huge ship sailing in a vast see that is prone for huge turbulence!!! Mother Earth has shone time and again that we are no match against her, let go her Master. A little shaking of her body is enough for the empires we have built to wither 19
  20. 20. like autumn leaves. Yet the world is resisting opening its eye to know Her and Her Master. It is time that like minded intellectuals existing in temples of science and new born scientist to come together to review the foundation of science and answer the question left behind. It is important that we know the earth and its functioning and know the Master governing it. Much of my work from 2002 to 2009 was in this direction. It existed on the net, but it was lost when yahoo geocities closed down. [I have just managed to recover them from an old disk]. The crux of my thinking is loaded into my new sites in Google. I am only a biologist, my knowledge of mathematics is poor and it needs a collective effort. Exploration in this direction can open simple technologies for complex problems of the world. Many simple ideas emerged in my journey, but because of my situation I had to save energy and resources to further the key thinking. For example, modern world thinks that the building blocks of information in life are gene pairs. But simple observation of life and its existence in space and energy cycle we discussed, tells us that gene should exist in minimum of four pairs or multiple of four, forming a simple or complex dynamic unit. This dynamic unit is then linked with other dynamic units forming complex web of dynamic units. This explains many of the unexplained aspect of biological world, especially at the cellular level. The visions that this dynamic system or soul can resist and balance it self by attaching matter on to it self, when stressed to its critical limit opens up grand possibilities of manipulating the genes and its functioning and even developing of new information’s by simply manipulating a systems environment. At its depth it gives an explanation to how some of the ancient medical system such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditations, Acupuncture etc works. It also can bring the foundation of homeopathy into lime light. The vision of force as 3 unit curvature in space, can leads us to biological design and explain how an organ the size of a left fist [heart] can pump blood through 100.000 miles of blood vessels, that equals circling earth twice. The heart does this work 20 times per minute with few pierces of bread and water. It also releases less heat when compared to the motor vehicles. This idea when explored can help solve energy problems and transform the world and sustain it. Unfortunately these and many such simple ideas of possible immediate applications that surfaced in my journey to truth had to be side lined to conserve my energy to my goal of bringing out to the Truth. As I said earlier, with my new birth experience, my mind exists dead. I am on the net because of an inner call to take what was reveled to me to the world. I am sure when the truth reveals the billions of mind will explore these ideas. We are coming to a point where our primary importance becomes survival on this Planet Earth and saving Planet Earth. Not searching for new green energy resources, not driving a super green car, not building super computers, designer babies, not even struggle to grow food or maintaining health. All these necessities become important only if we survive the catastrophes approaching us. “Seek the Kingdom of God first rest will be added to it” is a key word of Bible. The years ahead are going to be catastrophic. I struggle against odds to reach out to you all, because there is hope in GOD and the Path Christ showed. 20
  21. 21. Also Read Article – Two Critical Perceptions of the World Web Sites 1] Truth of Nature 2] Awakening to Truth - 3] Biophysics of Bible - 4] Simple Solution to Complex Problems 5] Biotechnology Works An Appeal Since I left my career as a bio-technologist more than two decades back, my quest for truth was self funded and it involved dissolution of properties that my parents left. The journey involved sacrifice of all dreams and wants both small and big, not only of mine but also of my wife’s. There are no regrets, for I came to know Christ. That is the greatest Gift I cherish. Today I am stressed to return to my village that could mean I have to end my struggle on the net to reach out to the world. I appeal to readers that, if you feel there is substance in my writings, please spread it others so that the awareness emerges in humanity. I quit research, because I wanted to explore beyond the boundaries a platform that appeals and sensible. It led me to God and rooted me in Him. I am extremely happy. I still believe that knowing God is only a small personal incident. The reality is acting such that it helps sustain His Kingdom. There is log way for me to go. The quest to contribute to humanity still exists. But it cannot happen unless external support comes my way. The knowledge of wholeness has to percolate into parts if the peace and order has to manifest. What I spoke to you is fundamental foundations that only needed my mind, in submission communicating to higher mind. Freedom is the source of creativity. I can support my “self” with what is left behind. But it is impossible to keep the larger interest of the world unless help comes my way. Yet, for my Lords sake I am ready to sacrifice my freedom, if any organizations is ready to give a job and a decent living, such that I can work at least few free hours to communicate to the world, sketch those innovative and nature compatible ideas that can come good for humanity. Much of my works was on plant biotechnology. My experience is vast in agriculture. I am versatile; there are no areas in Tree of Life and Tree of knowledge, where my mind has not treaded. I can adapt to any work in any organization quickly. My CV and My wife’s CV exist on the net. Bio Data – John Paily Bio Date - Jansy John 21