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Since the fall of 2012, Oregon State University Extension has been delivering bi-monthly webinars focused on encouraging and educating Extension personnel on the use and application of mobile devices..meaning tablets and smart phones of all sizes, shapes and colors. This has become the flagship activity in our Extension Mobile Device Users Group initiative (EMDUG.) In this session, Click & Clack (Victor and Jeff) give some of the tips and tricks on how to create a well-received, light-hearted but informative webinar series that doesn’t put your audience to sleep! We discuss platforms, equipment, planning, and share our Top Ten List on Ways To Improve Your Webinars.

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  • Schadenfruede = Gloating in other peoples pain!
  • Emdug click & clack ace presentation

    1. 1. Delivering Engaging Webinars: Lessons from Click & Clack, the Mobile Device Guys Jeff Hino Learning Technology Leader Victor Villegas Technology & Media Support CoordinatorOregon State University Extension Service
    2. 2. The Story of EMDUG* *Extension Mobile Device Users Group Jeff Hino alias Click... Victor Villegas alias Clack.
    3. 3. Why EMDUG? Why a Webinar?
    4. 4. EMDUG Goals ● Encourage the effective use of mobile technology for Extension teaching, learning and communication. ● Demonstrate tools and methods for the production and delivery of educational materials using mobile devices ● Provide an opportunity for attendees to share their experience, tools and uses of mobile devices in personal productivity, communication, teaching, and learning. ● Encourage and incorporate the use of emerging mobile presentation and delivery tools. ● Work in a collaborative, sharing mode, rather than the “sage on the stage.” ● Connect our discoveries to our jobs, products, and passions. ● ...And have fun doing it!
    5. 5. Initial Steps ● Survey of faculty & staff ● Needs assessment
    6. 6. Products ● EMDUG Blog
    7. 7. Products ● Webinar
    8. 8. Products ● Webinar
    9. 9. Session “0” ● Delivered via Adobe Connect ● Introduction to EMDUG and us.. ● Shared goals, survey results, topics of interest ● Q & A
    10. 10. Tone & Delivery
    11. 11. Segmented in “Features” Mobile News
    12. 12. Segmented in “Features”
    13. 13. Segmented in “Features” Mobile News Planet of the Apps Feature Story Q&A
    14. 14. Technical Setup Good mics Adobe Connect...later Google Hangout
    15. 15. Adobe Connect Google Hangout ● Familiar to most ● A bit staid in appearance ● We used very few pods ● Up to 9 live hosts ● Unlimited live viewers on YouTube ● More relaxed look & feel, and fun
    16. 16. Technical Challenges University Enterprise Security System Lots to fuss with, and inevitable little quirks and surprises Don’t worry, be happy--everyone expects a few glitches!---Schadenfruede
    17. 17. What worked for us... • Sharing the load between two hosts. • Branding with a look & feel and tone. • Having guests present. • YouTube distribution
    18. 18. Challenges We Faced ● Encouraging interaction. ● Displaying mirrored mobile screens. ● Broadcasting them regularly. ● Technical glitches. ● Covering multiple mobile platforms (we were admittedly Apple-biased.)
    19. 19. What We’ll Do Next Time... ● Widen the topic area to technology in Extension (We’ll still include mobile, but not exclusively.) ● Go national through eXtension Learn. ● More marketing ● Find a catchier name!
    20. 20. Evaluation
    21. 21. Evaluation “This is a timely email for me-I was just brainstorming a project to create an app. I have an idea, a potential content collaborator and a potential source of funds-can you direct me who to talk to about 1) adapting existing Extension publications into a mobile format and 2) help with a budget for development? I have a lot more information gathering to do! Thanks!--Brooke”
    22. 22. Top Ten List To Improve Your Webinar 1. Plan 2. Practice 3. Use two hosts or guests 4. Get a good USB mic 5. Light yourself properly 6. Use attractive graphics and branding & show your faces! (Not just PowerPoint.) 7. Know when to quit. 8. Be yourself on air. 9. Encourage interaction 10.Keep it light….make it fun!
    23. 23. Top Ten Reasons You Should do a Webinar 10. It gives you an excuse to close your office door. 9. It’s like, you have your own television show! 8. Everybody else is, so why shouldn’t you? 7. Your mother will be impressed. 6. Your kids will be impressed (maybe not). 5. Your dog will be impressed (not.) 4. People will believe whatever you say...cuz it’s on the Internet. 3. It’s a great way to give people a reason to multitask. 2. Your boss will never watch it.
    24. 24. The Number One Reason You Should do a Webinar 1. It’s your chance to experience a moving “selfie.”
    25. 25. The REAL Reasons To Do Webinars ● You can help build a learning community within your organization. ● It is actually fun to do when you get used to the idea. ● It creates an archive for later use… many prefer to watch/scan at their leisure. ● It encourages others in your audience to create webinars. ● It could be used as a source of revenue. ● It’s convenient in times of reduced travel funds. ● You can reach far more people, even nationally (i.e., using eXtension Learn.)
    26. 26. Thanks! --- Click & Clack Questions? Comments? Suggestions?