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Two critical perceptions of the world


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It is our choice to believe in God or Not. But it is vital that we have a perception of the World we live in. This is especially important when earth is collapsing under our ignorance and our material quest of nature without understanding its oneness and its working. Explore the two critical perceptions of the world

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Two critical perceptions of the world

  1. 1. Two Critical Perceptions of the World A Judgment that is Vital to Transformation and Survival of the Endangered World By John Paily 1
  2. 2. Index Introduction Chapter -1: Material Perspective of the World • Explanation • Crux of what revealed to me – The Design of Earth and Dual Cycle • Disaster approaching Humanity Chapter -2: Living Perspective of the World • Explanation • The Creation Secret • Simple cycle of existence • Four waves of Creation • Differences between rebirth experience • Final Judgment • 3 veils over Human mind • 8 fold Spiritual Development and Truth of Nature Chapter-3: Disasters ahead for Humanity and how it unfolds • Disaster from environment • Disaster from Human blind affiliation to religion • Hope For the world Conclusion About the Author Introduction The world as you all know is going through a critical period. Where the negativity and “self” of human mind is peaking as corruption and conquering motive. Generations have become slave to matter and material force. Money and markets rule the world. We are caught in the worst period of the history of time as predicted in Bible and other spiritual scriptures. We are in fighting and calling upon self destruction in the name of God. The nations have turned against nations, earth quakes, tsunamis, floods and other forms of natural catastrophes are increasing as never before. The climate is turbulent and unproductive and is turning destructive. The world is caught in a vortex of death. Knowledge should have brought wisdom, order, peace, happiness, oneness, control and such positives. But the modern knowledge is bringing the opposite. Individual, community and nations are turning violent and are collapsing. It is reflected in the collapse of economy, health, quality of the society and so on. The world is full of 2
  3. 3. corruption strangulating the system. The conquering motives of nations is manifesting into war and terrorism. The earth it self is collapsing under human ignorance. There is hope in Christ and Knowing God the Father. Every human being is called to come to life and fight the vortex of death and bring life back to the world. Bible says “My people are destroyed for Lack of knowledge” and it also says “Seek Truth and truth will set you free”. If these two words of Bible are true then Knowledge restoration should be the Key purpose of God and His Divine Plan. The hope promised by Christ can only manifests when the Living Knowledge that Christ advocated and that exists in all the spiritual scriptures unfold and subdue the material knowledge that is ruling us today. Mind of modern man knows not the Truth of Nature and her Master [God]. It does not know the oneness of nature and its functioning. Truth is essential for the world to transform and survive. There is a ongoing powerful debate on the existence of God. Many institutes have emerged in the west that works to defend God scientifically but have failed. If the world has to survive the Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga needs to be established. It is inevitable that we need to take the mind of humans and material vortex it has created by it eye and open it. I was a non believer, who used to define God as invention of intelligent to rule the ignorant. But as a researcher and bio-technologist trying clone life and work to contribute something to humanity, I began to perceive serious flaws in the foundation of biological thinking. I escaped from Plato’s chair of science to live as a small farmer taking care of the combined family that was sinking. In the new found freedom, I pursued the search for answers to fundamental questions and truth. Nature revealed many pages of her “Book of Life” randomly. But I could not put them into cyclic form. Years went by and eventually in a Christian Retreat Center, I surrendered unconditionally to Christ and God to take rebirth and gain an enlightened experience. This revealed the Secret of Calvary and Truth as a simple science. The spirit of Christ liberated me and grounded me on a new platform. Both science and spirituality has made Truth of Nature and God very complex and beyond comprehension of common man. Just as scientific understanding of the origin and existence is complex and full of many theories which are self contradictory, the explanation from spiritual scriptures are vivid and beyond human mind. Thus we have knowledge chaos that is exploding and impounding humanity that is confusing. The simplicity of what revealed to me was too simple and self convincing. The revelation was associated with a call to bring it to the world. I resisted it for quite some time. Because as a biologist, as a small farmer residing in an interior village in a third world county, I felt power less to move against the mighty west and their physicists who are determining the world by their thoughts. I also see revival in spirituality strictly under the belt of religion. I know both are leading the world to disaster. But I was helpless. However, in 2001, when I saw the twin tower fall and the people jumping form it for life, I could no longer resist the inner call. I left my village, spent time to write what Nature and Her Master [God] through Spirit of Christ was revealing. I kept on sketching them figuratively and writing notes instinctively and put them on the net. I was hoping that some scientist will rediscover the idea and bring it to mainstream. Few scientist from internationally 3
  4. 4. reputed institutes who sensed some vital reality came forward, but had business and money in mind but not spreading truth and liberating human mind. What I wrote and kept on net from 2002 to 2009 was lost when the free Yahoo Geocities closed down. The copy I had on hard disk got corrupted; [I have now managed to retrieve most of them]. Mean while I have managed to write the crux of my thinking and reload them into Free Google Sites. The war for Truth is mighty. I see revival in Christianity, so also in other religions strictly under religious name. I see a situation molding in the world, where people instead of becoming one in God to bring peace to the world are moving to self destruction in the name of God. This needs to be feared more than the nuclear era, where human sense prevailed signing the non proliferation of treaty. The spiritual fire in the absence of truth truly is more destructive because most religions preach fighting a battle for God. In the ignorance of Truth they tend to self Judge and dub another sect, religion, country as opposite and evil and go to any extent to destroy it. When it comes to religious fire, common sense seems to fail. The hope for the world exists in Knowing the Truth and oneness of God. I believe Good News is not a religion limited to a sect or nation. It is a simple science of higher order. The only way I perceive a Global Victory for God and the manifestation of Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga is when Christ and Calvary sacrifice is understood as a simple Life Science that can be understood by a common man sensibly and becomes acceptable to all religion. But I alone cannot cause the transformation to the world. The like minded scientist, spiritualist who believes in God beyond religion should come together. My battle was lone battle. When the scientist spends billions of public money to search for God particle, I searched for it, by sacrificing every material comforts that came my way. As I communicate today I exist dissolving my parent’s property. As such I am being stressed to give up my communication with the world and return to my village or sacrifice my freedom to take some jobs to fulfill by basic needs. This could be the last article I write, unless the world that seeks truth comes forward. I know the world will discover truth and my effort will not go in vain. I am not claiming that I am right. No one can judge himself or others. Time and Truth Judges everything. I write this because I am called by four letter words by scientist when I speak God in the center of creation. I am also called by a five letter word [devil], when I speak science of God or quote sensible world from other scriptures. I am for science and I am for spirituality. But I feel both lack the knowledge of oneness and needs to be advanced and if human beings should survive on planet earth. You are free to judge me any way you want. But I request the brothers and sisters in God to help me in the name of God, by bringing my work to the notice of scientist who are New Born and spiritually inclined. I also would appreciate if you bring it to the notice of institutes that works to prove the existence of God. I did write to few of them but they failed to take notice of them. Even an experienced diamond merchant tends to overlook a precious diamond in the hands of a beggar. This is exactly why Christ was rejected by His Own People. Quest for Truth calls us to go down to the root. This calls for “self” to die. Remember Christ washed the feet of his disciples before he entered hell to conquer Death and emerge victorious for the world to be saved. Often our ego becomes a stumbling block in flying high. 4
  5. 5. Here in this article for the last time, I summarize what Nature and Her Master reveled to me over two and half decades in two simple Logical perspective of world we live in, which every one can understand. This should come to help you fight the ultimate battle and bring transformation in the world. My sites contain its elaboration. These perspectives are 1] The Material Perspective of the World 2] Living Perspective of the World Chapter -1 The Material Perspective of the World Modern world is built on material perspective and this perspective rules us today. It has gone wrong at the fundamental level when it isolated mind and consciousness from matter and assumed that Truth exists in Matter. In the process scientist separated themselves and proclaimed non existing immunity to their actions. Material Fire thus is ruling us. Let us call it, the world of matter and its fire or energy. [We can also call it body and its fire].The modern world and its economy totally exists on it. Modern man is constantly engaged in splitting matter and releasing the fire in it. In the process he is unilaterally increasing the Heat of the environment. Modern science is built on assumptions, such as, a system moves in uniform speed in a straight line, material bodies have property called mass [assumed], by which it attracts other objects. [No body knows how a body gets mass. Scientists are today searching for God particle that gives mass to all other bodies, by spending billions of public money]. If you look back, whole of science is an attempt to twist and fix nature into certain mental picture or thought and a selected mathematical language, so that they can predict and control. Great advancement resulted, when it learned to manipulate the fire power of matter. It then gave wings to human material slavery leading to exploitation of nature without knowing truth and oneness. The fire of matter is driving and molding the modern world. In his ignorance of whole Truth of Nature or the oneness, he is digging his own grave. In a very fast pace he is inching to self destruction. Explanation There are only two laws that are unflinching. Both relates to Fire or Energy or Heat. The first law states nothing can be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. This means the total fire and matter is constant. The second law states that time or energy has a direction. When something moves or when one form of energy is converted into another form, some heat/energy/fire is lost. This meant the universe should tend to “Heat Death” in time. The conclusion of Big Bang Theory of origin also tells the same. According to it the interstellar space, by virtue of heat or energy released expands and eventually shears all the system enclosed in it. Another consequence is that the matter that looses energy begins to condense to a non definable small point and explodes in to a Big Bang. [This is how I have comprehended it and this is how scientist describes it to a common man. I honestly state that I do not know mathematical complexities of it] The Big Bang Theory does not give reason for collapse or the cause for origin. Science is built on observations and seems to forget, the experimenter in the process 5
  6. 6. of experimentation. It has little value for experience. For instance let us take the first experiment in science. With out Galileo ball would not have gone to the top of the table for him to roll it down and show that acceleration in gravitational field is independent of weight. When Galileo left the ball, the ball in order to reach the base had to give out into environment what Galileo gave it. Galileo gave potential energy to the ball and the ball had to give up potential energy and gain kinetic energy from the environment to reach the base of the table. If we assume that time for exchange of potential and kinetic energy is proportional to the weight of the ball, we come to the same conclusion. This experiment actually needs to be reviewed including Galileo and his mind in the experiment. The energy that Galileo gave the ball is actually retuning to him in time. Give a thought There is a necessity to review every experiments and all major development in modern science and look at it from a new angle involving the experimenter to know the disaster to which we are heading and discover the Love of God, and experience His Greatness and His Divine Plan. We need to go back to Mother Nature for new ideas and leads. By His Grace most of my intellectual work was in this direction discussing all the great development in science with a new angle. It existed in the net, but unfortunately it no longer exists. I hope to put it back if Lord permits. The Crux of What Revealed to Me - The Design of Earth and Dual Cycle The crux of my work is that, Nature works relentlessly to maintain certain equilibrium of energy to matter ratio. It is designed for it. To put it in another word, it works to maintain certain ratio of potential to kinetic energy. The system reacts when it is pushed to the limit. This reality is best reflected in the day and night cycle or energy cycle and also in climatic cycles, in which we all exist. This dual cycle is fundamental to existence. Out lack of knowledge of the dynamic design of earth and the energy cycle in which we live is the central our cause of our undoing. When west awakes to sunlight and heat and its kinetic energy increases at the cost of proportional loss of potential energy, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and cools and its kinetic energy decreases gaining potential energy by the same proportion. Thus a dual cycle - a disordering and ordering cycle or heating and cooling cycle seems to coexist simultaneously sustaining the system. When the potential to kinetic ratio peaks in favor of kinetic on one side, on the opposite it favors peaking in favor of potential and when the criticality is reached they switch in favor of the opposite. This design and working of earth resembles the working of a double pump or heart of a living system. In short the world is designed by two opposites which are one and something exists between them as perceiver and controller. The left and right are instantaneously communicated and there is a central switch that controls. There is also communication and flow in the system that takes place in time in order to balance the system. This manifests as different times of day and night cycle and climatic seasons. There can be aberrations in it, but the control is not influenced by this aberrations. The above design helps the earth system to maintain its temperature. I request everyone to take note of this vital fact of nature. The whole model how earth works dynamically with all aberrations and yet maintains its equilibrium is discussed in the site. [Interested scientists and intellectual can interact directly] Disaster approaching Humanity 6
  7. 7. A time direction in the above system invariably means the whole universal system can direct to increase in kinetic energy [increase in heat] or increase in potential energy [increase in cooling]. If you look back on the world and the way it is using the oil and gas, it is very clearly directed to increased kinetic energy. Human activity is increasingly stressing earth and its ability to sustain the balance. The night phase of earth where the kinetic energy is converted into potential is increasingly constricted by human activity. Earth is dynamic and has sustained her self by unwinding and dissolving the many worlds in order to sustain herself. By this process the earth has maintained its temperature or energy to matter ratio. However, there is a limit to this unwinding. Beyond this limit of unwinding, environment because of heat begins to expand the material world begins constrict and the dynamic earth begins to collapse to go into reorganization. With globalization pursued with material and negative intent. We have reached the peak. We are now experiencing the increased heat in the environment and winding of matter as drastic climatic change and increased climate catastrophes. In the coming years this is going to increase as never before unless world awaken to Truth and take remedial measures. It is unfortunate that world leaders failed to sign the climate treaty at Copenhagen. The question now arises where the potential energy has gone. This necessitates the existence a second world where this energy is stored. I believe this is what the scientist discovered as Dark World and Dark Energy. However they have no clue as to where it exists. If our reckless exploitation of material fire or energy continues unchecked and if our intervention into day and night cycle is not controlled then it becomes inevitable that the world we see shrinks and collapse to a point. [It will boil and turn upside down]. We are seeing the signs of it in the form of climate change and increased Climate catastrophes. When the climatic cycle in west is causing destruction through fire and wind in the environment, the east experiences destruction by increased, flash flood, snows, winding of earth, leading to earth quakes and vice-versa. This winding eventually leads to a situation, where the volcanoes begin to erupt turning the belly of the earth inside out. We have proofs of many civilization buried under sea and earth. This and the present oil and natural gas resources are understood to be product of huge volcanic eruptions. Existence of dark world and dark energy speaks that when material world, under the foundation laid by the mind and hand of Galileo is tending to collapse to a point on Earth; a second unseen world is being lifted by an Unseen Mind and Hand. I just presented to you a sensible and logical view of end of time that is perceived from only material perspective, where human beings work being a slave to material force releasing its fire and heat to the environment thus breaking its design and functioning leading to a collapse. Let us now see another perspective of the world we live in where we can understand God and experience Him. Chapter-2 Living Perspective of the World 7
  8. 8. The second perspective of the world is living, advocated by ancient spiritual scriptures such as Bible, Vedas and so on. The Vedas of East understood universe as conscious and intelligent being and we human beings are understood as individuated system born form it in time and dissolve back into it in time to go in cycles. Bible says we are the body of Christ. [My brothers and sisters in Christ should show big heart when I quote other spiritual scriptures. Ultimately religion is the bondage that binds us to darkness. We need to remember that Christ spoke Truth and Good News, did not advocate a religion. In fact he condemned the deteriorated and restricted vision of spiritual scriptures presented by the priests and their cultural practices.] The Good News Christ spoke to the world could be compared to the News of Mother conceiving a New Child. In order to understand the Good News and the living perspective of the world, we need to observe life. Explanation Let us now look at plants. Plants grow against gravity. This means they have a Fire and Matter that works against matter and its fire that is gravitational or centripetal. Much of our scientific picture of the universe is developed by visions of existence of one force called gravity. Here we are discovering a second force that is opposing gravity and giving it sustenance. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system shows that they work against time direction in the material world. Plants absorb light and heat and thus cool the environment. Thus green is symbolic of life. When the night falls, plants convert energy absorbed into biological mass that grows against gravity. We are now dealing with two opposing worlds in which time directs in opposite way. You can find proof of it by looking out of your window to observe a grass grow and lilies flower. Two opposing worlds cannot be equal. This means one of them is dominant the other should be recessive. If we assume the material world as dominant, we end in a collapse to a point [big bag] without any cause for origin and existence. In contrast if we visualize living world as dominant we picture a world in which life works continuously against time, building information, mixing information and thus sustaining it self. It also gives new dimension to origin of time and time initialization. Life we know conquers time by a process of reproduction where a selected seed of the father enters the body of the mother and creates a new body out of the old and thus perpetuates in time cycle. When time in material world directs to collapse to a point, time in living world directs to anti-gravitational collapse. Now the existence of herbivore check the plant growth, and existence of carnivore checks the herbivore and the system is self sustaining. Neither, plants nor animals do anything to disturb the day and night and climatic cycle of nature. They instinctively adapt to time cycle and changes with it. The nature is designed to self sustain. Gaia hypothesis describes it. The Creation Secret The above self sustaining picture change the moment we bring adult human beings made in the image of the Creator and given the dominion to rule over his kingdom with a law – not to eat form the tree at the center. An adult human being lives a mind centered life that becomes slave to the outer world. He disconnects form his consciousness and the intelligence within and looses all the communication with the 8
  9. 9. inner world of consciousness and intelligence. He becomes “self” centered and align with material force and break loose from the family of the Creator and falls into piggery. The law allows independent houses and dominion, but not a home of once own separate and disconnected from the Creator. This is the foundation of our social existence and oneness in diversity. We are called to relate to Unseen God the Creator on daily basis and experience his Love and live in Truth. Our cultures insist on connecting at least to the seen parents and family and renew the Love relationship on daily basis. This is why all the spiritual scriptures speak of daily prayers. Prayer is a means of connecting with once own consciousness and intelligence within that Creates and sustains. People who connects to their consciousness and intelligence sees oneness, they see no opposite. Those who are lost from the realm of Creator tends to view the opposite as enemy and make his life miserable, he always lives in fear and strives for war and destruction and drains himself down. All spiritual scripture thus essentially concentrate on the relationship and oneness. But some how we fail to understand this beyond the frame work of religion. Our original nature is peace and love; we have lost our original nature, because we came out of the field of the Creator. The universe is the Family of God. We the human beings are the body of the one whole being. But this whole being is not beyond time. Death actually fallows Birth and is inseparable. The secret of perpetuation of universe in time cycle could be understood form “one” and “two” or multiples of two worlds. The “one world” is a creative phase where the Father [Light] exists in the womb of the Mother [darkness] in creative state. The two world state is the state when Father exists separate from Mother. This reality is reflected in ancient spiritual scriptures as “monistic philosophy” and “dualistic philosophy”, “manifesting state” and “manifested state” and so on. From Biblical perspective it is the Second and First part of Bible. Life begins from a single cell. It originates as a wave from a point in this cell. This point actually is the product of union of two points male and female - The Father and Mother who are one. This union produces the Primal Soul. This Soul creates a new body out of the old, gives it life and sustains it. Love is its Life force and Sacrifice is its sustenance and Truth and justice are its foundation. The wave begins from the Father point and is supported by the Mother point. A pair of wave thus begins life. The wave forms the template for creation of two new souls and two new worlds. Thus one Primal Soul in its image creates two New Souls using matter/fire taken from the egg cell. This means creation of two cells involved Fire/Matter of the Primal Soul that works against gravity as well as fire/mater of material world that is gravitational or centripetal. Thus a law becomes a necessity to sustain the Kingdom of God. Human soul is not pure by virtue of its creation, it has fire and matter from of creator soul, as well as fire and matter from the material world. This makes man prone to fall in time. The Simple Cycle of Existence Egg cell exists in the womb of the Mother and derives food from it. A fully grown child is formed in the womb in time by the Primal Soul, using the food supplied by the Mother. The food for the Mother to form the child comes from the body of the Father left behind when it entered the womb of the Mother. This forms a simple cycle. Christ offering His Flesh and Blood as bread and wine to 9
  10. 10. disciples should be recalled here. As the child emerges two new world manifests out of one. In the process time exists conquered and initialized. The best comprehension of living universe can be understood from the formation and division of zygote. When the two reduced parts of one soul coming form two different worlds unites, the information for the creation of the whole child is already formed. No wonder Bible says Christ has already conquered death. The time exists conquered in this process. The two parts of the soul then opens as template for creation of two new worlds with truncated information’s. One goes to form the inner world and the other the outer world. When this creation or [Duplication of DNA] aspect is complete, a bright radiating object called Centriole arises in one side of cell wall. This in time divides and moves two poles twisting and dividing the one whole world into two, one dominant the other recessive. [Non equilibrium is the foundation of existence. Equal and opposite cancels. This is argued in the site] Thus the Father and Mother components of the one soul separate in time into two worlds. The appearance of the Centriole is the beginning of the division. And this could be visualized as the emergence of the mind and then the duality of mind. The creator exists between these two worlds as the perceiver and judge with a law. The universal time cycle also could be understood form life cycle. The Birth of Child is the emergence of mind and intelligence. In time mind and its polar existence begins. When the mind seeks self, it disconnects form the source intelligence and goes into darkness and slowly wanes into deep darkness and death. In short the whole universal time cycle could be understood as consciousness and the intelligence of the creator unfolding and enfolding. The first to unfold is the consciousness of the creator. Once this is near complete [¾], the intelligence of the creator unfolds. This enfolds the field of consciousness creating two new worlds out of one. Biblical secret can be interpreted from this simple science of biological creation. Bible tells us Christ’s work is incomplete. He comes again to complete the work and restore the Kingdom of God. Bible says he comes to Judge and Separate. But Christ himself spoke that he has come to give life, not to judge. Judgment creates fear. Source of fear is not Divine. I tend to interpret the Second Coming as revelation of “Mind of God” and higher Knowledge or Truth. This leads to unification of the world into one. God will not judge, we judge ourselves and fall when the Light or Truth Emerges. A qualitative separation becomes inevitable. When the “Mind of God” is revealed the Inferior knowledge and Superior knowledge is exposed and every one bows to Superior knowledge. The God then gives dominion to Humans with a law not to eat form the tree at the center or become slave to material world. This law is resistance to humanity form becoming slave to material world and aligning with its force. The world with its money and market centered existence today is totally aligned with material force. When truth is revealed we come out of its grip to take New Life and start a New Time Cycle. The whole process of creation manifests as four waves that renews everything. The Four Waves of Creation The Four Waves of Creation are 1] The wave of renewal of Human consciousness – This happens in the field of Universal Consciousness or God’s Consciousness. We can all it Christ’s consciousness. What drives this is the power of Words and Spirit of God manifested as Christ in the last phase of universal cycle. His flesh and blood becomes the material for the creation of new world. 10
  11. 11. 2] The wave of renewal of intelligence – This happens in the Mind Field or Intelligence of Christ [God] leads us to Truth. All the veils that religions have covered over human mind would be lifted, so too the fundamental errors in scientific thinking. 3] The wave of Transformation of the whole body – This fallows Truth and its revelation. When Truth and Light breaks the womb naturally the darkness shifts. Humanity basks in Glory of God or Enlightenment. Individual enlightenments and transformation spread to family and to community, nations and the whole world. The world on the brink of destruction and death gains life and New Order. Leaders would awaken to sign the treaties to reduce global warming and climate change and work to turn this earth into green. 4] The Wave of Ethics – the wave of ethics fallows the wave of truth and transformation. Humans becomes “self” disciplined and discovers the values of the family, community, nations and so on. They will learn to respect other nations and develop mutual relations in full faith. His “self” his quest for material power at all cost, his conquering motive, his corruption that strangulates the flow subsides and they seek abode in Love and Truth. The growth now will be positive. The lost art of communicating with consciousness and intelligence by silencing the mind, art of maintaining health and natural medications, the great art of ancient agriculture, the lost technologies of using the force effortlessly and producing work with least friction and such needs of humanity to sustain the world would be rediscovered, This turns our earth into Kingdom of God. A flurry of new ideas and new technologies that based on life and observations of living system would flood the world. The reality of the manifested world is the existence of two worlds’; one white world and the other dark world. They are not opposite but are inclusive. Sun does not only emerge in the west, it also emerges in the east. God is Light or Knowledge or Fire that brood life into existence. Every human being is made out of it. The original copies of spiritual scriptures exist with in everybody. The mind fails to read it directly because it is covered by many veils. So the written forms are created so that it exists as mirrors so that you know your originality in the midst of trouble. They are like lamps that help us in darkness and help us lead out into the world of light. We are not supposed to judge but believe and grow in faith to the creator who rests in the center with a law. We are given the dominion to rule the world, we do not own it. When the Father rest’s the power is handed over to elder son. It becomes his duty to rule selflessly as Father did. Any act of self begins the deterioration. The selfless is the secret of sustenance of a family. The dominion needs to be interpreted as knowledge and Truth of Nature and its working [wisdom]. Breaking the law and seeking self diminishes the glory and brightness of Kingdom. The king pays the prize to sustain the truth and justice. Life we should note constantly pays a prize to maintain itself. As time proceeds the Glory of God and His Living Knowledge deteriorates. Beyond a point, the world enters the darkness and inches towards death. When Christ sacrificed himself selflessly the restoration of Glory of God was initiated. God the Father lifted him and Glorified Him. The simple message of Christ to his disciples is that, any one who takes his cross fallows him will be glorified before God. What rules us today is the dark world or dark knowledge. It is true at individual and various hierarchies and it is leading the whole system to collapse or death. Human being’s mind that has disconnected from their consciousness and the intelligence 11
  12. 12. within has become slave to the material world. The power of material world is destroying the world or the body of God. The Good News is that a New World is forming within for us to transform and survive. Christ is the Name of the door to this world. His act is the secret to push open the door and enter it. [He is Path to New life]. Very often we Christians hang around the Name and run around the temple but fail to push the door open to take the path to the Kingdom of God. The world of God is open for all. One should act to enter it. One who speaks about God and makes it a way of living but does not act in daily life is destined to fall. Final Judgment written in Bible clearly speaks this. God is not a things restricted by religion. Christ brings to you the Good News that the death is conquered and every one has life. He has created a path for you to enter the Kingdom of God. A New born experience is the experience of entering this world. This cannot be explained by any language to a person who has not experienced it. This experience is unique and yet is related to form one. This uniqueness is the cause of development of multiple churches. However they dissolve into one as truth reveals. Christ clearly says you cannot enter the kingdom unless you die to be reborn again. Death here does not means physical death, but the death of the mind that has become slave to material world and its force. It is the death of our thinking and thought process, in which we are caught and are struggling to come out. A thought that human mind creates is an idol. We need to break the idol and submit thoughts of our mind to higher mind or intelligence within that exists in the realm of heart. Qualitative Differences in Rebirth Experience There is qualitative difference in new born experience and transformation. This can be explained from the Life cycle. The Life cycle has four parts. The golden period of child hood, where mind is in is rudimentary state and child is protected by parents and their Love. The second part is early part of adulthood, where mind and self and selflessness both exist in uncertainty. The third part is second part of adulthood where “self” or mind manifest becoming a slave to material world, and it distances from the parents to be lost in darkness. The fourth part is the deterioration and collapse into total darkness or death. The recreation and restoration process begins before the third critical point at which the collapse begins. Bible tells us that Christ manifested to conquer time and death. He manifested when not one soul was left behind who could be justified before God. ¾ of the souls had already fallen and other ¼ was committed to fall. We already saw Christ as seed that creates a new world within the old world for all of us to transform and take New Life. Christ spoke this reality of transformation into new world when he spoke of rooms in the house of His Father, which he is going to prepare and into which we would take his disciples at the end of time, when the old house under human material quest and his slavery to matter has reached a point of collapse. The Good News is that new one is ready for occupation. The Door to this world is kept open by Christ and God’s spirit is calling us. We are free to enter it and come out of it. Those who make an entry but do not cross the threshold in the middle, but exist in third part of life cycle, tend to return. These are people who experience some Grace in terms of miracle cure, monetary gains, solution to problems and so on. They keep coming and going out. Those who passes the threshold in the middle and enters the first part of adult hood, experiences the new birth and they work for the Kingdom of God. People entering this realm tend to study spiritual scriptures and try to interpret it, build churches, Spread the Word of 12
  13. 13. God, and strengthen religion. Their works are mixed with material objectives. They always exist in uncertainty; their struggle can have both positive and negative tendencies and half of them tend to fall. There is a third category of people, who break the first threshold and enter the child hood state, where mind exist surrendered. It is these people who get the power to interpret Word of God, Prophesy, cause miracle cure. They form the power that expands the inner world and sustains it. People get attracted to them and their preaching. Here too one can find people who are inclined to wealth and those who take the cross of Christ and walk in His path with very little attachment to wealth and power. These are people who are dear to God and who take the right side in the Final Judgment. This can be compared to four types of people 1] People who crowd the outside of temple or churches or mosques, 2] People who enter into the church or mosques or temples and emerges from right or left door. 3] Who enters the pre Altar place [Apse] 4] Who enters the Altar to do the sacrifice. At the Altar an individual meets God the Trinity and by virtue of his sacrifice enters the kingdom or the body of God to his right or left. No human can make a perfect sacrifice. Thus God sends his Son to create pathway back to Kingdom of God. Christ has created a vortex, into which every one is bound to enter to take place in the new world. Biblical secret is based on Living Universe Theory. The body of God is prone for deterioration in time and needs to be recreated and restored. When the old world or the body of God approaches the collapsing point, Christ manifest as a seed in the womb of the old body. When ¾ of the souls have heard the Good News and enters the inner world, the Kingdom of God begins to Manifest. Living World of God Created through Christ exposes his Mind, revealing the Truth and the 1/4 who still exist in darkness and rules the present world then bow to the Light and Glory of God. In short they bow to the Higher Knowledge revealed. A new order begins to form. There will be a transformation in the whole world and its thinking. This is the enlightening phase of the Living world where Glory of God would shine at its maximum. This then leads to splitting and separation leading to the formation manifested World of God where justice and truth once again rules and God exists as a perceiver and judge. Humanity is given the Dominion to rule the world and New Time Cycle begins. The Final Judgment The final judgment comes after creation and restoration, when the manifested world divides into eight fold structure. The world today is in the end of time, when the many folded body of the living universe is unfolded under human material quest and is opened up as one and is collapsing. This collapse however does not occur for a new world is already created within the old world for every soul to transform. This world would break through darkness and manifests to take control before the end of time. This one Glorified world, then divides into two for practical purpose of sustenance. Later in time, it divides into 4 and 8 fold and so on. In his eight fold structure the actual judgment takes place. This judgment separates good priest from bad priest, good king from bad kings, good traders from bad traders, good workers from bad workers. This is qualitative separation that is predetermined. 13
  14. 14. When the fallen man seeks God, there is always an intent associated with it. By his creation in space and time, he is incapable of seeking God or Knowing Truth. Time is inevitable reality of the Living Universe. This means just as day light gives to a period of darkness, the Light or Divine Knowledge, should give way for inferior knowledge and darkness. In birth death is prewritten. Hence the creator cannot find any one responsible. He test’s Abraham’s faith by asking his only son as sacrifice, but does this sacrifice Himself to restore the Kingdom of God. Bible says my people are lost for want of Knowledge. Hence knowledge restoration is the basic aim of God so that humanity can take dominion of Kingdom of God and this is happening through the Spirit of God. Judgment is inevitable for sustenance of the system. Though judgment is spoken as the right of God and Christ, I believe that God and Christ do not judge. They exude pure Love and Intelligence. God through the Spirit of Son [Holy Sprit] reveal the Truth and we fall by the intent we approached Him. No human can seek God without intent. Veda/Upanishad describes a word “Neti” uttered by student who seeks God and is trained by a teacher. Teacher takes the student through 17 doors, but leaves the student at the 18th and final door to be knocked and opened by the student. The word “neti’ translated becomes “This is not”. This is explained and interpreted in many ways. But by the meaning of the word it reflects the failure of all the students. There is a limit to which a teacher can teach you. Every one seeks God by intent. The highest of this intent is immortality or victory over death. We try to take the position of the Creator. But when the last door is opened by the student, what the student sees is death [Crucified Christ] thus he exclaims “this is not”. It is here the teaching of Bible and Christ takes its significance. The death the student saw is the way to life. The survival of the world and humanity exist in this understanding. In the West when God manifested as Christ, his own people failed to recognize and put him to death. The Truth of his message and the path he took and the secret of his Calvary is still to dig in to the mind of His people. Yajurveda Vs 30-31, speaks that Creation occurred through the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by his own people or lesser Gods. The world and humanity needs to recognize this Truth to come to life. The fall of human happens when Divine Knowledge and Truth wanes in time. Thus Bible says my people are lost for want of Knowledge and calls out to humanity to seek Truth that sets free. Ancient eastern scriptures say that Truth is beyond human capacity but Truth comes to human and reveal as per Divine Plan and Purpose. Bible also speaks the same. It tells us that Jesus Christ is Truth descended on earth in search of humanity in the form of Word, Flesh and Blood. Bible says that Word, Flesh and Blood of Christ gives Life and cause salvation of soul and restores us to Kingdom of God. The purpose of Second Coming of God, is to restore us into Kingdom. This takes place by revelation of Truth and Higher knowledge. Truth and Higher Knowledge defeats death and gives the dominion to rule by removing the veils put over human mind. 3 Important Veils over Human Mind 1] The Veil of the Family – God and Kingdom of God is one family. It manifest into two and many world for functional and sustenance purpose. The Love is Life force that binds the manifested world into one. Truth and Justice is its foundation and Sacrifice is its sustenance. “Self’ is an illusion. It is the primal veil. It 14
  15. 15. separates the kingdom of God. God resisted this by virtue of the law. But this illusion takes over humanity in time taking him into darkness. The fall of individual, family and community begins when he distances from illuminating Glory of God and seeks self. Thus time creates veils in the family of God. The fall of individual, family then creates. The second veil 1] Veil of Religions – the “self” and separation creates secondary Gods and religions. This is the most important veil over human mind that separates us from Truth and Glory of real God. This hinders us form seeing the oneness. This is still strong and functioning in spite of huge revival in all religions. It has its advantage and disadvantage. When God drove Adam from Kingdom of God he put a veil. This was to resist humanity from plunging to death. This acted as a resistance to time directed to death. The veil was necessity here. Time is inevitable. However, in the present scenario, where humanity has peaked with material force and the world is divided by many religions and tending to self destruction in the name of God, it is a necessity to remove it. God sent His Son to do it. When Christ was sacrificed Bible says the veil in the temple was split in the middle. So the removal of veil put over mind of humans is a job entrusted to Son of God. This is the Second Coming of Christ or revelation of Mind of God through the Spirit of God that leads the world to Kingdom of God Note - The organized religions help resist the fall, but time direction is reality. When the system enters into creation state, these religious organizations become an impediment in creation and restoration process. But it should be accepted and respected that without them the scriptures would not have existed. We need organizations, but it calls for time to time restructuring. 3] Veil of Knowledge and Education – We need to dwell into the ancient education and compare it with modern education to know this. The ancient education was based on imparting values. It was centered on Love, Truth, Justice and Faith. It taught oneness and the art of living in harmony with oneself and nature and various hierarchies of the society. All the other arts and skills are taught as secondary. The last art to be taught is the art of self defense and warfare and it was used only to defend justice and truth, not for self advancement. In short the spiritual knowledge that gives life and sustains life and order was primary and material knowledge was secondary. But the modern world has veiled the mind of human beings such that it has given primary importance to material power and which is leading the world to disorder and destruction. These three primal veils then create veils at various other levels such as justice, government, trade, business, communication and so on and eventually creeps through to the base level of production. The consequence is that it has decreased the quality, increased corruption and poisoning of mind. It is powered by untruth, which manifest into fear, hatred. This then manifests into corruption and conquering motive. Corruption strangulates the flow. Conquering motive leads to war and terrorism. The dominant proclaims war, the recessive resorts to terrorism. We can go on to extend these three veils to write a book of several hundred pages that exposes the deteriorating world we have created. We as individual, community, nations and the whole world are living in the shadow of our image and this shadow is growing darker and is haunting us. We need to come to Light. We cannot come on our own, thus God manifested on Earth and Spoke to us and became a sacrificial lamb and is working to save us and lead us to Kingdom of 15
  16. 16. God. We need to accept this. The transformation and survival calls for removal of veils that are put on our minds separating us from truth. The darkness that hangs in temples of religion and the darkness that hangs in temples of science together are stressing the individual, community, society and various hierarchies to deterioration. The veils of religion is actually restricting humanity from seeing truth. It is restricting the potentiality of spirit of God to give Life back to the world. The world needs to advance in both in science and spirituality. Truth had shined in the East in past. If one cares to study, Vedas, Upanishad, Ramayana and Bhagavad-Gita. We see so many parallels. The only difference is that God [Truth] manifested in East, when truth and justice was deteriorating by certain quantum proportions. God manifested in east to defend justice and truth. God surfaced in the west as Christ, in the last phase of time cycle as Jesus Christ, when not one human soul existed who could be Justified before God. Bible speaks this clearly. This means the Kingdom of God had to be recreated. It should be recalled that science came into existence in the west when churches were preoccupied with ruling and amassing wealth. The Muslim religion also came into existence as an antidote to Christianity that has gone of the track. The science has its own positive role in the Divine Plan. But we in our ignorance are only using it negatively. The Mind of God is working every where. When science was going of the track, God broke its foundation. Quantum mechanics proved that mind and consciousness is integral part of nature and nature cannot be studied and understood in isolation. This and many other developments liberated the world from the hand of Physicists and opened it up. Spiritual Science and ancient knowledge system began to surface. But we have not been able to advance to see the oneness of Nature or its Truth. As long as this does not happen, the world will be in darkness and human being will inch to self destruction in ignorance. The nature is stressing humanity to come to its senses. We are seeing destruction in the name of religion or God. Scientists are speaking of projects such as discovering God particle, designer babies, building ladders into space, space tourism, colonization of distant planets, all this at the expense of billions of dollars of pubic money. This is happening when earth our abode is collapsing, millions are dyeing for want of food, water, and house to stay. Human mind needs to be illuminated and brought to its original senses. The veil that religion drew was a necessity once upon a time to sustain the world from collapse. That veil was torn in the middle when Christ became a sacrificial lamb. This is the Crux of Christ Sacrifice. When this Truth manifest in to the world, the world sees order and walks into kingdom of God. We are being recreated by the consciousness of Christ or Universal Consciousness and the Second Coming is revelation of “Mind of God” or The Intelligence by which we are created. This initializes us into New Time or Kingdom of God. The old world is collapsing; it is actually stressing human soul and mind to awaken to truth. The awakening is already happening in spiritual spheres. The stress is also building on material sphere in the form of drastic climate change and catastrophes and increased disasters. A review of both these sphere is a necessity for humanity to survive and save earth and turn it into Kingdom of God or Green Earth. The veils that religions created and the veils that science created needs to be torn to know the truth. This calls for a review of both these worlds. We must break our ego and join hands. 16
  17. 17. The failure of religions has grown in successive generations of humanity and is prominently reflecting in present generation that is breaking the bonds of love and vital communication with Family and God. The present generations defines Love in terms of their material perspective of flesh and “self”. The modern education kills the intelligence and turns individuals into slave to matter and money and fits them into parts of a machine. They promote “self” and encourage competitive existence at all cost. They are trained to measure everything by number than quality. They declare independence and freedom that leads them to piggery. The modern parents are directly or indirectly playing a role in it. Freedom in True knowledge and Truth is real freedom and it brings you back home. This homeward journey is 8 fold spiritual journey, which culminate in Human being awakening to the basic reality of nature and becomes human. 8 fold Spiritual Journey and Truth of Nature Number 8 has great significance and reflects every where as a critical number. Let me restrict my self to the fact that the space is eight component structure. It has eight equal components with three left and right frames that overlap. To know this take an apple cut it twice vertically at right angles to one another through the center and once horizontally at right angles to the vertical though the center. This gives eight equal pieces or 4 opposing pairs. Every material system should be visualized in this eight component space. Ancient visualized that this space consists of an unseen matter called “Ether”. The modern science ruled out the existence of such a matter on the basis of an experiment conducted by Michelson and Morley. Common sense perception speaks of existence of such medium. For example our environment is filled with energy or heat. Suppose we go beyond our environment, we still exist in a field of gravity. There cannot be a place in space where gravity does not exist. There is nothing called absolute zero gravity. It is as good as calling that nothing exists. This is another reason why I insist that we need to review picture of nature and universe we have built on mathematical experimentations. Now let me take you to a critical and fundamental particulate vision of nature that revealed to me. It is the core of my vision of nature and its functioning. The above 8 component space or matter existing in it cannot be equal. Because equal and opposite cancels out and cannot explain the basic premise of nature. The basic premise of nature is flow and motion and this requires non-equilibrium. Thus I could visualize a fundamental particle in the form of 8 with a ratio 4:3 non equilibrium. [Thus number 7 also takes primal importance]. The structure is slightly twistingly bent to the right or left. The non-equilibrium creates an instinct for equilibrium and creates a cause for flow. But equilibrium is death. This means perpetual existence calls for “Quantum Dance”. Max Planck’s of theory of energy transfer tells us energy can only be transferred in quantum manner. The energy or spirit flows from the dominant to recessive part. Half way through flow we can figure out an external symmetry a perfect 8. The system wishes to stay in this state but by the law of energy transfer a quantum dance becomes inevitable. The system exist in two alternating states 4:3 and 3:4, where the flow direction changes. This non equilibrium design is fundamental to nature and because of the non equilibrium, the dance results in spinning and a curved displacement in space. This accounts for fundamental motion. 17
  18. 18. What we saw is particle that exists in one dimensional space or one right and left frame. Nature has three left and right frame. This calls us to extend our vision involving pairs of such particle. Here we have to visualize a quantum particle AB pairing with another particle CD. These particles also should exist in 4:3 ratio one being dominant the other recessive. Here B=C. Now we have two dimensional systems. A three dimensional system is formed when this system ABCD is fused with another similar system EFGH. These two systems in turn should exist in 4:3 ratios to form 3 dimensional systems. Here B=E, C=F D=H. this fundamental design in space is stable and makes it capable of communicating with nature, capable winding and unwinding by a unit and when stressed beyond a limit they turn inside out thus giving back the energy of winding into unwinding. This is the “God Particle” or “Soul Particle” that can show creativity, build information, sustain information, create body and sustain it, destroy it to recreate it. The ability to wind and unwind gives it the fourth dimension of time. We are visualizing here two worlds that can turn inside out when pushed to the critical limit. Instead of visualizing them as pairs of particle, we can also visualize one world enfolding in a non-equilibrium manner in three steps into 2, 4 and 8 celled state. Imagine here a one celled zygote dividing to form 8 celled systems. From the above simple vision we can review the whole of scientific developments and its concepts, such as mass, energy, field, gravity, the difference between light matter and atomic matter, difference between living matter and atomic matter, the various paradoxes of science and bring it to a sensible platform from where we can visualize knowledge of the ancient scriptures as of higher order. Much of my early work were arguments in this direction; it existed in the net as it came to me but now it no longer exists. The crux of it is what I wrote here in the above pages and some elaboration exists in the site. Any one who retreats with an empty mind can easily comprehend the ideas. The spiritual evolution can be understood from time movement in this eight fold world. The eight fold world is actually enfolded into four phase worlds each containing two worlds; one visible the other non visible [one dominant the other recessive]. Before we go further let us me tell you how the ancient Vedic science interpreted spiritual evolution and the evolution of the whole world. They understood “evolution” of the world from directed force and perceived a second time directed opposite to it. Thus they introduced another term “involution”. Their concept of evolution is five fold, from gross material world [Annamaya kosa] to the world breath and life [Pranamya kosa], to a world of Mind [Manomaya kosa], to world of science [Vijnanamaya kosa] to world of Enlightenment [Anandamaya Kosa] The modern world influenced by materialistic thinking actually lives in the first of these levels. This is dark world. We can relate this to mechanical to world view that still dominates and whose fundamental thinking is gravity and centripetal force. Those whose mind has grown one step ahead, comes to exist in next level. The world of breath, where there is inhalation and exhalation. This could be compared to world of two charges [positive and negative] and electromagnetic phenomenon’s. We can call it Einsteinian world. This is fallowed by world of mind that exists in polarity oscillating between two points and not able to know the truth and oneness. This could be viewed as world of uncertainty and quantum mechanical era. The fourth is the world of science and knowledge and it can be compared the world of to total chaos. The fifth is Anandamaya Kosa or the world of order, love, peace, happiness and such positives. [The fifth phase is the second part of 4th phase or the 8th level]. 18
  19. 19. This world is still taking shape and is yet to emerge. It is taking place in individuals and need to break the barriers of religions as science and spread to the world. This world manifest when the “Mind of God” or the Truth or the Knowledge Superior reveals. Only then true victory to God happens and Kingdom God or Dharmyuga Manifests. Most of us in the present world exist in the first level. We live in totally materialistic world, powered by partial science, that has made the whole world complex and beyond the comprehension of common man. Here in this world God has no place. Human think and rule by his limited mind and “self” and work for once own self advancement than the survival of the whole system. The basic motive here is money and material power. Thus human mind’s efforts have created more disorder than order. Modern man can be compared to a fool who builds a small boat of his own at the expense of a huge ship sailing in a vast see that is prone for tempests. I had no hope for this world, till I was New Born and the truth was revealed to me in a simple manner. There is hope in Christ and God. His world exists in unseen manner growing every minute and ready to emerge and take control of the world that is collapsing. There is revival in all religions. There is God everywhere. The ignorant sees God within the realm of religion. Most religions to day sees God within the frame work of religion and fail to grow beyond them. Thus religion has become the greatest threat to humanity. The most rigid and ignorant I must admit are Christians. There is revival in Christianity, but the revived Christians still exist bonded to with name and form, creating splintered churches. In fact they are more volatile. Christ is a name and address to the new world forming within. But hardly few do the act the Christ did and take the path he took. Christ was selfless and worked to establish God’s Kingdom. But many New Born Christian work to build their own Kingdoms. Many New Born Christians need to take note of the intent by which they have sought God and preach Good News. Such people should read final judgment. New birth should make us into New Human Beings, who can connect beyond the barriers of religion to family, community, nations and the whole world. He must learn to love other human being passionately. Christianity is full of preachers of Good News, but hardly few follows Christ. I understand that organized church has deteriorated and lacks life. One can easily differentiate the preacher who has Reborn in Fire of God and then preach Good News and Bible, and the one who studied in a seminary and preach Bible. The former can be compared to a man who eats a mango fruit and then studies the fruit and the tree and learns its cultivation process. The latter can be compared to those who know everything about the tree and the fruit but not eaten one. The “self” of new born churches should die if they need to become one in God. They should wok for peace, order and happiness. Ultimately, it is your choice to believe God or not. It is your choice to name the God as you Please. But the Nature of God and His acts remains the same. What is important is how you relate to Him. Those who knows only His name stays at the door and one who knows him by the act follows him and enters to a place where he exist. 19
  20. 20. Chapter-3 The Disasters ahead for Humanity and how it Unfolds Believing in God or not, is your choice. However, take these points into consideration because it relates to your life and your children’s life on earth. We are edging to a disastrous period ahead. Disasters striking humanity will be mainly of two types 1] Disaster from Environment and climate 2] Disaster from Human blind affiliation to religion Both have its root in human ignorance of nature and its working and human role in it. It has its root in lack of knowledge of God and His functioning. Disasters from Environment Modern man strives to exploit matter and its fire recklessly releasing heat into the environment without understanding how nature manages the heat and maintains the temperature of earth and sustains life. There is a simple design to earth, which facilitates it to function and maintain its temperature and sustain life. This design manifests into day and night cycles and climatic cycles. Earth is divided into right and left cycles which are opposing but are one. When west awakes to sunlight, heats up and goes into disorder, east sleeps to darkness and winds to new order. In the process it maintains it temperature. The left and right are instantaneously communicated, and flow of energy and matter occurs between them in time. In short there is heating and cooling cycle that alternate by instantaneous communication. There is exchange of energy and matter in time that balances the system. In short earth works to maintain certain energy to matter ratio, in space and time. Our unilateral material quest is stressing the earth’s design to maintain its daily temperature and climatic cycles. In other words it is stressing energy to mater ratio in space and time. In our material quest we are increasing, the heating cycle and decreasing the cooling cycle. Consequently the disorder in the system is growing in alarming rate. Earth has a dynamic 8 fold [world] or multiple of eight fold structure. This could be understood from the day and night cycle that alternate. When human actions increase the temperature of earth unilaterally, earth dissolves the folds or the worlds, such that it can maintain its temperature. But there is a limit to this unfolding. When it is stressed beyond the minimum of 8 folds the system begins to collapse and goes into new order changing the direction of the fold. The signs of this collapse are drastic aberration in climate and huge increase in climate catastrophes. The earth becomes highly fragile during this leading to huge mudslide and destruction. Many events that cannot be explained by normal science and beyond imaginations occur. When on one side of earth, heat and fire and 20
  21. 21. unwinding forces cause huge destruction on the other side the winding forces would cause, flash flood, snow and earth quakes, mudslides and so on. Like pregnant women, Earth becomes too fragile. The next few years could be highly catastrophic. The time direction, [unless divine intervention occurs] would lead to volcanic eruptions. The earth is known to cool by volcanic dust. History speaks of many civilizations buried under earth. This and the present oil and gas resources are known to be product of huge volcanoes that turned earths belly inside out. Disaster from Human blind affiliation to religion When heat increases in a system the disorder in the system increases, all the systems enclosed in it also feels the stress of unwinding. The instability of human mind manifesting into violence at individual, family, community and at collective levels of nation and the whole world relates to this. This is manifesting as war and terrorism. The revival of spirituality in human being relates to this stress and raises some hope. But aggravated spiritual power, with in the frame wok of religion, can be more dangerous than the nuclear era. Religious fire is highly inflammable and dangerous. The world is divided on many religions. In the absence of truth or the oneness of God, it can tear the whole system apart. Most religions speak of “self sacrifice” and fighting for God and His Kingdom. In a world that is filled with weapons of mass destruction, our judgment of another religion as enemy can lead to disastrous consequence. But in the light of truth and oneness, it can give life and bring order to the world. Truth thus is fundamental to the world. There is a necessity to advance science as well as religion to know the truth and oneness of nature and God. This is he only way for humanity to survey and enter the kingdom of God. The intellectuals of the world, existing in temples of science and religions should keep their ego away and come together for this purpose. Hope for the World The hope for the world comes from the Living Reality of Nature. A new unseen world is growing within the womb of the old world that is tending to collapse. Scientists have discovered this world as dark world. From the living universe point of view, it is the seed of the Father growing as a child in the womb of the Mother, which conquers time and initializes at birth. As the darkness and disorder peaks in the external world, the many worlds [folds of earth] collapse in order to sustain its temperature. When it reaches the critical state of 8 worlds [observable as two world forming day and night and climatic cycle] it unwinds into 4, 2 and 1 one world at tend to collapse to a point. The collapse to a point does not happen, because a new unseen world would have developed opposite to the external world within, which opposes the collapse. However, when the eight fold dynamic structure of earth is disturbed. The predictability of nature breaks down. Earth loses is ability to maintain its temperature. This leads to huge climatic changes that manifest into, unseen climatic catastrophes. This would shake the temples of science. The scientist trying to fit nature into mathematical language may have to yield and review their foundations when the earth begins to collapse. Bible says these times are horrific to humanity, but will be reduced for the sake to good ones. There will be stress on every system to transform and adapt in to this new world within which will wind and collapse to new order changing the direction of the flow. The human soul and mind that is central to the time direction and its collapse will be stressed as never before to transform. The revival of spirituality and new birth experience could be related to experience of entering this new world forming within. 21
  22. 22. The new order emerges when, the light or Strange Attractor with in breaks the shield of darkness. This is the emergence of “Mind of God” and revelation of higher Knowledge We can understand the world of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and our relationship with it, by simple imagination of a huge sphere that encloses uniform sized small spheres. We now end in a unique sphere in the center that has no pair. It is a miniature of the whole in the center. All other sphere exists as pair and complementary pairs in space. We can visualize the spheres as souls. One in the center is the Fathers seed and is pure. The others are created in time out of it and involve matter in the act of creation and they are restricted by law. A centripetal time direction in the above vision invariably means it should be directed to collapse to the central sphere and through it the system should get directed back to the whole to complete the cycle. The interstellar space should be visualized as filled with Holy Spirit [Fire of soul] and Fire of matter. The universal system is held by a ratio of fire of soul and fire of matter. The law of God resisted humanity from aligning with material fire directed to the center. But time was inevitable. This means beyond a point the ratio of fire of soul to fire matter dips to a critical point [3/4] in favor of to material spirit. The living universal system now enters the last phase of its cycle and needs to go into recreation and restoration of its body. The hope for humanity exists in Christ or Universal Consciousness and intelligence unfolding within. I see the signs of it every where in every religion. Before the fire of matter, shears the environment and the winding matter, stresses the volcanoes to burst, the fire of Christ will emerge to negate the fire of matter and its winding to give new life to the Living Universe. The whole of humanity would awaken to simple reality of Nature and God. The truth of nature becomes amenable to common man and humanity realizes his real nature that is peace and love. Life we should note has a phase in which the mind sleeps. This sleep phase is vital to life and consists of four stages. Much of the repair of the body is done by he soul and its fire in the fourth stage to which hardly few go because of his competitive and ignorant existence. Just as Life has a sleep phase nature also is designed to have a sleep phase. The day and night and climatic cycle speak this. Much of the problem of the world as well as health can be directly be related to disturbing this sleep cycle and it calls for immediate attention. The intellectuals of the world, resting in temples of science and religions need to review their foundation from a point of freedom. Every experiment that caused great revolution in modern science needs to be reinterpreted from living point. Science has advanced and developed by pre-assumed picture of nature that can fit into a chosen mathematical language. Thus we saw change in their visions of nature, from mechanical, to relativistic, uncertainty and chaotic world view. The non linear science then went ahead to prove that order can emerge out of disorder spontaneously. The order to this world emerges when the simple truth of nature and its living reality centered on life is understood. Similarly religious leaders should break the boundary of religions and come together to know the oneness of God and its working. Their combined effort can defeat the 22
  23. 23. death forces and turn this earth into kingdom of God. Life can give clues for many technologies that are nature compatible than can turn this world into GREEN and sustain it. Conclusion Modern world is powered by observations and experiment and obsessed with mathematics. It lives in the ignorance of simple truths that exist next to their skin and can be experienced. His mind is enslaved by many veils that the modern world has put, as he is made to slave to matter. Modern world is captured inescapably in a vortex of fire and death. This vortex is tightening its grips and it is speaking in terms of climate change, climate catastrophes, increasing instabilities of human mind at individual and collective levels, manifesting into war and terrorism and so on. The time direction is inevitable and the present world is directed to increase of Fire of Matter that is causing disorder and death. Human Mind is the Central Dogma of Nature. The mind of human plays an important role in nature. The mind that becomes salve to material world, increases fire of material world or body at the cost of the Fire of Life and it strangulates the living world. The Truth of Nature can only be understood when we view the universe as a living system. It not only gives answers to many fundamental questions but gives a platform to advance science and unite with spiritual science of the ancient. The very perception of it can create a foundation for removing the veils that science has created on the mind of humanity and help humanity come out of the barriers of religion to see Truth of nature and our oneness in God. Removing the veils that science has created calls for retreat and review of every major experiment that molded the present world and reinterpret in a more sensible way involving the experimenter. This would not only answer various paradoxes of science and help advance science to know the Truth of Nature, but also make nature and its truth understandable to common man. This would open alterative solution to human problems that are nature compatible. A human mind that is caught in a vortex cannot retreat. It needs immense power to swim against the current to the eye of the vortex. This calls for sacrifice and freedom from the vortex. Any one who dares to go to this level sees the reality that this vortex has stemmed as a vortex that is anti to another vortex. This is the vortex of religion that ruled the west before science came into existence. The existence of many religions and contradicting philosophies virtually is nerve breaking. One can note a fire in all religions. This fire is more dangerous than fire of atom bombs that science has learnt to explode. Just as scientist learnt to release the Fire of matter without knowing the oneness of nature, the modern day spiritualist have learned the art of releasing fire contained in the religions, without understanding the Truth and oneness of God. In the absence of oneness of God, the world divided on many religions is becoming more dangerous. This is specially so because we are sitting on weapons of mass destructions. Just as modern world has grown by putting some veils on human mind and engaged in splitting matter and learning to unleash its force for personal advancement. The spiritual world seemed to have put some veils on human mind to advance and perpetuate the religion and rule over humans. The philosophies contained in these scriptures, some how feels familiar and emerges more sensible to all those who 23
  24. 24. study it, but the whole Truth eludes them. So human exist in partial knowledge’s, and exist in darkness and fear, creating opposites, enemies and planning to destroy or conquer the opposite in the name of God with all the weapons of mass destruction in their hand. He hardly realizes that the enemy exists within. One look at the world from a point of freedom clearly speaks that unless barriers of religion are not broken to bring its oneness, unless science is advanced to know the Truth of Nature and its functioning in simple and sensible way, this world cannot survive. This call led me to give up a career in biotechnology and set me in search of truth. I speak and percent the two perception of the world for your judgment from over too decades of contemplations and research. The crux of it is that the universe needs to be visualized as living one consisting of two opposing Fires [Energy] and Matter. The “Fire of Soul” that constantly works against time and its force directed to the center or death and Fire of Material body that works against the Fire of Soul. For one Universal being, the Soul and its realm form the Masculine Father component and the body forms the Feminine Mother component. When the universe takes birth, the ratio of “Fire of Soul” to “Fire of Matter” is in favor of Fire of Life. It is maximum at birth. But as the Life cycle proceeds, the Fire of Soul diminishes and the Fire of Matter slowly increases. Vedas speak this in term of decrease of justice and truth in certain quantum proportion. We can interpret it also form life cycle. Half way through the cycle, the ratio tilts in favor of the fire of matter. This probably is the time when Adam was banished from the Kingdom of God. A period of darkness and disorder manifests in the universal life cycle. This is the longest period in the life cycle. The darkness and disorder resists the flight of time to death. However time is inevitable. Non linear science speaks this truth. Eventually, the system reaches the third critical point at which, the system enters the last phase and collapse begins. The ratio now favors a time direction to death. The kingdom of God is in danger unless the God the King and Judge acts to save it. This act of saving is unfolding through Christ and it is a simple biological science. When the Soul and Fire of the Creator, is encapsulated as a seed in the womb, the ratio of soul fire and material fire in the environment increases in favor of material fire, it increases the disorder in the system. The world is peaking in the disorder. The fire or the heat of the environment is increasing as never before. This is unfolding the system to a collapsing point. When the eight fold dynamic state, observable as day and night cycle or climatic cycle is stressed to unfold further, the system begins to collapse. This disturbs the climate and causing huge climatic catastrophes. The predictably of climate breaks down and humanity will be stressed to awaken. The present time of the world calls out intellectuals, illuminated spiritual leaders, scientists who realize the edge situation of the world, to grow beyond their ego come together to discuss the above two perception and make a judgment and provide the world a new foundation and direction. The knowledge scientist have gained is incomplete. They do not know the truth of nature. I feel it is appropriate that I must write here the concluding paragraph of the book “History of Time” written By Stephen Hawking “However, if we do discover a complete Theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by every one, not just few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientist, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the 24
  25. 25. discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we know the “Mind of God” I believe the Living Universe Theory, gives the triumph of human reason. Time direction is inevitable for both material vision and living vision. The death is prewritten in creation. It is inseparable, thus God laid the Law. But law had only resistance value against time. Thus God could not find any Human responsible for death approaching the kingdom of God or His own body. Thus he sacrificed his only Son to conquer time and restore the Kingdom of God. The beauty of Bible exists in this reality. The Second Coming is the revelation of truth or “Mind of God” or the superior knowledge or the Light that gives Life and order to the world. It is the revelation of simplicity of nature, its working and its oneness. It is the revelation of truth of our oneness in God. However there is nothing here to say it is a human triumph. It is the triumph of Son of God and God himself over death forces. It is time Christians make a soul search. Christian should stop intimidating other scriptures. Christ did not create any religion, he spoke and authorized his disciples speak the Good News and work to transform people and disciple them. He spoke of qualitative transformation of individual, community and nations. Not to build churches by number. Christ showed the art of transformation form death to life. Christ stopped Peter, [his disciple] when he drew his sword to resist Christ’s arrest for crucifixion. Yet, the Christian dominated west, ruled by Christians rulers have filled the world with weapons of mass destruction. It has created an earth that is weeping and shedding tears of blood. Christians have turned earth into red, in the ignorance of their God. There is revival in Christianity, but this largely exists under bondage to religion. Their fire turns destructive, the moment some body speak few words from another religion. Their ignorance stands as an obstacle to spread the Good News to the world. They stand against the formation of Kingdom of God. They forget they believe in a Christ who came down to Earth to become a sacrificial lamb for all. This ignorance seems to exist with many partially new born Christians, as they set about converting people adding number to their church. Discipleship is not adding number it is transformation in thinking and change in personality from self to selflessness. It is making humanity connect to his root and bring him to self realization. It is to bring out the God in him such that it connects to his brothers and sisters and uplift them. The final Judgment favor those who are little known, but have reached out doing the act Christ did. The world of revived religion exists in a form hallucination. It needs to be stabilized on to scientific platform for it to be explored and practiced to bring order and peace to the world. The knowledge depicted in the spiritual scriptures and its cultures need to be investigated thoroughly. From by birds view, the ancient Indian, Chinese knowledge systems appears to be out standing and needs to be explored. The Mayan culture and Egyptian cultures also hold many secrets of life and nature. But these superior cultures and its knowledge today exists subservient to modern west. My life time struggle within the limitations is only a small contribution at calling your attention to unearthing a huge gold mine of information that exists in the ancient culture. My dreams of exploring them and also the innumerable simple ideas that nature was revealing and to bring it to the world for its well being are slowly withering. I have done everything to stay and walk with my inner call and try to 25
  26. 26. bring out the core thinking such that it can lead the world to unearthing the lost treasures. When human mind makes transformation from material to living platform, I am sure humanity will begin to explore it and Nature will reveal it. I am sure beyond doubt the world would awaken to the living reality and take guard of earth. The only question left behind, how much more destruction humanity has to endure before the intellectuals in the temples of science and religions open their eyes. In short universe is enfolding and unfolding of consciousness and intelligence of the creator in time cycle. I Christ we have hope of entering to the kingdom of God. About the Author I am a sinner and a prodigal son. I was a non believer and by profession I was a researcher. As a student I believed God is invention of the intelligent to rule the ignorant. I hated priest for I found them practice very little of what they preach. I respected people for their small humane actions of love and considerations. By design or coincidence, I began my research career with a Christian Priest in his then unrecognized, ill equipped lab, taking some of high national priority commercial research. No one was willing to risk their career in the lab. The priest gave me sermons about Einstein, Mendel, who by their work became famous. I believed in him as son believes his Father as I plunged into the work, with all my heart, mind and body and worked 16 to18 hour’s day without a break for years. Against all odds, when I achieved success, single handedly, I was reduced to a technical assistant in the public media and in the community of scientist. Here I saw the dark face of a Christian Priest hiding under white clothes, with smiles and talks that deceives human for the sake of money, power and name at all cost. They survive making people their slave in the name of unseen God. My quest for Truth and God began at this point The quest for Truth made me sacrifice my job and career and return home. The search for answers for many fundamental questions made me retreat to the foundation of science. Beyond it, I had to enter the realm of religious scriptures. Here I had to break my basal thinking and ego. I did read through Bible, Vedas, Upanishad, Bhagavad-Gita, Koran and what ever religious book I could put my hands on. I could see lot of similarities but could not comprehend the truth of nature and God. In parts the philosophies appeared familiar to what Mother Nature revealed to me as I communicated with nature from a point of freedom. Eventually the quest took me to a Christian Retreat Center that works under a highly anointed Priest who still exists within the old established body trying to infuse New Life into it. [Divine Retreat Center, India]. I went there as an observer but ended in participating. I knew there is a force that controls Nature. When I submitted to this force unconditionally my Soul, Body and Mind and accepted Death seeking Truth, the Spirit pointed that the Truth exist in Heart and need to be investigated by the “Mind of the Heart”. The acceptance of death instantaneously led me to Calvary Sacrifice revealing Biological Secret of the universe. Thus my quest that began with pains inflicted by one priest ended in another Priest, who strives endlessly to Liberate Souls bringing them in contact with Holy Spirit that creates and illuminate their mind 26
  27. 27. to walk in the path of Truth. I saw two contrasting personalities with in the same community. This is the reality of nature that we need to accept. The rebirth experience that I experienced cannot be described in words. It took some time to comprehend what was revealed to me. Honestly speaking I have tried to look at it from many angles and break it, but with every attempt it has only grown stronger. Now I have seized to make any attempt I simply believe in God and Truth. I believe that the kingdom of God prevails in the End. I stopped reading books or applying my mind. I work to empty it. The revelation was associated with a call to take it to the world. I resisted it for quite some time, but yielded to it totally when I saw twin towers falling and people jumping out of it. I do not study Bible or any other scriptures. But I listen to many anointed speakers of various religions that come in God TV and other religious TV’s. I pray a prayer of surrender and death of my mind and begin a student teacher dialogue with the inner spirit. I try to write it down if possible. I no longer hate any religion; in fact I love them all. But I believe in a necessity to break the barriers of religion, so that truth is known to every body and people become truly religious and work to strengthen the family, community, nations and the whole world and make it a Kingdom of God. Freedom is important to know truth and truth is important for freedom. Our mind attached to religion is not free to know truth. Truth exists with all. Its nature is peace and love. In order to attain it, we need to cross the realm of our mind. It calls for surrender of our soul and mind to the higher soul and mind. An Appeal It is more than two decades since I left the mad competitive world of science and nearly 14 years since I was first exposed to truth. It is nearly 10 years since I began to write about this subject and leave it on the net. This has drained me totally, yet I continue to write and struggle to reach out to the world, because I cannot override the inner call of the spirit. I feel deep within me that the time is close, when the dynamic earth collapses and reorganizes. This collapse and reorganization is inevitable and truth can facilitate this transformation and help reduce the destruction. As I said, my writing has some instinctive touch, where thought arise after period of contemplation and silent communication with nature and the spirit. I used transform them into some figures and then write articles on it. I did lose nearly 7 years of writing kept on the net. I have recovered most of these figures from old hard disk. It would take some time for me, look into them and upload. The crux of it is rewritten and exists in my site. In a world that spends billions of dollars on research, I have spent much part of my life time and have dissolved my precious resources to do this ground breaking research and place it before without any condition. There are many simple technological implications for this basic idea. It will unfold it self when the mind applied is over it. My situation calls me to return back to my village or get back into bondage of a job. I am not sure whether, I have completed my call. It would much easier if some of you put some effort to understand it and help me spread it. At least do it when you notice signs of disasters increasing around you. It is time to awaken. I do not believe in tagging price for knowledge and conditions for its transfer. But I do look for a placement and opportunity serve the world better. 27
  28. 28. My sites are 1] Awakening to Truth – 2] Truth of Nature - 3] Bio Physics of Bible - 28