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England without video

  1. 1. Engla nd Double Decker Destiny Unit 2 SummativeTour Guides: Janice Ngan and Rebecca Morrow Professor (Coach)
  2. 2. Double Decker Destiny Tour Outline1) Belvoir Castle2) Doncaster3) Cornwall4) Lancaster5) Manchester6) Wolverhampto n
  3. 3. More than just a sightseeing tour! Hop-on and hop-off as much as youDouble Decker Destiny wish! Enjoy our live commentary that brings Englands culture into your colorful, dramatic life.
  4. 4. England’s Culture Belvoir Castle
  5. 5. Canada vs. England Belvoir Castle
  6. 6. Subculture Doncaster• Number of Immigrants: 589000
  7. 7. Counterculture DoncasterPunk and Teddy boys • Clothing, appearance, music, ideas -These groups had become part of England’s culture -A cultural exchange is one of the major motivations for the tourist to travel
  8. 8. Culture vs. Product Doncaster
  9. 9. Culture’s impact on Labour Market Doncaster• UKs national minimum wage: £6.19• No child labour in England because it is illegal in England• Similar to Canada
  10. 10. Business Meeting and Negotiation Environment Cornwall
  11. 11. Cornwall Low Power Distance• At a score of 35• lower rankings of PDI• believes that inequalities amongst people should be minimized• research shows PD index lower amongst the higher class in Britain than amongst the working classes
  12. 12. Cornwall Individualism• At a score of 89• The British are a highly individualistic and private people.• Children are taught from an early age to think for themselves and to find out what their unique purpose in life is and how they uniquely can contribute to society.
  13. 13. Cornwall Masculinity• At 66 Britain is a masculine society – highly success oriented and driven.• Critical to understanding the British is being able to ‘’read between the lines’’• What is said is not always what is meant.• In comparison to feminine cultures,people in the UK live in order to work and have a clear performance ambition.
  14. 14. Low Uncertainty avoidanceCornwall• At 35• as a nation they are quite happy to wake up not knowing what the day brings• they are happy to ‘make it up as they go along’ changing plans as new information comes to light.• ‘muddling through’
  15. 15. Cornwall Short Term Oriented• At 25• which drives a great respect for history and tradition as well as a focus on quick results in the future.• planning horizons tend to be short• business particularly is very focused on short term quarterly goals and quick results.
  16. 16. Economic System Lancaster
  17. 17. Political System- Democratic Lancaster• democratic nation• Constitution• Similar to Canada• the Crown and the House of Lords
  18. 18. Developed Country Manchester
  19. 19. Manchester Government vs. Business• government regulations: the maximum hours employees can work in a week, minimum wage and working environment• joint “Commonwealth embassies”• Each year UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) assists a large number of British companies to visit Hong Kong and Macao to develop new business partnerships. “Two nations, but under one Queen,”Source:news.nationalpost.com/2012/09/23/canada-britain-eye-joint-embassies/Source:
  20. 20. Corporate InfluenceManchester
  21. 21. Competitive Advantage Wolverhampton
  22. 22. Wolverhampton
  23. 23. ConclusionWolverhampton
  24. 24. Decker Decker Destiny Thank you for joining us today!