Native Americans Of The Southwest Final For The Website


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Mrs. Flanders' 3rd Grade Powerpoints

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Native Americans Of The Southwest Final For The Website

  1. 1. Native Americans of the Southwest Holly Allie Corey Javien
  2. 2. The Southwest Native Americans lived in the desert and were called the Pueblos which is Spanish for village and is also what their homes were called.
  3. 3. The Southwest grew crops such as beans, sunflowers, squash, pumpkins, and Tobacco .
  4. 4. They ate wild strawberries and mushrooms too.
  5. 5. Long ago, the Pueblos mostly wore kilts and wraps .
  6. 6. Since the Southwest is hot , the Pueblos wore light cotton clothing.
  7. 7. The women wore dresses, aprons, and sometimes leggings woven of wool.
  8. 8. A man’s moccasins were tall and decorated with silver buttons.
  9. 9. They used clay and grass to make adobe for their homes .
  10. 10. They built their homes high on the side of cliffs to protect themselves from the enemy .
  11. 11. To enter the Pueblo ,people used one ladder to get up to the roof and then climbed down into the home using another ladder .
  12. 12. inside, the levels were als0 connected by ladders.
  13. 13. At night, the ladders were pulled up so that strangers would not be able to enter.
  14. 14. Every pueblo village had an underground religious meeting place called a kiva.
  15. 15. These people first came to the southwest during the ice age and have been here since.