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  • Visual Fusion is enterprise mashup software for creating interactive, visual applications utilizing the power of SharePoint, built by IDV Solutions. Visit to learn more about Visual Fusion.
  • Visual Fusion Suite is an enterprise mash-up platform with everything you need to build interactive data visualizations in SharePoint. Visual Fusion Suite integrates enterprise information, Web services, and unmanaged workgroup files into a single interactive picture, and presents them in the context of location, time, and other visualizations. Communicate the big picture immediately, and allow users to discover, contribute, collaborate, and act. Visual Fusion Suite is made up of a set of component products and technologies which work together for creating business-focused applications that have proven to drive high rates of ROI for a diverse cast of customers. The Suite includes Visual Fusion Experience (VFX), Visual Fusion Server (VFS), Data Connectors, Developer SDK, and Visual Fusion Tile Server (VFTS)

    Visual Fusion’s key capabilities are:
    • CONNECT to virtually any data source within the enterprise or on the Web.
    • VISUALIZE information in meaningful context such as interactive maps, charts, and timelines.
    • CREAT E custom variables and hotspots to alert users to important information.
    • PROVIDE permission-based publishing and workflow integration, so people have access to
    the information and collaboration tools they need.
    • ENABLE contribution from individuals in real time through applications like SharePoint or
    through any mobile device email.

    Visual Fusion’s key benefits are:
    • INSIGHT - interact with more meaningful data by seeing it in the context of location, time, or
    other framework
    • ACTION – integrate with workflow and act decisively based on visual data integration and
    business intelligence
    • PRODUCTIVITY - spend less time finding and compiling information and more time in analysis
    and discovery
    • AGILITY – respond quickly to business needs with rapid application development
    • FLEXIBILITY - apply to just about any business problem; extends to precisely meet unique
    business needs
    • VALUE - extend the value of previous investments in data and systems with a powerful tool that
    anyone can use
  • I don't care to think about how many point-of-interest map icons we've cranked out over the years here at IDV Solutions.  So many clients had so many different icon needs (my favorite: a flaming pirate skull), and so the default icon set available in the product was an amalgamation of many of those (some incredibly topic-specific icons becoming the bane of my existence, like the...chicken icon, which is handy if you are mapping avian flu, but little else). In Visual Fusion 5.0 we've cut that legacy cord and started fresh with a set of more generic icons from which to choose (don't worry, those old icons are still available if you need them!).
  • But the most interesting thing about these icons is that they are fully color-neutral stubs that can have any color assigned to them.  This means that the icons can be dynamically colored as any variant of the rainbow as your data shifts (before, you only had five or so pre-configured choices). Anyways, get ready to truly live. Here's the new set of Visual Fusion's icons available out of the box.  These shapes, and their bazillion potential variants of color, opacity, scale, and orientation, are a good start for your mash-up.  And, if none of these cut it, you can always upload your own images and use those.  Here's to options!
  • Check out the User Experience Blog frequently to stay up-to-date on the latest postings pertaining to VF 5.0 new features!
  • Visual fusion 5_flexible_icon_pack

    1. 1. 1/29/2015
    2. 2. 1/29/2015 2
    3. 3. 1/29/2015 Visual Fusion puts your data in the full context of location, time, and analytics for enhanced understanding and insight. It uses a map, timeline, and charts as the primary metaphors for interacting with, exploring, and viewing enterprise information. 3
    4. 4. 1/29/2015 Create an unlimited number of enterprise mashups with minimal time to deployment and minimal drain on IT resources. 4
    5. 5. 1/29/2015 • Coming soon: The October release of Visual Fusion 5.0 • New features & capabilities: – SharePoint 2010 Integration – Support for storing lines & polygons in a SharePoint List – Geo-alerts on any SharePoint List – Out of the box charts & graphs fully integrated with map & timeline – Drawing tools to create, edit, delete from your VF application interface – Ad hoc and persistent labels – Favorites and permalinks – No code spatial queries and quick query from any polygon – Data feed and data item action menus – And much, much more! 5
    6. 6. 1/29/20151/29/2015 6 Icons Our new icons are all semi-transparent stubs, so you can apply whatever color/transparency you want. Time to go nuts with the Twitter Bird!
    7. 7. 1/29/20151/29/2015 7 New Icons
    8. 8. 1/29/2015 8
    9. 9. 1/29/2015