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CPS Boutique Performance Staffing

  1. 1. boutique performance staffing services financial data warehousing specialist
  2. 2. two world leaders joined forces to create a new horizon in business intelligence tools and boost your business performance management
  3. 3. our goal is to help you project your business and create a sustainable competitive edge beyond tomorrow
  4. 4. through imagination, innovation and unequal experience to boost your results and make you flourish in the world of the future
  5. 5. one of the largest global networks: 400+ specialized BI professionals experts in Hyperion, Cognos, Microsoft, Informatica, Microstrategy & Business Objects
  6. 6. we offer broad service capabilities C P S dominating the future Outsourcing & Support Centers
  7. 7. with offices in 9 countries and operations in 4 continents The World of C P S
  8. 8. over 300 recognized global clients and delighted references
  9. 9. our manifesto ‘ Z’ Shaped Thinkers challenge assumptions reframe the problem explore many perspectives synthesize information in order to: envision unseen opportunities
  10. 10. why do companies hire staffing services?
  11. 11. your staffing needs are securely fulfilled with our Guaranteed Delivery Program
  12. 12. Support Training BPO
  13. 13. Offshore Outsourcing Nearshore Outsourcing Onshore Outsourcing Staff Augmentation
  14. 14. web strategies business intelligence architecture data integration business analysts software consultants database development network administration project management
  15. 15. enterprise solutions data mining integration & migration process optimization quality programs infrastructure security user / client centered interface design trainers
  16. 17. staffing
  17. 18. outsourcing
  18. 19. our win-win offer to you two weeks risk-free trial satisfaction guaranteed fastest response: between 4 and 48 hours (DOR)
  19. 20. our philosophy constant communication outstanding collaboration culture assimilation
  20. 21. C P S Project Management
  21. 22. trust your projects to a reliable partner: Business Performance Management (BPM) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Supply Chain Management (SCP) Customer Experience Management (CEM) Business Intelligence (BI) Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Knowledge Management (KM) Data Warehousing (DW) On Line Analytical Process (OLAP) User Interface Design (UID)
  22. 23. project management is complex
  23. 24. project management is risky
  24. 25. but ... we make it easier
  25. 26. painless & easy C P S Project Management
  26. 27. with a user oriented vision C P S Project Management
  27. 28. a simple but effective method C P S Project Management
  28. 29. that understands the life cycle C P S Project Management
  29. 30. and applies best practices C P S Project Management
  30. 31. C P S Project Management
  31. 32. C P S Project Management
  32. 33. we understand the unique needs of your organization
  33. 34. we provide world class business performance consulting, assets and project management
  34. 35. we support your client interaction and experience through help desks, support centers and CRM systems
  35. 36. facilitating your management in global environments and achieving benchmarks in your vertical by delivering sound solutions
  36. 37. the dedicated or syndicated teams of C P S dominating the future will give a new dimension to your management capabilities
  37. 38. to make your life easier and gratifying, so you may concentrate your efforts in improving your business and boosting your professional value
  38. 39. the right contact can create a world of differences: C P S dominating the future 800-258-6610 [email_address] m www.ciscorporate.com