The Ultimate Strategist: Establishing Winning Partnerships and Consortia


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The Ultimate Strategist: Establishing Winning Partnerships and Consortia

Presented during Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals: 19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya. December 4, 2012.

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  • The initiative, which urged charities, businesses, schools and religious and community groups to give back the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, spurred some $10 million in donations -- a 53 percent increase from donations received on the same day last year, according to a statement released by the UN Foundation.Network for Good saw the number of donations jump to a whopping 113 percent on Giving Tuesday compared to the same date last year, according to
  • The Ultimate Strategist: Establishing Winning Partnerships and Consortia

    1. 1. The Ultimate Strategist:Establishing Winning Partnershipsand ConsortiaPresented by Liz Ngonzi Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals:19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop Mombasa, Kenya | Dec. 4, 2012 @LizNgonzi
    2. 2. About me: @LizNgonzi
    3. 3. Goals Review the benefits of coalition-building. Discuss challenges your organizations have faced with respect to partnerships. Review necessary elements for successful partnerships. Review the success and challenges during the Kenyans4Kenya campaign. Learn about successful fundraising campaign that involved 1,400 organizations. Participate in group exercise to develop joint fundraising / awareness-creation campaign. @LizNgonzi
    4. 4. Partnerships Facilitate the sharing of best practices. Helps to bolster areas in which individual organizations are weak. Provide individual organizations access to resources that they otherwise would not have on their own. Enable the establishment and adherence to standards that further professionalize the sector. Increase networking and learning opportunities for those engaged in the activities. @LizNgonzi
    5. 5. Challenges What sorts of challenges has your organization faced with respect to partnerships? @LizNgonzi
    6. 6. Necessary ElementsEstablishment of clear operating rules.Agreement on goals, approach and reporting methodology.Development of trust through transparency.Buy-in from leadership of and implementers from individual organizations.Minimization of individual agendas.Patience! @LizNgonzi
    7. 7. @LizNgonzi
    8. 8. Kenyans4Kenya: Successes• Ignited pride and patriotic spirit of Kenyans by engaging all groups (e.g., the Diaspora , companies and institutions; students/colleges, celebrities).• Support from media outlet owners.• Personal commitment from corporate leadership (peer support).• Events – CEO’s visit to Turkana, Flag off, concert, other events• Use of celebrities and artists- K4K anthem.• Provided a range of ways /platforms for Kenyans to engage and donate leveraging technology (Mpesa, Airtel, social media, live streamed events).• Robust communication strategy – including crisis communication plan.• Transparency and Accountability critical to the process. @LizNgonzi
    9. 9. Kenyans4Kenya: Challenges• On line payments had many technical challenges and others platform like Paypal joined the campaign late.• Managing expectations – Kenyans now expect that these funds will solve all drought related impacts/ hunger.• Unmix recall –had to recall used unmix due to possible afro toxin.• High cost of Unmix –due to rise in sugar and maize costs.• Harsh terrain – distribution/ logistics challenges.• Donations in kind – perishable goods, not suitable for current emergency.• Pledges took long to be realized.• Some companies expected branding on projects supported under K4K @LizNgonzi
    10. 10. Kenyans4Kenya: Results• Raised over Ksh700 million in cash and over Ksh300 million in –kind donations (Ksh1 billion).• Proved that Kenyans are not defined by politics and ethnicity but by their compassion and commitment to what is true and important.• Mind shift: when Kenyans pull together they can overcome anything.• Kenyans showed they can take charge of their own destiny -- ordinary Kenyans demonstrated extra ordinary action – Ksh200milion donated by Kenyans.• The media stepped up and provided the necessary support to effectively get the message out to the public.• This represented that first time in the world when an audit was performed on emergency relief operation.• Social media and the support from the Diaspora helped to amplify engagement.• This experience serves as a case study for others. @LizNgonzi
    11. 11. Overview @LizNgonzi
    12. 12. #GivingTuesday: Benefits / Results• Created an unprecedented partnership of 2,500+ charities, volunteer organizations, corporations, community centers and foundations that organized activities and campaigns in all 50 U.S. states.• Charitable gifts totaled $10,000,000, 53% higher than on the same day the previous year.• Provided a new annual opportunity for 1,400 organizations to raise funds during an economic downturn.• Enabled supporters to participate in numerous ways through multiple platforms by providing them tools to do so on their own.• Leveraged traditional and social media, along with email marketing to activate the public – relatively low-cost campaign.• Sent the message that people can be philanthropists and make a real impact without having to be billionaires or celebrities.• Ignited the American spirit of giving during a time that has traditionally been celebrated as such but has turned into one focused primarily on shopping. @LizNgonzi
    13. 13. #GivingTuesday: Potential Challenges• Fraud committed by unauthorized “fundraisers.”• Organizations failing to realize the full benefits of the campaign, based on a lack of full commitment to its execution. @LizNgonzi
    14. 14. Group Exercise: Creating an NGO Week Giving OpportunityOverview of NGO Week:• Highlight NGO activities to other development stakeholders and the public.• Establish a better working relationship between the NGOs, Government and Corporate sector.• Discuss the challenges affecting the sector and how to overcome them.• Provide a platform for experience sharing and identify good practices from within the sector.• Build a critical mass of CSOs who can play a key role in reforms. @LizNgonzi
    15. 15. Group Exercise: Creating an NGOWeek Giving OpportunityYou Have 5 Minutes to:• Breakout into Teams of Five• Introduce Yourselves to Teammates*: – Name – Organization – Title – *Share Business Card with Team Members• Select: – Team Leader / Presenter – Note Taker – Team Name• Agree on Brainstorming Process @LizNgonzi
    16. 16. Group Exercise: Creating an NGOWeek Giving OpportunityYou have 20 Minutes to Develop:• Goals (Marketing and Financial)• Target Audience (Donors, Corporate/Government Partners, Media)• Overall Activities (Online, Mobile, Event-based Giving)• Overall Marketing Strategy (Traditional and Social Media)• Theme / Name @LizNgonzi
    17. 17. Group Exercise: Creating an NGOWeek Giving OpportunityEach Team Has 2 Minutes to Present Its Ideas to theGroup:• Team Name• Goals (Marketing and Financial)• Target Audience (Donors, Corporate/Government Partners, Media)• Overall Activities (Online, Mobile, Event-based Giving)• Overall Marketing Strategy (Traditional and Social Media)• Theme / Name
    18. 18. Group Exercise: Creating an NGOWeek Giving Opportunity What Did You Learn?
    19. 19. Emerging Trends On the Horizon: Industry ConsolidationAsante Sana! to Re-think Competition andRequiring OrganizationsCollaboration ? @LizNgonzi
    20. 20. SourcesContent / Image: Source:Lego Blocks collaboration-actually-means/Soccer Ball Goal 0fJyOFBNPT4/TcABPnArS5I/AAAAAAAADMc/fVBzRFD0rP8/s1600/soccer-ball-over- sky.jpgGolden Egg a0dd7a3c7218/7483b893-e478-44a4-8fed-f49aa917d8cf/Presentation/Image/tax-and- employee-benefits.jpgDetour ShotKenyans4Kenya Kenyans4Kenya Case Study: Kenya Red Cross Society- The Kenyans For KenyaOverview Campaign by Rosemary Mutunkei, Private Partnership Manager (Dec. 2011)#GivingTuesday / ContentLight bulb Hands Math Image
    21. 21. LIZ NGONZI @LizNgonzi +1 732.208.3304 |