The Future Of Work V2


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Powerpoint show by Hugh Culver for The Future of Work 21 Jan 2010

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  • The Future Of Work V2

    1. The Future of Work<br />It’s all About the Small Stuff<br />21 January 2010<br />Hugh D. Culver<br />
    2. My one thing…<br />
    3. Small stuff…<br />Leadership:<br />Tension<br />Delegation<br />Leverage<br />From crazy-busy to effective:<br />Plan for the week<br />Block time<br />Get off the email<br />Recharge time<br />Stop Doing List<br />Clean your Window<br />Asking<br />Commit<br />
    4. Top 10 New Years Resolutions…<br />Stop smoking<br />Get Fit<br />Lose Weight<br />Enjoy Life More<br />Quit Drinking<br />Get Organised<br />Learn Something New<br />Get Out of Debt<br />Spend more time with the Family<br />Help Others<br />
    5. Creative Tension…<br />
    6. DELEGATION<br />“The proper question is not, &apos;How can people motivate others?&apos; but rather, <br />&apos;How can people create the conditions within which others will motivate themselves?‘” Edward Deci.<br />
    7. ClearExpectations<br />Need<br />Acknowledge<br />Rationale<br />Autonomy<br />Confirm<br />THE DELEGATION CYCLE <br />Goals:<br /><ul><li>Growth
    8. Work
    9. Engaged</li></li></ul><li>Moving your Fulcrum for Leverage<br />Asking<br />Mentoring<br />Coaching<br />Clear delegation<br />Change your mantra<br />From: “If you want it done right….”<br />To: “ Get it done right by getting the right person to do it”<br />From: “There isn’t enough time to show someone how to…”<br />To: “There will never be enough time until I make it.”<br />Improve systems<br />Go-to help systems<br />Document processes<br />Value your time more.<br />
    10. Day <br />Planner <br />Long term goals<br />Action Plan<br />Plan for the Week<br />Friday<br />End of Day<br /><ul><li>Boulders (chunks only)
    11. Specific targets
    12. Reoccurring goals
    13. Personal goals.</li></li></ul><li>Block Time..<br />
    14. Email…<br />emails sent by U.S. retailers and wholesalers this year will hit 158 billion and grow 63% to 258 billion in 2013. - Forrester&apos;s US Email Marketing Volume Forecast (2008)<br />&gt; ¼ of email consumers received was marketing. - JupiterResearch (2007)<br />Only 22% of professionals bother to unsubscribe. - Return Path (2007)<br />More than seven out of 10 employed respondents checked their personal email at work - and nearly one-third did so more than three times a day. - AOL/Beta Research Corporation (June 2008)<br />Nearly one-quarter of Internet users surveyed said they were most likely to check their email upon waking. - AOL/Beta Research Corporation (June 2008)<br />
    15. Email…<br />59% of people emailing from portable devices are checking email in bed while in their pajamas; <br />53% in the bathroom; <br />37% are checking email while they drive; and <br />12% admit to checking email in church. -AOL (2007)<br />
    16. Get off the eMail…<br />Goal: limit time spent (esp. in AM)<br />Use the right medium <br />If you open it, deal with it<br />Turn notification off<br />Use the Subject Line<br />Restrict emails to one topic<br />Create standard replies<br />Limit the use of CC’ing<br />Use ShortCut Keys<br />Use Organize to pre-sort <br />
    17. Stop Doing List<br />Checking email between ___PM and ___AM<br />Being available all the time<br />Taking work home (thinking about) every night<br />Fake delegation and bailing people out<br />Allowing clutter<br />Thinking I have to finish what I start<br />Starting the morning with email<br />Equating ‘busy’ with ‘success’<br />Making people subordinate to my blackberry<br />Reading the news.<br />
    18. Recharge<br />“You can only expend as much energy as you create.” Jim Loehr<br />
    19. V<br />
    20. VI<br />
    21. VII<br />
    22. VIII<br />
    23. IX<br />
    24. SIX<br />
    25. Windows @ work<br />“The old way was better”<br />“You can suggest ideas here all you want, but…”<br />“I will never get on top of this workload.”<br />“There’s nothing I can do – it’s not my job.”<br />“It’s always going to be like this, until ___________ leaves/dies.”<br />“I like change…change it back to the way it was!”<br />“I don’t procrastinate…..I just plan longer than everyone else”..<br />
    26. How to Clean Your Window<br /><ul><li>Accurate thinking
    27. Forgiveness
    28. M.R.I. (Most Respectful Interpretation)</li></li></ul><li>Ask!<br />
    29. My one thing…<br />
    30. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.”<br />Goethe<br />
    31. “Excellence, is not an act but a habit.”<br />