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Marketing and Sales together at last


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This live webinar demonstrates how using an integrated customer acquisition solution can help to close the loop between marketing and sales. We show you examples of how this process has worked for other companies, giving them a better understanding as to where their leads are coming from and how to best spend their marketing dollars for the highest return. - See more at:

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Marketing and Sales together at last

  1. 1. OSSCube Presents Marketing and Sales: Together at Last June 18, 2015
  2. 2. Our Speakers Amit Yougesh Tugnait Project Manager OSSCube John Bernard Executive Vice President OSSCube
  3. 3. • Missing revenue targets • Losing customers to competition • Running over budget • Cost of sales too high • Teams working in silos Barriers to Success
  4. 4. • Marketing and sales doing their own thing • Poor lead quality • Low conversion rates • Lack of follow up • Low Sales Productivity • Two sales reps calling the same prospect Symptoms
  5. 5. Marriage of Marketing & Sales
  6. 6. Increase Total Customer Value
  7. 7. Customer Acquisition Solution
  8. 8. Notional Architecture
  9. 9. Our Partnerships
  10. 10. Sugar 7 - Next Generation CRM • Enterprise ready – IBM case study • Recognized by Gartner as a Visionary Leader • Fastest growing CRM solution
  11. 11. Sugar7 - Next Generation CRM INNOVATION FLEXIBILITY VALUE • Modern and immersive user experience • Consistent interface across all devices • Integrated collaboration tools to break down silos • Single pane of glass to provide 360° view
  12. 12. Sugar7 - Next Generation CRM INNOVATION FLEXIBILITY VALUE • Broadest range of deployment options on-premise or cloud • Easily integrates with 3rd party data sources • Most highly customizable platform based on open technologies • Seamlessly scales with the needs of your business
  13. 13. INNOVATION FLEXIBILITY VALUE • Simple, predictable pricing with no hidden fees or forced upgrades • Industry’s most innovative, robust CRM at an affordable price • Fuses the simplicity, mobility and social aspects of a consumer app for all customer-facing employees • Reduce TCO by 50% or more! Sugar7 - Next Generation CRM
  14. 14. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Act-On founded to create new technology that helps marketers drive business. Beta customers give market validation. Engineers write lots of code fueled by spicy food and beer. Commercial traction with over 100 customers. Venture capitalists invest Fastest growing company in marketing automation with over 500 customers. Wins Rising Star Award in Oregon. Over 1,000 customers and over 100 employees. Acclaimed by Forbes, Inc. 500 and Deloitte 500. Almost 2,000 customers and over 200 employees. Recognized as leader by Forrester Research Wins Inc. 500 and Deloitte 500 awards again. Over 3,000 customers and 400 employees. Act-On Marketing Automation
  15. 15. Act-On Marketing Automation • Stay engaged with your audience! • All-In-One Integrated Marketing Suite ‒ Helping marketers to tie inbound, outbound and nurturing programs together for greater ROMI ‒ Create, manage, and report on multi-channel marketing programs  E-mail, web, mobile and social • Out of the box SugarCRM integration • Monthly contract – no long term commitment
  16. 16. How? Act-On Marketing Automation • Email ‒ Personalized, relevant and on any device • Forms & LP ‒ Optimize to capture • Website Prospector ‒ From anonymous to known • Events ‒ Webinars ‒ Trade shows
  17. 17. Nearly two centuries of helping businesses build their relationship platform • The world’s largest commercial database ‒ 30,000 data sources ‒ 5 million updates per day • One of the largest, most accurate contact databases (Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex) ‒ More than 240 million company records ‒ Our patented DUNSRight™ data quality process Dun & Bradstreet
  18. 18. Missing, incomplete, or outdated information Fresh and complete information Limited or no company research Company research, industry research, and talking points Not enough new prospects Find new prospects and upsell current customers 25% Sales Opportunity Growth 19% Higher team Attainment of Sales Quota 33% Shorter Sales Cycle 23% Sales Production Boost 21% Increase in CRM Adoption Dun & Bradstreet Results:
  19. 19. OSSCube Develops an Integrated Solution for Boardroom Events
  20. 20. The Problem • Company is growing rapidly • Applications are not scalable or integrated • Technology platform was not available to support business growth initiatives
  21. 21. The Journey • Migrated to SugarCRM and Act-On ‒ From Zoho and HubSpot ‒ Integrated Survey Gizmo ‒ Integrated web forms ‒ Utilizing D&B for data validation • Developing portal for extracting value from data and P2P communication • Scalable and seamless integration
  22. 22. Notional Architecture
  23. 23. The Results • Extensible technology platform to support business growth • Increased productivity • Able to launch new practice area ‒ Monetizing data
  24. 24. What Can We Do for You? Modernization Mobilization eCommerce Big Data & Analytics Cloud
  25. 25. 1-888-967-7282
  26. 26. Extra Slides to Delete
  27. 27. The Problem • Decentralized software solutions prevented integration of marketing and sales • Specific issue for marketing with crm • Specific issue for sales and customer value • Specific issue for data source enrichment [figure showing many disjoint applications, CRM, marketing, data warehouse, ERP, survey, web]
  28. 28. A Complete Customer Acquisition and Retention Solution Seamlessly integrate best-of-breed applications • Marketing automation – Act-On • Customer relationship management – SugarCRM • Data quality and enrichment – Dun and Bradstreet • Other 3rd party applications The Solution
  29. 29. A Complete Customer Acquisition and Retention Solution Seamlessly integrate best-of-breed applications • Act-on out of the box integration with SugarCRM 7.5 Professional
  30. 30. Increase Total Customer Value • Complete customer acquisition and retention solution • Seamlessly integrate best of breed applications ‒ CRM – SugarCRM ‒ Marketing Automation – Act-On ‒ Content Management - Drupal • Dynamically adapts content to audience ‒ Improved conversion rates ‒ Shorter sales cycles
  31. 31. Case Study: Boardroom Events
  32. 32. A Complete Customer Acquisition and Retention Solution Seamlessly integrate best-of-breed applications • Customer Relationship management – SugarCRM • Marketing automation – Act-On • Data quality and enrichment – Dun and Bradstreet • Web content management • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) • Other 3rd party applications and tools Increase Total Customer Value
  33. 33. Notional ArchitectureAct-On A Complete Customer Acquisition and Retention Solution • Transparent pricing • Easy to use • Seamless integration with tools you already us • Faster productivity