2012 Business Plan Webinar


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A walk through for Real Estate agents on how to put together their 2012 Business Plan.

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  • In real estate, that demand and need is even greater. Think about it. The required integration between spreadsheet and word processor is minimal. But look at those seven lead-to-close software categories again. We need those to integrate. We will save a ton of time, make things far easier for ourselves, if they talk to each other.How many times do you cut and paste the same listing information into separate platforms? How much redundant work is happening? It’s all the same transaction, the same listing, the same end customer. Integration is vital to making software platforms in real estate work.Brokerage firms, franchises, don’t have the time or capital to do this work. Those individual companies, the components, don’t have the capital to integrate. Nor should any of them be funding the development of systems that can be leveraged by an entire industry. That makes less sense than a sales organization building out its own sales force management CRM tool when they could use Salesforce or one of the other applications whose development is being spread across millions of users.In real estate, this is playing out in two key trends. First, the sophistication and importance of software is changing the decision maker from agents to large brokerage companies and franchises. Second, those more sophisticated buyers are learning the massive costs of lack of integration, of supporting legacy systems, of lack of security, of lack of redundancy, and as a result, they are moving from single function tools to integrated software platforms.
  • Market Leader was founded in 1999 by a second-generation real estate agent who understood the challenges of the business, particularly when it comes to generating leads. Having a steady stream of new business can make or break an agent’s career. With that knowledge the company was built to provide real estate agents, agent teams, and brokerage companies with technology and marketingsolutions that enable them to generate a steady stream of prospects. To support that effort, we also built the tools and provide the training they need to convert these prospects into clients– which you’re getting a sample of today! With a decade long history of innovation, Market Leader pioneered online lead generation for real estate professionals and today is the leading marketing partner to the real estate industry with over 400 brokerages and 6000+ agents using our products.RemaxPrudentialWeichertExitJohn l scottKeller WilliamsColdwell banker
  • Easy to get connected with one online consumerTough to keep track of more than 1
  • BEHIND THE SCENES!!!! When they click to see more details on a particular property, INTERACTION BEGINS BETWEEN YOUR SITE AND YOUR CONSUMER……..they are given the option to save the search, save the house, request a showing and/or request more information from the agent.Action buttons to encourage engagement –interaction FULL PROPERTY DETAILS FROM MLSWe get consumers to contact you directlyWe are constantly testing different formats –so we can have prospects contact you directly at the exact moment they are online searching for real estate information and ListingsConsumer has had VALUE! 1-3% -most websites……So you get more for your advertising dollars
  • VIRTUAL HANDSHAKE Branded to you –local real estate –neighborhood expertHere is what you will experience –calls are warmer, WHY? You will know the needs and wants of your prospects BEFORE you have had to ask!!!
  • Agent name – Kelly OlsenProperties should be in Alexandria, VASignature should read: Thanks, Kelly OlsenVirginia RealtyOffice phone: 123-456-7890Email: kellyo@virginiarealty.com
  • 2012 Business Plan Webinar

    1. 1. Host: Jack Markham Host: Kerm FoltzDirector of Online Strategy Director of Business Research
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda– Learn about the 10 business trends of 2012– Discover the Top 5 Strategies for generating leads in today’s market– Understand how to thrive in 2012– Open Forum / Q&A– 2012 Business Plan PDF • For every agent that calls in at the end • SPECIAL PRICING for Agents Today
    3. 3. Today’s real estate market
    4. 4. • A Slow Recovery in Housing• Increasing Pressure on Commissions• Increased Regulation• Changes in How Consumers Select Realtors• The Advance of New Business Models
    5. 5. • Changing Consumer Demographics• Changes in How Consumers Select Realtors• The Emergence of Teams• The Importance of Lead Generation• The Use of Integrated Technology Platforms• The Importance of Leadership
    6. 6. 1. A slow recovery in housing sales and prices2. Changing demographics and housing demands3. Pressure on commission levels4. Advance of new business models and industry segmentation5. Growing importance of lead generation6. Increased importance of integrated technology platforms7. Evolution of how consumers select real estate professionals8. The importance of leadership9. The emergence of real estate teams10. A stiffening regulatory environment
    7. 7. • Launch a lead-capture • Succeed using social media website • Win business by blogging• Post properties on Craigslist • Purchase pay-per-click ads
    8. 8. SOFTWARE Agents DECISION MAKER Companies
    9. 9. 1. Set Your Personal Objectives2. Become an Expert in Your Market or Niche3. Develop Systems for Prospecting in Your Market or Niche4. Build Systems for Servicing Leads and Customers5. Build Your Brand
    10. 10. • Founded in 1999 by a 2nd generation real estate agent• 11 years’ experience delivering proven marketing solutions to real estate professionals• Leading marketing partner to the real estate industry• Preferred marketing partner for many brokerages• Acquired SharperAgent & RealEstate.com• Over 600 brokerages and 80,000 agents
    11. 11. Eliminate your Frustrations Consumer • The technology to drive the consumer BACK to your site • Having a (contact management) system that is CONNECTED to your siteSite System
    12. 12. Eliminate your Frustrations Consumer • The technology to drive the consumer BACK to your site • Having a (contact management) system that is CONNECTED to your siteSite System
    13. 13. Want the 2012 Business Plan? Agents: 1-888-820-4778 Brokers/Teams: 1-877-732-0698• Call today and receive: – Free: 2012 Business Plan! – Free: Tapping into Facebook!• Agent Offer: Market Leader Solution – Free December and January discount – Pick what areas you want leads to come from – Lead packages: 10/20/30