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Over the last decade, ICE has been a major creative force in the field of English language training through its state-of-the-art language labs. We have, to our credit, scores of language labs spread across the country reaping benefits of our unique software program.

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  1. 1. “ENGLISH HUB”
  2. 2. ♣ We set up language labs inschools and colleges.♣ We set up "English Hubs" - afacility where spoken Englishis imparted using digitallanguage labs.♣ We mold teachers for suchlanguage labs and EnglishHubs to impart globalstandards in English throughdigital media.
  3. 3. ice (Institute of Communicative English) is the pioneerinstitute in the field of Communicative English in schoolsand colleges. Over a period of time, after having taughtin many schools and colleges has trained over thousandsof students. ice (Institute of Communicative English) hasestablished itself as an experienced, trusted, reputed,reliable, successful and the most preferred institute inthe field of Communicative English. We provide qualityeducation to students in schools and colleges through ourunique and interactive techniques. The Institute isassociated with several well-known and reputed schoolsand colleges in India, where we help the studentsimprove their Communication and Conversational skills inEnglish.Our performance has been appreciated by all. This hasbeen possible, because we have followed a tried,practical and tested methodology. We have understoodthe art of teaching Communicative English and haveevolved as an expert in this profession. This is becausewe firmly believe that one can learn and improve his/hercommunication skills in a language only through the“TEACH, TRIED, PERFECT AND PRACTICE” method.Our company (ICE) association stands for better leverage of both theirresources and strengths and to form a new synergy in the field ofeducation, e-learning, career development, and spreading global English.Making ICE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LAB the ultimate destination to acquireglobal standards in English is their dream project.
  4. 4. Our Technological ApproachWe are the pioneers in the field oflanguage training to introduce aninnovative technology that surpassesthe limitations of conventionallanguage training.
  5. 5. WHO CAN START AN ENGLISH HUB.?Anybody who wants to be different from the rest ofthe society in delivering genuine services can start acentre in their town. It is best suited for NRKs,educated housewives, business houses, and thoseseeking self employment.
  6. 6.  A language lab is a facility installed in a non-native country to impart a native-like accent and fluency to learners of that language. A language lab aims to increase fluency as well as accuracy by installing confidence in a learner. It is only through practice that fluency can be acquired and a language lab provides opportunities for self-monitored practice.Types of Language Lab : The available language lab solutions in the market can be classified under TWO divisions. (1.) SOFTWARE BASED and (2.) HARDWARE BASED. 1) Software Based The market is full of CDs available at different prices which claim to teach spoken English. While we hesitate to comment on the quality of such products we wish to emphasize that, before deciding on the kind of lab you need you should look at the quantum of corpus available in the product, how systematically it has been conceived and how learner-friendly the product is. The main drawback of most solutions available in the market is they can be installed only in a network of computers thus pushing up its cost. 2) Hardware Based A few engineering companies have come up with a solution to the problem of transmission. They use a “console” which permits you to use any type of software. A set of consoles in this model would be independent of instructional content. Clearly, this approach would not do. This would be selling of hardware. A language lab is not just hardware. It has to be a customized combination of relevant software and user-friendly hardware.
  7. 7.  The one time Franchise fee paid to the company is The typical cost of Interiors / Furniture Initial Rental Two counselors Salaries One teacher Salary Phone /Electricity and Internet LCD tv or Projector One computer One Laptop BOOKs (Teaching & Study Material ) Speakers ,Headphone ,& Wireless Mic. Other Cost
  8. 8. 1 English Alphabets for Teachers.2 English Alphabets for Students.3 Training Module for Teachers (General).4 Training Module for K.G. Teachers.5 Global English for Children.6 Introduction.7 Neutralization Exercises.8 Grammar.9 Phonetics.10 Situational English.11 Common Errors in English.12 Vocabulary Building Exercises.13 Pronunciation Dictionary.14 Vocabulary Dictionary.
  9. 9.  We train people to become English teachers of global standard. ICE is not just another English teaching organization. We have evolved a system of installing English in learners, created new benchmarks of excellence, developed new approaches to the delivery of modules, evolved multi-media aids that involve the learner in a direct manner; our success story has been consistently impressive.
  10. 10.  We have a systematic approach towards teaching English. We start from the letters of the alphabets in English and the words that is taught in the LKG classes. And it is a graded tour though the sounds of English, stress pattern, consonants, vowels and vowel glides, situational conversations, etc. It is focused on the LKG child as well as the adult learner and every body will get enough to be picked up from the content to learn, practice and improve their English. This is the only software where training modules for the teachers as well are included. Since the delivery is done by the computer, the role of the teacher is that of a facilitator. Still the teachers can acquire it from the software and then deliver it to the students. We have included comprehensive modules covering all aspects of correct English, with which the learner can acquire good accent and fluency.
  11. 11. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  12. 12. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  13. 13. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  14. 14. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  15. 15. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  16. 16. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  17. 17. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  18. 18. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  19. 19. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
  20. 20. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)
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  22. 22. ICE(institute Of Communicative English)