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Deodorants - Axe, Dove, Yardley, Rexona, Nivea - SWOT Analysis, Positioning.

Deodorants - Axe, Dove, Yardley, Rexona, Nivea - SWOT Analysis, Positioning. Success and Failure, Brand Personality

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Deodorants - Axe, Dove, Yardley, Rexona, Nivea - SWOT Analysis, Positioning.

  1. 1. Deodorants Group Members : Navdeep Sinver Rutuja Kharat Ritika Mathur Sujin Daeeun Kim
  2. 2. • Axe is a cool, iconic brand launched in India in 1999 by Hindustan Unilever. • It is the largest selling male deodorant in India. • Also it has a variety of male grooming products such as Axe Aftershave Lotions & Axe BodyWash. • All timeTagline of AXE is “The Axe Effect” but in the last adv. it was “Score More” • BrandAmbassador ofAxe India is Ranbir Kapoor.
  3. 3. STP Segment Single segment : Male ( ) Target Group Targets the male urban youth – mass urban product Positioning The company extensively usesTV ads and conducts manyCampaigns. They emphasize on the message that the Brand users are High on Confidence. "Adventurous” Marketing Strategy because this brand deals with girls and seduction..
  4. 4. Brand Personality Brand Personality is a set of HumanCharacteristics associated with a Brand. Main Characteristics Associated with AXE are - • Masculinity • Seduction • Individuality • Unconventionality • Young
  5. 5. Success • All the deodorants that Axe produced are successful because of the quality and effective promotions. • Their adv. Campaigns and promotional strategy is a benchmark. • All the fragrances are premium and new to this genre. • Campaigns like chocolate month of the year, CLICK, Score more were a great success.
  6. 6. Failures • The advertisement of Axe deals with Girls & Seduction and there was rise in conflicts. • Many cases and law suits were filed against the Advertisements showcased. • Axe is a brand which has other products like Aftershave gel & Axe body wash which is a complete failure of the brand. • Initially, it caused infections and skin problems because of the chemicals used.
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis Strength 1. Market Leadership 2.Affordable price. 3. Excellent advertising and branding targeting the youth. 4. Good distribution, Promotions and campaigns for luring customers. 5. Famous for creative advertisements. Weakness 1. Only an urban market phenomenon 2. High pricing reduces the target market 3.Controversial advertising often leads to legal issues
  8. 8. SWOT Analysis Opportunity 1. Coming up with Limited Edition fragrances. 2.Tie up with hotel chains and large organizations like gym chains etc. 3. Create a new product lines, targeting female customers. Threats 1. Risk of being a brand for enhancing the men sex-appeal. 2. Copy by the competitors. 3. Emerging local players with lesser price. 4. Spray emits damages to the environment. Competition Competitors 1. SetWet 2. Zatak 3. Fuel
  9. 9. • Dove is a personal care brand started by Unilever. • This brand came to India in 1995 • It is imported and marketed by Hindustan Unilever Limited. • The DoveWhitening Deodorant was launched in India in Feb 2013 • It was very well received.
  10. 10. Positioning • This brand is positioned as a brand that celebrates the ‘real women’ • It emphasises on the ethical aspect of beauty • Casting ‘real’ women for ads, emphasises on the moral aspect of beauty and self confidence. • It also builds an emotional tie with women
  11. 11. Targeting • Target group: • Gender: Female • Income: Middle Income group • It focuses on women of all ages(real women approach)
  12. 12. Brand Personality • Dove does not use models or actresses as their brand ambassadors • They follow one concept: RealWomen • They cast women who are average sized and elderly to convey this message.
  13. 13. Success • The Dove Real Beauty campaign has featured a number of women who are displaying everyday beauty. • This is a departure from the images in beauty magazines that suggests that every woman has to be extremely skinny and have a perfect body. • Dove's products are also affordable and accessible to everyone, to indicate that every woman can feel beautiful every single day. • The campaign has been well-received with women, which is why it's still popular.
  14. 14. SWOT
  15. 15. YARDLEY
  16. 16. AboutYardley • Yardley , though a brand with high recall and recognition, was languishing in the Indian market because of the lack of marketing support.There was seldom any campaign for the brand neither it was promoted at the store level.The new owner inWipro has a very successful marketing history demonstrated by the success of the brand Santoor. • In November 2009, Wipro acquired the rights for marketingYardley in Asia. The ad gave the message of heritage , London Connection, Signature fragrance , attributes ofYardley.
  17. 17. SUCCESS Yardley deodorant's are successful due to following reasons:- • Reasonable price • Its successful fragrance are English Rose and Lavender – due its soft and feline smell. • Long Lasting • GoodQuality • Wipro has made its first major initiative forYardley by roping in the current Bollywood Diva Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador forYardley.The brand expects to ride in the current sensation's popularity to make a comeback in the Indian personal care market
  18. 18. FAILURE • Before going into the quality of the campaign, its important to understand the tactical significance of such a move.Yardley wants to move fast in terms of reinforcing its brand credentials. It want to announce its resurgence fast and make an impact. For that celebrity endorsement offers a reasonable strategic sense.
  19. 19. • But as usual , the execution failed the brand strategy.The ad was poorly made in the sense that there was no creative spark in it. The theme, execution, message everything was so cliché that the ad never made any impact. At best it reminded about the brand nothing more nothing less. • The Red Rose deodorant ofYardley was not that successful within the consumers as it was too strong and did not like it.
  20. 20. INTRODUCTION • Rexona is the brand that created the deodorant market in India.This brand is a classic case the proves the marketing ability of Hindustan Lever Limited(HLL). • Rexona deodorant introduced lots of variants in order to create strategic pre-emption for the competition to enter the category. Rexona Deodorant is now positioned as a unisex brand with the baseline “Wont let you down”. It is highliting the brands as world’s largest selling deo and the rational benefit of 24hr protection.
  21. 21. Primary target • Demographic (13to 35, male or female) • Lifestyle (Vain, Athletic, Fashionable/Trendy, Active/always ) • Behavior(wants to stay fresh/odorless and have whiter underarms)
  22. 22. What is generic winning strategy? ● Low Cost Producer ● Supply and Distribution Leverage ● Differentiation ● Niche
  23. 23. Strengths • A good aroma while not being too strong • Long lasting effects • Reduction of sweat and body odour • Reasonable price • Ability to blend with and not clash with other perfumes that may be used along with the product
  24. 24. • presence of Rexona’s unique body-responsive technology, which releases extra protection. • Long lasting deodorant, will not let down its customers • Only deodorant tailored to the needs of both sexes, with separate product ranges for each.
  25. 25. •Nivea is a global skin and body-care brand that is owned by the German company Beiersdorf.The company was founded on March 28, 1882 by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf.
  26. 26. Internet being one of the best way of marketing because it affects people a lot. These days, we can say that the success and failure of the product depends on the internet.This internet means the blogs, review of the product, and recommendation.
  27. 27. Success One of the success Nivea deodorant product is ‘Nivea pearl&beauty’. this product also affected from the internet. Some people who used this product said a good word as a review on their blogs so that other people can try the same product
  28. 28. Failure The failure deodorant product can be said most of the roll-on deodorant. The reason why is because many people says that Spray deodorant is much more comfortable than roll-on deodorant and spray deodorant lasts longer than roll-on deodorant. Also, they say that it doesn’t feel good when they apply this roll-on deodorant on their body.They says it is sticky.