Masters of Marketing: Website Foundations


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  • Start with the basics: Your Account SettingsFrom here you can stipulate:
  • You HAVE to have forms to quote insurance!That’s why they are the VERY NEXT step after your account information- they are the next most important thing!
  • And so you say, “But Nell, I sell Life Insurance to Thanksgiving Turkeys- I don’t see the form I need!”No problem, that’s why we have the form builder!The Form Builder is going to give you a lot of flexibility. You basically have 3 options:
  • What’s more important then your customers being able to reach you? NOTHING!
  • An extremely important element in insurance is the Customer- Agent relationship. This is extremely important to maintain ESPECIALLY in these fast-paced days of “technology and text first, human conversations later.” A great way to give a “human face” to your agency is to set up and maintain your Employee Directory page. This allows the customer to actually put a face to a name, and lends a human element to an otherwise cold format- the typical webpage.
  • We all like getting money, right? But we HATE processing billing and payments! LUCKILY- we have a “Make a Payment” page! Simply go through a list of carriers and select the ones you write for and these will be automatically populated. On the Company Links page, this will take the customer to the carrier’s homepageOn the Payment page, this will take the customer to the carrier’s payment page to pay directly- thus eliminating the necessity for you to hassle with it!
  • If you’ve been an agent for quite some time, you have a stable of questions you repeatedly hear.The FAQ page is a good place to post these.
  • Why is the end goal to rank high? Because as an internet user yourself, when have you EVER gone PAST maybe the 3rd page on a Google search list? THAT’S why you want to be in the top numbers. High on this list means more people find you. More traffic means more end customers, which we all know means - - More $!!
  • There is so much to say abut SEO, it could EASILY become it’s own Webinar Series, so we will just barely gloss the surface here for the purpose of getting our website set up. Some things to set up for your SEO in the beginning might be (read list)
  • This is my favorite stuff because this is where it gets fun- because it gets personal! Tell the customer more about you and your agency- forge that relationship!
  • Masters of Marketing: Website Foundations

    1. 1. Website Foundations Or:You can’t spell “fun” without the “fundamentals”!
    2. 2. Foundational Elements We will answer these questions:• What do I need to have, getting started?• What are the most important things and why? And most importantly:• Where do I start!?!
    3. 3. Account Settings Start here• Establish the framework basics: – Basic account information – Authorized states – Languages – Miscellaneous Settings like: • Newsletter • Glossary • Blog comments
    4. 4. Quote & Customer Service Forms• We provide many default forms already built in – Organized by folder into Line of Business – It’s as easy as “check the box” next to the form you want added to your site
    5. 5. Quote & Customer Service Forms Form Builder• Default quote forms or certificates• Use one of our defaults as a template – Cut-and-paste various elements in or out as needed• Create one of your own from scratch – If it is extremely specific
    6. 6. Office Locations• You have the ability to add multiple locations – They will all be marked on a map
    7. 7. Employee Directory Who works at the agency?• Professional head shots• Auto formats – Job title – Email address – Contact numbers – Even which office location!
    8. 8. Company Links & Payment Links• Simply go through a list of carriers and select the ones you write for – These will be automatically populated• On the Company Links page, this will take the customer to the carrier’s homepage• On the Payment page, this will take the customer to the carrier’s payment page to pay directly
    9. 9. FAQ’s• Stop it at the Source – Consumers tend to use the internet BEFORE speaking directly• Great for communication – Can post customer- submitted questions with answers by agent• Also good for SEO – Searchable terms and hot keywords may bring new users
    10. 10. SEO Settings What is that and why is it so important?• SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. – SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free” listings on search engines (as opposed to paid search ads).• The end goal is to rank high
    11. 11. SEO Continued• Page titles – Dallas TX Auto Insurance• Site description – Like a small summary • ITC Insurance provides Personal Insurance coverage including auto and home in Dallas, Texas• Page keywords – “Searchable” terms • Dallas, Homeowner, Insurance, Tornados
    12. 12. Site Content• We provide default content – Personal custom content is ALWAYS preferable• Tell the customer more about YOU• Great place to add more photos
    13. 13. Recap• Account Settings• Forms (Quote & Customer Service)• Locations• Employee Directory• Payment and Company Links• FAQ’s• SEO Settings• Content (default vs. custom)
    14. 14. FinThanks for joinin’ ya’ll!