What is Breath Performance Indicator


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Breath Performance Indicators can impact your key performance indicators at work.

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What is Breath Performance Indicator

  1. 1. www.breathatwork.com
  2. 2. www.breathatwork.com
  3. 3. Our corporate success is measured annually through our performance appraisal system which has clearly defined key result areas & key performance indicators. All of us are familiar with KRA’s & KPI’s, but we do not know that our BPI determines and influences the KPI’s in life.www.breathatwork.com
  4. 4. Key Performance Indicators are specific metrics to measure your key result areas and how you are performing at your assigned job functionalities. Certain traits & competencies influences your KPI & Productivity @ Work-Spot.www.breathatwork.com
  5. 5. www.breathatwork.com
  6. 6. www.breathatwork.com
  7. 7. What is BPI? Breath Performance Indicators are certain physiological parameters that has a direct influence on the mind, emotions, behaviour, skills & competencies at the work- spot and personal life. They are: 1. Number of Breaths per minute 2. Average Heart Rate Per minute 3. Depth of Breath 4. Stress Levels 5. Brain Synchronywww.breathatwork.com
  8. 8. How it is Measured? Breath Performance Indicator Screening is an individual 10-15 min personalized assessment done using a portable & patented biofeedback pulse sensor technology. This sensor and its associated software records real-time measurements of your breath patterns, depth of each breath, number of thoughts, average heart rate per minute, heart rate variability, brain coherence score, body stress levels etc.www.breathatwork.com
  9. 9. Sample Graph- Before Trainingwww.breathatwork.com
  10. 10. Sample Graph – Post Trainingwww.breathatwork.com
  11. 11. Sample Reportwww.breathatwork.com
  12. 12. Client Name: XYX Total Number of Male Participants - 22 Total Number of Female Participants - 17 Total Number of Participants - 39 Time per Participant – 10-12 minutes Parameters Measured 1.Number of Breaths per minute 2.Average Heart Rate Per minute 3.Depth of Breath 4.Stress Levels 5.Brain Synchronywww.breathatwork.com
  13. 13. Low Optimal Medium High V. Highwww.breathatwork.com
  14. 14. www.breathatwork.com
  15. 15. Very Highwww.breathatwork.com
  16. 16. www.breathatwork.com
  17. 17. Inference 72% of Population’s Average Heart rate is higher than optimum 90% of Population’s number of breaths per minute is higher than optimum 62% of Population’s Stress levels are higher and 39% is moderate and none were under low stress parameters Only 8% of Population’s Brain Synchrony is higher(Green > 70%) towards Peak Performance & more than 54% of Population’s Brain Synchrony is Very Low ( Red > 70%) Optimal – Heart Rate(60-70), Breaths(5-10), Stress(Balanced), Brain Synchrony(Green – 100%, Red – 0%)www.breathatwork.com
  18. 18. InferenceHigher Heart Rate leads to emotional outburst, lack of focus & concentration,high levels of distractions at work, delay in time-lines, social issues,procrastination etcHigher Breath Rate and low depth of breath(HRV) leads to higher conflicts, angerissues, higher stress levels, low clarity in thinking, difficulties in execution of tasks,always in fire-fighting modeVery low Brain Synchrony leads to Improper planning, organizing, prioritizing,team management, lesser creative thinking, lesser goal-orientationHigher Stress Levels leads to hasty & emotional decisions, lesser emotionalcommitment, higher attrition rate, health & wellness issues, increasedabsenteeism, low productivity, unable to retain good & peak performerswww.breathatwork.com
  19. 19. Recommendations Senior Managers/Leaders 1.Personal Comprehensive Individual Assessment 2.One day Breath@Work program 3.2-3 Sessions of Individual Coaching 4.Email Follow up Mid/Junior Managers/Executives 1.One day Breath@Work Basic Practitioner Workshop 2.Email Follow up 3.De-stressors at workplace – through creating enabling environment and/or through energy@work programswww.breathatwork.com
  20. 20. Participants’ Feedback These feedback are from a simple 15 minutes one on one session Interesting and helps us in self analysis which is really great A very interesting insight into something that we do everyday intuitively and unconsciouslywww.breathatwork.com
  21. 21. Participants’ Feedback These feedback are from a simple 15 minutes one on one session Very good experience. Recommended Very interesting to know about our own mental condition. Like to know more. Got good info about breathing and brain functionwww.breathatwork.com
  22. 22. Participants’ Feedback These feedback are from a simple 15 minutes one on one Great insight into ones session breathing. Looking forward to the one-on-one session very useful report to me in right time. Thanks Great amount of insight on something like "Breathing". I have definitely learnt a lot from this 15 min session and will surely be back for more.www.breathatwork.com
  23. 23. These feedback are from a simple 15 minutes one on one Participants’ Feedback session Happy to do this. The analysis Much shocking and very effective was apt and made sense. Thank push for me. you for making me aware Looking forward to attending a workshop. Really informativewww.breathatwork.com
  24. 24. www.breathatwork.com
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