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Nj future redevelopment forum 2019 murphy


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Elizabeth Murphy presentation for democratizing decision-making session at Redevelopment Forum 2019.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Nj future redevelopment forum 2019 murphy

  1. 1. Key Principles for Effective Community Engagement
  2. 2. Statewide Community Engagement Project Launched by
  3. 3. Creative New Jersey is dedicated to fostering creativity, collaboration, and inclusion by empowering cross-sector partnerships in commerce, education, philanthropy, government and culture, in order to ensure dynamic communities and a thriving economy.
  4. 4. We work in communities throughout the state: single municipalities counties multiple-county regions
  5. 5. We work in communities where there is: urgency to act now willingness to try new approaches commitment to involving the whole community
  6. 6. We are conveners and network builders
  7. 7. Since 2011, Creative NJ has produced and/or engaged: 228 partnering organizations 2,000+ individual participants 11 community-based convenings 3 regional convenings 2 issue-specific (disaster response & public health) 7 statewide summits
  8. 8. By championing creative-thinking and establishing the conditions for collaboration among highly-diverse groups of people, our work:
  9. 9. Advances dialogue on critical issues Strengthens community bonds Creates a democratic and egalitarian environment Creates a fairer playing field
  10. 10. How We Work
  11. 11. Build Community Host Teams organizations as anchor team members reps from commerce, culture, education, government & philanthropy diversity on every level is essential DEEP DIVE of DISCOVERY
  12. 12. Identify Community Concerns design the central question reinforce the values of creativity, collaboration and inclusion set aside assumptions THINKING DIFFERENTLY
  13. 13. Crowdsource Invitation List --usual and unusual suspects --CEOs to migrant workers --stay-at-home parents to business owners --high-school students to mature adults --nonprofit to for-profit to government INCLUSION
  14. 14.  Education • K-12 • Higher Ed • Continuing Ed / Professional Dev. • Vocational Training • Boards/Associations  Culture • Arts/Arts Education • History/Heritage • Humanities • Culturally specific orgs/assoc. • Arts & Cultural Councils  Philanthropy • Foundation • Corporate • Government • Individual  Community/Social • Civic Associations • Community Development Corps. • Faith-based orgs • Social Service • Healthcare • Environmental/Sustainability  Government • State • Local • Military • Law Enforcement • Emergency Services  Commerce • Small Business • Manufacturing/Trade • Retail • Tourism/Hospitality • Media • Agriculture • Engineering/Technology/ Professional Services
  15. 15. Call to Collaboration --Individuals from all facets of community life are assembled to work together --Everyone takes an active role in creating the meeting’s agenda together, and self-organizing to lead group discussions EMPOWERMENT
  16. 16. People begin to… 1. step into the role of community convener. 2. build relationships around issues of common concern. 3. garner more support for their work. 4. participate on committees outside their field. 5. create opportunities to integrate their expertise into community activities. 6. step outside the traditional "transactional" relationship and tackle issues and challenging questions together. The Shift
  17. 17. People-powered, grassroots movement systemic approach to breaking down the divide between: --grass-tops & grass-roots --neighborhoods of wealth & disinvestment --citizens and local government --people of different generations, ethnicities, cultures, creeds, and socio-economic status.
  18. 18. IMPACT STORIES Rahway: Rahway’s Own Hammonton: Posada Celebration Asbury Park: Mayoral Initiatives Skylands Region: Eco-Tourism Monmouth County: MoCo Arts Corridor Atlantic City: Community Fund Statewide: Disaster Preparedness
  19. 19. Principles of Community Engagement
  20. 20. 1. Define Purpose: why engage our community? 4. Think Creatively: create an environment that fosters divergent thinking and innovative ideas 3. Engage Early: include your community in decision-making from the beginning 2. Identify the Players: think broadly—expand your networks Key Principles
  21. 21. 5. Ask Questions: set aside assumptions and preconceived conclusions 8. Be Ready to be Surprised! 7. Collaborate: short-and long-term collaborations 6. Dedicate Time and Resources Key Principles
  23. 23. Questions/ Insights
  24. 24. Thank You Elizabeth Murphy Executive Director