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Slides from the Westcon Partner Recruit Event hosted at Microsoft UK Campus in Thames Valley Park, Reading on 18th September 2013.
An introduction to the reseller opportunity with Microsoft Lync as a communication platform, detailing sales and on-going revenue possible from Lync Enterprise Voice. In addition the complementary vendor solutions enabling Lync including Active Communications, Extreme Networks, Audiocodes, Jabra, Polycom and Plantronics. Plus the support services and value add available from Westcon to support a partner's new Lync business practice. Enquiries to marketing@westcon.co.uk / 01293 806021

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  • Typically there are 5 steps within the MS Lync sales process which partners are engaging with their end users,
  • Firstly, many partners are providing various consultancy services around Lync including business productivity and how MS Lync can deliver a strong Return on Investment (RoI). Also, an element of du-diligence may be required at this stage around the network and infrastructure to ensure it’s enabled for critical applications, such as Voice.
  • Many end users want to see Lync working within their existing environments and running a ‘timed’ Pilot provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate Lync’s capabilities and offer another form of consultancy. Some Partners have chosen to offer this to their end users as a non chargeable service, whilst others are charging their customers for deploying the Pilot. I guess you may decide this on a case by case basis. We’ll talk in more detail later about how the Active Communications Server Express (ACS) provides the ideal platform to set up quick pilots for your customers without having to do any costly & tiresome work within the customers Active Directory (AD). Making the Pilot quicker and easier to deloy.
  • Further revenues are being gained by partners as they continue to consult on design, testing, deployment, training and documentation as well as implementing Managed Service for support and maintenance.
  • Then there’s the pull through of hardware and applications…..One of the great benefits of deploying MS Lync, especially when deploying Enterprise Voice (EV) is the need for additional hardware, which is being sold at excellent margins when comparing against a traditional PBX.As you deploy Enterprise Voice (EV) the requirement for gateways, session border controllers, load balancers and end point devices grows hugely. Opportunities also increase for deployments of applications such as contact centre, call reporting and call recording which are helping partners to deliver major Lync projects. Finally, another revenue stream which many partners are taken advantage of is Microsoft’s Solution Incentive Program (SIP). The SIP rebate scheme is providing strong rebates for Partners. We’ll look at this in more detail shortly.
  • For this examplewe have taken a customer of 500 users.This business is turning over £13m and has 300 people across 30 locations. Some of their goals include to double in then next 2 years, reduce costs and implement an automated ticketing system.Some of the challenges they face are common across many organisations today and include having a disparate workforce, multiple PBX’s, aging infrastructure, high travel costs and a large real estate
  • So how will a deployment of MS Lync meet some of these challenges?Firstly, MS Lync provides a SCALABLE PLATFORM and offers flexible licensing options which will supports this business as it doubles its size. Licensing options can offer either an On-Prem, Cloud or Hybrid solution as well as be per user or per device options which means a flexible solution can be delivered.As Audio, Video conferencing and collaboration is deployed, workforce efficiency increases whilst costs are massively reduced. The need for unnecessary travel is greatly reduced and as the disparate workforce gains the ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues as if they were sat next to them, organisations have the ability to reduce the size of their real estate. MS Lync can be integrated into the existing PBX infrastructure or provides the end user with the choice to replace these platforms and save some costs on support and maintenance.Lync was developed with open advanced programming interfaces (APIs), this can enabled many applications to be integrated seamlessly into Lync. Also organisation can write bespoke applications which they can integrate. This will enable this business to integrate any ticketing system they purchase or design to be integrated and they will then be able to drive communication enabled business processes which will provide operational cost savings and efficiencies.One of the great abilities of MS Lync is Federation and being able to easily collaborate with other Lync users outside your organisation again reduces costs whilst further increasing efficiencies.
  • Now… Let me show you the money!!We’ve worked to make these figures as real as possible. In this instance we’ve taken an average of £1000 per day as a consultancy, deployment rate however this may be greater in some instances. By utilising the Active Communications Server for this deployment there is the opportunity to provide consultancy and deployment to the tune of 10 days.The support, Managed Services costs have been taken after discussions with a number of partners, however in the instance margins of 25% for Prof Services and support is on the low side. Many partners are making much larger margins than that!Now onto the software…In many instances, it may be that the end user has an agreement which means that SW is not purchased through yourselves, so I’ve not included the £45k value in the final revenue figure.. However by utilising Microsoft’s SIP incentive program and taking this deal through Microsoft’s deal registration portal (PSX) a rebate of £10k will be gained.Sections 4 and 5 covers some of the typical hardware required in this example such as the Active Communications Server, gateways, Survivable Branch appliances and end points. Partners are retaining double digit + margins on much of the hardware and this includes end points. So as you can see some great margins can be gained when deploying MS Lync
  • TheSolution Incentives Program was launched in November 2010 to drive incremental demand and sales of specific Microsoft solutions that represent key growth opportunities and create customer value. Solution Incentives are critical to Microsoft’s compete and go-to market sales motion through partners. The key objectives of the Solution Incentives Program is to reward eligible partners for successfully selling jointly with Microsoft in key workloads, which include Microsoft Lync.
  • The LyncSolution Incentive pays 10 to 20 percent. Minimum year-one requirement is $5,000 and up to $50,000 can be earned.Partners will need to be GOLD Communications accredited and register each deal through Microsoft’s PSX tool in order to gain a rebate.It’s with pleasure that I can confirm that Westcon are a GOLD Communications partner so can transact this on partners behalf.
  • Love Lync has dividedthese resources into 3 sections, aligned with each stage a partner will follow on the road to a Lync business practice.Lync Labs:Resources to help you on-board and manage your journey to becoming a Lync partner Land Lync: Guides and resources to help build a stronger sales proposition and effectively demonstrate the benefits to your customers Love Lync:Marketing materials to help build awareness, generate demand and close sales deals at a C-level.
  • Lets now look at the data center, and our architecture is ‘Open Fabric.’ Extreme’ Open Fabric is based on interoperability, standards, and the ability for a customer to deploy a best-in-class solution. It includes our leading resiliency capabilities permitting deployment of a true active-active network, demonstrated by the latest lippis report testing, and our density and latency permit customers to collapse 4, 5 or even 6 network tiers into two. Futureproofing is enabled by 100G, and our ExtremeXOS provides the flexibility to handle new technologies such as SDN. Analysts have recognized Extreme’s Open Fabric as a key differentiator vs vendor lock-in that is the case with many of our competitors.To enable the multi-vendor data center, we’ve begun to partner with other technology vendors to prove out parts of our solution. This includes EMC for synchronous Ethernet replication in support of disaster recovery, VBlock certification that permits us to connect to VCE, and QLogic for converged network adapters in support of Fibre Channel connectivity. Note: Go to the Data Center solutions page on Basecamp for more details.https://basecamp.extremenetworks.com/docs/DOC-13307
  • Key to our success, and really our crown jewel is the Extreme XOS network operating system. This is a true next-generation modular and resilient operating system that spans our complete product line, from our edge products to the BDX. A single OS permits us to maximize engineering efficiency, reduce the chance for bugs, and deliver a consistent set of services across the network. It helps with time-to-market for new innovations. Our competition requires two or sometimes three operating systems to accomplish the same. Performance is predictable. Scripting and open interfaces mean that is is extensible, and one example of this is SDN readiness through interfaces we’ve developed for both OpenFlow and OpenStack. Some vendors speak of programmable operating systems, but we’ve actually delivered this for over six years.
  • Extreme Networks partners well. We have a rich history of working with best-in-class technology and solution partners, and on the sales side, over 90% of our revenue is through the channel. This ability to partner is critical in selecting a vendor since no networking environment is truly homogeneous.
  • Extreme Networks is a strong mid-size company, consistently profitable and with no debt.We’ve been able to hold our margins by demonstrating product and solution differentiation vs the competition.We have global deployments across enterprises, data centers, and service providers, and I’ll describe this in a bit.We also pride ourselves on technical excellence, with a rich history of hardware and software innovation, resulting in over 175 patents.
  • I mentioned technical excellence. Over the last fifteen years we’ve introduced a number of unique technologies that make a real difference in network reliability, manageability, and ultimately total cost of ownership. These include quality of service, a modular next-generation network operating system, the ability to track user identity and virtual machines, EAPS for resiliency, and more recently, the BDX offering the highest density and lowest operating costs. In November of last year we added to our SDN architecture while at the same time introducing the industry’s first 100G cloud-scale interface based on merchant silicon. Our products have received numerous awards across the globe.
  • Westcon Lync Recruit Event 18-9-13

    1. 1. Lync Recruit Partner Event 18th September, 2013 Dawn Fenton Sales Director – UC & Data Solutions
    2. 2. Welcome Microsoft Lync 2013 is a phenomenal advance in Unified Communications, connecting people across devices and productivity scenarios in a way that is collaborative, consistent, engaging and accessible, from the living room to the boardroom.
    3. 3. Today Whatever your focus today… …Westcon can take your Microsoft business to where you want to be tomorrow One-to-one business planningComplementary Vendor Solutions
    4. 4. Agenda 10:00 - Welcome & Introductions 10:10 - Market Opportunity 10:30 - Lync 2013 Demonstration 10:50 - How Partners Make Money with Lync 11:05 - What role does Westcon play? 11:20 - Active Communications 11:35 - Break 11:50 - Support Programmes 12:00 - Extreme Networks 12:20 - Where next? 12:30 - Lunch & Speed Meetings
    5. 5. Product MarketingInternal Sales Pre-salesExternal Sales Dawn Fenton UC Sales Director Scott Somenthal Account Director Carlos Costa Account Director Shakeel Khokhar Account Manager Dionne Wheeler Account Director Spencer Branton Account Director Hayley Mills Internal Sales Team Leader Rhys Matthews Internal Sales Sacha Thompson Internal Sales Maia Adams Internal Sales Christian Harkus Internal Sales Lee Evans Senior Solutions Consultant Dave Richardson Solutions Consultant Barry Ralph Solutions Consultant Nick Wright European Product Manager UC Endpoints Pete Woodhams European Product Manager UC Infrastructure Rob Watts Senior Marketing Executive - Lync
    6. 6. Introductions
    7. 7. ♥ Market Opportunity Kerri Smith Business Development Manager - Voice Lync Campaign
    8. 8. ♥ Major CAM-E CAM-S CTM Breadth SMB Lync Campaign
    9. 9. ♥ Lync Campaign 90 of the Fortune 100 companies are Lync customers.
    10. 10. ♥ Lync Campaign 5M seats of Enterprise Voicedeployed, up from 3 million just 14 months ago.
    11. 11. ♥ Lync Campaign 1000 partners have chosen to bet their business on Lync. That‟s one a business day since launch!
    12. 12. ♥ 2000 applications have been delivered on the Lync platform, which is more than 4x Cisco and 5x Avaya. Lync Campaign
    13. 13. ♥ 140 devices qualified for Lync 2013 with more on the way… Lync Campaign
    14. 14.
    15. 15. ♥ Love Lync • Plus CAL growth 140% YoY (WW 90%) • H1 Sales 129% of Budget, 1st in DM • H1 Fully allocated revenue, $25M (21% YoY, 2nd DM) • FY12 Lync Adds, great for seeding voice but… • LVSS more closely aligned to selling motion • YTD 53K vs 32K, TQ in A13, EPG, CAM-S, CTM… • Voice lines shipped, NOT incumbent market share • FY12Q1 12% FY13Q1 30%, Cisco 27%, Avaya 30% • „Others‟ statistically not significant
    16. 16. ♥ £6.6BN* Lync UK Services Opportunity *addressable market opportunity as of Oct 2012 • IM/P £1.4BN • Conferencing £2.4BN • Telephony £2.8BN Opportunity across all workloads Opportunity Segment Split • UK VSB market 5-49 PCs, 24% • UK SMB market 50-499 PCs, 36% • UK Enterprise market 500+ PCs, 40% Opportunity across all org. sizes One third of new voice seats are Lync • New seat acquisition grown 8% year over year in last 12 months • 50:50 split between commercial and public sector organisations Opportunity across all market sectors Lync voice business grew 45% in 2012 • In the next 12 months: • Telephony expected growth is 72% • Conferencing expected growth is 20% • IM/P expected growth is 14%
    17. 17. ♥ The Microsoft Lync Partner Journey
    18. 18.
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21.
    22. 22.
    23. 23. ♥ Communications Competency Lync Campaign
    24. 24. ♥ Competency Benefits • SIP and other Incentives • Deployment Planning Services • PSP Activation Kit • Designated contact • Visual Studio MSDN - 10 Premium Subscriptions • Advisory hours – 50 Hours • Internal User Rights – 100 • TechNet Subscriptions – 3 Subscriptions • Access to Partner Leaning Centre • Partner Marketing Centre • Free licensing, sales and technical support • Technical Incident Support Lync Campaign
    25. 25. Lync 2013 Demo Lee Evans & Barry Ralph Solutions Architects Westcon Convergence Lync Campaign25
    26. 26. How are Partners currently making money with Lync? Scott Somenthal Account Director – Microsoft Lync
    27. 27. Generating Revenue in the Lync Sales Process Business Value Network Assessments Pilots Design & Deployment Support Hardware Resell & Incentives
    28. 28. Lync sales opportunity: Assessment services Assessment services include business productivity, workflow, business value (ROI). • Difficult to monetize, treat as pre- sales activities Network assessment services are critical to successful voice pilots and deployments. • 30% - 40% gross margins • This is a „must-have‟ service offering Business Value Network Assessments Pilots Design & Deployment Support Hardware, Software & Incentives
    29. 29. Lync sales opportunity: Pilots Business Value Network Assessments Pilots (Voice) Design & Deployment Support Hardware, Software & Incentives “Pilots drive business !!!” • Successful pilots of the full stack demonstrate Lync‟s capabilities. • Establish a toe-hold for future Lync voice expansion (the PBX / gateway integration is already done) • Typical deployment scenarios are branch office, mobile worker or limited (250 seat) in-office.
    30. 30. Lync sales opportunity: Design and deploy Business Value Network Assessments Pilots (Voice) Design & Deployment Support Hardware, Software & Incentives Bread and butter service • Design, deploy, acceptance testing • Typically 50% - 70% of project revenue • Revenues scale with project scope and complexity • 35% - 45% gross margins Knowledge transfer can be monetized • Training • Documentation
    31. 31. Lync sales opportunity: Support services Business Value Network Assessments Pilots (Voice) Design & Deployment Support Hardware, Software & Incentives Support offers significant revenues opportunities • Voice buyers expect support • Potential for long term, recurring revenue streams • 30% - 45% gross margins Many flavors of support • Short term, post deployment (£ for hours) • Maintenance (multiple blocks of hours) • Remote managed services (£/seat/month)
    32. 32. Lync sales opportunity: Hardware and software Business Value Network Assessments Pilots (Voice) Design & Deployment Support Hardware, Software & Incentives Hardware • Voice deployments need headsets, desktop / conference phone, gateways etc. • Servers • SBA • Load Balancers • Video end points • 2% - 10% gross margins • Establish relationships with hardware vendors / distributors Software incentives • Microsoft solution incentive on net new license sales • 10% - 20% incentives SIP Trunks
    33. 33. Typical Deal Show me the money!
    34. 34. A Customer… Goals: • Double revenue in 2 years • Reduced cost • External guidance on strategy • Automated ticketing system 500 People – 30 locations • Head office: 300 people • 29 branch offices: 6-7 people • Disparate workforce Challenges: • Disparate workforce • Multiple PBXs • Aging platform • High travel costs • Growth of real estate £13m – looking to double in 2 years
    35. 35. Potential Solution • Long term value based strategy on UC and Collaboration • Single centralised UC Platform – hybrid? Double Revenue Reduce Cost Flexible Licensing Ticketing System New Services
    36. 36. Let me show you the money…. Work through a typical deal: customer size, # seats, customer size, existing h/w & s/w, skills available at the customer, other assumptions etc. Total £ Margin? 1 Services Audit (1), assessment (1), POC (1), design etc (2). (Principle Consultant) Project installation (2), staging (1) and training(2) etc. (Blended Rate - £1k per day) £20,000 £5,000 2 Support, management & maintenance income Managed service contract, support or further development etc. £5 Per user per month £2,500 p/m £30,000 p/a £7,500 3 Software Client (£90 Std/Ent/Plus and Client) £45,000 £10,000* 4 Hardware ACS Server (£19k), Devices (400 handsets/ 100 headsets £42k) £61,000 £12,000 5 Add-on sales Gateways, SIP trunks, SBA, Load balancers £80,000 £16,000 £191,000 £50,500*Note SIP must be claimed via PSX. Standard Lync is 10% / Enterprise Lync is 20% Does not include CAL suites Partner for all
    37. 37. Partner Incentive Microsoft Solution Incentives Programme (SIP)
    38. 38. Solution Incentives Programme (SIP) Sell Transact Manage Solution Incentives recognise and reward eligible partners for successful Joint Solution Selling with Microsoft in strategic workloads. Deploy FY 13 Offerings: Windows 8, Lync, Application Platform, Management & Virtualization
    39. 39. Earn Solution Incentives 10% 20% Lync Enterprise (Lync Enterprise Server, Lync Enterprise CAL Standalone, Plus CAL) Lync Standard (Lync Standard Server Lync Standard CAL Standalone) EXAMPLE First Yr Revenue Incentives Lync Enterprise $50,000 $10,000 Lync Standard $50,000 $5,000 Total $100,000 $15,000 Business Rules • Min. revenue: $5,000 year-1 billed • Earn up to $50,000 • New or Add-On/True-Up License Sales • All Volume License Programmes Included • Excludes CAL Suites (Enterprise CAL Suites and Core CAL Suites) Solution Incentives Programme (SIP)
    40. 40. So far this FY Microsoft have paid, across 12 partners… £252,436
    41. 41. What role does Westcon play?
    42. 42. Your Lync Distribution Partner Watch this video on YouTube http://j.mp/westconVideo
    43. 43. Where are you on the journey to Lync business enablement? Microsoft Partners Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics… Traditional / Legacy UC Partners Avaya, Cisco, Siemens… „Pure Play‟ Device Partners Audiocodes, Plantronics, Polycom, Jabra… UC Partners Lync & Legacy Integration Legacy + Device Add-on
    44. 44. What role does Westcon Play? THE TEAM: A fully accredited team of specialists, perfectly aligned to support growth for our partners ACCELERATION: Build a plan and walk you through sign-up / accreditation at a pace that suits you ORCHESTRATION: Pre-sales, Portfolio, Marketing, Training, Post-sales Services, programmes, Logistics, Credit and more… SIMPLIFICATION: Access to a comprehensive product suite and supporting technologies, to increase your revenue and customer touch
    45. 45. Training & Demo Facilities Pre-sales Dedicated UC Team Professional Services Not just exceptional Global Logistics Capabilities Westcon Support Teams Marketing & Product Mgmt
    46. 46. Network Infrastructure The Westcon Lync Vendor Eco-System Identify Lync Platform Identify End Points Identify Devices Identify Voice Gateway Applications Network Infrastructure
    47. 47. The Westcon UC Vendor Portfolio
    48. 48. Professional Services • Installation • Maintenance • Site Survey • Pre-staging • Project Management • Consultancy • Programming Access multi-vendor accredited engineers & resources with competitive day rates, comprehensive Service Level Agreements, all from a dedicated Support Team
    49. 49. Introducing Marco de Jager
    50. 50. Traditional Microsoft Lync design QOE Monitorin g Archiving CDR Public IM Clouds MSNAOL Yahoo Remote Users DMZ Federated Businesses Front-End Server (IM, Presence) Inbound Routing Outbound Routing PSTN Backend SQL server Exchange 2010 Server UM Voicemail UC endpoints Active Directory Voice Mail Routing PBX Edge Server Data Audio/ Video SIP Mediation Server PRI (SIP-PSTN GW)
    51. 51. With Active Communications MSNAOL Yahoo Remote Users Federated Businesses Exchange Server & Office 365 Voicemail UC Endpoints ACS PSTN Public IM Clouds Skype Enterprise Active Directory
    52. 52. ACS Portfolio… • ACS Express M800 • Out-of-the-box running gateway with ACS Lync • Full deployment on Mediant 800 • SIP BRI or PRI with 4 FXS • Unique AD Connector • Up to 100 users • ACS Hardware Appliance: virtualized on Hyper-V • Out-of-the-box running LYNC deployment • Full deployment on one Dell rack server • Unique AD Connector • Up to 2500 users • ACS Software Appliance (software only) • Runs on virtual environment of customer • Unique installer incl. unique AD Connector • Full deployment of all roles • Less than 3 hours • Number of users as needed
    53. 53. Lync Simplified Active Communications Lync Appliance  Single footprint without multiple servers  Out of the box solution  2 days implementation time  Active Directory Connector to integrate with Enterprise network  No impact on Enterprise Active Directory  Admin tool to manage user settings like call forwarding  Get Microsoft Voice competency in a box
    54. 54. • Enterprise Customers • Proof of Concept box • Lync Voice enabler for Branch Offices • SMB • Need for Unified Communications • Microsoft “houses” • Office365 Voice Enabler • Upgrade from E3 to E4 just EUR2 • On-Premise Lync for UC • Seamless integration SharePoint and Exchange Online • Hosting Providers • Requiring Voice On-Premise ACS Markets
    55. 55. ACS Advantages for your customers… • ACS is 110% Lync • TCO • Single Footprint • Single Point of administration • ACS appliance is an asset, i.e. depreciation over multiple years • ICT • No implications for Enterprise Forest • Multiple AD connections • Unified administration • Easy deployment • Short installation • Remote Administration • Controlled roll out within organization
    56. 56. Westcon & Microsoft Support Rob Watts Westcon Convergence Marketing – Microsoft Lync
    57. 57. ♥ Love Lync Your Lync resource centre
    58. 58. ♥ YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR EVERYTHING LYNC http://j.mp/lovelync lovelync@microsoft.com
    59. 59. ♥ YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR EVERYTHING LYNC http://j.mp/lovelync lovelync@microsoft.com
    60. 60. ♥ YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR EVERYTHING LYNC http://j.mp/lovelync lovelync@microsoft.com
    61. 61. ♥ YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR EVERYTHING LYNC http://j.mp/lovelync lovelync@microsoft.com
    62. 62. ♥ http://j.mp/lovelync lovelync@microsoft.com
    63. 63. Reseller Portal: www.westcon.co.uk • Latest Promotions • Interactive Product Guides • Events and Training • Complimentary Vendors • Reusable Marketing Materials • Financial Services • Product Information • Competitive Intelligence discoverUC.co m
    64. 64. Digital Marketing and Collateral Apps: Search: Westcon Library published on Apple iTunes & Google Play Store (soon Windows 8.1) • 8 x „Tell Me About…‟ Guides: overviews of vendor portfolios in easy to read and understand format • 6 x Solution Briefs: Deep dives on specific vendor solutions • Push updates for latest materials
    65. 65. Training Lync Tech Airlift – 14-16 Oct [Full] • Design Lync Pre-sales Workshop Lync Sales Workshops • Positioning benefits & competitive • Multi-vendor messaging • Coming Soon Q4 Westcon-hosted Vendor Training Pre-register via your feedback form Westcon Academy at www.westcon.co.uk Westcon Academy
    66. 66. Marketing Services • Managed channel marketing programme • Integrated Marketing Campaigns • Dedicated Marketing account manager • Marketing Consultancy • Demand generation • E-marketing / Events / Social
    67. 67. ♥ Join the communities http://j.mp/lovelync lovelync@microsoft.com Join the Westcon & Love Lync Linkedin groups @WestconUC @msftLync #lync Register for Lync email updates on your feedback form ukgo.ms/Qhn1v8 j.mp/westconlinkedin
    68. 68. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Chris Elliott Channel Account Manager 18th September Extreme Networks & Microsoft Lync
    69. 69. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Agenda The Network & Lync How can Extreme Networks help? The Value of Extreme Networks Partnership 69
    70. 70. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. The Problem… 70 “In a recent survey, over 28% of respondents stated that their Network was not ready for Lync” TechTarget Reader Survey The Opportunity!
    71. 71. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Network Lync Requirements 71 The user demands … • Access through multiple devices • Quality experience • Always available – no excuses! The IT manager needs … • Control, control, control • Simple management and provisioning • Low TCO
    72. 72. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. How can Extreme Networks help? 72 Wired & Wireless Highly Resilient Low latency Microsoft Lync Approved Automated Management
    73. 73. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Resilient and Proven Memory Protected Predictable Performance Adaptable Across Platforms Modular Distributed Policies Intelligent and Personalized Scripting and Open Interfaces Loadable Modules Virtualization Differentiator: The Power of ExtremeXOS® 73 The Power and Service Predictability of A Single OS From Service Provider, Through The Enterprise Edge And Core, And Into The Data Center
    74. 74. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Working with Extreme Networks
    75. 75. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.75 • Servers • Storage • Applications “Best of Breed” Solutions Enhanced By a Global Partner Program Driving Strength Through Partnerships Solutions Reach Relevance
    76. 76. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Partner Sales Support Demonstration facilities (Full range of products and solutions available to demonstrate) 76 Private and Public Cloud Open, extensible, and investment-protecting solution for hosted cloud providers Lead Generation (Telemarketing, Targeted Partner Campaigns, Pre Built Campaign Kits) Joint Sales Activities (Customer Visits/Calls with Account Manager, Direct Touch & Pre Sales Support as required) Tender Responses (Support in building Extreme specific responses to tenders)
    77. 77. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Focused & Growing Network Technology Pure-Play 77 FY2012 revenue results; Cash as of 2 Feb 2013 $322M Revenue in FY2012 6000+ Customers 30M+ Ports Shipped $196M Cash 19OF20Top Mobile Carriers 175+ Patents $0 Debt 300+Open Fabric Data Center Customers 180%10Gbps Port Growth Over 12 Months
    78. 78. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Leading Technology Innovator 78 Pioneer Layer 2/3 Ethernet Switching Price/Performance Leadership Pioneer Ethernet Quality of Service Pioneer Packet- Ring Technology Modular OS: ExtremeXOS® First On-Switch Programmability First Virtualization- Aware Network First to Market with 40G Highest-Density, Lowest Latency, Lowest Power 1996 2013 First Cost Effective Cloud Scale 100G
    79. 79. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Try Extreme with Lync 79 In conjunction with Westcon: •Use Extreme with Lync and receive up to 65% off list price on Summit x440 range
    80. 80. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Summary • Networks need to be ready to support Lync – a large number aren‟t today Requirement • Extreme has the technology solutions and heritage to support Voice over the Network Solution • Lync accredited for your customers piece of mindReference Architecture 80 Margin Opportunity • Increased revenue, 100% Channel only & high margin retention expectations
    81. 81. © 2012 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Thank You
    82. 82. Summary Scott Somenthal Account Director – Microsoft Lync Lync Campaign 82
    83. 83. We‟re interested – what next? Research Lync Partner Recruit Event 1 Build Agree your Lync Business Plan 2 Engage Sales Training, Pre-sales Workshops 3 Market Go to market with Sales & Marketing execution 4 
    84. 84. Your feedback Feedback on quality and relevance of content Follow Up Requests Receive Further Information Book Westcon & Vendor Meetings Business Plan Book Sales Training Book Pre-sales & Engineering Training Marketing Plan & Assets Content will be shared with all attendees by email
    85. 85. Meet our Complementary Lync Vendors
    86. 86. Why Jabra? Jabra named „Microsoft Communication Partner Award 2013 Finalist‟ for unwavering commitment to quality and innovative solutions.
    87. 87. Why AudioCodes? • Microsoft Gold Partner • Working with Microsoft since inception of OCS/LCS • The 1st Microsoft Certified Call Recording Application Comprehensive Product and Service programme simplifying the Voice-Enablement of Lync. Partner on-boarding benefits include : Deal Registration, Joint Marketing & Education • Enhanced Voice Gateways & Session Border Controllers • Resilient Branch and Survivable Branch Appliances (RBA/SBA) • Lync Certified IP Phone endpoints • Call Recording, Auto Attendant and network monitoring applications • Professional Services including Network Voice Readiness Assessment, Installation/Commissioning and pre/post-sales support
    88. 88. Why Plantronics? • Market leaders in the mobile communication market • Microsoft Communications Technology Partner of the Year 2012 Learn about… Contextual Intelligence by Plantronics makes Lync smarter, by helping it understand what its users are actually doing — where they are, if they‟re busy, whether they‟re using their mobile phone, and more.
    89. 89. Why Polycom? The Polycom and Microsoft Alliance delivers complete solutions that transform UC for customers and partners. • Optimised for Microsoft Environments • Seamless interoperability • Easy to use solutions demonstrating strong ROI 97 10M 76 40+
    90. 90. Lunch & Speed Meetings Book your Meetings with vendors & Westcon • Active Communications • Audiocodes • Extreme Networks • Jabra • Plantronics • Polycom • Westcon Business Development • Westcon Pre-sales 90 Thank you