Best Design for your website.


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Best Design for your website.

  1. 1. Nakul Anand Creative
  2. 2.  Site must be simple ‘n’ sober Focus on the particular things like services, products & client list Mission and vision of your site clearly shown in the website First look of your website clearly show the idea (work) of your website Don’t put unnecessarily video, animations, images & any music its creates a negative impact on users Size of the html or .php or .net page is below 100kb its helps to open fast. Don’t use popup windows its also increases the page
  3. 3.  Reduce website loading time Easy to navigate Show your latest work Reply email to your customer SEO Friendly site Spelling & grammar must correct Browser Compatibility Web Page height and width manage according to screen resolution Renew Domain Name & hosting Every
  4. 4.  Concept of your website  Structure of your website  Content as per you website  Design, User interface &
  5. 5.  Goal of your Website  Structure of your website  Content & Images  Create Best design???
  6. 6. When a user comes @ your website then he have to understand all the product & services Which you will
  7. 7. In a professional website you have to mention all the information which is usefulfor the user’s of your website.I. Home Page (Introduction)II. About Us (Your Products & Services)III. Faq’s (Questions from the user point of view)IV. Contact
  8. 8. 1. Company Logo2. Content material for all pages3. Images for all pages4. Product & Services images5. Image Gallery {Events, Office Images}6. Official Email Address on all pages7. Download option (Brochure or catalog in .pdf format)8. For design point of you graphics and
  9. 9. Create a documentation for your website(R & D) that what typeof services you provided and how you want to show it inwebsite, and then create a basic structure on a blank paper.Share the data with your designer or if you design your websiteso this data mandatory in your hand before starting the
  10. 10.  Your website is not a single file it’s a group of file which we can interlink with each other. Extension of website is .htm, .html, .php, .net, .aspx, .jsp etc. Site home page must be looking good because it’s the first page when someone open the website. Without website home page your site is useless because its not open in the browser Web page divide in 2 parts : 1. Static & 2.
  11. 11. In static website information will not change ondaily basis where as dynamic site theinformation changes day by day. For e.gnewspaper website or ecommerce website Default name for static website is index.html or default.html Dynamic site pages name depends on server side scripting language like (.net, .php, ruby, zoomla, .asp etc) Firstly web page ready on your local system and then we’ll upload it on server side & for uploading we use FTP software. This software is use for transfer the file on the
  12. 12. These software use for design and development of thewebsite. Microsoft Expression Web Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft FrontPage Adobe GoLive Adobe Contribute Microsoft Sharepoint Designer Microsoft Visual Web Designer Microsoft
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