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Take charge of your 1440 (minutes in your day).


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We all have more to do then we have minutes in the day. Learn five power strategies to help you take charge of the 1440 minutes you get everyday.
These strategies are found in the book Give Me a Break by Hugh Culver.

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Take charge of your 1440 (minutes in your day).

  1. T!"# C$!r%# &f '&(r 1440 Hugh Culver
  2. Y&(’v# $!) E N O U G H
  3. Ev#r' )!' '&( $!v# MORE TO DO !*) +#,, -./#.
  4. N#w pr&0#1-, keep coming, b(-… Photo credit: Flickr Lars Ploughmann
  5. Y&(r T&-D& +.,- ., already too long. Photo credit: Flickr koalazymonkey
  6. Y&(r ".), *##) money for drums, clothes, braces, laptop, a car... Photo credit: Flickr Tax Credit
  7. Y&(r 1!r is making a noise, the house needs painting, and it feels like years since you went to the gym. Photo credit: Flickr MikeBaird
  8. W!"#$%! to the Age of Distraction
  9. H#r#’, the problem
  10. of your day is spent on email McKinsey Global 28% Photo credit: Flickr RaHuL Rodriguez
  11. of people check email on vacation (59% from the bathroom). AOL 60%
  12. of people describe most days as stressful Statistics Canada 30%
  13. Kelly Services 51% of people admit social media at work hurts productivity (but do nothing about it)
  14. 2# !v#r!%# p#r,&* uses 13 different methods to manage their time. And still forgets stuff
  15. A*) w# !r# distracted…
  16. people are killed every year by distracted drivers. US Department of Transportation 3,000
  17. of people use their smartphone during dinner. Harris Interactive 33%
  18. Y&( !r# .*-#rr(p-#) about 7 times per hour on average for 5 minutes that's 50% of your day.
  19. pedestrians a day are hit while talking on their mobile phone. Accident Analysis & Prevention 3
  20. A*) $#r#’, -$# 1+.*1$#r. Only 2 minutes a day are spent in meaningful communication with a spouse or "significant other".
  21. 2# A%# &f D.,-r!1-.&* is a good news, bad news story…
  22. 2# %&&) *#w, is now you can be in touch with friends, family, and work 24/7.
  23. 2# b!) *#w,... (you guessed it) now you can be in touch with friends, family, and work 24/7.
  24. Surviving the A%# &f D.,-r!1-.&* takes more than a cool new app that tracks the calories you eat. Photo credit: Flickr Andy B
  25. Y&( *##) -& &w* the 1440 minutes in your day
  26. H#r# ., $&w -& )& .-: Photo credit: Flickr-time_anchor
  27. #1 Take CONTROL. You are not “always overwhelmed”, “a procrastinator”, or “usually late”. You are whatever you want to be. Starting right now.
  28. #2 CREATE GOALS. It’s not sexy, but goals work. Start with simple goals for work, family, health, and life and watch the change happen.
  29. #3 build SUCCESS SYSTEMS. Save effort, stress, and time with systems for managing your email, day timer, calendar, reminders, and appointments and spend more time on what matters.
  30. #4 BUILD HERO HABITS. Don’t leave life to chance. Create hero habits for your morning routine, diet, exercise, planning, snacking, reading, commuting, and going to bed. Hero habits are your friends (take them everywhere).
  31. #5 ENJOY GETTING BETTER. Notice any and all small improvements you create and then create more. You showed up early for the meeting, stood up and took a break, exercised before work, avoided multi- tasking, and went to bed on time. Great! celebrate and do it again.
  32. The Age of Distraction is a test. It’s testing you to take charge. Photo credit: Flickr-niXerKG
  33. Are you ready to OWN your 1440?
  34. Learn more about taking charge of your 1440 at Hugh Culver