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Agile Architecture and the Agile Program Manager, what do they do?

Agile Architecture and the Agile Program Manager, what do they do?



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Agile architecture.and.programmanager Agile architecture.and.programmanager Presentation Transcript

  • The Agile Architect and the Project/Program Manager Johanna RothmanNew: Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects @johannarothman 781-641-4046
  • Agile Architect“Isn’t that an oxymoron?”We need agile architects on programsWe often need agile architects on projectsWe use them differently than on serial lifecycle projects 2 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • A ProgramOrganization and coordination of several projects’ resultsinto one deliverable. That deliverable has the value to theorganization 3 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Two Architecture Myths“We can just can churning out features and let thearchitecture evolve and never look to the future.”“We must spend months doing BDUF without provingany framework with a single feature”Both lead to architecture debt and technical debtBoth lead to unhappy project and program managers 4 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • The Wrong Kind of Architects 5 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Program Management of Concurrent Projects 6 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • What Do you Need on a Feature Team in a Program?Enough developers and testers to swarm around a featureEnough “other” people to finish a feature (writers, BA,DBA, UX, whatever the product needs)Architect attention 7 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Just-in-Time Architect AttentionWayfinding: just what is waiting for us out there, anyway?Scouting: explore potential pathsArchitecture spike to answer architectural questionsVertical prototype: bigger than an XP design spike 8 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Agile Business Value Triad 9 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Programs Are Riskier Than ProjectsYou all know that projects don’t scaleThe larger and the longer the program, the more risky it isThe more pieces the program has, the more risky it is Hardware and software Mechanical and hardware and software Embedded and hardware and software Regulated industries 10 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Making Risks TransparentMany people say, “Just do Scrum-of-Scrums” Scrum-of-Scrums has its place, and it’s not for everyoneRemember Scrum is not the only agile framework A Scrum Master is not a project manager A Scrum Master does not manage technical risks A Scrum Master is not an architect 11 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Issues in Program ManagementEspecially in concurrent projects, how do you manage, what do youmanage when you have 7, 18, 25 teams of people all working on thesame product? Backlog management When to make architecture decisions and perform architecture work Managing the risks, up, down, sideways How to understand and explain status 12 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Communication in an Agile TeamCommunication Paths=(N*N-N)/24 people, (16-4)/2=65 people, (25-5)/2=106 people, (36-6)/2=157 people, (49-7)/2=218 people, (56-8)/2=249 people, (81-9)/2=3610 people (100-10)/2=45 13 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Communication Problems on a Program 14 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Need to Organize as a ProgramS-o-S works for small programs, of up to, say, 7 teams. Whatabout more teams? There are too many people for a daily standup Possibly too many risks for the program team to manageOrganize as a program 15 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Programs Have Been Around Forever Whenever you need to integrate deliverables across the organization, you use program management approaches Cross-functional team who commits to their deliverables on a timely basis Difference is that architects (and architecture) are built into the teams, not up front 16 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • One Approach to Programs I’ve Used for Decades (Not Agile) 17 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • What Agile Architects Might DoCreate Landing Zone with Architecture investigationPPO Design spike related taskPrototype Scout (Design by WalkingWayfind Around)Roadmap exploration Watch out for debt of allArchitecturally meaty kindsfeature ....Prototype YMMV 18 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Example: Landing ZoneSpecify and update the landing zone as the feature teamsbuild features What do we know more about? What do the tests tell us about technical debt? How does the landing zone prevent technical debt? Do our prototypes tell us anything about the features and the landing zones? 19 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • How Do We Manage Architectural Work?Add to the Program BacklogKeep a separate architecture backlogHave a separate architecture kanban 20 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Backlog and Architecture Kanban: Realize a Task Needs to Start 21 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Work on a Task in Architectural Kanban 22 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Architectural Kanban: Finish 23 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Feature-itisDo You Have Feature-itis? blog entryRequires project/program managers stand up to PO PMs need nerves and backbones to do their jobs And make sure you have the conversation nicely 24 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Decisions, Decisions, DecisionsWhen to make architectural decisionsWhen is the most responsible moment?How long can you wait?How long should you wait? 25 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • What do You Think? 26 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Last vs. MostResponsible Moment 27 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Product Delivery and Architecture Decisions Typical Product Delivery Cost of delivery User involvement When to make architecture Mechanism or update with update decisions Software as a Service (SaaS) Negligible 0 As late as responsible Boxed (Shipped) software Minimal Total As late as responsible Low to Last responsible moment, but notFirmware upgradeable in the field Minimal manageable later As early as responsible because of Hardware or other difficult-to- High Significant program risks (development and upgrade product delivery) 28 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • Agile ArchitectsWork across the program With the program manager and the program product owner In a large enough program, with a team of architects working with feature teams, throughout the lifetime of the release Exploring the possibilities just in front of the feature teams Their work must be visible, whether it’s in a backlog or a kanban Make decisions based on risk 29 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  • References and ReadingManage It! and Manage Your Project Portfolio have a number of how-to’s onprograms Tons more on If you’d like me to stay in touch with you, please sign up for my email newsletter on appreciate Hayim for organizing this talk on such short notice.I appreciate Dima and SAP for letting us use this space. Thank you.I appreciate all of you for being here! I would love to connect with you onLinkedIn as a token of my appreciation. 30 © 2011 Johanna Rothman