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  1. 1. The Descent
  2. 2. Purpose • The purpose of the descent is of course to make money and entertain the audience. They want to make a return on what they have spent on the film and when the film is released they want to achieve what all films want to achieve which is good feedback ad reviews.
  3. 3. Genre • The descent is the typical horror movie with shock and suspense all in. It has gore and blood right at the beginning of the film with the pipes going through the dads head and the crash killing the daughter. There is also gore through out which makes it the typical horror with the fighting scenes when they are fighting the crawlers which when are shown on screen look truly horrific.
  4. 4. Style & Content • Through out the descent there is a reoccurring theme and process which is somebody dies and then they continue on and do something else. The group of people are secluded in the middle of nowhere and what makes the feeling of seclusion even worse is that they are stuck miles under ground in a cave. In this cave and area they are struck with an unknown monster which are called crawlers. • First of all they are traveling through the forest which is the equilibrium • Disruption is when the child and father gets killed in crash • Recognition by Sarah when she wakes up that her husband and child are dead • Reaction is her breaking down, dissolves in tears and then gets a hug from Beth • Restoration of equilibrium is when she emotionally breaks down due to everyone dying, this is what we don’t really see although she does go through it which is why they go to the cabin the next ear to escape • Then they go to the cabin to get over everything • Disrupted when they go caving and the roof collapses everything's fine until that point • Recognition is how they are going to get out, main person is Juno that says they cant get out • Reaction is trying to get out of the cave • Equilibrium reaction here is when they attempt to find a way out • Equilibrium here is they are trying to get out of the cave • Disrupted by crawlers • Recognition is first of all by Sarah then by the others that went to explore in the bones room • Reaction to this is total fear as there are all trying to escape, this point they all split up and get taken out one by one • Restoration of equilibrium is when Sarah finds her way out, however this is not a certainty as the whole thing could be a dream.