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Pinpoint pennsylvania project

  1. 1. Bedford Springs and Resort By Matthew Donny
  2. 2. History of Bedford Springs Resort My Pennsylvania Pinpoint Project is on a place that is familiar to me. It is called Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA. You probably have never heard of it. I hadn’t either until my Aunt had told us about it. She and my uncle found it on their way to Cleveland, Ohio. They were looking for a place to stop for lunch. They saw a sign for Bedford Springs Resort and thought they would check it out. Wow-were they amazed when they discovered the history and beauty of the building.
  3. 3. Bedford Springs Resort
  4. 4. Importance of the Springs The resort sits on 2200 acres and is along a mountain side and is about 3 hours from us. It was built back in 1800 by Dr. John Anderson. The resort was built to accommodate all the people coming from a distance to bath in the spring water found on the resort’s ground . The 8 natural springs were known to cure diseases and keep you healthy. The Pennsylvania Native Indians called this land their “Holy Ground” were the wounded and sick could drink the water and regain their health.
  5. 5. This is me running thru the naturalspring water sprinklers.
  6. 6. Fun Facts Bedford became a popular place to stay for politicians and socialites. It is now on our National Historic Registry and was named a National Historic Landmark. 10 U.S. Presidents have stayed here, including Eisenhower, Buchanan, and Reagan. Buchanan called Bedford his “Summer White House.” The desk that Buchanan had frequently used is now in the hotel’s lobby. The first transatlantic cable message was received in Bedford’s lobby from the Queen of England to Buchanan. Before this, it would take 2 weeks for a message to get across the Ocean to the states. This message is now on display in the lobby as well.
  7. 7. Historic Facts Bedford had closed down during the Depression era. Nobody could afford to go there. During World War II, Bedford was taken over by the government. Everyone had to leave except the cook. The Navy was brought in and used Bedford as it’s Radio Communications School. It trained over 7000 sailors. After this, the government used the facility for a camp to hold close to 200 Japanese diplomats.
  8. 8. Bedford Today Bedford now is again a beautiful resort. It’s pools, showers , golf course, and grounds are all spring fed from the surrounding 8 springs. The resort has kid’s camps and a game room as well as an indoor and outdoor pool. There is a hiking trail connected to the resort that goes into the woods and along the springs. There are 3 restaurants that serve yummy food. I especially like the pub fries and lobster mac and cheese.
  9. 9. The End