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Wong 20 Vocab
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20 Vocab

20 Vocab

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  • 1. Vocabulary.
    By Jeffrey Wong
  • 2. The riddler was a very nefarious person. He always tricks the bad man.
  • 3. My dad had to repair our hot water heater. That in itself is an oxymoron.
  • 4. Josephs girlfriend told him that his heart was made of stone. She used a metaphor to get the point across.
  • 5. My mother is so redundant, when she yells at me to do my homework.
  • 6. In the olden days, the woman were very elegant. They were urbane.
  • 7. My favorite time to visit Arizona, is during monsoon season. The sky gets dark and lightning flashes.
  • 8. The verbosity of the teacher, put all the kids to sleep.
  • 9. My mother is a virago. She is always yelling at me and being mean.
  • 10. Most adults now a days think teenagers are bellicose and rowdy.
  • 11. While driving through town, Joey noticed the pariah sitting by himself on the outside of town.
  • 12. He thought her horripitation was from either the zombie in the movie or the air in the movie theater.
  • 13. The boy was tired of sneaking furtive looks and decided to ask her out.
  • 14. After having cancer for seven years, Tim’s father was at a state of moribund.
  • 15. I remember as a child, I was desultory. I never could pick a subject, and I liked to switch.
  • 16. The people who write the Disney movies are very optimistic. All the movies end with a happy ending.
  • 17. The man was such a philanderer, he had a new girlfriend almost every week.
  • 18. The anger management teachers job was to mollify the people taking the course.
    HAPPPY (:
  • 19. Rodriguez high school is Benicia's nemesis in most sports at school.
  • 20. My dog Jessie likes going to the dog park to play with other dogs. She is gregarious.
  • 21. Family night is a very convivial time for my family during the week. We all come together for stories and food and laughter.