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  • 1. Runkle School Educational Technology Presentation by Jenny Murphy February 26, 2013
  • 2. Integration = Collaboration
  • 3. What is an ETS?• Collaborate with teachers to integrate technology across all curriculum areas;• Provide support in many forms; • Just-in-time • Co-planning • Co-teaching • Coaching/mentoring• Teach 21st century skills to teachers
  • 4. Standards State National Massachusetts Technology Literacy ISTE - Students & Teachers Standards and Expectations K-2 ∞ 3-5 ∞ 6-8• Standard 1. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers and applications, as well as an understanding of the concepts underlying hardware, software, and connectivity.• Standard 2. Demonstrate the responsible use of technology and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using electronic media at home, in school, and in society.• Standard 3. Demonstrate the ability to use technology for research, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.
  • 5. Exemplars K, 1, 2 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8 Language Arts, Math Language Arts, Math, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Science, Social Studies, Information Science, Social Studies Language, Health, Information Literacy, Digital Citizenship Literacy, Digital Citizenship Word, Excel, PowerPoint/Keynote, Kid Pix Word, PowerPoint/Keynote, Noodletools, iMovie, GarageBand Voicethread KidPix, Google Earth, Voicethread, GarageBand Voicethread, Glogster Glogster, Edmodo, Starfall, Little Bird Tales GarageBand, KidBlog, Wikispaces KidBlog,Wikispaces Animals In Winter, Oceans (K) Structures, Pilgrims, Blogs (3) Book Reviews, Living History (6) Community Helpers (1) Native Americans, Explorers, Revolutionary War, Graphing (7) China Culture (1) Immigration, Blogs (4) Spanish Daily Life (7 & 8) Book Review Podcasts (1) American Revolution, Earth & Cooking Show, Elements (8) Hopi Google Earth (2) Moon, Research (5) Research (6, 7, 8)Famous American Biographies (2)
  • 6. Showcase for Our Success
  • 7. Middle School Curriculum Connections• Steps of the Research Process • Digital Citizenship • Information Literacy • Information Literacy • Social Studies/Science/Health • Health
  • 8. Our 21st Century ClassroomsAll Classroom Spaces Hardware Software • Teacher Laptops • Audacity• Interactive Whiteboards • Classroom • Google Earth Desktops • iLife • Interactive (GarageBand, Whiteboards iMovie) • Projectors • Kid Pix Deluxe • Document • MS Office 2011 Cameras • Solo Suite• Document Cameras • Digital Cameras • Type to Learn • Digital Video• Laptop Carts Cameras • Flip Video• Mobile Solutions Cameras• Building-Wide Enterprise Wireless • Scanner • Laptop Carts
  • 9. Thank you!My Work:❖❖❖❖❖ Jenny Murphy