Seo and online mastery


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Seo and online mastery

  1. 1. SEO and Online Marketing Mastery Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media & Kittie Walker of Indigo Girl
  2. 2. SEO and Online Marketing• Who we are and where we come from.• This is just one arm of your marketing strategy.• The basics need to be taken care of before you step it up – slow and consistent wins the day.
  3. 3. Your Home Hub - Website / BlogYour website is the home of your business onthe internet – it’s the real estate that you own and control.
  4. 4. The Importance of Laying FoundationsWhy bother with SEO – it’s snake oil, right?
  5. 5. Building That Solid Foundation• Are you indexed by the search engines?• Are you using unique title tags and meta descriptions?• Do you have duplicate content?• Does your site load quickly?• Is your site mobile- and tablet-friendly?• Is your content relevant and on topic?• Are your images optimized?
  6. 6. Woodstown Massage
  7. 7. Woodstown Massage – What’s Under the Hood•• WordPress Blog• StudioPress – Genesis Theme• Plugins – WordPress SEO, Woocommerce, Dvin, Social Media Widget
  8. 8. Woodstown Massage – What’s Going GreatFully indexed – go to and type this in as yoursearch:’ll see that all 129 pages on their site are indexed. Tryit on your own site later!
  9. 9. Woodstown Massage - What’s Going Great• The site loads fast which visitors and search engines love.• The home page and the blog are all fully responsive — you get a good impression of the company on whatever device you’re using.• There’s the potential for the search engines seeing duplicate content as: and give the same information. This often happens for one author blogs – the answer is not to allow the search engines to index the author archive pages.
  10. 10. Woodstown Massage - What’s Going Great• They have the best SEO plugin out there installed, which makes it easier to manage your titles and meta descriptions.• BUT the title tags are not yet descriptive and the meta descriptions have not yet been tailored to entice their audience and have no calls to action.
  11. 11. Woodstown Massage – One Last Word• They are probably in exactly the position they want to be as far as local search is concerned.• They pop up in the top position for Google, Bing, Yellow Pages, and they have a Google places listing.• There are a few technical tweaks needed and their content needs to evolve, but they’re doing a great job.
  12. 12. BeadZbyRoZ
  13. 13. BeadZbyRoZ – What’s Under the Hood• – GoDaddy site as the home page• – WordPress site on a subdomain that search engines will see as a separate entity – Twenty Eleven Theme by WordPress – Plugins contact form 7, jetpack, social media widget and spam free WordPress
  14. 14. BeadZbyRoZ – What’s Going GreatFully indexed – go to and type this in as your search:’ll see that all 95 pages on their site are indexed. Try it for on ownsite later!The site loads fast, which as we know is how it needs to be.
  15. 15. Beadzbyroz – What Can Be Improved• The blog is fully responsive, but the home page which is on a different subdomain and that platform is not. This needs to be addressed.• Keywords are fully displayed in the meta data. This isn’t relevant to search results and can give your competition insights to your business that you don’t want them to see.
  16. 16. BeadZbyRoZ – What Can Be Improved• There’s no on-page SEO being carried out on the blog.• Title tags need to be tailored for each post.• Meta descriptions need to be included for each post.• This can easily be resolved by using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.
  17. 17. Social SEO1. Skeleton bio2. Google yourself3. Be competitive with content4. Update your profile text frequently
  18. 18. Skeleton BioEdit per platform - include: – Your name – Your business name – Your location – Your niche key words (Pinterest)
  19. 19. Google Yourself• Search yourself – Your name & Company name• Search your competition Stay aware of what comes up!
  20. 20. Be CompetitiveFor the content in your social profiles: • Choose sticky words • Highly competitive niche (drill down)
  21. 21. Update Profiles Frequently• Twitter – Once per month• Facebook – Once per quarter• LinkedIn – Once per quarter• Pinterest – Once per month/quarter• Instagram – Once per quarter• Google+ - Once per month• Blog – Consistently (edits are good)
  22. 22. Building on…
  23. 23. The Big Question What brings it?
  24. 24. Googled: Keri Jaehnig1. LinkedIn 8. Triberr Profile2. Website - About Keri page 9. Quora Profile3. Twitter – Personal Account 10. Pinterest - Keri @ Idea Girl4. Twitter – Test Account Media5. Google+ 11. SlideShare - Graphic6. Google+ - About Keri Resume7. Tumblr - Keri Jaehnig 12. SlideShare - Idea Girl Media Profile Page
  25. 25. Googled: Keri JaehnigREPORTED IMAGES – blog headshot – avatar – contact me – headshot – google+ headshot – headshot
  26. 26. Googled: Idea Girl Media1. Home Page - website2. Facebook Page - Idea Girl Media3. Twitter - Idea Girl Media4. SlideShare - profile page5. LinkedIn - IGM company page6. Pinterest - IGM Fan Faves Board7. Pinterest - IGM Brand Board8. YouTube - IGM channel page (w/ 2 recent videos)9. Tumblr -
  27. 27. Googled: Idea Girl Media10. Idea Girl Media from Facebook | StatusBin (Alexa Traffic Rank for Idea Girl Media FB Page - Seize The Season App12. fbid.10151215305794583 (personal interaction feed)
  28. 28. Googled: Idea Girl MediaREPORTED IMAGES – – post – website slide – post
  29. 29. Putting it together…
  30. 30. SOCIAL SEO: Conclusions1. Be aware of whats on Google Page 22. If it’s ranking in Google, you better be maintaining it3. Stay on top of what your competitors are doing4. Your blog posts - Continue to author with key words5. 2 networks to watch: Instagram, New MySpace
  31. 31. What’s next…• Resource materials to help you get this done… at• Support group to help you get this done 6623350587516076 …• A blueprint for your business and marketing with monthly calls and a support group for 2013.
  32. 32. You Can Reach Us At…•• •• •• •• @connectyou • @TheIndigoGirl