Masters of Marketing: Blogging Consistently


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Tips for blogging consistently, using a content calendar, so that you can develop customer loyalty and satisfy the need for fresh and relevant content on your website.

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Masters of Marketing: Blogging Consistently

  1. 1. BloggingHow to Do It Consistently
  2. 2. Content is King The most important thing you can do for your website is to add content. “Companies that blog have far better marketing results.”55% more website visitors 67% more leads per month 434% more indexed pages(
  3. 3. More, More, More! Certain things just make sense. Who wouldn’t want more traffic? More visitors to their site? More customers for their business?So concentrate on the content. Make it relevant. Make it interesting.Sites get picked up by search engines because of the content, not the design.Content will get people to your site. Now you just have to make them stay.
  4. 4. Use that BlogBlogs are the epitome of new, fresh, and relevant content on your site. Post infographics, comic strips, funny stories about insurance, or important news about changes in the industry. Consider events or topics that are important to your followers.
  5. 5. Be Engaging Get People to VisitMake People Stay a While Keep Them Coming Back
  6. 6. Have FunBlogging helps and can be fun at the same time ∙ Invite communication ∙ Speak to the masses ∙ Exercise your mind ∙ Evoke a response ∙ Peak curiosity
  7. 7. Blog Away It might be the most fun you have at work all day.Schedule blogging into your life Use a calendar to make it less stressful & less intimidating
  8. 8. A Blog Content Calendar Satisfying the consistent desire for fresh content = Blogging + Calendar Create a list of events that give you an excuse to write. Date these events and pick some to tackle first.Decide what type of content can coincide with each event. Set a deadline for yourself.
  9. 9. Brainstorming Here’s a handy (& long) list of events to get your gears turningYour Products Holidays Seasonal / Calendar Events ● New product launches ● Christmas ● First day of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring ● Product upgrades / relaunches ● New Year ● Summer Vacation / Back to School ● Announcements about big new clients ● Easter ● The Equinoxes & SolsticesYour Business ● Independence Day ● Start & end of daylight savings time ● Mardi Gras ● Tax Season ● Anniversary of the company ● Diwali ● Company conferences War & Conflict ● Ramadan ● Other events / meetups ● VE / VJ Day ● Hanukkah ● Publication of content ● Remembrance Day ● Valentine’s Day ● Announcing new job openings ● Independence Days ● Halloween ● Announcing new hires / personnel changes ● Mother’s / Father’s Day ● Famous battles ● Mergers and acquisitions ● April Fool’s Day ● Terrorism memorialsIndustry News and Events ● Friday 13th Celebrated / Remembered Events ● Annual Reports ● Feburary 29th ● Industry Awards ● Pi Day ● Look for 10th/25th/100th anniversaries ● Industry Conferences ● St Patrick’s Day ● Tragedies (natural disasters, plane crashes) ● Industry Exhibitions ● Chinese New Year Sports Events ● Industry / Partner Events Once-in-a-Lifetime Events ● Superbowl or PlayoffsPolitics & Community ● Halley’s Comet ● March Madness ● Local / regional / national election cycles ● The last NASA shuttle launch ● Ryder Cup ● New laws / bills ● Solar eclipse ● Olympics ● Opening / closing of political seasons ● Turn of a century ● Soccer World Cup ● Annual budget announcement
  10. 10. Remember... Theres still work to be done after you blog Optimize your post titleShare it in your status updatesAdd it to your email signature Include it in your newsletter
  11. 11. Blogging Bottom Line Having a blog for your agency offers many benefits Increases your website traffic Develops loyalty & trust with customers and prospectsExpands your knowledge as you (& your staff) research topics The time you invest on your blog will offer great returns.
  12. 12. Thanks! Be sure to join us again next weekfor more tips on growing your agency.All the information discussed today can be found on our blog as well: