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The incredible tale of sting and glyde


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Published in: Education
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The incredible tale of sting and glyde

  1. 1. The Incredible Tale of Sting and Glyde: A true Fairy TailBy Langston GuydenChapter OneIn a land just behind the North Star, there is the Land of Faeries. It is a land of enchantment andwonderment, a land of dreams and happiness. A land of Fairies.The Fairies are a peaceful people, never fighting and living in harmony with all creatures. All thegood ones at least. For, along with the good creatures (the birds, the butterflies, and the woodlandcreatures), there are the bad, mainly the B.U.G.S. They are the Big Ugly Giant Spiders that live in theDark Lands and prey on small innocent creatures.Our story however is about two Fairies, a brother and sister, named Sting and Glyde. Both weregood, responsible fairies that always did as they were asked, and were kind to everyone. So, when theywere asked to go to the Taffy fields in place of a fairy that had broken his leg, they graciously accepted.“The taffy is being pretty cooperative today, wouldn’t you say Glyde?” “Yea, it’s coming up onthe first tug, and it’s hardly sticking to our hands.”Sting and Glyde have been working for a few hours now, and were almost done with the days’work, and were in pretty good spirits.“Hey Glyde,” Sting had paused to look at the sky and noticed that the clouds were moving fast“There’s a storm coming.” As he said it, the wind immediately picked up. The Taffy was whipping in theair, branches from the nearby popcorn trees were tearing off.“Sting, we need to hurry back!” Glyde shouted over the wind. “We can’t make it back to thevillage, it’s too far!”At this point, they were frantically looking for a way out. “Wait! There’s a cave nearby! ME andJunko found it a few weeks ago!” Sting shouted at Glyde. “Follow Me!”They took off haphazardly into the wind, which quickly turned into a full force gale. Dodgingbranches and other debris, they made slow progress.“This is bad Sting! We’re barely making progress!” “Just keep flying! We’ll make it!” Even withsaying that, Sting wasn’t entirely convinced that they were going to make it anymore. That’s wheneverything began to go from bad to worse.”STING!!” Glydes shriek tore through the wind like a sword. Sting looked back just in time to seeGlydes limp form get whipped away in the wind. No, Glyde!” He tried to turn to go after her, but he toowas caught in the winds fierce grasp. He was helpless, tumbling aimlessly through the air. He had lost all
  2. 2. hope, until he slammed into something hard, and was knocked out cold. His sisters name still fresh onhis lips.Chapter 2“Glyde!” Sting woke up, screaming for his sister, the memory of the other day returning to himin a rush of emotions. In despair, he started to cry.“Don’t despair my young fairy.” Sting looked up, and was startled to find Elder Trunk at hisbedside.“Elder, Glyde has been..” “I know young one. When we found you, you were still calling for her.We searched nearby groves but, alas, we couldn’t find her. I am truly sorry.”Glyde slumped in bed, his hope all but gone now. The thought of never seeing his sister againwas crushing his spirit, and he couldn’t see a way out.“Elder Trunk, Elder Trunk!” Yo-yo the crier barreled into the room, looking frantic andexhausted.“Elder, the crystal” Yo-yo was trying to find the breath to finish his sentence, “ the crystal hasshowed us something.” “What has it revealed young one?” Elder Trunk had risen from his chair bySting’s bedside, look curious to this new development.“It has revealed the location of Glyde elder. We have found her.”As he said it, it was as if time itself had stopped. Sting sat, almost statue like, blankly staring atYo-yo. Then, as if being struck by lightning, he jumped up from his bed and flew to the crystal chamber.“Where is she?” Sting was barely in the room before the words were out of his mouth. “Whereis my sister”The only other person in the room was the head crystal fairy, Garfunkel. He turned around, witha grim look on his face.“What? What has happened to her Garfunkel?” He was about to answer, when Elder Trunkentered the room, followed shortly by Yo-yo.“Elder, we have located Glyde.” “Where is she old friend?” Elder trunk answered, noticing thegrim tone on his face.“Elder, she has been captured by the B.U.G.S.”
  3. 3. Everyone’s face fell in the room, for they all knew the horror of the B.U.G.S. They also knew thatGlyde, if she was alive, didn’t have much time, for the B.U.G.S favorite snack is fairies.Everyone in the room was silent, until “I have to get her back.”Everyone looked at Sting like he was crazy. “What do you mean young one?” “I have to go gether. She’s my sister, she was with me out there, it’s my responsibility to get her back.” “ I understanddear boy, but the journey you plan to undertake is near on impossible.” “I don’t care Elder. I have torescue her. All we have is each other.”Elder Trunk took what Sting said into contemplation before saying, “Come with me Sting. Thereis something I need to show you if you truly wish to undertake this journey.” And with that, he sweptout of the room with a sense of urgency in his step.Sting was so shocked by the Elders sudden proclamation that it took him a second to understandwhat the Elder had said. Nonetheless he zipped out of the room after him.Elder Trunk led him down paths that Sting hadn’t known were there until then. It seemed likethey were on a never ending spiral down into the heart of the central tree as they went deeper anddeeper.Finally, Elder Trunk stopped in front of a door, a door Sting had only heard of in fairytales. TheDoor of the Elder Faeries. It was behind this door that the first Council of Elders had convened in orderto repel the First Darkness. It was in the aftermath that creatures like the B.U.G.S were created, andlived on to terrorize creatures that were unfortunate enough to find themselves in the B.U.G.S territory.“Elder, is this what I think it is?” “Indeed it is young one. This is the Door of the Elder Faeries. Itwas here, as you know, that the fist Council defeated the Darkness, and it is here that you will find asolution that will help you on your quest.”Elder Trunk walked up to the Door, and placed his hand on it. He mumbled something inaudibleto Sting. When Elder Trunk had finished his incantation, he backed away and the Door started to meltinto the floor.“Come young one, it is in here that the answer you seek lies.”They walked inside, and Sting stared around him in amazement. The walls were decorated in thehistory of the Fairy race, from its beginning to- “Elder, what is that?” Sting was staring at the far end ofthe wall, and as he watched the wall, a picture was being drawn on it, as if by some invisible hand.“Ah yes, the wall is enchanted. It is able to know when a major event that will change ourhistory is about to occur. In this case, my boy, the capture of your sister.”Sting stared in amazement, unable to fully comprehend what Elder Trunk said to him. “Wait,you’re saying that Glyde being taken is a historical event?” “Yes young one. That is indeed what I amsaying.”
  4. 4. Sting’s sense of hopelessness sunk in again. Elder Trunk, sensing this then said, “That is noreason to be upset my boy. Just because the beginning of the story has been determined, doesn’t meanthe end has been determined as well. So, have faith and stay steadfast.”Sting looked up at Elder Trunk, and Elder Trunk saw the spark of hope return to his eyes. “Thereis one more thing you will need if you are to save your sister. The Sword or Original Light, which only thepurest of hearts can even approach.