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Summit FAQs

  1. 1. Millennial Civic Engagement Summit August 24-26, 2012 | Charlotte, North Carolina Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What is is a national, all-partisan non-profit organization that empowers and invests in Millennials to createand implement solutions to social problems. Utilizing technology and social networking to connect Millennials on andoffline, convenes Millennials from around the country to discuss issues impacting the MillennialGeneration and to develop sustainable solutions to address them.Q: What are Millennials?A: Millennials are young adults born between the years 1976 and 1996. Sometimes known as Generation Y,Millennials came of age at the turn of the 21st century – the new Millennium. Characteristics of the MillennialGeneration include: tech-savvy, tolerant, collaborative, and innovative as well as racially and ethnically diverse.Q: What is the Millennial Civic Engagement (MCE) Summit?A: In 2008 we saw an unprecedented increase in Millennial voter turnout, where nearly two million more Americansunder the age of 30 voted in the election as compared to 2004. As Millennials, we are asking ourselves: What doesMillennial voter engagement look like for our Generation in the 2012 Election and beyond?Civically active Millennials in California, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are invited tocrowdsource their ideas for the Millennial Civic Engagement Competition using the GOOD Makerplatform. The semi-finalists who receive the most votes through this online competition will be invited to attend theMillennial Civic Engagement Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 24 – 26, 2012, where they will workcollaboratively with their peers to further develop sustainable, community-based solutions.During the summit, semi-finalists will have the opportunity to present their work to their Millennials peers, who willselect the top 5 ideas through the use of interactive keypad voting technology. The winning groups will Awards - financial investments from and expert support from our staff and extensive partnernetwork.With the backdrop of the Presidential Election, Millennials accepted to the summit will discuss the most challengingissues facing our generation, engage with elected officials on the local, state and federal level and propose civicentrepreneurial strategies they can use and implement to address problems on their campuses and in theircommunities.Q: When and where is the MCE Summit?A: The Millennial Civic Engagement Summit will take place August 24 - 26, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina at theHilton Charlotte Center City. Hotel accommodations, meals and travel reimbursements will be provided to theaccepted participants by Who is eligible to participate?A: Millennials born between 1976 and 1996 living in California, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.Participants do not have to be enrolled in a school, college or university to be eligible.
  2. 2. Q: How can I get involved?A: Submit your application with an idea for a local Millennial-led project to increase Millennial civic engagement,community participation, voter awareness and turnout. You can collaborate with your peers and a partnerorganization in your local community to develop a proposal, but one person must act as a designated representativeand formally apply by Monday, June 11, 2012 by 9am ET / 12pm PT. Here’s what you will need:  In your application, include a photo or video that represents your project idea. Photos should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, at least 570 × 345 pixels and no larger than 10MB. To include a video, use a YouTube URL.  Approved applications will be featured on the GOOD Maker page and public voting will be open from June 11 to June 29. Rally your community to show their support by voting for your idea. Each supporter can vote once during the voting period.  The submission with the most votes will win an all-expense paid trip to attend the summit and a $500 starter fund to kick-off their idea. will invite up to 3 additional groups or individuals to attend the summit. *Please Note: The application process is the same for individuals or groups to apply, including bloggers. Applicants will be evaluated based on the merit their idea.*Q: How do I apply?A: Eligible Millennials in California, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania who would like to attend thesummit can apply on the GOOD Maker platform which can be accessed online at What does it cost?A: To ensure there are no financial barriers to participating, provides hotel accommodations, meals andtravel for summit participants. Accepted participants will be asked to pay a $25 registration fee to confirm theirattendance and to help cover the cost of t-shirts, program guides and other summit materials.Q: What is the Summit Award Competition?A: At the summit, participants will refine their ideas and be able to compete for financial support and expert supportfrom our staff and extensive partner network. The Summit Award Competition is held on the final day of the summitand each competitor has five minutes to present their idea to summit participants. The projects receiving the topvotes will win Awards; a share of $25,000 in financial investments. Winners will be selected by theirpeers who will use their personal interactive keypads to vote on each project according to four criteria: PotentialSocial Impact, Creativity and Innovation, Sustainability and Use of New and Social Media Communications.Q: What is the Blogger Program?A: During the MCE Summit, five 2012 bloggers will be chosen from the key communities that will beactive in 2012 and beyond. The Bloggers will contribute to the Millennial Report Blog and share updates from theground on what is happening in their community with the winning Summit Award Competition projects and otherMillennial civic engagement work. In addition, the Florida representative will have the opportunity to attend theRepublican National Convention in Tampa Bay and the North Carolina representative will have the opportunity toattend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.