September Series - Case Study 1 - Publisher

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Case Study
    • Moderation of a National Publisher User Comments
    • With thousands of pieces of content being posted daily, publishers rely on consistent coverage by one provider to ensure the safety of their brand and the management of its communities.
    • Key Findings:
    • 0% adverse events
    • 36.3% of reported comments violated moderation guidelines
    • 30, 648 comments, on average, per month
  • 3. Scenario
    • Moderation rating: G, open to visitors of all ages
    • Risk rating: High
    • Number of trained moderators: 1 per shift, 13 on account
    • Data pulled from 3 months of traffic
    • Services provided: 24/7/365 moderation of abuse reports
  • 4. Moderation
    • Post Moderation, meaning all content is reviewed after being posted
    • User comments are moderated every 3 hours
    • Clear Abuse queue:
    • - Weekdays: every 30 minutes from 7am – 4pm / every 3 hours between 4pm – 7am
    • - Weekends: every 3 hours
  • 5. Monthly breakdown Monthly moderated content breakdown *Blocked content violates the posting guidelines, other than spam or duplicates – which are deleted. Blocked content is replaced by: “this comment has been removed by the moderator for violating the posting terms and conditions”
  • 6. Moderation breakdown Percentage of overall content Kept content makes up the majority, with 54.4%. Blocked content is valued at 36.3%. Deleted content, consisting of spam and duplicates accounts for 9.3%. Over the documented time period zero adverse events or critical brand issues were reported.
  • 7. Conclusion
    • Publishing brands can safely turn on commenting without fear of adverse events or potential crisis, as long as they have a structured terms of use policy in place and the resources to enforce it.
  • 8. Contact
    • If you would like to contact ICUC regarding moderation services for your publishing brand, please contact:
    • Chuck Dueck | Director, Publishing Division
    • [email_address]
  • 9.