2012 Impact Summer Internship Program


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Take a sip of S.I.P. this summer! Check out the 2012 Impact Summer Internship Program (S.I.P.)! Imagine serving with a talented design team of writers, artists and video editors to create a promo video that exposes thousands to the next national Impact conference?

How about designing Impact’s next evangelistic tool that’s relevant while sharing the gospel clearly to urban audiences?

You can have these opportunities and much more PLUS have the chance to receive college course credit through this Orlando experience!

Anticipated Dates: June 8 - July 30, 2012

Contact: Grover.Cooper@impactmovement.com or Melody.Copenny@impactmovement.com.

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2012 Impact Summer Internship Program

  1. 1. IMAGINE…
  2. 2. Designing adsand creatingcontent for theImpact ‘12program book.
  3. 3. IMAGINE…
  4. 4. Designing eNewsletter templates thatwill reach thousands electronically,in the U.S. and worldwide.
  5. 5. IMAGINE…
  6. 6. Creating and editing video that can be used to expose thousands to the Impact National Conference.
  7. 7. IMAGINE…
  8. 8. Serving in the Orlandocommunity and influencing the next generation of leaders.
  9. 9. IMAGINE…
  10. 10. All the fun you could have…
  11. 11. …with hilarious people who love God and want to serve Him with their gifts.
  12. 12. IMAGINE…
  13. 13. Receiving spiritual development thattransforms your approach to God’s word and how you teach it to others.
  14. 14. IMAGINE…
  15. 15. Being mentored and encouraged through personal relationships with Impact staff members.
  16. 16. IMAGINE…
  17. 17. Starting friendships with Impact fam that could last a lifetime.
  18. 18. 6 Reasons to Take a Sip: Receive college credit* Build your resume and portfolio Be mentored by Impact staff members Spend your summer in Orlando Be a part of the creative team for Impact ’12 Engage in community service projects*You need to verify with your school what their internship qualifications are.
  19. 19. Skills & Talents Needed:Writing (Journalism, Communication, English, Creative Writing Majors)Graphic Design (Graphic Design, Art Majors)Video Editing (Journalism, Video Production, Telecommunication Majors)Photography (Journalism, Art Majors)Administration (Business Majors)Finance (Finance Majors)Marketing (Marketing Majors)Web Content Management (Communications, Web Development Majors)Social Media and New Media (Journalism, Communication Majors)PLUS, you’ll have opportunities to share your faith on a college campus and engage in spiritual conversations to share the gospel. You’ll also help develop new evangelistic tools that will be used on colleges, universities and in communities across the nation.
  20. 20. MEN: A Special Challenge For YouS.I.P is a significant summer venue, however over the last few years, very few men have participated.We are trusting God to raise up more mento lead and serve with their skills through this opportunity.
  21. 21. Well, don’timagine…DO IT!Take a sip of the S.I.P in 2012!
  22. 22. 2012 Impact Summer Internship Program (S.I.P.) Anticipated Dates: June 8 – July 30 Anticipated Cost: $2,570* To apply or learn more, contact: Grover.Cooper@impactmovement.com or Melody.Copenny@impactmovement.com.*All Impact summer mission trips include the opportunity for you to trust the Lord to develop a team of ministry partners. These partners pray for you and will be asked to give financially to invest in your mission. Training on how to develop these teams will be provided and Impact staffmembers will walk with you each step of the way. God is faithful. In the words ofPastor Keith Battle, “I’m convinced God’s will is God’s bill!” When he calls you to something, he is faithful to provide for it.