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NYCO 2013

  1. 1. (347) 388 3252 – (646) 544 7908 (347) 388 3252 – (646) 544 7908 (347) 388 3252 – (646) 544 7908 (347) 388 3252 – (646) 544 7908 (347) 388 3252 – (646) 544 7908 (347) 388 3252 – (646) 544 7908
  2. 2. your company may have an executive office in the united states... professionals with wide experience in foreign trade , communications, business and marketing residing in new york and california may be your best source of advise, help and support doing business with the united states
  3. 3. principals Hernan G. Cuevas Management Consultant BA Business & Economics , UAI MBA UAI – MBA U.M. MMC - Electronic Marketing , TBS-Wharton Leslie D. Tampier International Trade Advisor BA Business Administration , Agri-Business - UC Exec. MBA – International Trade U. of P. , MMC - Product Management U. de Santiago we never forget nyco’s logo was redesigned in October 2001, as a tribute to the WTC and to never forget 9/11
  4. 4. with new york commercial office’s services, you get a team of qualified individuals acting as your local business team, covering all of your needs getting information and acting… market analysis business intelligence market research commercial feasibility analysis consumer surveys business planning business development change management executive management
  5. 5. developing business plans selection & evaluation of investors search & evaluation of p o t e n t i a l partners, suppliers or customers organizing trade missions staffing services for events or retail promotions preparing scenario planning market strategies organizing and managing fairs and specialized events negotiation with potential partners, investors, distributors or clients. dealing with federal and state agencies or certification organisms Commercial attachés S
  6. 6. sales and logistic networks throughout the united states. factory representatives promoting your project, services or products. solving incidents management solutions expediting & processing documentation before organisms & agencies providing c o n t a c t i n f o r m a t i o n for specific targets preparing your local e v e n t s
  7. 7. the best investment for your company a nd your success for the most cost effective and reasonable fees, your company will have access to a world of opportunities
  8. 8. our highly specialized services include: evaluation of communications and marketing campaigns design of targeted business plans focus groups, market surveys extensive market research adequate CRM programs for each market business and market intelligence marketing your products or services syndicated or dedicated sales teams outsourcing of commercial units
  9. 9. our business concept: sailors around the world are familiarized with the figure of the pilot. who guides ships through dangerous or congested waters where nautical charts won’t help and local knowledge is essential to safely navigate. our goal is to help manage your startups or launchings until you reach a volume and maturity. we see our firm as a springboard to project your business in unchartered territory.
  10. 10. n tió va ce no len in ce e k ic ex or e rv w is se am te m co om pr om pr ón ci a s va ci po no len ui in eq ce io ic ex de o rv o is se baj om pr tra m co n tió va ce no len in ce e k ic ex or se rv w i se am te m co our executive team: Mr. Hernan Cuevas has been: Mrs. Leslie Tampier has been: International Business Development VP for Union Camp (International Paper) Business analyst for CORFO, the Chilean Corporate Promotion Agency Marketing and Sales Vice President of United Parcel Service Business analyst for Banco Santiago – Banco Santander Group (Spain) International Business Development Vice President for Hallmark in Latin America Director of International Affairs for the Chilean Exporters Association CEO of Tresmontes Lucchetti (USA) VP of Operations for NYCO & CEO (NYCO Chile)
  11. 11. our customers ….. our best reference source american companies: american companies: phillip morris jwt value options young & rubicam united parcel service exxon mobil citigroup boc gases deloitte & touche mckann ericksonn dole fedex foreign companies: wackenhut indura dominos pizza cintac - cap the washington center acres international corpora tresmontes organisms & governments: ProCobre AmCham Fundacion ExportAr ProChile Brazilean Government Argentine Government Wines of Chile Wines of Argentine isesa montage bsm tresmontes lucchetti telefonica edelpa cis corporate
  12. 12. selected cases: food & beverages manufacturer with presence in 32 countries tresmontes lucchetti the market was dominated by the world leader with over 75 percent of market share. another brand recently launched was leading the hispanic niche for two years, we developed an extensive investigation of the market and consumer trends, analyzed marketing opportunities and designed strategies, contacted distributors, sales companies and logistic partners. finally, we spearheaded the launching of ZUKO, a brand of drink mixes, concentrating efforts among hispanic consumers in texas and california with an outsourced operational team. within one year, less than $500K in slotting, administration & promotional expending, we secured over 1,000 a-size retail points capturing a leading position among the target opening the market for the company that relocated a management team from abroad and is planning a wide expansion to the rest of the country
  13. 13. selected cases: gas & welding supplies manufacturer - subsidiary of air products indura the mig wire market was tightly controlled by two american corporations and world giants that often exercise protectionism and anti-trust policies to block competitors. we developed a complete strategic analyze to identify market opportunities and design a sustainable business development plan. our team managed the start up of their operations in the united states, built a logistic and distribution network. using guerilla tactics and targeting specific niches in a distribution driven strategy, we were able to secure –within a year- more than 13 distributors in 8 states getting revenues for 3.5 million dollars and allowing the company to establish self-managed long term operations. In 2010, the client called us back onboard and we are currently managing their U.S. Operations. We were able to capture 52 distributors in over 10 states from 5 logistics centers.
  14. 14. selected cases: steel producer and fabricated steel manufacturer cap our services started with a series of market researches and business intelligence reports for their fabricated metal divisions: conduit, prefabricated buildings, cables and wire, bars and studs, highway materials, piping and light gauge frames, to understand the market and visualize opportunities. therein, we developed a series of business presentation of the company to distributors, retailers and consumers oriented to establish potential networks and relationships. finally, one-in-one meetings were arranged between the top executives of prospective partners/clients and a high-level representative mission of senior management from our client. cap was able to expand its presence and secure new markets substantially growing its shipments to the united states.
  15. 15. we currently have the following practice partners to provide wider services satisfying our customers’ needs: leaders in distribution and logistics with over 40 years of experience, 2,500 employees and 31 distribution centers nationwide. the company excels in customer service satisfaction. Winner of the Ken Sharma award. professional services company that helps consumer goods manufacturers and retailers reach their performance objectives. headquarter selling, retail merchandising and store level marketing. one of the most recognized labor and corporate law firms in the U.S., 403 professionals, offices in 28 business centers nationwide, with broad experience in corporate affairs and global labor litigation. with offices in Washington DC, New York & Milan, is the major specialized firm to support customers looking to target the federal, state and local government contracts market.
  16. 16. we currently have the following practice partners to provide wider services satisfying our customers’ needs: BLH is a leading and recognized ethnic marketing group specialized in targeting communications oriented to minorities in the United States (Hispanics, Asian and African-Americans) Multicultural Insights Full Service Market Research market research company whose focus is specialized market research for multicultural and niche markets: Hispanic, African-American and other segments. Professional branding and industrial design services. the company also provides a wide arrange of web development, graphic design and printing services. A strategic financial advisory firm with unique expertise in Iberian-American markets focused on creating and implementing value-enhancing solutions for family-owned groups and multinational companies
  17. 17. Letter from our CEO Based in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC, we operate an analysis, research, support, marketing, sales and logistics network designed to help companies starting up or expanding operations in the United States. Also, we provide extensive business liaison services for customers exploring partners, clients or looking for investors and financing. Our professional team include seasoned executives with extensive experience in investments, marketing, business development and sales in global international environments. We have supported the efforts of several corporations doing business with the United States, capturing interesting market shares in highly complex and competitive markets and allowing them to establish permanent presence and take control of their operations directly, after brief start-up periods. Our focus is precisely that, we were in your side of the negotiation table before and we know how to make your road less-traveled. America is a series of different markets with special singularities and it has a different modus-operandi than what is classically found in other markets. It therefore requires a unique approach and the know-how from insiders. Our goal is to support companies establishing or expanding operations in this market throughout intelligence, research, commercial support, management and ultimately, looking for your interests. Our honoraries are a fraction of those you require to accomplish the same acting independently and our in-deep knowledge of the market and permanent presence guarantee better and faster results. Our concept is to provide you with your own professional team in this country but as part of a syndicated team, the cost is affordable. it is my honor to head this team of dedicated and outstanding individuals. Looking forward working with you in the future. Best regards, Hernan G. Cuevas
  18. 18. New York Commercial Office Inc. for more information, contact: or by phone: California: (213) 290-4068 New York: (646) 544-7908 Sao Paulo, Mexico DF, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo © All images are copyright of Microsoft ® and reproduced under license agreement