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Home and food

  1. 1. Home and Food Jared,Zaine, Hannah, Henna, Ben, Gavi, Michal, Hailey, Avishai,Yair, Noam S.
  2. 2. Cooking Tools By: Hannah W. & Henna K. In order to roast food colonists used a tool called a spit. Colonists used a butter churn to make butter! To heat up food colonists used a reflector, which is equivalent to our modern days microwave.
  3. 3. Desserts By: Jordan L. & Haliey T. Colonists had to use sap and syrup because sugar was scarce. Desserts were mostly made with fruits. In order to make cupcakes colonists used cups! One of the colonists favorite desserts was Apple Tansey.
  4. 4. Colonial Drinks By: Jared & Zaine Beer was made out of barley. Colonists had to make their own drinks. People in the middle and southern colonies drank wine and beer. Coffee was made out of dandelions.
  5. 5. Building a house By:Avishai & Noam S. During colonial times it took 2-3 months to build a house. To build their homes colonists used tools such as nails, iron hardware from England and trees from a nearby forest. The walls were made out of clapboards which were made from waddle,clay, and grass that were then mixed with water to make that made a cement like substance called daub!
  6. 6. Meal Time By: Michal M. Colonists ate at different times than what we are normally accustomed to. They called lunch "dinner" and this was their main meal! Children were expected to behave well and had to stay quiet the entire time.
  7. 7. Preserving Food By: Ben W. & Gavi W. In order to get food during colonial times colonists had to hunt their own food such as rabbits, geese, an deer. In addition, they also fished for eals, clams, crabs, oysters, fish and seal. Only specific types of fruits and vegetables were available during certain seasons. Therefore, colonists had to preserve and pickle their food.
  8. 8. Thank you for visiting our booth! We hope you enjoyed! Jared, Zaine, Noam S. , Avishai, Ben, Gavi,Yair Henna, Hannah,Hailey, Michal, Jordan
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