MAP201 Teaching of Whole Numbers (1)

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Teaching of Whole Numbers

Teaching of Whole Numbers

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  • 1. M A P 2 0 1 T EA C H I N G O F W H O L E N U M B E R S Pa r t 1Dr Yeap Ban Haryeapbanhar@gmail.comMarshall Cavendish Institute
  • 2. yeapbanhar@gmail.comMarshall Cavendish Institute Singaporewww.banhar.blogspot.comSingapore Curriculum document is under SyllabusesMCI’s website is CourseProspectus is available there. Look at Events on MCI’sFacebook forschedule for the year.Singapore Math Institute in Singapore on 26 – 27November. There is a lesson study conference (WALS2012) in Singapore after that. for details
  • 3. whatis singapore mathematics
  • 4. Features of Singapore Math Problem Solving & Thinking Conceptual Understanding CPA Approach Spiral Approach Variation Approach BIGIDEA: What to Teach and How to Teach It
  • 5. BIGIDEA: Teaching How to Do& Teaching Thinking About How to Do
  • 6. Changing Face of Mathematics anexcellent vehicle for the development &improvement of a person’s intellectual competencies Ministry of Education Singapore 2006
  • 7. Hotel Plaza San Francisco, Santiago de Chile
  • 8. Successful methods include arranging the cards in a row and moving cards which have been removed by moving them upwards (see photograph on the left). Another method is to use a drawing (see photograph below).Hotel Plaza San Francisco, Santiago de Chile
  • 9. While the content is ordinal number (position in space), students are engaged in solving a problem. The version of the problem for students is likely to have them place the cards in the correct positions and try out the trick themselves. Arrange the cards in this way. 1 is 4th from the left. 2 is 3rd from the right. 3 is 5th card from the left and 6th card from the right. 4 is the 1st card from the left and 7 is the 1st card from the right. The 2nd card from the left is 9. The 2nd card from the right is 5. 6 is the 6th card from the left. 8 is between 2 and 6. Which card is it? How about 10?Megatrade Conference Center, Manila, The Philippines
  • 10. Developing number senseDevelopingvisualization
  • 11. Key Competency Visualization
  • 12. M A P 2 0 1 T EA C H I N G O F W H O L E N U M B E R SDiscussion• Is Singapore Math consistent with 21st Century Competencies?• How to deal with struggling students? • Learning support programmes in Grades 1 – 2 • Foundation Mathematics in Grades 5 – 6 (See Maths Works)
  • 13. yeapbanhar@gmail.comSlides are available at
  • 14. THINKING SCHOOLSLEARNING NATION Singapore Ministry of Education 1997
  • 15. 21st Century Competencies FrameworkSingapore Ministry of Education 2011
  • 16. Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Singapore Santiago de Chile
  • 17. Key CompetencyPatterns & Relationships