NativeAmerican PowerPoint by Morgan


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NativeAmerican PowerPoint by Morgan

  1. 1. The South West NativeAmericans By: Morgan C. February 7, 2013
  2. 2. The Tribes • There were two tribes • The Hopi and the Navajo • The Hopi were there first • When the Navajo came, the Hopi shared their ways
  3. 3. The Region They live in the four corner area. The four corners is where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet It was a dry, dessert area.
  4. 4. The Houses The Navajo and Hopi had different houses The Navajo lived in a Hogan and the Hopi lived in pueblos Pueblos were made out of adobe and a Hogan was made out of logs or sticks A Hogan was shaped like a dome and a pueblo was like an apartment
  5. 5. The Food They used a different way of farming than we do now Since it was very dry and hot, they used a method called dry farming They used irrigation canals to water plants They grew corn, beans, and squash They hunted deer and antelope They farmed and gathered on top of mesas
  6. 6. The Clothing Women wore shirts Men wore breech cloths Men and women both wore deer skin, ponchos, or rabbit cloaks They both wore moccasins After sheep arrived, they started using wool
  7. 7. Everyday life- Kids The kids would play, go to school, and help around the house The kids had more chores than we do today They got less play time Had dolls and toys
  8. 8. Everyday Life- Men and Women Men were in charge of politics, war, and agriculture Women had much power Women would be the clan mothers
  9. 9. Traditions and Ceremonies Katchina ceremonies Had dolls of katchina spirits Katchina dolls help teach religion to children They believe the katchina spirits come for six months The spirits help bring rain and grow crops
  10. 10. Crafts They made crafts for their ceremonies Katchina dolls, pottery, and baskets They also made colorful woven rugs, silver jewelry, and sand paintings
  11. 11. Weapons and tools They used bows and arrows and spears Did not go into war often, but did have to defend sometimes against Spanish They made wooden farm implements, looms, spindles, and pump drills for tools
  12. 12. Credits- Pictures www.dine.sanjuan.k12 ,
  13. 13. Credits- Pictures (continued)
  14. 14. Credits- Information Our Nation textbook