Pgr First Steps Concise (V0.1)


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Pgr First Steps Concise (V0.1)

  1. 1. Growing Overseas Graduate Research Numbers – First Steps<br />John Burnett, Educational Liaison<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br /><ul><li> The Student Numbers Framework Working Group in line with UCL’s White Paper Strategy has proposed significant increases to both home/EU and overseas post graduate research (PGR) student numbers as seen below:</li></ul> This growth is central to UCL’s academic mission and also has incidental financial gains.<br />2009 admissions figures compared to 2008<br /><ul><li> OS PGR applications and offers are down <1%
  3. 3. OS PGR acceptances are down 14%
  4. 4. Approx 25% conversion rate from applications to offers</li></ul>Key Points <br /><ul><li>4% growth rate in Overseas PGR students in UK
  5. 5. 1% growth rate in UK PGR student numbers in UK.
  6. 6. UCL’s 2012 -13 targets are 253% and 201% above national growth trends respectively.
  7. 7. UCL needs to take market share from competitors to achieve these targets.
  8. 8. International student recruitment in the US grew by 10% in 2007</li></ul>N.B. Figures for UCL were previously under-reported. From 2008 UCL reports in the same way as all other universities<br />
  9. 9. Ratio of PGR students per academic<br />Ratio of Home/OS PGR students by faculty<br />N.B. Figures from MAPS TBC<br />
  10. 10.<br />OS PGR Sources of Funding by Volume<br />
  11. 11.<br />OS PGR Sources of Funding by Percentage<br />
  12. 12. PGR Volume From Key Countries<br />
  13. 13. UCL Market Share of Students From Key Countries<br />
  14. 14. SWOT Analysis – Post Graduate Research<br />Strengths<br /> Size of institution, multi-faculty <br /> Quality of education / academic staff<br /> Strong Brand (developed markets)<br /> Location<br /> Open Access Website<br /> Good funding from Research Councils<br /> Most Doctoral Training Centres<br />Weaknesses<br /> Website is not PGR orientated<br /> Funding for scholarships / studentships<br /> Poor brand recognition (emerging markets)<br /> Imperfect application and enquiries system<br /> Poor conversion of UCL alumni to researchers<br /> International Office poorly resourced<br /> No searchable database of research opportunities<br />Opportunities<br /> 4% International growth in PGR<br /> Weaker £<br /> UK reputation for quality<br /> Increase in unemployment<br /> Strategic Alliances (universities, funders)<br /> Many graduate events in UK and OS<br /> Overseas Faculty to build brand / recruit<br />Threats<br /> Low domestic growth in PGR 1%<br /> Increasing competition (UK and OS)<br /> Increasing EU competition – Bologna Process<br /> Global recession may impact on funding sources.<br /> Points based immigration may restrict access<br /> UK and London perceived as expensive<br /> Perception that research has poor economic prospects<br />
  15. 15. Strategies for growing PGR student numbers<br />
  16. 16. Visibility<br />
  17. 17. Web Resources and Digital Media<br />The UCL website is the primary point of contact and source of information for prospective PGR students. Efforts must be made to make this resource more customer focussed, visible and more accessible. <br />Visibility<br /> Searching for “graduate research London” in Google, SSEES is number 10 and UCL Law number 17. No UCL presence!<br />Proposed Action<br /> Open Access Website – Great Opportunity!<br /> Multi-media content to link through to UCL homepage or graduate research.<br /> UCL should work with trade websites to direct traffic to the UCL site.<br /> UCL should register key pay per click search words with Google<br /> Advertise on Facebook and Research social networking resources to promote the website. <br />Behavioural re-targeting to maximise conversions. <br /> Investigate off-shore advertising with The Times, Guardian (Adgent007)<br />Cost<br />Free<br />£1.5K<br />£5K<br />£5K<br />
  18. 18. Graduate Research<br />Graduate<br /> Grad Research<br /> Why UCL<br /> Discover UCL<br /> RAE<br /> Research Opportunities<br /> Realize Your Potential<br /> My life at UCL<br /> Finance<br />Resources<br />Graduate Life<br />Useful Contacts<br />International<br />Visit UCL<br />Accommodation<br />Scholarships<br />Discussion Forum<br />Exciting Research Opportunities at a World Leading University.<br />UCL has more Professors than any other UK university. More<br />Discover UCL<br />More<br />Inspiring Minds<br />Prof Lim .....<br />Why UCL<br />Why UCL<br />Research Opportunities at UCL<br />Explore different research areas and research routes, and find guidance on how to apply, More<br />UCL News<br />UCL receives £350 Million...<br />Prof Wilson wins Nobel prize for...<br />Search<br />In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) UCL was rated the best research university in London, and third in the UK overall. More <br />Brain Food<br />Prof Xiao talks about....<br />Graduate evening at Bartlett...<br />Realise Your Potential.<br />We work with you to turn innovative thinking into world changing reality. More<br />Life at UCL<br />What support can you expect from a world leading university in one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world. More<br />Finance<br />Find out how much your programme will cost and what financial help you could be eligible for. More<br />
  19. 19. Graduate Research at UCL Video<br />Features<br /> Graduate Students<br /> Star Academics<br /> Highlight scholarships<br /> London as hub of academia<br /> Destinations<br /> Info on amazing facilities<br /> Networks and partnerships<br />Aim<br />Aspirational video with viewer left feeling:<br /> UCL has amazing resources<br /> UCL is conducting important research<br /> London is a great place to build r. career<br /> There is money for scholarships/support<br /> Great for personal and career development<br /> I really want to be a UCL researcher!<br />Academics<br /> Mark Lythgoe: UCL Institute of Child Health. <br />Tel 46164 <br /> Mark Maslin: Head of Department and Director of the Environment . <br />Tel +44 (0)20 7679 0556<br /> Kathy Burk: History. Tel. 020 7679 3605 <br /> CJ Lim: Bartlett. Professor of Architecture and Cultural Design. <br />Tel 24842<br />Graduate Researchers<br />Frederick Arce: Division of Infection and Immunity: (overseas)<br />MichelaColetta: Dept of History/Anthropology - received a one-year Cross-Disciplinary Scholarship (EU):<br />HeidaJohannsdottir - Centre for Intercultural Studies: (overseas)<br />Aiduan Li - Dept of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering: (overseas - completed successfully, but still around as a post-doc member of staff, I think.<br />Daniel Hulme: Dept of Computer Science - (home EngD student - completed successfully, but I think still around. <br />
  20. 20. Communication Materials<br />Where and how can UCL market to prospective PGR students. Resources also need to promote the Doctoral Training Centres and promote key funding streams. <br />Materials Cost<br /> A4-fold flier 9000 x 5p £450<br /> Banner 6 @ £300 £1800<br /> A3 Posters 200 @ 0.20 £40<br /> Enabling Materials £2100<br />For academics<br /> Total £4390<br />
  21. 21. Accessibility<br />
  22. 22. UCL Institutional /Departmental Constraints and Opportunities<br /> Analysis to current constraints and opportunities to growing non EU PGR students by Dept.<br /> Graduate Research Market analysis – orientating programmes and marketing to appeal to trends (business)<br />Incentivise academics to take OS PHDs – benefit directly from 30% of fees for research. Can only reach a certain grade if you supervise researchers, supervisor salary increment?<br />Build the brand<br /> Brain Food – UCL Events<br />News highlights mailing list, intellectual update, circulated internally too to encourage uptake<br /> Overseas speaking tours by “star” researchers<br /> Focus Countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India, U.S., China, Taiwan, Brazil.<br /> Open Source University<br /> “Fair Trade” University<br /> Selected Pay Per Click<br /> Selected advertising on British broadsheet country specific websites (Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia) <br /> Social Networking Features<br /> Review current press release policy<br />
  23. 23. Orientating departmental websites for prospective PGR students<br /> Canvas current PGR students on how to make their dept websites better for prospective applicants. Survey or Focus groups. <br />Conference to Identify best practise and mainstream across departments where appropriate. <br /> Each departmental website should have a dedicated “Thinking of doing a PHD / MPhil” (Name?!) section<br /> Feedback built into enquiries / application process. <br /> Average time on page is under 1 minute. Information must be “bite size”<br /> Total<br />Cost<br />£300<br />£1500<br />£1800<br />
  24. 24. Enquiries Management<br />Enquiry Process<br />UCL needs to ensure that it is fully capitalising on enquiries from prospective PGR students.<br />PGR enquiries are navigated through an enquiries portal to the Departmental Graduate Tutor.<br />The Tutor writes to confirm receipt and then identifies a potential supervisor (s). In some cases this may be in another department / faculty. <br />The supervisor must then respond to indicate if the PGR student is indeed an attractive “fit”. <br /> If the student is an attractive “fit” the supervisor should make contact with the student to flesh out a proposal.<br /> If the student isn’t an attractive “fit” the Department Graduate Tutor refers the student to a graduate tutor in a different cross-cutting department if appropriate.<br />Enquiries Portal<br />Key Points<br />The portal should capture:<br /> The country of origin / domicile <br />Previous academic institutions attended. <br /> An E-marketing pack and feedback form should be automatically sent to each PGR enquirer. <br /> The Department Graduate Tutor should have notify features to pass enquiries to other possible DGTs, by subject area or department area if inappropriate / no capacity in their dept.<br />
  25. 25. Applications Management - LSE Case Study<br />
  26. 26. Enquiries and Application Management – Recommendations<br />
  27. 27. Customer Relations Management<br />Online application is more convenient for most students. It also affords UCL an easy way to build up market intelligence to facilitate more targeting recruiting efforts. <br />The following information could be extracted from applications straight into a database:<br /> Email Address for Keep Warm Correspondence<br /> Country of Domicile<br /> Educational attainment level<br /> Previous Institutions attended<br /> Why they applied to UCL<br /> Feedback on application process<br /> Decliners Survey<br />Key Points<br /> Combining the Application and Enquiries data UCL could monitor conversion rates by department<br /> Look for trends in successful and unsuccessful student sending institutions / countries, both institutionally and by department. <br /> Gain a better of understanding of UCL “pull” factors<br /> Gain valuable feedback on students application experience <br /> Grad Info Request Form should capture:<br /><ul><li> Email Address for Keep Warm Correspondence
  28. 28. Previous Initiations Attended
  29. 29. Where did they hear about UCL</li></li></ul><li>Budget Summary<br />