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Homemation - HDMI & HDBaseT™



Homemation brings you professional HDMI video distribution products from some of the world’s best video distribution and matrix brands, Wyrestorm and Leaf....

Homemation brings you professional HDMI video distribution products from some of the world’s best video distribution and matrix brands, Wyrestorm and Leaf.

Due to changes in the industry, or what some might call the “Analogue Sunset”, there is an ever increasing need to embrace HDMI Technology.

In a recent dealer conference Homemation presented this presentation about the differences and opportunities that exist with HDMI and HDBaseT™



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Homemation - HDMI & HDBaseT™ Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Homemation HDMI and HDBaseT Offerings
  • 2. What does HDMI stand for?
    • Hardly Developed Mostly Intermittent?
  • 3. Analogue Sunset
    • Relates to Blu-ray Players (AACS coded material)
    • All Blu-ray players manufactured after December 31 st 2010 will be limited to 480i, 576P on analogue outputs including component.
    • No Blu-ray content will be authorised via any analogue output after 31 st December 2013.
    There is an ever increasing need to embrace HDMI Technology
  • 4. What is HDMI Distribution ?
    • To extend HD source equipment to a single display beyond the point that is technically or practically possible with standard HDMI Cables.
    • To split a single HD source to for use with multiple screens
    • To provide control of the HD source from the remote display location.
    • To provide more complex systems where you have multi inputs to multi outputs with all viewing combinations.
      • To provide 3 rd party integration with control systems and consumer electronic products.
            • Our aim is to send high data rates over long distances whilst meeting the technical demands of HDMI.
  • 5.
    • Benefits: A familiar install cable, reasonably priced and easily available. Companies investing in technology. 568B Standard wiring.
    • Constraints: Historically, Cat5e was designed to transmit 100Mbits/s over 100m with Cat6 starting its life at 1000 Base T (1G). Data Rate of 1080P is 4.44Gbps
    • Chipsets: Chipset manufacturers such as Valens, Maxim & National Semi-Conductors provide us the HD transmission technology to send high rates of content over long lengths of cable, but there are challenges .
          • Challenges: Cable resistances is key consideration, signal distortion, potential differences between high speed data lines, electromagnetic interference along cable lines (EMI) & Electro Static accumulating in long cable runs.
    Using CAT Cable for HDMI Distribution ?
  • 6. Resistance will increase as the cable gets longer making it harder for the information to reach it destination intact. Therefore selecting the right cable or checking quality of installed cable is important. Cat5e uses individual wires of 23awg. Cat6 uses individual wires of 24awg. Capacity larger to start with. Challenges of CAT Cable Distribution
  • 7.
    • Quality: There are no economic comprises in a HD distribution installation !
    • The quality of cable, quality of connectors, quality of termination will all effect resistance in the cable.
    • Connections: Manufacturing tolerances in the building of HDMI leads is 1:20,000 inch, therefore we need to continue a disciplined approach to the cable installation to maintain these standards and not to introduce needless amounts of resistance to the install.
        • Stability: All extender/receiver products are supplied with mounting brackets or flange fixings, which must be used to prevent unpredicted movement of these components (especially where you have projector lifts or screen lifts).
            • Shielded cable not necessary if cable is installed correctly.
  • 8.
    • Avoid sharp cable bends or over excessive clipping, keeping our super highway open and running smooth. Ideally your bends should not be smaller than the curvature of a soft drink can.
    • Adequate separation of mains power lines to avoid interference (300mm)
    • Cabinet/Rack earthing to reduce effects of EMI
    • Data industry works on a maximum cable run of 100m
    • 10% allowance for wall outlets, patch panels, patch leads due to increased resistance.
        • We do not necessarily advise against patch panels and wall outlets but please be aware of the implications – reduced cable length.
            • Cable damage, poor terminations, using stranded copper cable all add resistance.
  • 9. 1:4 UTP Splitter
    • 1 HDMI input.
    • 4 UTP method HDMI outputs.
    • IR call back function to control the source from TV side.
    • Mounting ears
    • HDMI 1.3b
        • DIP switch setting to control EDID.
  • 10. 4:4 UTP Matrix Pro Matrix (Cat5e) BIZ 030 4 HD Inputs 4 Twin Cat5e Outputs Single Cat5e Supported RS232 Control 4 IR Source Emitters Front Panel Control 24bit Colour (17m) 30m/50m Receivers Discrete IR Control 1 Master Remote Constant HDCP EDID Sync
  • 11. 8:8 UTP Matrix BIZ 010 8 HD Inputs 8 Twin Cat5e Outputs Single Cat5e Supported RS232 Control 8 IR Source Emitters Front Panel Control 24bit Colour (17m) 30m/50m Receivers Discrete IR Control 1 Master Remote Constant HDCP EDID Sync Duplicate HD Outs LAN Port 30bit colour 3 rd Party Integration
  • 12. What is HDBaseT
    • HDBaseT technology is a consumer electronic (CE) connectivity technology optimized for whole-home and commercial multimedia distribution. HDBaseT can connect all the entertainment devices in a setting through its 5Play™ feature set, converging uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power over cable and various control signals through a single 100m  CAT5e/6 cable with RJ45 connectors.
  • 13. What can HDBaseT do?
    • Uncompressed video/audio up to 10.2 Gbps.
    • Maximum cable length of 100m, including support of multiple hops, up to 8 x 100m
    • Low cost standard Cat5e/6 LAN cable
    • Utilizes a standard RJ-45 connector
    • Supplies up to 100W of power
    • Support for 100Mbps Ethernet
        • Easy installation utilizing existing in-wall Ethernet connectivity
          • 2 way RS232 and IR
          • Supports HDCP
            • Networking support including extended-range daisy chain and star topologies
  • 14. How does that help me?
    • Distance is no longer a concern −HDBaseT can run over a 100m Cat5e/6 cable and supports multi-hops (8 x 100m)
    • No more cable clutter −HDBaseT means fewer cables and less mess, a truly single cable solution
    • Quality cable supports HD and 3D −HDBaseT utilizes a quality cable proven for transferring HD and new 3D formats
    • Power over cable eliminates the electrician −HDBaseT sends 100W of power simultaneously through the 5Play feature set, eliminating the need for a power outlet to be installed near the display
          • Support for quality controls −HDBaseT provides support for various controls while ensuring reliability and low latency
          • Low cost installations −installation requires single, low-cost LAN cables with standard RJ-45 connectors
  • 15. How does it compare?
  • 16. HDBaseT Balun
    • Range up to 100m using single Cat5e
    • Transmitter and receiver set with power supplies & fixing brackets
    • No In-Line Repeater for longer distance runs
    • Maximum rating up to 48bit (16) colour depth – 2800T colours (10.2 Gbps)
          • 4K resolution, Ethernet, 2W IR, RS232, HD Audio
  • 17. HDBaseT 8:8 Matrix
    • 50 metres with cat5, 100 metres with cat6
    • HDMI, IR, RS232 and Ethernet all down 1 cable
    • RS232 is bidirectional
    • 3D capable
        • Zone lockout, enabling you to watch a source without anyone else watching or listening to that source. This is important when watching 3D so no one else can select the source with a 2D TV and downgrade the signal.
          • Audio breakout for centralised amplifier.