Facebook Marketing Part Two by Marie Page


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Bad content, boring filler, polls, contests and coupons – Facebook audiences are suffering content fatigue as businesses seek new ways to increase audiences without thinking about customer needs. Over these two sessions we’ll look at examples of what rocks and what sucks about Facebook marketing, and how organisations can stand out from the crowd, maximising engagement through great content and innovative ideas, rather than resorting to undercover tactics.

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Facebook Marketing Part Two by Marie Page

  2. 2. Diploma in Digital Marketing Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Find out more: www.DigitalMarketingQ.com
  3. 3. Mix up the content types  Status updates  Links (to your website and to other relevant sites)  Photos  Videos  Offers  Funny  Informative  Relational  Organisational  Questions  Quotes  Quizzes  Competitions
  4. 4. Re-post content from the past  Many of your fans are unlikely to have seen all your content (only half your fans are likely to be on Facebook in any given day), and people have short memories or are busy the first time round.  Re-posting old content (especially from several months/years ago) saves you the time of creating something new, and gets more value from your digital assets  Be careful not to flood though
  5. 5. Don’t be afraid to show the human face of the brand
  6. 6. Do make it personal  Respond to comments by tagging the person you are talking to.  Sign off with your name
  7. 7. Use images  Images occupy lots more real estate  Photos consistently result in more engagement  The eye is drawn to images  BUT they have far less organic reach so only use them if they are good
  8. 8. Make the most of your photo albums  Highlight key images  Select your album cover image Go to Photos>Album>Edit>Hover over photo>Select dropdown>Make Album cover  Create a custom album cover to introduce the content
  9. 9. Upload video directly to Facebook  You get more real estate in the newsfeed  They will surface in your Apps  10 minute max Video uploaded directly to Facebook Video link from YouTube
  10. 10. Don’t blow your reach by posting two things together  This isn’t Twitter!  The Edgerank juice on the later posts gets dissolved by the most first  Flooding the newsfeed is going to get you Hides and Unlikes  Use the scheduling tool instead  This is also an example of why it’ good to vary content – 4 links in succession?
  11. 11. Jump on memes and make relevant to your industry Be aware that FB now penalises spammy memes
  12. 12. • Funny posts enjoy higher reach and engagement • Try to make them relevant to your market Use humour Reach % Amplifica tion % Engagem ent % Not Funny 30.61% 3.73% 2.97% Funny 51.66% 19.33% 21.33% 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% Effectiveness Musicademy Funny
  13. 13. Behind the scenes content  Such insights humanise a brand and help fans to feel more on the inside
  14. 14. Ask questions  Questions drive engagement. Engagement drives Edgerank.
  15. 15. Do repurpose content  Repurpose Q&A responses
  16. 16. Link to “near brand” content  Articles on topics of interest to your community
  17. 17. Tie-in with the news  Especially when it is relevant to your brand
  18. 18. Don’t overdo the gimmicky updates Instead of the “Like” ask a question
  19. 19. Don’t beg for “Likes” and “Shares”
  20. 20. Don’t. Just don’t.
  21. 21. Use novel regular features in your content
  22. 22. Don’t be afraid of controversy
  23. 23. Get people tagging themselves
  24. 24. Involve fans in your work  This drives engagement  This makes fans feel involved  You benefit from their collective wisdom
  25. 25. Share useful posts by fans  When your fans post questions or discussion topics on the page, they only show up in the sidebar under "Recent Posts by Others.”  Hit “Share” to have them surface in the timeline as well
  26. 26. Offer to answer questions  Answer fan questions in an “Ask the Expert” feature or video blog
  27. 27. Ask your fans to answer each others’ questions
  28. 28. Do ask your fans to answer each others’ questions (part 2)  In a Group fans can post their questions and (depending on their settings) it surfaces in members’ newsfeeds  On a Page it’s unlikely to get much visibility but the Page Admin can “Share” it to bump it into newsfeed
  29. 29. Encourage fan engagement  Selectively Like good comments  Respond to comments and questions  Beware of asking to Like/Share all the time
  30. 30. Do/Don’t do this?
  31. 31. Be creative when you sell  No one likes hard-core selling in their newsfeed  Try to make sales messages creative  Don’t flood the newsfeed with sales messages
  32. 32. Encourage people to upload photos to comments
  33. 33. Make your content relevant and engaging  What are the hot topics for your audience?
  34. 34. Encourage fans to be funny
  36. 36. Do take every opportunity to find fans Email signature Header/Footer on website E-Newsletter Blog post Webstore Physical store
  37. 37. Ask your mailing list to sign up  Send a message to your email list  Reference Facebook in your regular newsletter  Tweet about your Facebook Page and ask people to like you there (offer a Like-gated incentive)  Ask your fans and staff to invite their friends to Like the Page  Incentivise referrals with refer-a-friend apps
  38. 38. Use the Build Audience tool  Pages of less than 5,000 fans can have Facebook invite people on your email list but not yet a fan to Like you  https://www.facebook.com/help/212291088790957/
  39. 39. Give people a reason to Like you  “Like” us for Fan-only coupons and contests  “Like” us for Facebook-exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and videos  We announce all new stock shipments on our Facebook Page first. “Like” us to stay in the loop  Use social proof
  40. 40. Use advertising  This will increase your fan numbers  It will cut through Edgerank and enable more of your existing fans to see your content  But, do use Power Editor to give you more control of targeting and bidding. Before and after advertising
  41. 41. Lots of different ad options available  Promote Page tool  Sponsored Stories  Page Post ads  Ad placement  Power Editor  Domain ads  Search results  Dark posts
  42. 42. Set up redirect Pages for misspellings  Clearly message where the correct Page is
  43. 43. Target your posts  Use targeting to increase relevancy
  44. 44. Target your ads  Use targeting to increase relevancy and conversion  Even Boost Post can be targeted now
  45. 45. Use #hashtags  Hashtags are clickable and doing so will bring together all public mentions (leading to more reach for your content)  Use them to find people interesting in niche topics  They help to categorise your posts and make them more findable  It enables consistent messaging across platforms (Facebook finally having caught up with Twitter’s use of hashtags)  Use hashtags to add value  They are also helpful to research what people are saying about your brand on FB (privacy settings an issue though)
  46. 46. #Hashtags guidance  They must be all one word (only the #H is clickable in Lewis Hamilton’s update) Special characters (apart from _) don’t work  Capitalisation doesn’t matter  Make up whatever you want but make it memorable  Research your hashtag before you use it e.g. https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/FacebookMarketing  Keep them short
  47. 47. Unique hashtags  For differentiation and fun do create a unique hashtag relevant to your brand eg #strawsome  Choose a hashtag for a special event eg #slurpeedance
  48. 48. Hashtags  Use hashtags to support a cause #FEEDUSA  Choose to either integrate in the text content or as a list underneath (Note some content and examples on the hashtag section here have been collated from posts by Jon Loomer, Social Media Examiner and Inside Facebook)
  49. 49. Do not overdo the #hashtags  https://www.facebook.com/TheGoodLordAbove
  51. 51. Learn from Facebook Insights  Learn what gets the best reach and engagement  Monitor where likes come from  See what drives negative feedback  Benchmark performance over time  Check how your apps are working  Get a profile of your fans
  52. 52. Do recognise which ad types outperform others  26X higher ROI and 20X greater CTR for newsfeed ads according to: http://allfacebook.com/nanigans-study- news-feed-page-post-ads_b120085  TEST which work for you
  53. 53. Split test and track your ad effectiveness  Embed a tracking pixel into your website (use Power Editor)
  54. 54. QUESTIONS?