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Ford model t

  1. 1. Ford Model T (1908-1927)
  2. 2. 1912 Model T
  3. 3. The Model T was introduced on Oct. 1, 1908. It had a 20-horsepower, four-cylinderengine, reached a top speed of about 45 miles per hour, got about 13 to 21 miles pergallon of gasoline and weighed 1,200 pounds. It was the ninth of Henry Fordsproduction cars.More than 15,000,000 Model Ts were built and sold. The Model T was the first low-priced, mass- produced car with standard interchangeable parts. The Model Tpopularized the left-side steering column. The engine design, a single block with aremovable cylinder head, became the industry standard.The first models were produced at a factory on Piquette Avenue in Detroit.Beginning in 1910, Model Ts were built at a new Highland Park (Michigan) plant.Henry Fords initiation of mass production of vehicles on the moving assembly lineled to lower car prices and the $5 workday.The car was introduced with a price tag of $850. The Model T later sold for as littleas $260, without extras, because of production savings Henry Ford passed on tocustomers.Henry Ford called the Model T "the universal car," a low-cost, reliable vehicle thatcould be maintained easily and could successfully travel the poor roads of the era.
  4. 4. The Model T came in nine body styles, all on the same chassis."Lizzie" was one of the most popular of the dozens of nicknames for the Model T.1909. Ford Model T wins New York to Seattle cross-country race.1911. Driving a stripped and reworked Model T, Frank Kulick beats Bob BurmansBlitzen Benz in a one-mile oval speed record run (50 sec. flat) at Detroit Fairgrounds.1913. Henry Ford tries to enter Kulick and the Model T record car in theIndianapolis 500. His entry is refused unless 1000 pounds is added to the car. Ford tellsthem, "were building race cars, not trucks" and pulls out.In 1914, Ford, with 13,000 employees, produced about 300,000 cars while 299other companies with 66,350 employees produced about 280,000 vehiclesIn 1921, the Model T accounted for almost 57 percent of the worlds automobileproduction.A modest ceremony on May 26, 1927, marked the formal end of Model Tproduction. More than 15 Million Model Ts had been sold.
  5. 5. On December 18, 1999, the Ford Model T was named "Car of the Century" by apanel of 133 automotive journalists and experts who began with a list of 700candidates in 1996 and sequentially narrowed the nominees through seven rounds ofballoting over three yearsIn 2003 Ford Motor Company produced six all-new Model T-100s, which replicatethe 1914 Model T in true fashion, as part of the companys centennial.There are no original Model T parts on these cars, but each is interchangeable withthe original, including the hand crank located under the radiator. Top end speed of theT 100 is about 55 mph, and they get about 18 miles to the gallon in their nine-gallontank, about the same as an original 1914 Model T.
  6. 6. 2003 Model T-100
  7. 7. Model T Runabout with tent attached, ca 1915:The initial Model Ts came equipped with only the barest necessities, but soon they were modified tofacilitate camping enabling enthusiasts more mobility.
  8. 8. Farmer with Tractor and Model T: (1917)Henry Ford always dreamed of building a horseless machine to relieve the hardship off of the farmers.Henry Ford started Henry Ford and Son, where he built the Fordsontractor.
  9. 9. Model TT Truck: In 1917:Ford announced the start up of a one-ton chassis line. This new chassis would be for the Model TTtruck. The chassis was basically a Model T passenger car chassis, but it had a longer, stronger frame.
  10. 10. Model T Police Truck: 1919Commercial use of the Model T truck was becoming more and more common. Police used the ModelT as a paddy wagon to transport people who had been arrested.
  11. 11. Model T Hauling Cows: 1920The Model T was very popular with farmers because of its versatility and durability. They wereconverted to saw wood, power generators, pump water, or in this case haul cows to market.
  12. 12. Model T Adapted to Saw Boards: (1922)Model Ts were known for their modification capability and tradesmen used its versatility for avariety of applications. One of the most popular uses was pulling power off the engine to runsmall portable saw mills.
  13. 13. Model T converted into a snowmobile: (1922)Model Ts were easily converted to handle many tasks, but one of the most unique was the snowmobileconversion kit. Lumber companies in particular appreciated the added traction in the snow.
  14. 14. 1924 Model T Truck:The Model T provided the most robust underpinnings for commercial vehicles and delivered maximumutility at a value.
  15. 15. 1925 Model T Runabout pickup:In 1925 The Model T Runabout pickup was introduced with the first factory-installed pickup bed.
  16. 16. The Model TT (truck): 1921The Model TT (truck) was first sold in 1908. Although no verified hauling specifications are known,this one is pictured loaded with 8,000 pounds of hay. It was probably driving well below the ModelTs top speed of 40 mph.
  17. 17. Ford Model T Street Light Maintenance Truck:1926Model Ts were used in different trades andwere adapted for many special uses.Truck sales were a large contributor to theModel Ts success.
  18. 18. Albert Luce with Ford Model T Steel-Bodied School Bus, 1927:In 1927, Albert Luce (seen here) put a steel body on a Ford Model T chassis to make the first steel-bodiedschool bus. Luce, who once owned a Ford dealership, went on to found the multi-million dollar Blue Bird BodyCompany, building steel-bodies busses that significantly outlasted the wood-bodied variety.
  19. 19.