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Hong Kong Dependant Visa Documentation Required


Published on - the Complete D-I-Y, 100% Free guide to getting a Hong Kong Dependant visa as found in the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. On the Hong Kong Visa Handbook website you will discover every possible resource required to effectively finish a Hong Kong visa application at the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Dependant visas are relatively easy to obtain assuming that a qualifying relationship accompanied by the requisite Immigration status of the sponsor are in fact in place. There are practically only two types of person who need to be considered in this regard. These are legal spouse and dependent children who are unmarried and under the age of 18. But where the sponsor is a permanent resident or otherwise holds unconditional stay status, they will be eligible to sponsor their dependent parents for dependant visas, such people need to be 60 years or older in order to qualify.

Also, the relations require legal dependence on a family bread winner, for example, a defacto wife or children under informal guardianship and fiancés prior to marriage. Dependant visa status will not as a matter of course be available to such non-mainstream dependency relationships. So, the question of defacto spouses and fiancés prior to marriage as well as same sex partners are dealt with in a separate section of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook.

All dependant visa holders are allowed to work or join in or establish a business without any express additional visa permissions. They are also allowed to take up or a formal course of study. Whilst there are typical scenarios for the dependant visa holder in a foreign national context in Hong Kong is the female spouse and accompanying children of the marriage to take up residence in the HKSAR along with the husband who is transferring to Hong Kong from his employment overseas, husbands can just as easily secure a dependant visa if it so happens that the family breadwinner is in fact the wife. Dependant visas are administrative as opposed to argumentative in their nature and processing.

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Hong Kong Dependant Visa Documentation Required

  1. 1. Pre‐Submission  Checklist  Legal Dependants  Application forms fully completed and executed by both the applicant and sponsor.  A confirmation letter to be signed by the sponsor confirming that he/she will be responsible for  meeting the applicant’s financial needs in Hong Kong.  A letter from the sponsor’s employer/company in Hong Kong and/or a copy of the Employment  Contract showing the sponsor’s financial package.  Copy of current residential tenancy agreement in Hong Kong where the family will live (or proof  of ownership).  Copy of the both the sponsor’s and applicants’ bank statements for the past three months and/ or other supporting documents as proof of financial stability of  the family.  Family photos evidencing the sponsor and the applicant(s)’ relationship.  Copies of birth (where applicable for dependant children)  and marriage certificates  Copy passports  details page of both the sponsor and the applicant(s).  Copy of the sponsor’s Hong Kong Identity Card, if any.  Documents indicating the sponsor and the applicant(s) were living together overseas prior to  their arrival in Hong Kong , (eg phone bills, bank statements/other utility bills, letters addressed  to the same address to both of the sponsor and the applicant separately) ‐ if  applicable.  Notes