Heritage Lottery Fund - Centenary Presentation


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Anna Jarvis
First World War Programme Manager
Heritage Lottery Fund

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Heritage Lottery Fund - Centenary Presentation

  1. 1. Anna Jarvis First World War Programme Manager Heritage Lottery Fund Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire WW1 Networking Event 19 September 2013
  2. 2. Heritage Lottery Fund and the First World War Centenary •Over £28million awarded to 119 projects since April 2010 •Funding available throughout the Centenary
  3. 3. Key points for our programmes: • HLF funds projects; • All projects must have a heritage focus; • All projects must include plans and costs.
  4. 4. ‘A lasting difference for heritage and people’ We will achieve this through our projects delivering a broad range of Outcomes. These come under 3 headings: What difference will your project make for - • heritage • people • communities
  5. 5. What difference will your project make for heritage? With HLF investment, heritage will be: • Better managed • In better condition • Better interpreted and explained • Identified and/or recorded
  6. 6. With HLF investment, people will have: • Learnt about heritage • Developed skills • Changed their attitudes and/or behaviour • Had an enjoyable experience • Volunteered time What difference will your project make for people?
  7. 7. With HLF investment: • Environmental impacts will be reduced • More people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage • Organisations will be more resilient • Local economies will be boosted • Local areas/communities will be a better place to live, work or visit What difference will your project make for communities?
  8. 8. • The outcome we value the most is that ‘people will have learnt about heritage.’ • We describe this as a ‘weighted outcome.’ • This outcome is weighted for most programmes
  9. 9. Heritage of the First World War • Local places • Objects, photographs, documents and newspapers • Individuals and communities affected by the war • Buildings and structures – e.g. factories and hospitals • War memorials • Recordings of memories • Memories of people affected by the war after it happened • Art, literature, music, theatre, film and popular culture • Anything created during or since the war that shows its impact on the UK and people currently living here
  10. 10. Funding for First World War projects First World War: then and now Grants between £3,000 and £10,000 Our Heritage Grants between £10,000 and £100,000 Heritage Grants Grants over £100,000 Young Roots Grants between £10,000 and £50,000
  11. 11. First World War: then and now • Grants of £3,000 - £10,000 • For communities to explore, conserve and share their First World War heritage • No application deadline • Decision in 8 weeks • Short application form • Must achieve one outcome for people
  12. 12. Our Heritage • Grants of £10,000 - £100,000 • For any project that relates to heritage • No application deadline • Decision in 8 weeks • Must achieve 2 outcomes (one for heritage and one for people)
  13. 13. • Grants of £10,000 to £50,000, for up to 2 years • Delivered through partnerships of heritage and youth organisations • Young people should learn about heritage and gain new skills or opportunities • Young people should lead activities and share their learning with others • Same short process as Our Heritage Young Roots Projects delivered by 11–25 year olds
  14. 14. Heritage Grants •Grants of more than £100,000 •For any project that relates to heritage •Two-round application process •3 months assessment at each round •Development funding and mentoring support available
  15. 15. The Great War at Haslemere Museum • Young Roots project • Young people research using museum’s collections • Share findings through an exhibition • Young people gain skills • Grant: £17,900
  16. 16. Restoration of war memorials in Spa gardens, Ripon • Restored 2 Grade II memorials • Volunteers produced a leaflet • A photographic report and maintenance plan was produced • Grant: £9,200 A First World War memorial at Spa Gardens, Ripon
  17. 17. Leicester in the First World War • 20 adults researched the impact of the First World War on Leicester • Stories included those of a Ghurkha, conscientious objectors and suffragettes • Stories were shared through exhibitions and workshops with schools • Grant: £17,800 Participants researching at the County Record Office
  18. 18. Revealing the memorial bells • The bells were cleaned and restored, then rededicated • Local people learned to play the bells and researched the names • The research findings are online • Grant: £40,800 Young people playing the restored bells
  19. 19. Huddersfield Rugby League: a lasting legacy • Volunteers are researching the impact of the war on their rugby club • The stories will be shared through an exhibition, a book, a heritage trail and online • Grant: £114,500 Year 6 pupils interview one of the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League Football Club
  20. 20. The Accrington Pals • Young people found out about the history of the Lancashire battalion • They created a film about what happened to the battalion during the war, and the impact on their families • Grant: £11,200 Young people filming in Accrington
  21. 21. Hermitage Hexham: Morant family collection • Partnership between two record offices and museum • Acquisition of Morant family papers – personal and history of Durham Light Infantry • Grant: £19,900Young people filming in Accrington
  22. 22. Crime on the Home Front • Made an archive of material focused on FWW policing accessible through digitisation and exhibition • Worked with a range of people to interpret material including a community play and smartphone app • Grant: £40,800 Young people filming in Accrington
  23. 23. www.hlf.org.uk/FirstWorldWar
  24. 24. HLF project enquiry service • Initial heritage idea • Read HLF’s guidance and project examples • Submit a project enquiry form online at www.hlf.org.uk • Get a response within 10 working days • Develop idea • Apply
  25. 25. South East Development Team Sarah Wicks Graeme McKirdy Sandra Martin southeastengland@hlf.org.uk HLF South East England - 020 7591 6171