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First Review


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • Four Square wants to be a brand which stands out in the market place and which at the same time effectively communicates its values of: 1)Progressiveness and modernity 2)Youngness 3)Status and Premium 4)Dynamism
  • In Consumer goods segments Technology is the main enabler in promoting POS Merchandising (Futuristic Looks, Interactive Displays, etc)
  • Pillars with rotating cabinets: The main theme behind this concept is the revolving display cabinet that is arranged on either side of the front counter like pillars. The front counter will be designed in such a way that a Four Square outer pack will be placed vertically in a display cabinet right at the front. The color scheme used will again be silver and dark grey in order to maintain consistency with the existing retail identity. Mannequin: Mannequins have never been used before in cigarette merchandising (to the best of my knowledge) because the brand image has normally been conveyed through posters and colour themes. In this merchandising idea, a mannequin (or 2 mannequins) is proposed to be placed outside the shop wearing stylish clothes featuring the world of square theme and shown smoking a cigarette (it may not be necessary to show him smoking a cigarette). Accessory: In this concept what is proposed is that a single accessory or at most a combination of 2 accessories be displayed along with the Four Square Outers. The objective of using accessories is to enhance the visual image of the four square brand. Also an additional advantage of using an accessory is that it would give us a further entity on which or through which we can integrate the “world of square” theme. Antique: The idea behind this concept is that Four Square be shown as a brand that is classy and sophisticated, by displaying four square packs/outers on cabinets that look like antiques. The on shop counters and vertical/horizontal display panels will also be made in wood that looks antique and classy.
  • Impact would be assessed on 2 parameters: Impact on consumers Impact on trade (dealImpact in what sense? This can be measured by assessing consumer reaction in terms of: First time attraction – can be measured on a scale of 1 to 10 after getting feedback from existing customers (using questionnaires). Repeat Visits – Ability to attract customers and make them come back to the stores. This can again be assessed by getting feedback from retailers, salesmen or customers themselves. ers, sales force, etc) Scalability Determine the budget for this project Arrive at a rough estimate of what it would cost to implement the merchandising innovation in x number of stores Assess if the total cost is within the estimated budget. Timescale of Implementation This is basically an estimate of the time taken to completely implement the merchandising innovation. This would take into account the time taken to implement the idea in one store and then wait for feedback from sales and after that organizing for the required quantity of materials and merchandising items Cost Estimating all the costs involved in one particular merchandising innovation. This will be done by the commercial department.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Merchandising Innovations Project: Learning So Far Jayram Madhusudan Godfrey Phillips India Ltd
    • 2. Agenda
      • Project Brief
      • Objectives
      • Understanding Merchandising Practices across industries
      • Understanding cigarette merchandising
      • Understanding Four Square
      • Understanding FS Merchandising
      • Ideas thought of so far
      • Project approach
      • Future course of action/Timelines
    • 3. Project Brief
      • To develop a bank of merchandising innovations to be implemented every quarter of 2009-10
      • Identification of material and developing the same
      • Prototyping
      • Implementing 2 merchandising innovations
    • 4. Problem Definition
      • Current Merchandising practices for Four Square are:
      • Not clutter breaking vis-à-vis competition
      • Not effectively communicating Four Square’s brand values, which are:
        • - Progressiveness and modernity
        • - Young
        • - Status and Premium
        • - Dynamism
    • 5. Objective of the Project
      • Primary Objective:
      • To develop a clutter breaking approach to merchandising for Four Square
      • To develop merchandising ideas that effectively communicate Four Square values
      • Derived Objective:
      • Develop and implement innovative ideas in merchandising that constantly refreshes the Four Square look in line with retail identity change
    • 6. Scope of the Project
      • Learning from current cigarette Merchandising Practices of:
      • - The competition (ITC)
      • - GPI (Four Square, Red & White, etc)
      • Learning from merchandising practices in other industries (both in shop and on shop)
      • Developing a bank of ideas for 2009 -10 and 2010 -11
      • Implementing at least 1 or 2 innovative ideas. This includes:
      • - Costing
      • - Prototyping
      • - Production
      • - Implementation
    • 7.
    • 8. Understanding cigarette merchandising
      • Cigarette merchandising is limited by the following factors
      • Small Store sizes
      • COTPA and Regulations
      • Budgetary Constraints
      • Limited Merchandising items
    • 9. Cigarette Merchandising at GPI Red & White Store at Delhi Branch
    • 10. Four Square Stall at Meerut.
    • 11. Customized Tipper Stall at Hyderabad
    • 12. Four Square stall at Ahmedabad after Revamp
    • 13. LCD Unit Installed at a store in Ahmedabad
    • 14. Attractive Glow sign at a Mumbai Stall
    • 15. Four Square Special Store at Chandigarh
    • 16. Cigarette Merchandising by the competition Wills Navy Cut outlet at Ahmedabad
    • 17. Classic Verve: Bold and Stylish Color Themes
    • 18. Learning
      • Learning from the competition:
      • Focus on bold and bright colour themes
      • Emphasis on developing a unique identity
      • Effort put in to ensure consistency of communication
      • Bold display of packs rather than posters or other thematics
      • Learning from GPI Merchandising:
      • Difficult to identify a unique identity for Four Square
      • Bold colour themes for Red & White ensures that attention is attracted
      • Unique identity easily identifiable for Red & White
      • Colour scheme used for Four Square makes the brand appear sophisticated but in a bored and dull fashion
    • 19. Understanding and Learning Merchandising In other industries
      • Observations:
      • In the FMCG sector, Point of Sale merchandising happens through attractive display cabinets and bright and innovative colour themes.
    • 20.
      • Technology as an enabler
    • 21.
      • Consistency of Theme
    • 22.
      • Last Mile Communication
    • 23.
      • Display cards to attract attention
    • 24.
      • Displaying Related Items together
    • 25.
      • Displaying many items at the same spot (Vertical Merchandising)
    • 26.
      • Eye level displays based on frequency of product movement
    • 27.
      • Making space work
    • 28.
      • Future scope for learning:
      • Merchandising practices in small stores abroad and in India
      • In shop and On shop Branding in small retail stores
      • Understanding how the above learning can be properly applied in cigarette merchandising.
    • 29. Ideas thought of so far for Four Square
      • Pillars with rotating cabinets
      • Mannequins
      • Accessories
      • Antique Look
      • Branded chandeliers/Lights (in Shop)
      • Outers used as Display Cabinets (in Shop)
    • 30. Types of Glow Signs used in India LED Based Neon Based Back Lit GSB
    • 31. Neon Sign Boards Back lit glow sign board for banks.
    • 32. GSB Fujifilm – use of Reflective vinyl Innovatively designed glow sign board for a internet browsing center in Pune.
    • 33. A simple 3D neon sign board for a furniture shop Neon sign bard with moving lights
    • 34. Rust and water proof glow signs for big retail stores and Boutiques
    • 35. Sign Boards in other countries Neon sign boards in New York
    • 36. Cigarette Sign boards in Virginia, USA
    • 37. Crowded collection of sign boards in Shanghai
    • 38. Learning
      • GSB design in cigarette merchandising is more or less standardized vis-à-vis GSB designs in other industries
      • The visual impact of a neon sign board in enhancing the image appears to be greater than a back lit glow sign board.
      • There exists greater potential for innovative designs in 3D sign boards than a simple flex based glow sign board.
      • Traditionally glow sign boards used on cigarette shops have always been simple from a design perspective.
      • 3D sign boards are not used on cigarette shops in India, unlike in other companies like America
    • 39. Evaluation of Solution
      • Each solution would be evaluated on the following parameters:
      • Impact
      • Scalability
      • Cost Effectiveness
      • Timescale of Implementation
    • 40. Timelines/Future course of action Implementation in one shop and starting work on the next idea 6th week Completion of Prototype, approval and feedback from sales team 5th week Costing by commercial and starting work on the prototype 4th week Approval of idea/s for merchandising of Four Square and Brief to creative agencies 3rd week List of Merchandising Ideas for four square and approval of the same 2nd week A bank of merchandising innovations across various industry sectors 1st week Deliverable Week
    • 41.
      • THANK YOU