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Web Requirements Document


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Web Requirements Document

  1. 1. Web Requirements DocumentPurposeThe purpose of this tool is to help you document departmental business requirements for yourwebsite. The results from this exercise will be prioritized using a Web Requirements PriorityIndex, to ensure each requirement is analyzed logically.Title Page [Insert Company Name or Logo] Web Requirements Document [Insert Date] [Completed By: Project Manager] [Completed For: Project Sponsor]
  2. 2. Table of Contents Page1. Executive Summary 3 1.1 What are the most critical web requirements?2. Website Requirements by Department 3 2.1 Website Requirements 2.1.1 Executive Management 2.1.2 Marketing Department 2.1.3 Sales Department 2.1.4 Customer Service 2.1.5 Production/Engineering 2.1.6 Operations Department 2.1.7 Human Resources Department 2.1.8 Finance Department3. Website Requirements Prioritization 5 3.1 Prioritized List of Web Requirements 3.2 Out of Scope Web Requirements/Features
  3. 3. 1. Executive Summary1.1 What are the most critical web requirements?Provide a brief description of the most important web requirements and include why it will addbusiness value.2. Website Requirements by Department2.1 Website RequirementsIn this section, document each of the requirements suggested by department.To save time, conduct a meeting with a leader from each department to gather initialrequirements. Next, task each department head with gathering additional requirements fromtheir respective teams. 2.1.1 Executive Management 1. Requirement #1 2. Requirement #2 2.1.2 Marketing Department 1. Requirement #1 2. Requirement #2 2.1.3 Sales Department 1. Requirement #1 2. Requirement #2 2.1.4 Customer Service 1. Requirement #1 2. Requirement #2 2.1.5 Production/Engineering 1. Requirement #1
  4. 4. 2. Requirement #2 2.1.6 Operations Department 1. Requiremen#1 2. Requirement #2 2.1.7 Human Resources Department 1. Requirement #1 2. Requirement #2 2.1.8 Finance Department 1. Requirement #1 2. Requirement #23. Web Requirements Prioritization3.1 Prioritized List of Web RequirementsComplete and insert the results from our Web Requirements Priority Index to document andprioritize all web requirements from each department.3.2 Out of Scope Requirements & FeaturesThis section is used to document features that are out of scope for the website program. Usethis information to consider future program features, and to clearly communicate what will bedelivered and what will not.Following is a list of proposed web requirements/features: 1. Out of Scope Requirement #1 2. Out of Scope Requirement #2 3. Out of Scope Requirement #3