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  • 1. It’s a real truth today: you can’t make the first impression a second time@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 2. How the Internet changed brands and branding Sergei E.Mitrofanov for iLive conference Riga; May 22d, 2012@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012 BRANDFLIGHT
  • 4. Branding is management of perception in peoples minds by making and keeping promises@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 5. Some people think they know how to build brands. And even more – they think they are skilled to control them.@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 6. Obsessing about the past draws focus away from future opportunities.@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012 BRANDFLIGHT
  • 7. If we don’t use internet, it will exploit us...@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 8. BRANDFLIGHT @SEMitrofanov
  • 9. BRANDFLIGHT @SEMitrofanov
  • 10. A wealth of information leads to a dearth of attention@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 11. OUT OF CONTROL #1 • Today a distance between Love and Hate is just one touch!@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 12. @SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 13. @SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 14. OUT OF CONTROL #2 Response VS Silence@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 15. Alert on glass in Baby Food...@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 16. @SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 17. @SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 18. OUT OF CONTROL #4 • The Internet will never forget@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 19. @SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 20. Its easy today to go ON-line with any of your ideas or businesses, but it is still hard not to get lost in OFF-line world@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 21. LOYALTY!? BRAND? PEOPLE?@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 22. RELATIONSHIPBRAND Relationship Brands Relationship Brand Heroes •Introduced by INTERNET •Connectivity focused •Faster to build compared with equally valued transaction brands (5 —15 years) •Easier to extend into new categories •Less traditional media marketing instead web, events, sponsoring, co- branding •Constant flow of small innovations involving customers (type beta- testing) •Loyalty is a state of mind •Story telling, dream selling, refreshing narrative important •Relationship branding creates opportunities
  • 23. THE FRIENDSHIP@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 24. THE FRIENDSHIP • Sharing Values@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 25. THE FRIENDSHIP • Sharing Values • Surprise!@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 26. THE FRIENDSHIP • Sharing Values • Surprise! • Doing things together…for a common cause@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 27. THE FRIENDSHIP • Sharing Values • Surprise! • Doing things together…for a common cause = Creating loyalty@SEMitrofanov-//-Riga,-#iLive2012
  • 28. plsCHALLENGEME... SERGEY E.MITROFANOV Senior Brand Strategist BRANDFLIGHT International Sergei.Mitrofanov@brandflight.com +7 903 7243295 www.brandflight.com www.medinge.org @SEMitrofanov SEMitrofanov Sergei.Mitrofanov