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Itransition for eCommerce

  2. 2. for ECOMMERCE  Planning to get your omnichannel ecommerce endeavor off the ground?  Working toward ecommerce enablement of the existing revenue driver?  Struggling to secure flawless functioning of your online store? ONE-STOP ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER Itransition provides the full spectrum of ecommerce IT services, employing a range of industry-leading technologies, open source platforms and shopping cart solutions.
  3. 3. for ECOMMERCE MARKET SEGMETS WE SERVE From mobile-enabled e-shops to social commerce websites, we deliver vertical solutions for a number of industry sectors: Retail Travel & hospitality Real estate Restaurants & food services
  4. 4. for ECOMMERCE Implementation of custom ecommerce modules E-shop support and maintenance Comprehensive testing: • functionality • security • usability • performance Full-cycle ecommerce solution development TYPES OF SERVICES
  5. 5. for ECOMMERCE best-in-class online user experience offline business idea FROM OFFLINE IDEAS TO OPTIMUM ONLINE SOLUTIONS industry-leading technologies picked 250+ ecommerce projects delivered domain-specific knowledge
  6. 6. for ECOMMERCE realize more valuable interactions; address the community around your brand and products more effectively; achieve maximum shopper-to-buyer conversion; reap maximum ROI through implementation of compelling retail site features and marketing tools Itransition’s ecommerce business analysts focus on flawless site usability and thorough customer expectations management determining how to: BUSINESS ANALYSIS STAGE EXPERTISE FOCUS
  7. 7. for ECOMMERCE VALUE CHAIN OPTIMIZATION We deliver solutions for e-retailers across the whole value chain, covering supply, store operations, customer relations management, real-time analytics, etc., including: store fronts extended to mobile devices POS integration payment gateway integration CRM systemsBI modules supply chain management solutions
  8. 8. for ECOMMERCE SHOWCASE No matter what ecommerce model your business adopts, we’ll deliver the best suited ecommerce solution for you, including: 1 3 654 booking/ticketing platforms auctions/classified websites coupon websites advertising monetization drop-shipping websites brokerage sites 2
  10. 10. for ECOMMERCE usability audit and UI enhancement for consistent and contemporary user experience maximum solution accessibility ensured improved and simplified booking path for a range of travel products EXPEDIA PARTNER NETWORK PORTAL
  11. 11. for ECOMMERCE mobile app extending reach of an online deals service TIPINESS DAILY DEALS WEBSITE advanced location-aware features LOCAVORE MOBILE APP locally sourced food finder application social networking features geo-based functionality
  12. 12. for ECOMMERCE 2 high performance websites with a shared cart single database and admin area advanced site search integration with PayPal and for payment processing interactive product catalog with image customization capabilities consistent catalog browsing and search optimization for mobile devices SLEEPERSINSEATTLE MULTI-STORE ECOMMERCE PLATFORM
  13. 13. for ECOMMERCE scalable online fundraising service rich social media functionality mobile clients for iOS and Android secure payment mechanism integrated with PayPal Google Maps integration for location search WHENYOUWISH CROWD-FUNDING SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK
  14. 14. for ECOMMERCE rich-functionality ecommerce platform with separate full-functionality sub-sites managed from a single admin panel cover-mount product registration capabilities digital vs. tangible solutions delivery scenarios daily deals and promotional emails FRANZIS MULTI-SITE ONLINE SHOP
  15. 15. for ECOMMERCE POS, kiosk, and payment gateway integration enjoyable user experience, including high-end graphics and order history order statistics monitoring and processing integration with Google™ Maps multiple locations support ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM
  16. 16. for ECOMMERCE to learn more or request a ballpark CONTACT US AT